As stated within the Skins section of the Appearance page, a lion's Skin refers to the colour of their nose and paw pads. Some skins are very common, while others are rare and can only be passed down through breeding.

You may be interested in seeing how you can acquire a sniffer and toe beans of your particular tone. Perhaps you may even just want to preview how a skin looks!

When breeding, the offspring of a pairing has a potential of three different skin colours that it can inherit. There is a 10% chance it will inherit the father's skin, a 10% chance to inherit the mother's, and an 80% chance to inherit the skin assigned to its base.

For example, breeding a Nacarat-based lion with White skin to a Nacarat-based lion with Blue skin can result in cubs with either Blue, Tawny, or White skins.

Wild Colours  

These skins can be found on rolled kings and NCLs. They can also be applied using a Skin Changer.

Skin Changer item.

Dark Brown

Custom Colours  

These skins are available through the customiser in the Oasis. They can also be applied using a Skin Changer.

Skin Changer item.


Special NCL Skins  

These skins cannot be applied using Skin Changers or any other applicators. They can only be achieved via claiming exclusive NCLs with these skins in the wild or bred down from lions with these skins.


Applicator Skins  

These skins are only available by applying the respective item to your lion, or passed down from breeding.


Skin Genetics  

Specific skin colours are attached to bases, and can show up on a base even when both parents do not have that skin! Read the table below to see what skins are associated with which bases.

Skin Associated Bases
Apricot Almond, Buttermilk, Cremello, Festive, Hazelnut, Hellebore, Lemon, Solaris, Sunshine, Tawny
Black Aardwolf, Anubis, Augur, Black, Blood Moon, Bloodstone, Cairngorm, Chartreux, Demiurge, Duat, Ebony, Flint, Gregarious, Grullo, Haze, Incense, Interstellar, Jet, Korat, Locust, Maltese, Mudstone, Mummy, Nadir, Noctis, Obsidian, Onyx, Penumbra, Ripe, Seer, Shard, Slate, Spectre, Unholy, Velvet
Blue Arctic, Aufeis, Blue Poinsettia, Celsian, Cloudburst, Cotton Candy, Ennead, Glacial, Haliotis, Hoarfrost, Ice, Nacre, Rime, Sidereal, Snowflake, Stratosphere
Brown Brass, Brown, Butternut, Caramel, Copper, Dikela, Jacana, Maziwa, Mobola, Sahara, Sapela, Sienna, Supernal, Swarm, Zarasa, Zarbanu
Burnt Auburn, Blazing, Bloodbourne, Chaos, Demonic, Fiery, Inferno, Prune, Redwood, Wicked, Wine
Butterfly Cameo, Green, Leonid, Savannah
Cinder Ember, Rough Ruby
Clouded Ankh, Mandarin
Coral Cinnabar, Luteo, Orchid, Sunglow
Dark Camel, Chatoyant, Damu, Haunted, Henna, Inpu, Labradorite, Nuummite, Scoundrel, Sha, Trophy
Dark Brown Amber, Bronze, Chestnut, Chocolate, Dark Brown, Dark Golden, Dinar, Hirola, Honey, Hyena, Liver, Madagascar, Ochre, Vandal, Xanthic
Dudley Ancestral, Bandit, Bast, Hematite, Kimanjano, Rhubarb, Udara
Dusky Alabaster, Dawn, Glass, Haruspex, Kunzite, Prismatic, Pulsar, Temporal, Ubaste, Water Hyacinth
Fallow Angelic, Apricot, Arabica, Aspen, Blonde, Bone, Cedar, Champagne, Dark Vanilla, Fulvous, Heavenly, Howlite, Jacinthe, Meteorite, Olive, Sulphur, Sunspot
Gray Asiatic, Divine, Eggshell, Frostbitten, Gunmetal Gray, Moss Agate, Pewter, Platinum, Rhino, Steele, Sterling, Titanium
Greige Murk, Phantom
Lagoon No associated bases.
Lavender No associated bases.
Marbled Cretaceous, Hibiscus, Lilac, Medium Golden, Opal, Rhodonite, Rose Gold, Silver Gray, Zarafshan, Zarin, Zer, Zivar
Matte Elysian, Majivu, Ornament, Styx, Vagabond
Orange Brimstone, Ducat, Gilded, Maat, Sunrise, Windfall
Pale Sphinx
Peach No associated bases.
Pink Albino, Ardor, Buttercream, Cherry Blossom, Fuchsia, Hexaplex, Manakbir, Maroon, Merlot, Mongoose, Moonstone, Sorrel, Sundust, Sunset, Teardrop, Wild Rose
Plain Mistletoe
Quartz Sutekh
Red Anjeer, Astral, Blush Rose, Dark Fawn, Deep Fawn, Fawn, Ginger, Light Golden, Mahogany, Mauve, Pearl, Protea, Reindeer, Rosy Brown, Ruddy, Rust, Sepia, Seth, Shedua, Umber
Sandy Asali, Fossil, Mulberry, Nautilus, Parhelion, Persimmon, Sandy
Sanguine Black Rose, Flamingo
Tan Ammonite, Beige, Celestial, Cocoa, Deira, Dove Gray, Fallow, Flaxen, Gray, Guardian, Khaki, Palomino, Pecan, Qahir, Ragdoll, Ruffian, Russet, Skyward, Smog, Soul, Tan, Ukame
Tawny Buff, Bushveld, Doubloon, Dusty Rose, Goldenrod, Goridhe, Marula, Nacarat, Nudar, Ogdoad, Rufous, Saffron, Taupe, Topaz, Triumph
White Antler, Argent, Ashen, Birch, Bisque, Bisquit, Citrine, Citron, Clear White, Cream, Cream Darker, Cream Lighter, Dhahabi, Dun, Dusty, Ethereal, Hallowed, Isabel, Ivory, Light Cream, Linen, Oatmeal, Silver, Skeletal, Squall, Sunflower, Vanilla, Wheaten, White, Willow
Yellow Peach, Victor