Territory is where you will find where your own pride reigns over, as well as find out who your neighbors are! Each tiles correlates to a different user, so if you're looking to pick a fight for territory, SB, or experience this map is the place to explore!

Changing Your Territory Tile  

Are you sick of being on the river tile? Wanting to head over to some drier lands with your pride? Have no worries, changing where your territory lies is simple!

In order to change your territory tile you'll need to go to your den, and then scroll down to where it says "Territory Tile" in your details.

From there you will be given a variety of different tiles options to move your pride to!

Once you've decided on your new territory tile, make sure you save your changes! Voila! You have now moved your territory, perhaps you should check and see if you have new neighbors!


If you're wanting to increase the amount of territory you have, a good way to do it would be to fight others for it! If you have less than 40 territory, this would be the best way for you to quickly expand without paying for more.

First you'll need to make your way over to a different king's territory, there you will be given the option to attack them for: skill, experience or territory. In this case, you'll want to attack for territory since that is the main goal.

If you prove to be victorious you will gain +1 territory and a little bonus!

If you lose the fight, don't worry you can try again in an hour! You'll at least get a little consolation prize.

But remember, don't try and be greedy and fight your way to all the territory, you will be denied!

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