The Lioden world is a vast area with many places for you to explore in! These include hunting, patrolling, minigames, various shops, and even the Leaderboard, where the mightiest of lions reign. No matter what, you're guaranteed to find something to suit your needs. This page explains the areas on the main Crossroads page, how to navigate it, and provides links to in-depth pages on certain areas.


Explore and adventure different territories to interact, battle and claim lionesses in the Lioden world.

The Exploring button takes your lion to a map featuring different zones, also known as "biomes", in which your lion can explore. A majority of your levelling and impression levelling will happen while exploring due to interactions in these different zones! You'll also find a variety of different NPCs and events as you explore the wilds, helpful in any quests and monthly events!


Send your submales off to patrol and protect your territory.

Patrolling is where you'll send out your submales to different territories in hopes that they return with stats or items.


Send your best lionesses off to hunt and maybe they will bring back food for your pride to enjoy.

Hunting is where you go to send your lionesses out on the hunt for food!

Cub Training  

Train your cubs to prepare them for adulthood - whether they will become a hunter or patroller, they need to be trained.

Cub Training is where you send your cubs off to become big and strong! From the ages of 5 to 11 months, they'll test their little skills to see who will become the mightiest lion.

Quest Snakes  

Accept and complete quests, and discover karma and fertility levels and items with these slippery snakes.

On the Quests Snakes page, you can take quests from "Murphy" the snake. Completing them may grant you some nifty rewards!

You can also find the karma and fertility snakes here. The karma snake will help you with everything karma-related, while the fertility snake lets you buy herbs for your lionesses and trade in skulls to get a brief view of their fertility levels.

Personality Snake  

Learn about lion personalities and purchase special personality items from this slithery fellow.

Go get a personality! The Personality Snake will give you an overview of all personalities for kings and pride members. You can also purchase masks to change your personality!

Territory Map  

Find out the territories which surround you and see if you can successfully attack any of your neighbours.

The Territory Map is where you can choose what biome your lions reside in, as well as where you can attack others around you for experience, territory, or skill!

Monkey Business  

Visit our favourite Mandrill to buy and sell various goods - you never know what you'll find here.

The Monkey Business shop is where you'll find a variety of items to buy, as well as where you can sell your items for a cheap price. Think of Monkey Business as your local pawn shop!


Purchase Gold Beetles from the game or other users here and use them to purchase special items and services.

The Oasis is where you can purchase Lioden's premium currency, Gold Beetles, as well as a myriad of premium items that can affect your gameplay.

Trading Center  

Browse member trades and raffles, or even list your own, in the Trading Center.

The Trading Center is where you can find all sorts of beetles, currency, items, and lions up for trade from other prides! You can also create and enter raffles.

Sales Tree  

Find out what other members have for sale on their branches.

If you're in need of an item, the Sales Tree is the place to go. You can sell items on your own branch, or buy them from other prides.

Giving Tree  

Find items that other members have left lying around, or cubs that others have brought here.

The Giving Tree is where all the good-willed folks of Lioden cast off currency, items, and lions for others to grab.

Gorilla Enclave  

Take a quest from the Gorilla and submit your cubs to him in order to trade for some special items.

The Gorilla Enclave is where you can take quests from the gorillas to be rewarded with Monkey Teeth!

Raffle Lioness  

Every week a new lioness will come to the lands of Lioden - will you be able to claim her?

Longing for a rare beauty to join your pride? Try your luck with the weekly Raffle Lioness! If you catch her interest, she'll surely join your pride!


Participate in epic questlines!

Want to challenge yourself? Try out Adventuring to get some epic quests with incredible rewards!


Become involved in member clans and find yourself a new group of friends.

If you want to see how many others there are that share your interests, Clans may be for you!


Search and filter the game for lions and members.

Search can be used to find any king, player, or pride member you may want to check out!

Beetle Grounds  

Train your battle beetles and purchase food for your beetles.

Looking for a companion for your lions? Beetles may be up your alley! Check out this page to see how you can collect beetles, and how the "Beetle Grounds" come into play.

Beetle Battles  

Battle your mighty beetles for fame, glory and riches! Well, maybe not riches..

Your little bros can battle to earn you some neat things! See what you can earn from their tiny beetle tournaments within the Beetle Battles page.

Scrying Stone  

Interested in the future? See what your cubs will look like when grown, find out how many cubs your lioness is pregnant with, or even check yourself out in the Lion Wardrobe.

The Scrying Stone leads you to a variety of options, where you can view potential cubs from a certain pairing, see how your ions would look all decked out, or make your way to the Falcon's Eye to ultrasound your pregnant lionesses!


Find out who the top members, kings and pride lions of the whole game are.

Do you want to be the very best? The Leaderboards will tell you how far you've got to go to get your name up to fame!


Need a break from the daily stresses of looking after your pride? Play games here!

Want your lion to have a little fun in their life? Make your way over to see the Games, where you can whack that pesky questing snake and mandrill, participate in the SB Raffle, test your knowledge with Lioden Trivia, play some Baoball, or try your luck at Cups and Slots!

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