The upper right corner of the Crossroads map will take you to the Quests & Snakes page. Visiting that page will show you a variety of slithery snakes lounging around. The three snakes within this page represent three different aspects of gameplay: Questing, Karma, and Fertility.

Questing Snake  

If you're itching to take on a quest, you'll want to speak with the dashing green mamba, lovingly nicknamed "Murphy" (due to Murphy's Law). This fellow, the "quest snake", has three different types of quests for you to complete: battling, collecting, and hunting. The type of quest you will receive from him is entirely random within these three. Completing quests for him will grant you a small amount of Silver Beetles, Experience, and Impression progress. Just be warned—he has the nickname "Murphy" for a reason!

You are given up to three real life days to complete a quest, depending on the type of quest you take. Battling and hunting quests give you 72 hours to complete them, while collecting quests give you 24 hours to complete. If you fail to complete a quest within the given timeframe, it expires and allows you to take a new quest. You are permitted to take one quest per rollover, though you can submit up to two quests per rollover, if you take a quest prior to rolling over for the day.

Helpful Items  

There are a few items that can help with completing or changing quests.

Snake Scent
Use while on a battling quest to increase your odds of encountering a specific enemy type in Explore. A banner notice will be at the top of the Explore page while this item is in effect. Once you have slain the maximum number of enemies the quest snake asks for, the effect goes away.
How to Get
* High Reward from Slots.
* Potential prize for sending a score of 80 or higher in nearly all levels of Reptile Roundup.
* Potential prize for sending a score between 3500 to 4444+ in Serengeti Shuffle.
* Potential prize for sending a score between 400 to 999 in Whack a Snake.
Snake Skull
Use this from your hoard to reset the snake quest you are on, allowing you to take a new one. There is no limit to how many times this can be used in one rollover, though you cannot reset a quest you have already completed.
How to Get
* Purchase from Monkey Business for 150 SB.

The Bold (Snarky) and Forgiving (Good) personalities for pride leaders are also useful for quests, as these personalities allow you to switch your quest for free once per rollover.

Battling Quests  

Hmmm... Yesssssss, you sssseem ssstrong. Perhapsss you can take this challenge. Slay as many [enemies] as you can, and then come back to me for your reward...

Battling quests are quests in which you must go out into Explore in hopes of coming across the creatures that the quest snake would like for you to slay. The time limit for battling quests is 72 hours from when the quest was taken. The quest snake never asks you to slay creatures that reside within a biome you do not yet have access to. In order to complete your quest, you must defeat at least one of the required creatures that the quest snake asks of you. You may choose to complete your quest if you have defeated less than the amount of creatures the quest snake asks for, but keep in mind that your reward will not be as great as if you had slain all!

Some battles will count towards multiple enemies defeated. Generally, if you are battling more than one opponent at once, the battle will count for +3 opponents slain, rather than +1.

For more information on where you can find enemies required for battles, check the Enemy Biomes page!


Cape Vultures (January)
Griffin (October)
Hooded Vultures (January)
Male Ostrich (April)
Marabou Stork
Marabou Storks (January)
Vulture Pack
Vulture Pack (January)
White-Backed Vulture Pack (January)


Arabian Wolf
Arabian Wolf Pack
African Wild Dog
African Wild Dog Pack
Boerboel Pack
Ethiopian Wolf
Hungry AWD (January)
Rabid Arabian Wolves (October)
Rabid Bat-Eared Fox (October)
Rabid Hunting Dog (October)
Rabid Jackal (October)
Rabid Painted Dog (October)
Rabid Red Fox (October)
Rhodesian Ridgeback Pack
Starving Black-Backed Jackal (January)
Werewolf (October)


Bull Elephant
Female Elephant

Great White Sharks  

Great White Shark


Pygmy Hippo

Honey Badgers  

Honey Badger

Hooved Prey  

Apedemak Cavalry (December)
Balbok (March)
Dohne Merino Ram (April)
Rabid Kudu (October)
Red Hartebeest
Sea Goat (October)
Undead Wildebeest (October)
Unicorn Zebra (December)
Watusi Bull (November)
Wildebeest Bull


Albino Hyena (December)
Brown Hyena
Chuckling Hyenas (January)
Decaying Hyena (October)
Graveyard Hyena Pack (November)
Hellfire Hyena (October)
Laharu (January)
Large Hyena Clan (January)
Mating Hyenas (February)
Pissed Off Hyena (January)
Queen Mother (January)
Rabid Brown Hyena (October)
Rabid Hyena (October)
Rabid Hyenas (October)
Scavenging Spotted Hyenas (January)
Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena
Spotted Hyena Pack
Starving Brown Hyena (January)
Starving Spotted Hyena (January)
Striped Hyena
Werehyena (October)

Large Felines  

Black Panther
Female Cheetah (February)
Saharan Cheetah
Smug Leopard Male
Starving Cheetah (January)
Starving Leopard (January)
Stud Bros (February)
Werelioness (October)
Zombie Cheetah (October)


