Welcome to Lioden!
You're probably reading this page because you're brand new to the game and you'd like to know just what the heck is so great about pixel lions. Then again, you may also have been playing the game since day one, and you're interested in what's most important for newbies to learn about.

Whatever your reason, we're excited to guide you through gaining a solid footing on Lioden itself!

The very first thing you should do is look through the tutorial.
Skipped or speedran your tutorial? Not a problem! We have a Tutorial page that contains the entire tutorial, many screenshots included!

If you're a brand new player, we highly advise following along with the Tutorial page while you are actively going through the tutorial on Lioden itself.

Rolling a King  

Once you register your account, you'll be prompted to roll a new king. You will have three total rolls with each roll containing six potential kings. Once you reach your third roll, you'll need to make do with one of the six kings you are presented with.

Sidebar Panel  


Energy is used to breed and explore. If you do not have energy, you cannot breed, explore, PVP, or do any action that requires energy. Energy refills by 10% every 15 minutes, so long as your leader is not hungry. It takes two and a half hours to fully refill an energy empty bar all the way back up to 100%.

There are multiple ways to regain energy other than waiting for it to refill.

  • Exploring: You can regain energy by spending it while exploring. At random intervals, your lion can come across encounters where they will rest and regain up to 15% energy.
  • Items: There are several items that will refill your energy or affect the rate at which your energy regenerates.


Hunger indicates how hungry your leader is. 0% means they are full while 100% means they are starving. You cannot kill your leader through starvation. If you starve your pride members, they will leave due to neglect (though they can be reclaimed within a set timeframe). Starving your leader just means they will gain less energy—1% energy every 15 minutes while they are at or above 60% hunger.

Thankfully, it's rather easy to keep your leader fed and happy. While you explore, you can come across carcasses that your leader will automatically consume.


Experience ("EXP") indicates how much experience progress your leader has gained so far. You can gain EXP by completing quests with the Quest Snake in Crossroads, winning battles against NPC while exploring, PVPing against other leaders, choosing certain options while exploring, and through EXP-granting items like Broken Drones, Coconuts, and Giant Tortoises.

Gaining EXP is very important to raise your king's stats efficiently, as each time your king accumulates enough EXP, you will be able to level him up on his page via a special "Level Up" button. This will advance your leader to the next level and grant your leader the amount of stats multiplied by 2 with your king's new level. For example, if your king reaches level 6, you will gain 6 x 2 stats, which makes it a total of 12 stats. The bigger level your king reaches, the more stats you'll gain!

It's worth to mention that once you reach higher levels, it will become more difficult to advance to the next level. EXP gained from battles, for example, is tied to your king's level, which means you will fill less of their EXP progression bar from a successful battle when you're on level 20 versus being on level 2.


Impression ("IMP") indicates how much impression progress your leader has gained so far. You can gain IMP by completing quests with the Quest Snake in crossroads, winning battles against NPCs while exploring, claiming lionesses, choosing certain options while exploring, and using an IMP-granting item called Dove Feast.


Exploring is one of the main features of Lioden! You may explore various biomes with your pride leader, fight vicious NPCs, gain currency, haul random items found on your travels (and use them later!), or even feed your king with some random encounters! Once you click on the "Explore" button, your lion will take a few steps, which will deduct some energy. You may explore until you reach 0 energy! Some extra encounters may give or take away some additional energy from your leader as well, so read carefully!

Each player starts with Explore Zone 1 - Temperate Savannah. Once your leader levels up, you will be able to visit more and more biomes, each unique with beautiful dynamic graphics, as well as NPCs and encounters.

To find out more about the Explore Encounters or zones that you may visit, please refer to this page!

Claiming Lionesses  

While exploring, you may come across lone lionesses, or a cub's grown aunt may take interest in you after you've frolicked with said cub.

You will be able to either fight the lioness, which will bring up a battle with this NPC, or attempt to claim her to your pride. If you want to learn more about claiming lionesses, please refer to this guide!



