The land that had once been scarred by droughts and fires was made new as monsoons rolled across the terrain and ended the dry season with torrential rains and storms. New grass sprouted, trees became thick and heavy with new leaves, flowers blossomed, and new life was spread far and wide... Until a dark cloud descended on the land in a sudden swarm. This was a different kind of storm, one with wings and an insatiable appetite.

Desert locust thrived during the wet seasons with a burst of breeding activity, leading to swarms that filled the sky and nearly blotted out the sun entirely. Initially only the human lands were affected, but once the crops and other plants were devoured, the insects began heading towards the land of the lions. Their swarms induced fear into the migrating herds and drove them away in search of food as they devoured the new grasses and leaves on trees.

Killing the locust will stop them from devouring the land, bring back the migrating herds, and can help those all around you. There are some choices you can make while exploring that will affect the number of locust for the better, and there are some choices that are entirely selfish. What kind of choices will you make? What kind of lion are you?

Event Information  

This event is highly focused on exploring.
The explore encounters exclusive to this month can be found in all biomes.
Your lion's karma and level, as well as the biome you explore in, do not matter for this event.

In September, the community is working to unlock four tiers of one bar.
The more locusts we kill in Explore and on player den pages, the faster the Prophet Shop tiers will be unlocked.
The first three tiers of the bar unlock items in the Prophet Shop, while the fourth tier releases special NCLs with September event-exclusive markings in Explore.

This month's currencies are Jewel Beetles and Eldritch Tokens.
Jewel Beetles can be gained in Explore, getting rid of locusts on player den pages, and completing quests with the Harbinger. Eldritch Tokens can be gained from completing quests with the Harbinger.

The September event launches on September 1st at 12am Lioden time and will end on September 30th at 11:59pm Lioden time. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until the next year.

Locust Swarms  

During September, when you visit another player's den page, you'll come across the following prompt.

This poor lion has his den overrun with locusts! He's obviously useless at keeping them out. Maybe you should help?


Choosing to STOMP! shows this message.

You trample everything around and kill all locusts, leaving a bit of a mess for resident of this den. You found a shiny beetle for your collection! (+1 Jewel Beetle, -1 Karma)

Whereas choosing CHASE! will show this.

You chase the locusts away by running into the nearby vegetation. They fly away, and you leave the place clean and safe. You found a shiny beetle for your collection! (+1 Jewel Beetle, +1 Karma)

You do not need the 1,000 SB karma expansion tool from the Quests & Snakes page to see the +/-1 karma change. It will automatically show up.

You can stomp or chase locusts from other players' den pages every 30 minutes. While it doesn't offer much JB, it does add up over time, so be sure to set timers or sync it to your hunts! You should also try to stomp or chase players you see in the chat room, because if you go to an offline player's den page, you'll get this message.

This user isn't online, so you can't attack them. Boooo.

Players will be able to tell that you've stomped or chased locusts in their dens!

September Storyline  

Explore Encounters  

Hover over the icons in the upper right corner to see whether an encounter is available during daytime, nighttime, wet season, or dry season. If on mobile, you can tap the icons for the same effect.

