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While you're in the Beetle Grounds, you can train your adult beetles here at a fee of 10 SB per training session. You can only train a beetle once per rollover, and each training session gives a chance of boosting the chosen stat category by 1 point.

Move a Rock Climb a Branch Ground Race
Strength Endurance Speed

You probably already noticed that the hunger bar was replaced by a daily training status on your adult beetles once they reached 11 months old. This now tells you whether you have trained them for the day yet!

Beetle Battles  

Now that your male beetle is trained, fed, and so very strong, he'll be ready for battling! The Beetle Battling Grounds are located between the Scrying Stone and Monkey Business on the Crossroads map.

Clicking on the two beetles there will take you to the Beetle Battling page.

Finding an Opponent  

Now that you're there, you'll want to find an opponent. Easy-peasy. Just click on the drop down box to choose one of your male beetles, then press "Find Opponent and Battle!". The site will find you a beetle within the tier based on your stats, and a battle will play out. The opposing beetle is chosen from players who have been online within the past seven days. If there are none to be found, an NPC beetle will be generated.

After each battle, each beetle has a 15 minute cooldown before they can battle again. This only applies to the beetles who participated in the battle, so if you have more beetles to battle, you can use them instead! This also means that if your beetle is challenged by an opponent, it will also be on cooldown.

What do I get when I win?
Every win will garner your beetle 10 EXP. Your pride leader also has varying chances to get extra rewards!

Rarity Prize
Common +1 Random Herb
Uncommon + Experience (equal to your beetle's stats) for your pride leader
Rare +1 Beetle Slot (you can only earn up to a total of 10 free Beetle Slots from battling)

What about when I lose?
Every loss gives your beetle 5 EXP, as well as an uncommon chance for +1 random herb. Losers also receive a 15 minute cooldown from battling.

Note: Only the player who initiates the battle receives the rewards. If you are defending, and you win, you only get EXP for defending.

Don't want your beetle to battle? Easy fix! Just go to your beetle's panel and tick the "Disable from Battling" box, then save your changes!

What about their Battle Record?

Simply go to that beetle's page. In the section that details their wins and losses, there will be a clickable section that says "View Recent".

When you click on it, it takes you to a page that shows the last 100 battle results for that beetle. These records expire after 5 days.

Battle Backgrounds  

The beetle battling backgrounds rotate every month to match the event that is occurring at the same time.


EXP and Stats  

Stat Tiers  

Beetle tiers are based on the stats of your beetles. It's counted from -10 to +10 of your beetle's stats. If your beetle is stronger, there's a greater chance of it winning, but there is always a chance that you could still lose.

How does EXP work?
This is a little more complex. EXP is needed to level up and gain a stat, and the required EXP is calculated based on the total stats of your beetle at the moment of levelling up. This means that the first levelling will always need 100 EXP, but further ones will have to be calculated based on the individual beetle, as they can gain stats from training! This nice chart helps to explain it.

Whenever your beetle levels up, it gains a stat point. Total EXP needed to level up is always 10 times your beetle's stats. If your beetle has 76 stats, then it needs 760 EXP to level up. After levelling, the EXP goes back to zero.

How do I level my beetle?!

On your beetle's page, there'll be a button that says "Boost Stats". Click on that, and you'll level up your beetle, as well as grant him a random +1 stat point!

Beetle Species and Colours  

On Lioden, there's a plethora of beetles that you can acquire! Visit the Beetle Species and Colours page for a comprehensive list of all the beetle species Lioden has to offer.

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