Your lions age by 1 month per rollover. If you refrain from rolling over your account for a day, fret not! Your lions will not age, get hungry or moody! How awesome is that?

Once a cub is born within your pride, it will be closely tied to their mother until they have been weaned (5 months old). All lions reach adolescence once they reach year 1st of their life (12 months), then reach adulthood at 2 years (24 months).

All regular lions within your pride may die randomly between the age of 15-16 years (however, they can be retired early for 10 SB each once they reach 14 years of age), while your leader can live up to 16 years. Grandpaws (which are kings that have been retired into your pride to live until they can cross the rainbow bridge) may live up to 17 years as an exception to that.

A pride leader will die naturally at 16 years and automatically take you to the retirement screen where you must choose a new leader before playing the game again. From the age of 15 years you can choose willingly and for free to retire your old man. Retirement can also happen before this time for a set fee of 10GB. Be aware if you replace your King again within a month of your last replacement there is an extra 15GB bypass fee! You can learn more about retirement here!


Subordinate males, aka "submales" or "sub males", are adult male lions that reside within your pride and are not your pride leader.

Submales cannot breed and are mostly used for Patrolling your territory once per hour. This may give your submale a stat boost, some random food or amusement items, as well as exclusive decorations and backgrounds.
You can learn more about Submales on this page.


Ahh, yes... this is the crucial part of the game. Lioden is a game focused on breeding lions with unique traits, including rare base colours, mane colours, mane shapes, eyes, skins, markings, as well as mutations!

Lionesses can only be bred between 2 years to 14 years of age. The very last time a lioness can be bred is exactly at 14 years, so keep this in mind when planning out your breeding projects! It's important to note that a lioness can only be bred when she's actively in heat. A heat lasts for 4 rollovers by default, and pregnancy lasts for 3 rollovers. Each lioness that is not on a breeding cooldown (which lasts 20 rollovers, by the way!) can be fed with a special item called Zebra Heart, and which can be bought from the Oasis for 2 GB each. This item will instantly turn your lioness into heat!

Each lioness has a set fertility based off of her mother's fertility, more or less! In case your lioness's fertility is too low, you may fail to breed her successfully... a lot. To save yourself from this hassle, head over to the Crossroads, then to the Quests & Snakes page, and find the Fertility Snake. This will be one of your closest friends on the site, believe us or not! On this page, you can purchase a Chasteberry (which will temporarily raise your lioness's fertility by additional 10% till the next successful breeding), or a Tackweed item which does the exact opposite to the Chasteberry's effect (lowers fertility by 10% temporarily). Give it a try sometime!

Once your lioness has been bred successfully, she'll need a nest to give birth safely. If you won't do that, she may lose her entire litter on the rollover when she should have given birth! Of course, we want to avoid that, so listen closely... Visit the Pregnant Lionesses page accessible from your Den page, and give her a couple of feathers, an abandoned nest, nesting material or other soft items that can be used as nesting material for your lioness! Once you do that, she will display an adorable nesting pose on her page. She also won't be able to hunt until she gives birth to her cubs, but that's pretty understandable given the circumstances... In case you're an impatient person or you're simply too excited to see the litter, you can purchase an Instant Cub Delivery item from the Oasis for 2 GB each - just use it on your nested lioness and voila!

To learn more about breeding your lionesses as well as genetics themselves, you can refer to this page!


You can send up to 5 lionesses out on a hunt in order to gather food important for feeding the lions within your pride! Just like in the real world, lionesses on Lioden work hard to bring down prey so that your pride can feed like the mighty, pixel beasts they aspire to be! Your lionesses will have better chances of finding bigger prey if they have higher levels in hunting, and if they are sent out on a hunt within the same zone tiles.

In order to start a hunt, simply choose the tiles which reflect the biome that your lioness will be hunting in, then choose your hunters on the right side of the panel, and click to send! Easy, isn't it? Remember, if none of your lionesses show up on this list, it is possible that you have not set their role as hunters yet - please do this first in order to be able to send them out on hunts! To do this, simply visit your lioness's page, expand the "Update Lion" panel on the bottom of the page, and set their role as hunter, then save. You can also set all your existing lionesses as hunters within a single click on the hunting page itself, below the "Start a Hunt" panel!