A Banded Mongoose is sliding on a twisted branch with a locust in its mouth!
Action Result Reward
Smack! You smack the tasty critter quickly, killing it with a mighty blow! +1 Jewel Beetle
+1 Mongoose Carcass
Snort! You huff at the critter, which shrieks back at you. Suddenly a bunch more mongooses pop out, screaming at you and scaring you away from their hunting grounds. After you leave you see them all hunting locusts in a family group. How nice. +1 Jewel Beetle
+100 Locusts Killed
A Blue-Bellied Roller bird is leading a family flock somewhere.
Action Result Reward
Inform You roar loudly, letting the birds know where the swarms are headed. You notice the flock changing direction! +400 to 800 Locusts Killed
You roar loudly, trying to let the birds know about the swarm's location, but they ignore you and continue their flight. N/A
A dark, fluttering cloud suddenly covers your path. Locust legs, wings, and heads bump into you as they move ahead to devour the lands.
Action Result Reward
Chase You decide to kill two birds with one stone. Time to exercise and slay some pests! You roll around, stomp, and crunch all the locust on your path! +300 Locusts Killed
+1% Impression
+1 Locust Wing
Escape You shake your mane to get rid of the creepy crawlies, then run back out of the swarm. You examine your mane for any insect debris and end up finding something shiny! +1 Jewel Beetle
A flock of Golden Orioles feeds on a few insects among the dirt.
Action Result Reward
Advise You approach the birds, letting them know of the last locust swarm you saw nearby. They leave to feed on the big grub, leaving you some of their dinner. +2 Jewel Beetles
+100 to 300 Locusts Killed
Chase You rush among the flock, scaring them away. It's not the time to feed on beetles and flies when locusts are nearby! You gather their unfinished dinner. +4 Jewel Beetles
+50 Locusts Killed
A flock of Piapiacs have swarmed on the ground, feeding on some leftover locust!
Action Result Reward
Rile Up! Like the wise king of beasts that you are, you ask the birds to hop on your back and feed on the swarms of locust as you explore. +2 Jewel Beetles
+100 Locusts Killed
A group of Grivet Monkeys are playing around.
Action Result Reward
Offer a New Game You offer the monkeys a new game - catching locusts in the air! Even if their monkey bellies are full, their nimble hands can catch and kill a lot of the pests! They give you something in return for this idea. +3 Jewel Beetles
+100 Locusts Killed
Advise You try to inform the monkeys that it's not the time for play, it's time to catch the locusts! You don't have time to finish though, when a leopard jumps in the middle of the group intent on hunting the monkeys! See below for further actions.
Fight! Initiates a battle with a Leopard. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
Roar! You roar at the leopard, scaring it away. The monkeys are grateful and give you something as thanks. +2 Jewel Beetles
A herd of horses from a nearby farm are spooked by locust swarms!
Action Result Reward
Chase You chase the horses and manage to kill one of the mares! +1 Arabian Horse Carcass
You chase the herd and manage to take down a big black stud! +1 Black Stallion (Very Low Chance)
You chase the horses but they are so much faster than you! It's okay, buddy. You tried. +1 Jewel Beetle
A horde of frogs is also breeding in these optimal conditions. You immediately notice they are thriving on the locust waves. With not much to do, you practice pouncing.
+50 Experience
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
A Little Bustard bird passes you by.
Action Result Reward
Roar You roar at the bird, fully intending to lead it towards the swarm... But you get distracted by some shiny things in the devoured grass. +2 Jewel Beetles
+50 Locusts Killed
Catch You jump into air, catching the bird and pinning it to ground without any harm. You growl, informing it about the locust swarms and that it better help out. The bird flies away shaken a bit, but obeys the king of beasts. +100 to 200 Locusts Killed
A loud croak tears through the air as a Fan-Tailed Raven lands on the ground in front of you. It seems this loyal liege that usually feeds on your leftovers has brought some gifts to thank you!
Action Result Reward
Take These birds are indeed very smart. +3 Jewel Beetles
Refuse You nod gently, but refuse to take the gift. You ask the raven to focus its efforts on fighting the plague. It croaks at you, mimicking the mrowr of a cub, and flies away to inform its friends of the new agenda. +1000 Locusts Killed
+2% Impression
A swarm of bats are enjoying a midnight snack!
Action Result Reward
Lead With short roars interrupting their echo location, you lead the bats towards the locust swarms, finding some shiny stuff on the way. +3 Jewel Beetles
+300 to 750 Locusts Killed
A swarm of locusts!
Action Result Reward
Roar You let out a roar, informing the nearby animals of the swarm. Birds soon enough appear, glad to dive into this endless source of food. +100 to 500 Locusts Killed
+1 Locust Wing
Chase You chase the swarming clouds of locust around, making them eventually leave the area. +1 Jewel Beetle
+100 Locusts Killed
+1 Locust Wing
A Thick-Billed Cuckoo is trying to catch a caterpillar.
