Lioden is very heavily commerce-based and makes buying, selling, and trading virtually everything you own very simple, whether you're browsing a player-made shop, scouring the Trading Center for good deals, or even just buying straight from Monkey Business and the Oasis.

Branch Sales  

Branches are a handy way of buying and selling items that may be hard to find. Sometimes you can even find better deals than in official site shops! Don't know what a branch is? No problem! Click the link above to find out how to make a branch, along with learning how to put items up for sale and search other players' branches.

Event Shops  

Each month has its own event, and with those monthly events come monthly Event Shops. Some months even have more than one shop. This page includes a list of all monthly event shops and what they contain!

Flood Pit  

The Flood Pit is unique from other shops in that it only shows up during Wet Season and its wares shuffle every 12 hours while it's around. Don't let that stop you from visiting it when it's up, though! You can find some neat flood- and water-themed backgrounds and decors here, as well as lovely applicators to customise your lions with. Plus the shopkeepers are otterly cute.

GB Sales  

GB Sales is the perfect place to go if you're interested in buying or selling the site's premium currency in exchange for Silver Beetles!

Monkey Business  

While Monkey Business may not have a wide array of luxury items or decorations like the Oasis, it's still a great place to spend your Silver Beetles. The mandrill who owns this shop is more than happy to buy your items in exchange for Silver Beetles, too, and he'll even let you craft decors for no fee!


The Oasis is the number one place to spend your Gold Beetles! ...Or so we hear. Not only can you purchase some very nice premium items to enhance your gameplay (and dynamic decors!), but you can even purchase special services like Feed All, Play All and Auto-Nesting! There's also a section where you can purchase Gold Beetles with real money.

Trading Center  

The other areas may be fine and dandy for all your currency and item needs, but the Trading Center has one thing on them they fall behind with: the ability to sell lions! If you have an abundance of pretty cubs, or you want to give your handsome mutated submale a new home, the Trading Center is the perfect place for you.