Each hunt takes 30 minutes to conclude. Once it's finished, you will receive a banner notification on top of your page that your hunting party has returned from a hunt. You can claim your results to receive some experience for your lionesses, as well as food for your pride! All food gained from hunting will automatically be stashed in your Hoard.

You can learn more about hunting on this page!

Hunting Parties  

Hunting parties can help you greatly with ordering your hunters into smaller, organized groups which you can easily send out on a hunt within a few clicks. In order to learn more about hunting parties, feel free to refer to this page.


Most cubs won't survive on their own... they need protection. That's why you may want to set a lioness's role to broodmother! You can have 1 broodmother per 10 territory space, and each broodmother can protect up to 5 cubs (6 if she has nurturing personality) at once. You can assign your broodmother on the chosen lioness's page, under the "Update Lion" panel, then choose which cubs she will be protecting afterwards.

You can find more information about broodmothers here!

Earning Currency  

To do just about anything on Lioden, you need to have a sizeable pile of Silver and Gold... Beetles, of course! Silver Beetles and Gold Beetles are the two main currencies on the site. If you want to expand your pride, stud with outside leaders, or deck your pride out in decor, you'll need to have the funds to cover your extravagant lifestyle.

While the sections below cover the most common ways of earning money, you may want to check out our Currency page for further details!


A great way to start earning currency fast is by playing games each day! You unfortunately won't become a millionaire overnight by gaming, but the rewards you can earn aren't too shabby.

Trivia can earn you up to 20 SB for each question you answer correctly, if you choose questions from the "Difficult" category. Don't worry if you're lacking on Lioden knowledge—our Trivia page contains an answer key to all of that strange sphinx's questions!
For Trivia, you'll definitely want to play on "Difficult" three times each rollover. So long as you use the answer key, you've just earned yourself a nice 60 SB!

Serengeti Shuffle has a myriad of different prizes, including pure SB and items that sell for a pretty penny. If you've ever played Bejeweled, that's basically what Serengeti Shuffle is like. You'll want to play fast and make quick matches if you're aiming to get a high score.

A score between 2000 to 2499 can potentially grant you 20 to 50 SB. A score between 2500 to 2999 offers 100 SB. 3000 to 3499 can give a nice 200 SB. Once you reach 3500+, one of the prizes you can earn includes 400 SB! Even if you don't end up winning a bundle of SB every time you play, it's highly advised to make Serengeti Shuffle part of your daily routine. The game itself is rather short. You're given a meagre 120 seconds to make as many matches as you can, and when time runs out, or your board has to be reshuffled three times, you're out!

Black Stallions, Dove Feasts, Giant Tortoises, and Honeycombs are valued prizes from Serengeti Shuffle. While they can all be earned or found elsewhere, Serengeti Shuffle is the main way to get them outside of event shops and the Gorilla Enclave. Depending on what the current event is, and of course accounting for market fluctuations, these items can all sell at a price of 500 SB to 2 GB each!

The Silver Beetle Raffle doesn't always pay off, but it never hurts to enter it each day. For a cost of 10 SB, you're entered into a pool with hundreds of other players. Each day at 4am Lioden time, three lucky winners are randomly selected from this list of entrants, and they all end up 1000 SB richer!

You have a one-in-three chance of winning a prize from Cups. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost of 5 SB in order to pick up a cup, and you can play Cups once every hour. It's a fun and simple way to pass the time, and it sure does feel rewarding when you get lucky enough to pick up a cup that contains a prize! In terms of it being worth the investment and time, though, you may want to pass on Cups. Its prizes aren't considered valuable or desirable enough to warrant how much you may end up spending each day!

The Slot Machine is rather high risk and low reward. You can spin the Slot Machine five times each hour, and each spin costs you 50 SB. It's very, very easy to dump your entire SB fund into the Slot Machine—be wary of the "sunk cost" fallacy!