Action Result Reward
Bring News You inform the cuckoo about the locusts' whereabouts. It gives you the caterpillar and flies towards the swarms. What are you supposed to do with this? +100 to 300 Locusts Killed
A tiny leopard cub is trying to hide from the swarms under a log.
Action Result Reward
Roar You roar at the cub - it's time to man up! It's just some hungry grasshoppers, they won't even hurt it! The cub seems more scared of you now and runs away. +4% Impression
Protect You cover the cub with your body so it catches a break from the constant insect bites and locusts jumping at its eyes. It cuddles next to you for a while playing with some beetles, until you have to leave. +2 Jewel Beetles
It's a brownish Striped Polecat hunting something! You remember they like eating insects.
Action Result Reward
So what? You don't care right now what they like, what counts is what YOU like! +1 Jewel Beetle
+1 Zorilla Carcass
Tip Off You tip off some latest info on the locust swarm paths. One Zorilla isn't much, but one will inform another, and soon whole groups will be feeding on locusts! +2 Jewel Beetles
+100 to 250 Locusts Killed
An unusual type of fly is swarming in this area. Looks like they lay their eggs in same places the locust are. The larvae must eat the locust eggs and actually helps lowering their numbers! This fly! What a nice guy.
Action Result Reward
Let the birds know You rush to inform the birds to stop eating the local flies. This will help killing the locust before they are even ready to consume plants! +1000 Locusts Killed
+1% Impression
It's raining frogs! The plague is real! TESTIFY!
It looks like this Arabian Horse foal can't find its mom.
Action Result Reward
Pounce! You kill the foal swiftly and end its misery. Mmm, horse meat. -1 Karma
+1 Jewel Beetle
+1 Horse Foal Carcass
Help! You nudge the frightened horse foal towards a nearby farm. A mare calls its baby to her and they reunite safely. Such chivalry! +1 Karma
+1 Jewel Beetle
+1% Impression
Lilac-Breasted Roller birds are trying to catch some jumping locusts.
Action Result Reward
Join You join in on the agility training, scaring locusts away and assisting the birds in catching the escaping pests! When you're too tired to run anymore, the birds give you a token of appreciation. +2 Jewel Beetles
+100 to 400 Locusts Killed
-10% Energy
+200 Experience
Advise You instruct the birds that these are just leftovers of the swarm, and that the plague has moved west. The birds thank you with some beetles and depart. +2 Jewel Beetles
+200 to 600 Locusts Killed
Locust are crawling on the grass, trees, and shrubs, devouring everything in their path.
Action Result Reward
Charge! Using your large lion body, you rush towards them, roaring and trampling the critters on the trail. You manage to scare the insects away! It might not be much, but the local animals really appreciate you saving their neighbourhood. +2 Jewel Beetles
+200 Locusts Killed
Oh no! If the locust devour the trees, the gerenuk and giraffes will suffer from famine!
Action Result Reward
Climb You climb up onto the tree and shake its branches, forcing this small swarm to move on! In your efforts, you've also managed to snatch something from the top of the tree. +2 Jewel Beetles
+150 Locusts Killed
+10 Silver Beetles
Headbutt You headbutt the tree trunk, causing the locust swarm to become agitated. They devour each other in their daze! +1 Jewel Beetle
+600 Locusts Killed
On a dried up tree trunk these lizards are enjoying the african heat.
Action Result Reward
Grab One! You manage to grab one before the rest slips away! +1 Juicy Lizard
You try to grab one but they all slither away! N/A
Whisper You lower your head and whisper some fantastic news about locusts arriving soon. The lizards leave immediately and head towards the swarm, leaving you a small token of appreciation. +1 Jewel Beetle
+100 to 200 Locusts Killed
Some toads are crawling around, ready to devour the locusts. You poke them a bit, gently leading them to the proper direction for their meals.
+100 Locusts Killed
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
Taita Fiscals are bathing in the sand.
Action Result Reward
Give Orders You pound your mighty paw in the sand, ending the fun. It's time the birds take responsibility and hunt down the locusts! You raise your paw - only to find a shiny beetle! +1 Jewel Beetle
+100 to 400 Locusts Killed
Tchagra birds are flying around, chirping.
Action Result Reward
Growl You growl at the annoying birds so they follow the swarms. +100 to 300 Locusts Killed
The frogs are as numerous as the locusts! This is good, though. They eat the locusts.. And the birds will eat them.. Oh crap, will the birds turn into a plague too? Just incase, you pounce around and kill some of the frogs. Who knows.
+200 Locusts Killed
+50 Experience
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
The locust plague is swarming all around you - covering your ears, eyes, mouth and nose! This is insane! You decide to roar and run away!
+1 Locust Wing
Locust Wing.
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
The Prophet Lion is very suspicious of your behaviour as of late. He's eager to smack the heresy out of you!
