Here, you'll find all the doodles released on Friday community updates for your entertainment! They are organised from oldest at the top to newest at the bottom.


June 22nd  

June 29th  

July 6th  

July 13th  

July 20th  

July 27th  

August 3rd  

August 10th  

August 17th  

August 24th  

August 31st  

September 7th  

September 14th  

September 22nd  

September 28th  

October 5th  

October 12th  

October 19th  

October 26th  

November 2nd  

November 9th  

November 16th  

November 30th  

December 7th  

December 14th  

December 21st  

December 28th  


January 4th  

January 11th  

January 18th  

January 25th  

February 1st  

February 15th  

February 22nd  

March 1st  

March 8th  

March 15th  

March 22nd  

March 29th  

April 5th  

April 12th  

April 19th  

April 26th  

May 3rd  

May 10th  

May 18th  

May 24th  

June 7th  

June 21st  

June 28th  

July 5th  

July 19th  

July 26th  

August 2nd  

August 16th  

August 23rd  

August 30th  

September 6th  

September 20th  

September 27th  

October 4th  

October 18th  

October 25th  

November 1st  

November 8th  

November 22th  

December 6th  

December 20th  

December 27th  


January 3rd  

January 17th  

January 24th  

January 31st  

February 7th  

February 21st  

February 28th  

March 6th  

March 20th  

March 27th  

April 4th  

April 17th  

April 24th  

May 1st  

May 8th  

May 15th  

May 22nd  

May 29th  

June 5th  

June 19th  

June 26th  

July 3rd  

July 17th  

July 24th  

July 31st  

August 7th  

August 21st  

August 28th  

September 4th  

September 18th  

September 25th  

October 2nd  

October 16th  

October 23th  

October 30th  

November 6th  

November 13th  

November 20th  

December 4th  

December 18th  

December 25th  


January 1st  

January 15th  

January 22nd  

January 29th  

February 5th  

February 19th  

February 26th  

"In light of Thursday's announcement, today's doodle will not be goofy or silly as they usually are. Instead, it is a sentimental reflection. We extend our love and sympathies to the main content creator."

March 19th  

March 26th  

April 2nd  

April 16th  

April 23rd  

April 30th  

May 7th  

May 21st  

May 28th  

June 4th  

June 18th  

June 25th  

July 16th  

July 23rd  

July 30th  

August 6th  

August 20th  

August 27th  

September 3rd  

September 17th  

September 24th  

October 1st  

October 8th  

October 22nd  

October 29th  

November 5th  

December 3rd  

December 17th  

December 24th  


January 7th  

January 28th  

February 4th  

February 11th  

February 25th  

"There is no goofy doodle today. Rather, we'd like to express our love towards our players and offer some slight comfort with everything going on in the world now."

March 4th  

March 18th  

March 25th  

April 1st  

April 15th  

April 22nd  

April 29th  

May 6th  

May 27th  

June 3rd  

June 17th  

June 24th  

July 1st  

July 15th  

July 22nd  

July 29th  

August 5th  

August 12th  

August 19th  

August 26th  

September 2nd  

September 16th  

September 23rd  

October 7th  

October 21st  

October 28th  

November 4th  

December 2nd  

December 16th  

December 23rd  

December 30th  


January 6th  

January 20th  

January 27th  

February 3rd  

February 17th  

February 24th  

March 3rd  

March 10th  

March 24th  

April 7th  

April 21st  

May 19th  

May 26th  

June 2nd  

June 23rd  

July 7th  

July 28th  

August 4th  

August 25th  

September 1st  

September 22nd  

October 6th  

October 20th  

October 27th  

November 3rd  

November 17th  

December 1st  

December 26th  

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