There are some prizes exclusive to the Slot Machine that can sell for decent amounts. This is the only place to get a Great Tit or Red Cock, as well as the elusive Jellyfish item. Energy Boosts, Lion Meat, and Grains of Paradise are jackpot rewards, but may not be worth the investment it could take to win them.
Play this at your own risk. Seriously.. it's addicting!

Last, but not least, is Whack-A-Snake. The biggest draws to this game are the exclusive backgrounds and decors that can be won only from Whack-A-Snake—nowhere else! It does offer an SB prize, but only for scores between 100 to 299, and in very little amounts: 10 SB and 25 SB.
Whack-A-Snake has a higher skill barrier than all other games, and it's definitely the least accessible out of all of them. It runs on Flash, which is no longer supported on most modern browsers. If you have access to a browser or device that can still safely use Flash and you're good with a mouse, drawing tablet, or touch screen, why not give it a shot? It generally takes 6 to 12 minutes to earn a high enough score to nab a decent prize.

Many of Whack-A-Snake's background and decor rewards can sell for a moderate amount of SB and GB. This is due in part to the fact that the game cannot be played by many people (whether due to lack of accessibility, skill, or time) as well as the large pool of potential prizes one can earn. Some branches and trades list the rarer decors up for 10 GB per item!

Selling Items  

You can make a decent income by selling extra items you come across whilst exploring, hunting, or patrolling, especially if you set timers and efficiently use up your energy. Food and toys are always hot commodities and are constantly needed by others who have to maintain their prides. Certain food and toys are more valuable than others, whether due to their potential to give stats, or them being a required component in an expensive and desirable crafting recipe.

In terms of food, most players value food at 5 to 10 SB per one use. Critters and low-filling foods are not as valuable as bigger, bulkier carcasses, but they still have their roles! The Quest Snake often asks for miscellaneous critters for his quests, so make sure you hold onto those Gerbil, Meerkat, Otter, and Rat Carcasses.

If you have a smaller pride and manage to send out 20 successful hunts in one day, you could walk away with lots of extra carcasses. Many players are willing to buy a trade containing 100 uses of high-filling carcasses for a fee of 1200 SB or 1 GB!

You don't have to sell only to other players. If you don't feel confident enough to break into the market and interact with others, the mandrill at Monkey Business is always willing to buy things from you; however, he massively undercuts what others would be willing to pay.

Creating a Cave  

Caves help with managing your lions and sorting them into various groups. Each player starts with an Unsorted Cave (where all your lions will go upon entering your pride) and may create their first cave for free of charge! Each additional cave will cost you a Cave Slot (if you don't have enough of them already), a few building materials and some Silver Beetles.

You can read more about Caves in the following guide!


Each day at 2:05am Lioden time, the day progresses for all Lioden players. If you log in at 2:05am Lioden time, or any time after then, you will be prompted to rollover once for that day. Click the "Let's Go!" button when you see this page in order to progress your account by one day (one month in Lioden time).

Rollover only prompts once per day for each account. If you have two accounts that are linked together, rolling over one account does not mean that your linked account will rollover. You will have to roll them separately.

Rolling over your account will cause the following changes to your pride.

