There are a lot of items on Lioden—thousands of them, in fact! While this page doesn't explicitly hold any information regarding items themselves, it does provide links to pages that include item previews, explanations regarding items, and more.

Applying Decor  

Not sure how to equip decor to your lions? The Applying Decor page will help you out!

Background Directory  

The Background Directory is a great way to preview all backgrounds on Lioden, as well as see where these backgrounds can be obtained from.

Black Friday  

Black Friday is a weekend full of Gold Beetle sales, where you can get special items and exclusive decor from buying Gold Beetle bundles at the Oasis. Check out this page to learn more!

Crafting Recipes  

Many items on Lioden can be used to create even more items! To learn more, check out the Crafting page, where you can see all crafting recipes on Lioden.

Custom Decor Guide  

Custom decors are very neat! If you'd like to learn how to submit your own Custom Decor, check out this page for a full guide!

Custom Decor List  

Coming soon! It can be tough to decide if you'd like to purchase a lovely custom decor, especially since previews may not always work. The Custom Decor List is an archive of all of the talented player-submitted custom decors for you to peruse and perhaps even purchase!

Decor Categories  

If you like to customise your lions, the Decor Categories page is for you! This page compiles all decors into easy-to-understand categories to make your life easier when customising your favourite felines.

Food Percentage Guide  

Coming soon! Not all food items fill the same amount of hunger. The Food Percentage Guide compiles all carcasses on Lioden and provides insight on how much these items will fill up your lions!

Item Directory  

Coming soon! With thousands of items on Lioden, it's no wonder a guide is needed to figure out what and where they all are! The Item Directory is a full list of all items on Lioden, where you can find them, and what they're used for.

Item Drops  

There are various encounters and items on Lioden that drop some neat items! To see everything that these bundles have to offer, check out the Item Drops page.

Pride Decor Directory  

Show your pride and support others with pride-themed official site decors! If you're not sure what flag is represented by a colour scheme, check out the Pride Decor Directory for an easy reference.

Stat Items  

Looking to train up your perfect heir? The Stat Items page is a great reference if you're into stats and would like to bulk up your lions!

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