Hoping to take a stroll down memory lane? Perhaps you just can't get a specific NPC off your mind and you just need to know all about them. Look no further—this page will help you find what you're looking for!

Event NPCs  

Work in progress.
The Event NPCs page holds information regarding all event-specific NPCs that reside within Lioden!

Friday Doodles List  

Come explore an archive of all the Friday News Doodles on Lioden!

News Post Archives  

Work in progress.
That's old news! On the News Post Archives page, you'll find Friday news posts from the past.

Poll Archive  

Find out what the community voted for in polls past via the Poll Archive! You can also see how previous polls affected Lioden.

Retired Events  

There have only been a handful of events that have been retired so far on Lioden. If you're interested in seeing which events have been retired, check out the Retired Events page!