If you need some extra guidance, look no further! These pages will lead you through the land of Lioden, and you may just end your session feeling a little more enlightened than when you arrived.


Achievements are a fun way to let others know, "Hey, I did that!" Check out this page to see all of the achievements you can earn on Lioden! Currently, there aren't any rewards for completing achievements, other than the satisfaction of knowing you did the thing, and you (possibly) did it well. Or you just got a cub with no markings, and the achievement was more like a slap in the face.

Battling Guide  

Finish him! The Battling Guide will teach you the proper techniques needed to beat that snarky-looking lion down. After all... you ARE the king of the jungle, aren't you?


Golden, Golden Beetles, y'all! Actually, what are Golden Beetles? To get a run-down on everything and anything Currency-related, check out this page! It explains how you can earn certain types of currency, as well as what they're used for around the site.

Explore Encounters  

Exploring is a fundamental part of Lioden. You can do a lot for your pride by exploring nearby lands! There are so many different things your leader can see when they take a stroll Lioden, so all encounters have been split up into different pages for ease of convenience.

View Exploring to see all of the encounters that are specific to certain biomes.
View Explore Encounters to see (almost) all encounters that can show up in all biomes.
View Environmental Encounters to see all encounters that were specifically added in to bring attention to environmental issues.
View Karma Encounters to see all encounters that depend on your leader having a certain karma level.
View Pride Encounters to see all encounters that were added in to celebrate pride month.


Are you one of many players who isn't sure what "IBF" stands for? Does it get a little confusing seeing things like "LF VLF MR CRBed NCL" or "WTB 2k+ Stat Adol w/ BO Traits"? Be confused no more! The Glossary will help you learn all those hip phrases you see flying around Chatter and the Trading Center. You can also learn what the icons and symbols scattered around the site stand for!


Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Within the Items page, you'll find a (soon-to-be) exhaustive directory of items found on Lioden. You'll know your collection is complete after consulting this page.


Hey, wanna join? Perhaps you're new, and you're feeling a little lonely? Referrals educates you on the referral system and what you can gain by spreading the word!


Showcases are the perfect way to show off your collection of items to the world whilst trying to evoke the envy of your neighbours. You can't touch this!