Action Result Reward
Fight! Initiates a battle with a Prophet Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
The Prophet Lion is warning animals of the impending doom! He gets testy when you approach, clearly not in the mood for a debate.
Action Result Reward
Wrestle Initiates a battle with a Prophet Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
The swarm is breeding like crazy in these wet conditions!
Action Result Reward
Call for Help Letting out a mighty roar, you call out for help. Flocks of birds arrive to feed on the never-ending swarm! +1000 to 2000 Locusts Killed
+1 Locust Wing
There's a few Hoopoes nomming on the grasshoppers.
Action Result Reward
Instruct You approach them, informing that the best choice of food right now would be locusts instead. They leave, looking for the swarms. +1 Jewel Beetle
+100 to 300 Locusts Killed
+4 Hoopoe Feather
Charge You rush forward, grabbing two Hoopoes before the rest fly away in fear. You enjoy the snack, gathering what's left after lunch. +2 Jewel Beetles
+1 Hoopoe Feather
-20% Hunger
There's a few locusts gathering here.
Action Result Reward
Stomp! You stomp around, killing some of the bigger pests. +50 Locusts Killed
+1 Locust Wing
This Black Panther, or rather Melanistic Leopard Cub, is pouncing at the jumping locusts. You're not sure if it's alone or if its mother is watching.
Action Result Reward
Join Feeling like a cub again, you join in on the fun. The cub seems to be more skilled at this! Outrageous! +100 to 200 Locusts Killed
Chase Initiates a battle with a Black Panther. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
This mare is wandering by herself, looking for her foal.
Action Result Reward
Attack! You decide to take advantage of the situation and kill the horse after a short struggle. -2 Karma
+1 Jewel Beetle
+1 Abyssinian Horse Carcass
Help You snort and huff at the horse, trying to scare it towards the area where you spotted a foal last time. Eventually she gets tired of rearing at the scary predator you are, and lets you lead her until you find her baby! Good job not eating them. +2 Karma
+1 Jewel Beetle
+2% Impression
This odd lion is roaring at the sky, and with each roar nearby locusts drop to the ground!
Action Result Reward
Leave Him Be You walk away, wondering if he has some locust killing super powers or just a tone of voice that makes insects temporarily confused. Sure works on you. +1000 Locusts Killed
Attack! Initiates a battle with a Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
This tiny curious weasel is climbing on your fur, neck, and face.
Action Result Reward
Play You chuckle and roll with the weasel; playing around, hunting locusts, and having fun. +2 Karma
+200 Locusts Killed
Snarl Pesky creature! You crunch it swiftly and rip its fur apart. -1 Karma
+1 Weasel Pelt
With terror shooting through your veins, you hold your breath as the sky becomes dark from millions of locusts swarming in the air.
Action Result Reward
Roar You let out a roar! Birds start to appear and begin feeding on the endless cloud, but it's not enough to hurt the swarm. +100 to 500 Locusts Killed
+1 Locust Wing
Cover You run for cover in the bush, watching as the swarm passes like a giant storm cloud. You notice a few beetles in the green bush before it's devoured by the hungry plague. +2 Jewel Beetles
+1 Locust Wing
You find the Prophet Lion in an agitated state, seemingly upset about your selfish actions in a time of impending doom. "Your complacency is disgusting!" Wow... The impudence of this guy...
Action Result Reward
Fight! Initiates a battle with a Prophet Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
You jump into the air, surprised by a dashing King Cheetah Cub! It's chasing the locusts with so much focus it didn't even notice you.
Action Result Reward
Raise Paw Not amused, you raise your paw and during the next circle, the cub bumps into it. Completely surprised, it curls the tail between its legs and runs away, squeaking to call mom. +3% Impression
Chase You chase the locusts too! While the cub is hesitant in the beginning; in the end, you end up exhausted, while the cub still runs around, trying to pounce your tail. +100 Locusts Killed
-10% Energy
+200 Experience
Find the Mom Initiates a battle with a Cheetah. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Jewel Beetles are awarded for this battle.
You notice a tree stump with Jewel Beetles crawling all over!
Action Result Reward
Grab! You pounce on the tree stump, cracking parts of it in with your mighty paw and trapping two beetles inside! +2 Jewel Beetles
You pounced on the tree stump, knocking it over as it crumbles under your body - it was bone dry! The beetles flew away, boo. N/A
You spot an unusual activity of bee flies. They seem to enjoy nectar of local flowers, but they also lay eggs around the areas the locust seem to lay eggs. Looks like their larvae are predators of locust eggs! Perfect!
Action Result Reward
Inform the birds and bats You make time to wander around local nests and breeding grounds and let all animals know to let flies kill the locust before they even hatch. This will help reducing the numbers greatly! That was a fun detour. +1000 Locusts Killed
+5% Energy

