Why hello there..

Having fun in the water, are we?

My friends and I are finding some quite interesting items in the floods, and we'd be happy to trade them to you in exchange for some of those tasty Silver Beetles you've got there..

We're always finding different things, so keep checking back with us. We might have something new!

Items will clear at midnight and midday LD server time. Make sure to purchase the items you want as they may not appear again for a while!

Perhaps you'd like to help the playful otters find some lunch?

The Flood Pit is a special shop that only appears during Wet Season on Lioden. If it is available, there will be a clickable banner above the Crossroads map to take you to the Flood Pit. The items in the Flood Pit reset at 12am and 12pm Lioden time every day for each player. Once the items have reset, you will see the following option.

Scavenged Items
What items have you found?

Once you click that button on Lioden, a randomised selection of five items will be shown to you. If none of them are to your liking, you will have to wait until the next Flood Pit reset for different items to circulate in.

The Flood Pit is a restructured year-round shop that was previously only available during the old June flooding event, which used Dive Beetles. Should you have any Dive Beetles left over from the old June event, you can trade in your Dive Beetles for Silver Beetles at a 1:5 Dive Beetles to Silver Beetles ratio.

Common Items  

African Sharptooth Catfish
Abbott's Skimmer
African Bullfrog
African Clawed Frog
African Common Toad
African Spoonbill
Arum Lily Frog
Azazel the Goat
Baby Crocodile
Back Fog
Banded Rubber Frog
Banded Water Cobra
Big Clay Rocks
Big Shale Rocks
Black-Necked Grebe
Blue Crane
Blue Hawker Dragonfly
Broadleaf Cattail
Camouflaged Snake
Cape Giraffe Calf
Cattle Egret
Common Brown Water Snake
Common Rain Frog
Common Rain Spider
Common Reed Frog
Dead Goliath Tigerfish
Dotted Reed Frog
Dwarf Bittern Pair
Eared Vernonia
Eastern Olive Toad
Event Scar: Worn Paws
Featherfin Squeaker
Flopping Garfish
Flopping Pindu
Flying Pennant-Winged Nightjar
Fog Swirls
Foggy Aura
Fruit Bats
Giant Lobster Roach
Goat Pelt
Goat Skull Decor
Green Panic Grass
Grey Foam-Nest Tree Frog
Ground Fog
Hadada Ibis
Hairy Slit-Faced Bat
High Fog
Iberian Ribbed Newt
Impala Calf
Jackal Pelt
Light Rain
Marsh Mongoose
Misty Haze
Mossy Fur
Mossy Stones
Natal Fig Tree
Nile Perch
Nitsche's Bush Viper
Nyala Calf
Olive Striped Frog
Orange Climber
Paperback Acacia
Peacock Tree Frog
Perished Wildebeest
Phantom Quartz Necklace
Rattling Bird
Red Forest Duiker
Red Rockdweller
Resting Crocodile
Rising Water
Running Lechwe
Scavenging Otter
Silver Long-Fingered Frog
Sitatunga Calf
Sitatunga Female
Slaty Egret
South African Shelduck
Spotted Snout-Burrower
Spur-Winged Goose
Steelblue Widowfinch
Strong Skimmer
Swamp Hibiscus
Swynnerton's Reed Frog
Tasty Bayad
Tinker Reed Frog
Wandering Shoebill
Washed Up Log
Water Reeds
Water Wave
White Lotus
White-Backed Duck
White-Lipped Frog
William's Dwarf Gecko

Uncommon Items  

Augrabies Falls
Barotse Floodplains
Botswana Floodplains
Busanga Flood
Flash Flood
Flood Aftermath
Flooding Gorge
Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands
Lake Chivero
Lake Kivu
Livingstone Falls
Lorian Swamp
Lukanga Swamp
Mana Pools
Microburst Flood
Microburst Rains
Mossy Den
Niger River
Okavango Delta
Raging Storm
Rain Shelter
Rainy Swamp
Rattling Bog
Saloum Delta
Striking Lightning
Sudd Marshes
The Tornado
Victoria Falls

Rare Items  

Cloudburst Mane
Eye Applicator: Cloudy
Eye Applicator: Fog
Eye Applicator: Mist
Murk Mane
Cloudburst Stains
Fiery Unders
Hot Cocoa
Murk Marks
Prune Skin
Murk Body

Applicator Previews  


Murk Base
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Murk Body.
Murk Body is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Murk Body applicator.


Cloudy Eyes
Applied with Eye Applicator: Cloudy.
Eye Applicator: Cloudy is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Eye Applicator: Cloudy.



Fog Eyes
Applied with Eye Applicator: Fog.
Eye Applicator: Fog is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Eye Applicator: Fog.



Mist Eyes
Applied with Eye Applicator: Mist.
Eye Applicator: Mist is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Eye Applicator: Mist.




Cloudburst Mane
Applied with Cloudburst Mane.
Cloudburst Mane is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Cloudburst Mane applicator.

Cloudburst (Cloudburst Mane)

Murk Mane
Applied with Murk Mane.
Murk Mane is purchased from the Flood Pit.

Murk Mane applicator.

Murk (Murk Mane)


Cloudburst Stains
Cloudburst Stains applicator.

Cloudburst Brindle
Cloudburst Mist
Cloudburst Shroud
Cloudburst Web

Fiery Unders
Fiery Unders applicator.

Fiery Belly
Fiery Bottom
Fiery Undercover
Fiery Undershine

Hot Cocoa

Cocoa Bottom
Cocoa Lace
Cocoa Undercover
Cocoa Underfur

Murk Marks

Murk Crackle
Murk Crumbing
Murk Feline
Murk Shimmer

Prune Skin

Prune Bottom
Prune Pelage
Prune Siamese
Prune Undercoat

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