Albino Lion (December)
Another Player (April)
Apedemak Cavalry (December)
Apollyon (July)
Barbary Lion (Karma)
Black Lion (Karma)
Bodybuilder Lion (December)
Cannibal Lion (January)
Dorsal Lion (February)
Erelath (November)
Evil Lion & Co (December)
Flaming Lion (August)
Folded Ears Lion (December)
Griffin (October)
Hellfire Lion (October)
Hoarding Lion (February)
Kalahari Lion (November)
Katanga Lion (November)
Lich Lion (October)
Lion (March)
Lion (May)
Lion (May)
Lion (May)
Lion (May)
Lioness (May)
Lioness Pack (February)
Lonely Leopon (February)
Lonely Lion (February)
Majestic Ferus Male (February)
Manticore (October)
Mating Lions (February)
Mummy Lion (October)
Nice Guy (February)
Nightmare Lion (October)
Prophet Lion (September)
Rabid Fallow Lion (October)
Rabid Lioness (October)
Rabid White Lion (October)
Rejected Young Male (February)
Sea Lion (October)
Shaggy Lioness (February)
Smelly Lion (December)
Sorcerer Sphinx (November)
Transvaal Lion (November)
Tsavo Lion (November)
V'Kai (May)
White Lion (Karma)
Wraith Lion (October)
Zombie Lion (October)

Masai Warriors  

Masai Warrior


Drought Humans (August)
Gelada Pack
Humans (August)
Humans (November)
Jeep (March)
Jeep (March)
Masai Warrior
Mountain Gorilla
Poacher (March)
Poachers (March)
Poachers (March)
Poachers (March)
Poachers (March)
Shady Poacher
Truck (March)
Werelioness (October)
Werewolf (October)
Zombie Poacher (October)

Pygmy Hippos  

Pygmy Hippo


African Rock Python
Black Mamba
Black-Necked Spitting Cobra
Bull Crocodile
Cluster Drakeling (July)
Cluster Dustling (July)
Comet Serpent (July)
Comet Wyvern (July)
Corrupted Crocodile (Vredefort Crater)
Galactic Drakontos (July)
Gamma Drake (July)
Interstellar Drake (July)
Interstellar Drakontos (July)
Interstellar Snake (July)
Interstellar Wyvern (July)
Neutron Drakeling (July)
Prismatic Dragon (July)
Prismatic Drakaiva (July)
Prismatic Serpent (July)
Prismatic Wyvern (July)
Puff Adder
Pulsar Dragon (July)
Pulsar Drake (July)
Pulsar Windssrah (July)
Pulsar Wyrm (July)
Pulsar Wyvern (July)
Radioactive Serpent (July)
Radioactive Snake (July)
Solar Drakaiva (July)
Starburst Being (July)
Starburst Dragon (July)
Starburst Drake (July)
Starburst Dustling (July)
Starburst Windssrah (July)
Stellar Drakaiva (July)
Stellar Drake (July)
Stellar Drakeling (July)
Stellar Serpent (July)
Stellar Windssrah (July)
Stellar Wyrm (July)


Bull Rhino
White Rhino

Small Felines  


Collecting Quests  

Hmmm... I ssssee an adventurer in you.... Explore the vast landsss and bring me one Shoebill Feather, one Snake Skin - Dark, and one Glossy Ibis Feather... Then I shall give you your reward...

Collecting quests are quests in which you must gather three specific items to give to the quest snake in exchange for a reward. The time limit for collecting quests is 24 hours from when the quest was taken. To complete these, you must have all three items available in your hoard. The items cannot be turned in one at a time, and you cannot choose to only turn in one item for a smaller reward. The items he asks for will be permanently removed from your hoard once you complete the quest, so keep this in mind!

The paw prints beneath the images are an easy indicator of if you already have that item in your hoard. If the paw print is red, you do not have it in your hoard. If it is green, you have it, and you're one item closer to completing the quest!

Hunting Quests  

Hmmm... Sssshow me how well trained you have kept your femalesss... Ask them to bring down one [prey] in a sssssuccessful hunt.. Then come back to me for your reward...

Hunting quests are quests in which your lionesses must hunt a certain type of prey, assigned by the quest snake. The time limit for hunting quests is 72 hours from when the quest was taken. In order to complete your quest, your lionesses must hunt down one prey animal that the quest snake asks for. You cannot turn in a carcass to complete this quest, and if your submale brings back a carcass that matches the prey requested, this will not count towards the quest either. The quest is completed upon a successful hunt that brings back the requested prey.

The best way to complete this quest is to specifically hunt on tiles that contain the prey the quest snake is asking for. To see a list of prey and what tiles they can be found on, it is recommended to view the Hunting page on the wiki.

Once your lionesses have taken down the required prey, you will get a message informing you that your quest is complete when viewing the successful hunting results. You do need to go back to the questing page and turn in your quest to receive the rewards!