Prophet Shop  

"Good, good, you made a lot of them burn in the sun's judging rays! These are your rewards!"

The Prophet Shop is where you go to spend your Jewel Beetles.
This shop is opened by the combined efforts of killing millions of locusts in Explore and on player den pages.

Tier One

Beetle Nemesis: Acanthacris ruficornis
Beetle Nemesis: Locusta migratoria
Event Beetle: Jewel Beetle
Jumping Frog
Locust-Ridden Grass
Devoured Branches
Least Weasel
Egyptian Spiny-Tailed Lizard
Giant Girdled Lizard
Zoutpansberg Girdled Lizard
Hunting Bats
Yellow-Winged Bat
Black-Winged Pratincole
Pririt Batis
Senegal Coucal
Southern Pied Babbler
Taita Fiscal
Grey-Necked Rockfowl
Hunting Pratincoles
Horse Skull Decor
Banded Mongoose
Dik Dik vs Locust
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Malbrouck Monkey
Pied Crow
Blandford's Fox
Rueppell's Fox
Arabian Horse Foal
Basuto Pony Foal
African Locust Bean Tree
Scared Leopard Cub
Arabian Horse
Devastated Crops
Forest Swarm

Tier Two

Asian Garden Dormouse
Egyptian Slit-Faced Bat
Heart-Nosed Bat
Diederick Cuckoo
Kordofan Lark
Levaillant's Cuckoo
Scissor-Tailed Kite
Meller's Mongoose
Selous' Mongoose
Jewel Beetle Bodywear
Jewel Beetle Headwear
Thick-Billed Cuckoo
Golden Oriole Nest
Arabian Bustard
Blue Korhaan
Denham's Bustard
Great Blue Heron
Little Brown Bustard
Little Bustard
Nubian Bustard
White-Bellied Bustard
Fan-Tailed Raven
Grivet Monkey
Lilac-Breasted Rollers
Striped Polecat
Malagasy Civet
Yellow Baboon
Horse Mane Tail Skirt [Black]
Horse Mane Tail Skirt [Chestnut]
Horse Mane Tail Skirt [Grey]
Horse Mane Tail Skirt [Palomino]
Horse Mane Tail Skirt [Pinto]
Rope Halter [Black]
Rope Halter [Blue]
Rope Halter [Green]
Rope Halter [Red]
Rope Halter [Tan]
Red Bull
Sleepy Foal
Abyssinian Donkey
Abyssinian Horse
Barb Horse
Equine Fields
Fighting Horses
Ochre Gnawrock

Tier Three

Abyssinian Genet
Hunting Haussa Genet
Locust Wing Bands
Playing Polecats
Horseshoe Necklace [Golden]
Horseshoe Necklace [Silver]
Locust Swarm
Vlaamperd Foal
Annoying Cub
Confused Cub
King Cheetah Cub
Playful Black Panther Cub
Basuto Pony
Kafa Horse
Kundudo Horse
Namib Desert Horse
Tawleed Horse
Vlaamperd Horse
Western Sudan Pony
Playing Fennec Foxes
Tuareg Saddle [Colourful]
Tuareg Saddle [Monochrome]
Tuareg Tribal Bridle [Colourful]
Tuareg Tribal Bridle [Monochrome]
Western Horse Halter [Dark]
Western Horse Halter [Light]
Devoured Crops
Kingfisher Grove
Ochre Saltlick
Trot in the Morning Mist


Tier three of the Prophet Shop also unlocks plague-themed titles for you to purchase and equip to your leader.

Title Price
Apocalyptic 100 Jewel Beetles
Augur 100 Jewel Beetles
Badland Strider 100 Jewel Beetles
Harbinger 100 Jewel Beetles
Horse Whisperer 100 Jewel Beetles
Locust Devourer 100 Jewel Beetles
Pestilent 100 Jewel Beetles
Prophet 100 Jewel Beetles
Wanderer 100 Jewel Beetles
Wastelander 100 Jewel Beetles

Tier Four

Tier four unlocks event NCL markings in Explore.


Monkey Business Crafting  

While these recipes are able to be crafted year-round, certain components for recipes can only be found during September's event.


