Making your way around Crossroads, you've surely seen the Giving Tree, or at the very least read about it in the chat room or forums! The Giving Tree is a place where those who are less fortunate can go to try their luck with grabbing discarded assets, whether they be currency, items, or lions.

Currency Bundles  

Once per day, you can take a bundle of currency from the Giving Tree, if any players are kind enough to donate their precious beetles.

You chased the beetles around the tree for a while. Finally you managed to grab # SB.

Greed isn't appreciated, though! If you attempt to grab another currency bundle after already taking one for the day, you'll receive this message.

You've already taken beetles today! You need to wait until the next rollover before you can grab more!

If you're less of a taker and more of a giver, you have the ability to donate as many beetles as you like; be aware, though, that larger donations will be broken up into smaller bundles, to give as many players as possible a chance to get some wealth.

A successful donation will yield the following message.

Thank you for your donation! You donated # SB and # GB.


If you're hoping to grab something good, or you just desperately need another skull for your collection, the Giving Tree is definitely the best place to find random items discarded by fellow players. Let's take a quick glimpse under the tree…

Quick—grab something before it disappears!

Yeah! You grabbed the ITEM! Good job!

Woohoo! If you're lucky enough to grab an item before another player does, remember that you are only allowed to grab one item per hour from the Giving Tree. This cooldown goes by hourly rollover, meaning if you grabbed an item at 2:30pm LDT, you will be able to grab another item at 3:00pm LDT.

If you attempt to take another item before the hourly cooldown hits, you'll receive this message.

You've already taken an item from this rotation! You need to wait a while before you can claim another!

Discarding Items to the Giving Tree  

If you're a generous soul that wishes to share your items with other players, you may be wondering how to actually get your items under the Giving Tree's fruitful branches. There are a few different ways to do this, all of which rely on navigating to your Hoard.

Single Item Discarding  

Let's go ahead and try to discard a Food Bundle.

In order to discard an item, you'll need to click the red button that says "Throw Out!". While it may sound a tad odd, and you may be wondering to yourself, "But.. I want to donate it, not throw it out?", we can assure you that any time you throw an item out, it is actually sent to the Giving Tree. Fear not! None of your items will be deleted.

The site will give you a confirmation popup to ensure you really do wish to discard the item out, and that it wasn't a mis-click.

Once you're positive this is the item you wish to discard, and you've confirmed as much, you'll receive a verification message.

Item successfully discarded!

Yay! Hopefully whoever received this item appreciates your generous Food Bundle!

Stacked Item Discarding  

Now, to work our way up to discarding multiple items at a time—thrilling! You can do this by clicking on any item stack in your Hoard.

As with the Food Bundle, you'll need to click on the red button that says "Discard Whole Stack". Once more, you'll get another confirmation popup.

After reassuring the site that you are indeed just a generous person who cares not for material assets, you'll get another verification message!

You discarded a stack of ITEM!

Discarding Multiple Types of Items  

This is the final way that you can discard your items to the Giving Tree. If you find single item discarding to be too boring and slow, and stacked item discarding isn't varied enough for you, try going to your Hoard Organisation tab.

If you check the box for Stacked Items, it will automatically select all item stacks, for your discarding convenience. You can also select Individual Items to ensure only one of your Toy Bundles gets discarded, rather than both! As with the other two options, click on the red button that says "Discard Items". Hopefully you've come to expect the next part…

Yes, yes, we're sure. Where's our verification message?

You discarded 141 items!

How nifty! All of your precious treasures have been thrown out to the Giving Tree at once!

Abandoned Cubs and Adolescents  

Cubs that get chased from their territories always end up lost and wandering… I do my duty and gather them all together so they are not alone. You might be able to tempt one to separate and join your pride instead, if you want.. What will you bribe them with?

Once per day, you can tempt a cub or adolescent from the Giving Tree into your pride! If your king has the Fatherly (Kind) personality, you are allowed to take up to two lions from the Giving Tree per day.

In order to tempt a cub or adolescent into your pride, you will need an amusement or food item with at least one use remaining. The amount of cubs and adolescents present within the Giving Tree varies throughout the day, as many players will abandon their lions to the Giving Tree shortly after rollover; however, players will also often announce in Main Chat when they're going to abandon a cute little cub, so be sure to be on the lookout!

If you've decided that you want to chance your luck with grabbing a perfectly plain potato, or a stunning heir-worthy cub, then choose whether you want a Male Cub, Male Adolescent, Female Cub, or Female Adolescent via dropdowns on the page, and hit "Go!"

Success! You have tempted a new cub into your territory.. The item lost a use.

Let's hope they're pretty! If not, the karma leaderboards are always a thing.

NOTE: All lions (including mutated lions) that have been abandoned to the Giving Tree will remain in the system for three real life days before they are permanently deleted. They will not age, lose hunger, lose mood, or lose survival percentage while they are in stasis.

How to Abandon Cubs and Adolescents  

If you're no longer interested in keeping an unappealing lion in your pride, or you're hoping to make someone's day by dropping a beautiful mutated colourbomb, it all starts within your den. You can abandon any lion that is between the ages of 5 months and 1 year, 11 months - any younger or older and they're ineligible to be abandoned!

At the very bottom of the lion's page, you'll come across the following blurb.

If you're absolutely certain that you wish to give this lion a better life, click the button that states "Abandon".

Once you get past the confirmation popup, you'll receive a verification message indicating that the lion has now ventured off to the Giving Tree, awaiting a new home.

You successfully abandoned this cub. Maybe someone else will love it more than you did.

Because we really needed that guilt trip. Thanks, Lioden Gods.

NOTE: As stated within the "Abandon" confirmation popup, abandoning cubs and adolescents will wipe their stats down to NCL-tier. It will also generate a new ID for the lion. The lion will keep its heritage, mutation, and appearance - ONLY its stats, fertility, and ID will be reset.

Let's see an example of a lion's stats before and after being abandoned to the Giving Tree.

Before is on the left, while after is on the right. Quite a difference!

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