Finding yourself a bit lonely on Lioden? If you have friends that have yet to join the site, you may be interested in referring them!

Referral System  

Referring is a fancy term for inviting a person to sign up on a new website to earn rewards. When a person signs up to Lioden using a code that you provided to them, you both can get bonuses!

Players that use your code upon signing up will receive a Food Bundle, a Nesting Bundle, and 100 SB.

You both will automatically be friends with each other. Be sure to encourage your friend/new player to explore Lioden as much as they can, and teach them about how the site works, because the more rollovers they complete, the more Referral Points you are awarded!

Referral Codes  

To invite a new player to Lioden, first you'll need to go to the Referral page, which you can access on your den.

Clicking the "Refer a Friend" link will redirect you to the Referral Page. If you scroll a bit, you'll come across this section.

Clicking "Generate Code" will create a single-use code that expires 7 days from when it was generated.
You can only generate one code every day.

New invite code generated successfully!

Once the code is generated, copy it and give it to a friend that has yet to join Lioden!
When your friend is on the Sign Up page, have them paste it into the "Referral Code" box.

Upon a successful sign up, your code will be used up (as it is single-use), and you two will automatically be allies! From there, you can give them helpful resources, and encourage them to play the game to learn all about Lioden's neat features.

Referral Points  

Referral Points, or RP, are earned by inviting new players to the site and having them complete 10, 20, and 30 consecutive rollovers. Each time a player completes 10 rollovers, you will get 1 referral point—up to 3 points just from one code. What are Referral Points even for, you might ask? Well…

Referral Rewards  

… They can be spent on the referral rewards you see below!

Random Marking Applicator
Instant Cub Delivery
March Personality Changer
Human Liver
Dove Feast
Black Stallion
Lion Meat
Red Bull
Applicator: Sepia Markings
Applicator: Ochre Markings
Applicator: Doubloon Markings
Applicator: Auburn Markings
Applicator: Kimanjano Markings
Applicator: Pulsar Markings

Please note that the applicators are one-use items, and will randomly award one of four marking colours from that specific applicator.

If you'd like to see what kind of markings you can get from the referral applicators, please go to the Applicator Markings page!