Locust Wing



Blue Winged Grasshopper Outfit
  • 30 x Locust Wing
Giant Locust Wings [Bottom]
  • 20 x Locust Wing
Giant Locust Wings [Top]
  • 20 x Locust Wing
Gregarious Form
  • 50 x Locust Wing
Gregarious Fur
  • 50 x Locust Wing
Gregarious Mark
  • 20 x Locust Wing
Gregarious Phase
  • 40 x Locust Wing
Gregarious Swarm
  • 25 x Locust Wing
Grullo Stud
  • 100 x Locust Wing
  • 50 x Underbrush
Locust Cloud
  • 50 x Locust Wing
Locust Earrings [Blue]
  • 10 x Locust Wing
Locust Earrings [Green]
  • 10 x Locust Wing
Locust Earrings [Red]
  • 10 x Locust Wing
Locust Earrings [Tan]
  • 10 x Locust Wing
Locust Tree
  • 50 x Locust Wing
Locust Wing Decor - Body
  • 30 x Locust Wing (25% Chance)
  • * From "One of Four Locust Wing Decors" recipe.
Locust Wing Decor - Ears
  • 30 x Locust Wing (25% Chance)
  • * From "One of Four Locust Wing Decors" recipe.
Locust Wing Decor - Gust of Wind
  • 30 x Locust Wing (25% Chance)
  • * From "One of Four Locust Wing Decors" recipe.
Locust Wing Decor - Neck
  • 30 x Locust Wing (25% Chance)
  • * From "One of Four Locust Wing Decors" recipe.
Locust Wing Decor - Pendant
  • 30 x Locust Wing
Locust Wing Decor - Tail
  • 30 x Locust Wing
Mark of the Swarm
  • 20 x Locust Wing
Shape of Swarm
  • 50 x Locust Wing


Augur Base
Base Genetics: Black Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Augur Prophecy (base).
Augur Prophecy is purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.

Augur Prophecy applicator.

Gregarious Base
Base Genetics: Gold Medium Solid Special
Applied with Gregarious Form (base).
Gregarious Form is crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.

Gregarious Form applicator.

Grullo Base
Base Genetics: Cream Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Grullo Stud (base).
Grullo Stud is crafted out of Locust Wings and Underbrush in Monkey Business.

Grullo Stud applicator.

Harbinger Base
Base Genetics: Black Dark Solid Special
Applied with Harbinger Body (base).
Harbinger Body is purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.

Harbinger Body applicator.

Haruspex Base
Base Genetics: Black Dark Solid Special
Applied with Trained Haruspex (base).
Trained Haruspex is purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.

Trained Haruspex applicator.

Locust Base
Base Genetics: Red Medium Solid Common
Applied with Gregarious Phase (base).
Gregarious Phase is crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.

Gregarious Phase applicator.

Seer Base
Base Genetics: Cream Dark Solid Special
Applied with Seer Divination (base).
Seer Divination is purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.

Seer Divination applicator.

Swarm Base
Base Genetics: Golden Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Shape of Swarm (base).
Shape of Swarm is crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.

Shape of Swarm applicator.





To see the name of the applicator that is tied to a specific mane colour, hover over or tap on the item artwork in the upper right corner of each mane colour preview.




Eldritch Immolation
Purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.
Eldritch Immolation applicator.

Immolation Brindle
Immolation Coat
Immolation Feline
Immolation Smoke

Eldritch Ritual
Purchased from the Harbinger's Shop.
Eldritch Ritual applicator.

Ritual Dapple
Ritual Fawn
Ritual Feline
Ritual Indri

Gregarious Mark
Crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.
Gregarious Mark applicator.

Locust Dapple
Locust Ghost Feralis
Locust Inverted Quagga
Locust Quagga

Gregarious Swarm
Crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.
Gregarious Swarm applicator.

Gregarious Brindle
Gregarious Glaze
Gregarious Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Gregarious Undersides

Mark of the Swarm
Crafted out of Locust Wings in Monkey Business.
Mark of the Swarm applicator.

Swarm Debris
Swarm Hindquarters
Swarm Marbled Underglaze
Swarm Upendezi

Event NCL Markings  

Wonderful! The locust plague is dying by billions! I invited some of my relatives to help out as well, you might notice my cousins wandering around, maybe take them into your pride?