  • All lions within your pride, including your leader, will age up by one day (one month in-game).
  • Any lions that are 15 years or older will be at risk of randomly dying each rollover.
  • When your leader turns 15 years of age, you'll receive daily notifications about his impending retirement.
  • Any lions that were 16 years of age pre-rollover will die and can be stored in your Pride Dynasty.
  • Lionesses with breeding cooldowns will have them lowered by one day.
  • Pregnant lionesses will have their pregnancies progressed by one day.
  • Any pregnant lionesses that were on their last day of pregnancy pre-rollover will give birth to their litter.
  • Your lionesses will have their daily hunts refilled back up to 10.
  • Unprotected cubs will lose between 5% to 20% on their survival bars. If their survival bar is low enough, they can die upon rolling over.
  • Any lions 5 months of age or older will lose between 5% to 20% mood. The amount of mood they lose each rollover depends on both your leader's personality and your pride members' personalities.
  • Any lions 5 months of age or older will lose 20% hunger.
  • Any lions that were at 80% hunger (or more) or 20% mood (or less) will leave your pride due to neglect.
  • Any lions that were 1 year 11 months of age pre-rollover will age up to 2 years and be considered adults. If you do not have room to accommodate these adult lions, they will leave your pride due to lack of space.
  • Removes trade cooldowns from lions that were bought or received in trades.
  • Carcasses/food items will lose one day of freshness and be closer to rotting. Food that was at one day until expiry pre-rollover will be deleted from the game.
  • Battle beetles will grow by one day (and die if they were at 30 days of age pre-rollover).
  • Battle beetle larvae will lose 30% hunger.
  • Battle beetles that were 10 days of age pre-rollover will age up to 11 and be considered adults.
  • Beetles that were pregnant pre-rollover will hatch a clutch.
  • Beetle clutches that were not claimed pre-rollover will escape and be deleted.

In summary, rollover is a beneficial thing for you and your pride. It shortens the time until your lionesses' next heats, progresses their pregnancies, resets hunts, and you even get a little reward every time you rollover your account! The rewards increase in value if you have a rollover streak, so be sure to rollover every day if you're able to and if you know you'll have time to tend to your pride.

Note: It is advised to avoid rolling over if you're logging on for the first time and it's already close to the next rollover period. If you've been offline all day and are only able to log on at 2am Lioden time, it's probably best to avoid rolling over until the site re-prompts you at 2:05am Lioden time. Rolling over at 2am will only give you a very small 5 minute window to get your pride in order before you are prompted to rollover again at 2:05am.

Daily Rollover Summaries  

If you rollover and something interesting occurred within your pride for that rollover, you will receive what is called a "Daily Rollover Summary".

These summaries are delivered straight to the Game Notifications section of your inbox. You will be notified when you receive a new summary. These summaries are intended to inform you if you have lions that are at risk of leaving, if any of your lionesses do not have nests and will be giving birth upon the next rollover, which lionesses gave birth for your current rollover, and so on.

Note: If you do not have anything worth reporting on, you will not receive a summary. The summary is only sent out if there has been a change within your pride, or if your lions are at risk of leaving.

Rewards and Streaks  

Each day that you rollover in a row, you'll receive a corresponding reward. If you break the streak, you will be reset back to "Day 1". Rollover streaks go up to "Day 29", at which point you will receive the highest-tier reward (a Random Marking Applicator). You'll then be reset back down to "Day 1".

Each time you rollover, you'll receive a green banner stating you rolled over successfully, and what you received for rolling over that day. If you've forgotten what your reward was, you can always check your user log!

These rewards range from pure SB, to random toys, to Vulture Eggs, Nesting Material, Lucky Feet, and finally a Random Marking Applicator at the end of it all.

Reclaiming Lions  

If you've had lions leave your pride whether due to neglect or lack of space, these lions will go into a temporary holding area before they are permanently deleted. You can find this area at the bottom of your den page, below your caves and beetle mounds and just above your allies.

Note: The very first time a lioness leaves your pride due to neglect, you'll earn the "Coming and Going" achievement.

Once a lion has left your pride, you have seven days to reclaim them, for a fee of 200 SB per lion. It is important to keep in mind that the reclaiming system operates based on real life days, NOT rollovers. If your lions have left your pride due to neglect or lack of space and you refrain from rolling over, the days you have to reclaim them will still go down each day at 2:05am Lioden time. The reclaiming system functions independently from personal rollovers. If you do not reclaim these lions within seven days, they are permanently deleted from the site and can never be retrieved.

The only lions that are at risk of running away are adolescents that are aging up from 1 year 11 months to 2 years (as they will become adults once you rollover, then leave your pride due to lack of space, non-custom adult lionesses, and adult submales. Cubs and adolescents 1 year 10 months of age or younger are not at risk of leaving. Frozen/immortal lions and custom lionesses made in the Oasis can never leave your pride due to neglect.

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