Lioness Quest  

Whilst exploring and encountering lone lionesses, there is a rare chance that you will see an additional third option beyond just claiming her and fighting her—sometimes, you will have the option to Approach Her.

Approaching her will give more details about the lioness herself, as well as give you the option to take a quest via the Thank you. I am interested in the quest! button.

If you click this button, you will be redirected to the questing snake page, and you will now be on a quest given out by the snake to claim 50 lionesses in Explore.

Lioness Quest

Welcome, NAME. I have a sssspecial quessssst for you. Claim 50 lionesses into your pride. Sssshould you ssssucceed, there will be a great reward. Sssshould you not have enough ssspace, I don't mind what you do with them to free your territory.

You have currently claimed a total of 0/50 lionesses so far.

All players can come across this encounter and take this quest, regardless of level, territory size, etc. The quest is always the same: every time you take it, you must claim 50 lionesses via NCL claiming encounters. You are not required to auto-claim using GB or Leopard Orchids—these lionesses can be claimed via regular claiming mechanics. You also do not need to keep the lionesses that you claim. Once you claim them, they count towards the quest, and you can then get rid of them as soon as their claiming cooldown has expired. These lionesses can be chased, killed, nature reserved, etc.—the quest snake does not mind what you do with them once they're claimed to your pride.

Once the quest has been taken, it cannot be cancelled, but you are not obligated to complete it and receive your rewards. There is also no time limit to complete this quest. You can take as long as needed once the quest has been started. However, it's best to complete it sooner rather than later, as once you turn in the quest and receive your rewards, there is a mandatory two (2) rollover cooldown before you can find the old lioness and take the quest again. Do note that it can take much longer than two rollovers to find her again, as the option to approach her appears at random—you can find the encounter right after two rollovers, or it can take several weeks to come across it again. It's all up to random chance! If you end up skipping or clicking past the encounter by mistake, have no fear—this does not mean you can never come across her again. Just keep exploring, and you'll get the option again eventually!


There are two tiers of rewards that you receive each time you complete this quest. The rewards themselves are randomised within the tiers. When you've claimed 50 lionesses and it's time to turn in the quest, you may want to ensure you've explored beforehand and your pride leader's energy is at 0%, as one of the rewards includes a full energy bar refill!

I sssaw your movessss... they were ssstunning! You have made a lot of lionessesssss very happy. You got [Tier 1 Reward] and [Tier 2 Reward] as rewards!

You will be able to encounter the lioness again after two rollovers.

Tier 1 Tier 2
  • 500xLVL Experience
  • +100% Energy and +100% Impression
  • 1x Lion Meat
  • 12x Murex Shells
  • 1x Food Bundle
  • 1x Toy Bundle
  • 1000 SB
Note that you will only receive one reward from each tier upon completing the quest.

Karma Snake  

If you want to know how good or evil your pride leader is, you'll want to make your way over to this lovely African bush viper. This helpful snake will charge you a small fee of 50 SB, and in return, she will tell you what your pride leader's exact karma level is at. Note that this is not a permanent unlock—paying 50 SB will only show you your pride leader's karma level at that current point in time.

This isn't the only service she offers, though! She can also help you set a title for your pride leader, which will do a great job at showing off your leader's personality. For more details on titles, please visit the Titles page on the wiki!

Beyond revealing your pride leader's current karma level and setting titles for your pride leader, this snake also offers another unique service. If you want to know how much karma your pride leader is gaining or losing when interacting with other creatures in Explore, you can pay a fee of 1000 SB to permanently unlock the ability to view your karma gains and losses!

This karma tool only works in Explore—it will not show you karma gains and losses for killing or nature reserving lions in your pride, nor will it show you karma gains and losses for any other karma-affecting features on Lioden. After purchasing this tool, below the standard encounter outcome text, you will see text indicating whether you have gained or lost karma. If you do not see any text related to karma, this means the encounter did not have any karma tied to that outcome. Not all encounters will improve or lower your pride leader's karma.

In this screenshot, the player has the karma gains and losses tool unlocked, so they are able to see that their pride leader has gained "+1 karma" at the bottom of the explore page.

In this screenshot, the player does not have the karma gains and losses tool unlocked, so they only see the regular explore outcome text with no karma gain present. The karma is still given to their pride leader, however.

The wiki contains karma gain and loss information for a majority of encounters on Lioden, so if you would prefer to save the SB, you can always reference the wiki for whether certain decisions will improve or lower your pride leader's karma! The tool is not necessary in order to gain or lose karma from encounters, as well.

What's so neat about karma anyways? If you'd like to learn more about it, check out the Karma page on the wiki!

Fertility Snake  

The last snake you'll find in this humble abode is the Fertility Snake. This adorable little boomslang loves to play in skulls. In return for skulls, they will temporarily reveal your lioness's fertility level! They offer some other helpful services, as well. To find out more information regarding the Fertility Snake, check out the Fertility page on the wiki!