(NCL exclusive markings released)
2014: Smoke, Dust, Flux, Cobweb, Domino
2015: Previous + Taper, Foreshadow, Blotches
2016: Previous + Silver Taper, White Smoke, Brown Dust, Onyx Dust, Gold Cobweb, Onyx Cobweb
2017: Previous + White Web, Onyx Web, Red Web, Red Vitiligo 3, Red Vitiligo 6, Blue Vitiligo 3, Blue Vitiligo 6
2018: Previous + Tuxedo, Tangor Cobweb, Scoria Flux
2019: Previous + Noctis, Onyx, Dark Brown, Brown, Red, Blue, Golden and Cream Hindquarters
2020: Previous + Brown, Cream, Golden, Heather, Henna, Noctis, Onyx, Red, and White Mirage
2021: Previous + Black Debris, Blue Debris, Bone Foreshadow, Bone Taper, Brown Debris, Dark Brown Debris, Gold Web, Noctis Blotches, Noctis Cobweb, Noctis Debris, Noctis Domino, Noctis Dust, Noctis Flux, Noctis Smoke, Onyx Debris, Red Cobweb, Red Debris, Scoria Debris, Steele Flux, Tangor Web
2022: Previous + Cimmerian Flux, Cream Debris, Fallow Debris, Noctis Foreshadow, Noctis Taper, Noctis Tuxedo, Noctis Web, Onyx Foreshadow, Onyx Taper, Onyx Tuxedo, Resin Debris, White Blotches, White Flux, White Hindquarters
2023: Previous + Brown Domino, Fallow Domino, Frosty Roan, Gold Domino, Henna Domino, Resin Domino, Scoria Domino, Tangor Domino

Tier four of the Prophet Shop unlocks Prophet NCL markings (also referred to as "September NCL markings"). These markings can be found on randomly-generated lionesses in Explore. A list of the markings and what they look like are provided below!

Black Blotches
Brown Blotches
Dark Brown Blotches
Gold Blotches
Noctis Blotches
Onyx Blotches
White Blotches

Gold Cobweb
Noctis Cobweb
Onyx Cobweb
Red Cobweb
Tangor Cobweb
White Cobweb

Black Debris
Blue Debris
Brown Debris
Cream Debris
Dark Brown Debris
Fallow Debris
Noctis Debris
Onyx Debris
Red Debris
Resin Debris
Scoria Debris

Black Domino
Brown Domino
Dark Brown Domino
Fallow Domino
Gold Domino
Henna Domino
Noctis Domino
Onyx Domino
Resin Domino
Scoria Domino
Tangor Domino

Brown Dust
Cream Dust
Fallow Dust
Golden Dust
Noctis Dust
Onyx Dust

Black Flux
Cimmerian Flux
Dark Brown Flux
Fallow Flux
Noctis Flux
Scoria Flux
Steele Flux
White Flux

Bone Foreshadow
Cream Foreshadow
Noctis Foreshadow
Onyx Foreshadow
Silky Foreshadow
White Foreshadow

Frosty Roan  
Bone Frosty Roan
Briar Frosty Roan
Coral Frosty Roan
Cream Frosty Roan
Golden Frosty Roan
Marigold Frosty Roan
Pistachio Frosty Roan
Quartz Frosty Roan
Royal Frosty Roan
Shell Frosty Roan
Silky Frosty Roan
White Frosty Roan

Blue Hindquarters
Brown Hindquarters
Cream Hindquarters
Dark Brown Hindquarters
Gold Hindquarters
Noctis Hindquarters
Onyx Hindquarters
Red Hindquarters
White Hindquarters

Brown Mirage
Cream Mirage
Golden Mirage
Heather Mirage
Henna Mirage
Noctis Mirage
Onyx Mirage
Red Mirage
White Mirage

Black Smoke
Brown Smoke
Fallow Smoke
Noctis Smoke
Onyx Smoke
White Smoke

Bone Taper
Cream Taper
Fallow Taper
Golden Taper
Noctis Taper
Onyx Taper
Silver Taper
White Taper

Cream Tuxedo
Noctis Tuxedo
Onyx Tuxedo
Royal Tuxedo
Shell Tuxedo
Silky Tuxedo
Silver Tuxedo
White Tuxedo

Blue Vitiligo 3
Blue Vitiligo 6
Red Vitiligo 3
Red Vitiligo 6

Gold Web
Noctis Web
Onyx Web
Red Web
Tangor Web
White Web