A subordinate male, or "submale" for short, is a term for another male lion that lives within your pride and serves you. They can be used as heirs for when your king must retire, or can help protect your pride from invaders as well as help you progress through Lioden! This page will tell you all about your lower-leading males.

Submale Slots  

Also referred to as just "Male Slots" on your den page. In order to obtain or keep a submale, you must first have enough space for him to comfortably live in. You can purchase and expand your submale slots on your den page. There is no other way to obtain a submale slot beyond paying for it.

Slot Number Price
1 500 SB
2 500 SB
3 4 GB
4 8 GB
5+ 15 GB

Once you have an open submale slot, all you have to do is fill it! Any adult male lion that is two years of age or older will automatically fill up a male slot.

You can have an unlimited number of submale slots, but once you have reached 5 total slots, each slot will cost you a 15 GB fee.

Life Span  

Just like your adult lionesses, submales have a chance of passing away starting at the age of 15 years. When they have aged up to 16 years, they will surely die upon their next rollover. Once your submale passes away, you are able to store their information in your Pride Dynasty, provided you have a free slot in there to accommodate them. You can also freeze and immortalise your submale with a Turritopsis Jellyfish, or bring a deceased one to immortality with a Canopic Jellyfish.

While your submale is alive, he can only patrol or sit pretty. Submales cannot breed with any lions, whether they are in your pride or an outside pride.


Submales don't just sit around and look pretty—you can make them earn their keep! Send your submales out to patrol via the "Patrolling" tile within the Crossroads page.

You can select up to ten tiles to send him out on, or pay 5 SB to have ten tiles randomly chosen for you. The more tiles you select, the better chance your submale has of being successful in his patrol.

Each submale has a patrolling cooldown of one hour, and each player can only patrol one submale once per hour.

You do not have to set an alarm to notify you of when your patrol is finished, lest you forget whilst browsing Lioden. Thankfully, finished patrols are automatically set to have a notification banner which appears at the top of your page to let you know that your submale is back and ready to go out again!

Your submale has returned from patrolling! Go and see what they've brought home →

If a submale is successful with his patrol, he can gain stats each time he patrols! Sometimes he may not gain any, but other times, he can gain up to 12 stats! This is a great way to prepare a submale for the potential rigours of being a king himself. Patrolling a submale several times each day can quickly add those stats upwards!

It is also entirely possible that your submale may be unsuccessful, sometimes even multiple times in a row. In cases like this, it is perfectly acceptable to threaten him with being thrown to the Celestial Stone—that tends to motivate those pesky, lazy cats.

Submales are not able to gain levels through patrolling, and they do not become more successful at patrolling if they are levelled manually with items. Once a submale becomes a king, their level resets down to one, and any experience gained is wiped.

Your submale may also bring back some goodies for you and your pride while he was out on his endeavours. Patrolling submales can bring home many gifts, including items such as food, feathers, skulls, or even backgrounds and decors!

Note: Items can be brought back with uses varying from one remaining to full uses.

Adolescent Training  

As you can see in the screenshots above, your adolescent males (or "teen males") can accompany your submales along with their patrols in order to gain training experience towards their cub training bar!

Just like their adult counterparts, teen males are limited to one patrol per hour.
Your teen males can earn 2% to 3% training experience with each patrol, whether it is successful or unsuccessful.

Patrol Drops  

If you're interested in seeing all the possible items that your submale can bring back home with him, see the lists below—there's quite a variety!

Amusement and Food  

Aardwolf Tail

African Wild Dog Skull

Archer's Buzzard Feather

Broken Camera

Buffalo Carcass

Caracal Skull

Cow Skull

Elephant Calf Carcass

Flamingo Feather

Gazelle Carcass

Gemsbok Carcass

Gerbil Carcass

Giraffe Calf Carcass

Glossy Ibis Feather

Hartebeest Carcass

Human Leg

Hyrax Skull

Impala Carcass

Jacana Leg

Kingfisher Feather

Kob Carcass

Meerkat Carcass

Meerkat Skull

Nightjar Feather

Ostrich Feather

Otter Carcass

Otter Skull

Rat Carcass

Rat Skull

Rib Bone

Sacred Ibis Feather

Senegal Feather

Shining Drongo Feather

Shoebill Feather

Small Turtle

Vulture Feather

Vulturine Guineafowl Feather

Warthog Carcass

Wildebeest Carcass

Zebra Carcass

Patrol-Exclusive Backgrounds and Decors  

African Grass Rat

Charmed Dwarf Lioness

Fancy Guinea Pig [Abyssinian]

Fancy Guinea Pig [American Shorthair]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Himalayan]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Peruvian]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Rex]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Satin]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Teddy]

Fancy Guinea Pig [Texel]

Fancy Guinea Pig [White Crested]

Fancy Mouse [Banded Lilac Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Black Self Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Black Tan Standard]

Fancy Mouse [Black Variegated Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Blue Self Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Blue Siamese Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Fawn Brindle Standard]

Fancy Mouse [Fawn Dutch Standard]

Fancy Mouse [Lilac Self Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Red Self Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Red Variegated Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [Seal Siamese Astrex]

Fancy Mouse [White Self Astrex]

Jolly Dwarf Lion

Little Rascal - Bobbie

Little Rascal - Dwarf

Little Rascal - Foldie

Little Rascal - Leopon

Little Rascal - Piebald

Little Rascal - Poly

Little Rascal - Primal

Little Rascal - Tailless

Loving Leoponess

Passionate Primal Patootie

Protective Piebald Pal

Rock Pinnacles

Smitten Primal Kitten

Stretching Ferus

Sunset Over The Desert

Yawning Dwarf Lioness


Sparring with your submale is a feature where, once per day, your king can challenge your submale to a fight and smack his face in! You know, just to pass the time. This will give your king a chance to earn Experience (25 to 30 times your king's current level), Impression Progress (between 1% to 3%), or a small random Stat Boost (between 2 to 5 stats in any category). Your submale may even earn a scar from the tussling, which is automatically equipped to him (unless he already has that type of scar equipped to him, in which case it will be placed into your hoard).

You sparred with Apple and gained +208 EXP!

Fighting with such a big, strong lion takes a lot of energy out of you, so you are limited to sparring only once per day, and it will take 10% energy from your king.

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