Ever wondered how many beetle species can be collected on Lioden or wanted to keep track of your findings? Maybe you just really like beetles? Well, the Battle Beetle Book has got you covered! Let's see what this is all about...

What is a Battle Beetle Book?  

Your Battle Beetle Book is a place where all of your beetle collections can be found, and let me tell you - it's super handy! But it's not all - you can also check what species and available colors do you own in your collection, as well as view some information about the species, basing on real life beetle species information (Soon to be added). How cool is that?

While browsing through the book, you may start wondering what do the colorful rings around the beetle's image represent. Well, it's quite simple, actually! The colored ring around the species represents the rarity of the beetle's color:

  • Grey = Common Color
  • Green = Uncommon Color
  • Blue = Rare Color
  • For Beetles that aren't in your collection yet, their silhouette will be grayed out. The book is well-equipped with some handy-dandy filtering tools. For instance, the book allows you to display only the beetles that you've collected so far (and count them right away!) or the ones that you're still missing from your collection. Additionally, you may enter a desired word or phrase into the search box to find the exact species that you're looking for. If you'd like to search all species that can appear in a red color, for example, then you could enter one of the following phrases into the search box:

  • color:red
  • color:"red"
  • Quotes are required for colors that have spaces in the name, and it is optional for the rest (but can still be used if you so desire). The color filter may also be used alongside the species' name if you want only species from the same genus:

  • color:red augosoma
  • color:"red" augosoma
  • Another neat thing about the Battle Beetle Book is that you can share your collection with anyone! To do that, just go to your Battle Beetle Book, then right-click on the Collected tab and choose to Open in a new tab of your browser. Then, you can click on the newly-opened tab and copy the link to your collection. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

    Adding Beetles  

    One may wonder, so how do I add these cuties into my collection book? Well, it's quite easy! You need to enter your adult beetle's page, then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the "Get Rid of Beetle" panel. There, you will find a shiny, gleaming golden button that states "Add to Collection". Once clicking on it, the beetle will be added to your collection. Simple! Remember, though, that your beetle will be permanently deleted from the game and you will not be able to retrieve it once it's been added to the collection!

    There are a couple of rules for adding beetles to your collection:

  • You have to be the owner of the beetle you're trying to add to the collection book
  • Your beetle cannot be "Secured"
  • Only adult beetles can be added (11-30 months old)
  • Both sexes of the same species and the same color can be added
  • Pregnant beetles can be added, however, they will lose their offspring in the process
  • When adding a beetle to the collection book, you will not receive a beetle token
  • You cannot add a beetle if you already have a beetle of that sex, species, and color in your collection
  • Adding beetles to the collection book is irreversible

    Successfully adding a beetle to your collection book will result in being redirected to the preview of this beetle species and color in the book's archives, along with giving you the following notification:

    With delicate precision, you add this beetle to your collection.

    In case you already have had added a beetle of the same species, color and sex, even in their larvae form, such beetles will exhibit an unclickable button which will inform you that you've already added such beetle to your collection before.

  • Beetle Information  

    The beetle information will display once you add a beetle to your collection or when you click on their image while navigating the collection list.

    Currently, the beetle information page will display the available colors of male version of the species only, even if you have not collected them yet. Alongside this, you will also see the species' name, image and even the description of the species once the site admins add it! Clicking on the smaller previews below the big image of the chosen beetle color variation, the preview will then display the color that you've clicked. In this way, you can view all the colors of the species even if you haven't collected them yet, and it's all in full-resolution!


    Collecting more and more beetle species and colors will grant you a heap of new achievements along the way! These achievements can be found under the "Beetles" category.

    There are currently 12 achievements that you can receive while collecting battle beetles in your book!

    How to Get
    Beginner Entomologist
    Add the first beetle to your collection.
    How to Get
    Novice Entomologist
    Collect 50 total beetles.
    How to Get
    Advanced Entomologist
    Collect 100 total beetles.
    How to Get
    Seasoned Entomologist
    Collect 250 total beetles
    How to Get
    Expert Entomologist
    Collect 500 total beetles.
    How to Get
    Beetle Buff
    Collect 10 unique species.
    How to Get
    Beetle Enthusiast
    Collect 50 unique species.
    How to Get
    Colourful Collection
    Collect 25 unique colors.
    How to Get
    Brilliant Assortment
    Collect 50 unique colors.
    How to Get
    Vibrant Swarm
    Collect 100 unique colors.
    How to Get
    Rare Species Connoisseur
    Collect 15 rare species.
    How to Get
    Rare Colour Savant
    Collect 50 rare colors.
    How to Get