Hey, we just met you, and this is crazy, but if you breed, then read these maybe!

If you're looking to expand your pride in Lioden, breeding is the surefire way to go. Breeding lions together allows you to pass on various genetic aspects from your lions and lionesses, as well as different fertility levels, personalities, and so on. If you're (un)lucky enough, your breeding may produce a cub that's... not quite right! The following pages will tell you everything you need to know in order to achieve the perfect dream lion you've been longing for.

Base Genetics  

We all love looking at gorgeous bases, but how do you breed for them? The Base Genetics page will help shed some light on Lioden's breeding mechanics, at least as far as bases go!

Mane Genetics  

Bases aren't the only things that have genetics. Mane Genetics exist as well, in a sense! Certain mane shapes can be bred together to produce all-new shapes. To see all the passes and fails for your lion's fluffy hairdo, check out this page.

Combo Bases  

C-C-C-C-Combo Bases! Wait, what? These bases won't break your streak, we promise—"combo" in this context means that these bases are a combination of different bases! If you want to delve into the stressful world of combo base breeding, be sure to read through this page to see all the factors and combinations!

Lioness Breeding  

Breeding successfully is a little more complicated than one might think. If you want to get started with breeding to your own lionesses and you have no clue what a "heat" or a "nest" is, hopefully the Lioness Breeding page can help shed some light and guide you on your way to building the perfect pride.


Just as with humans and other animals, lionesses have Fertilities! They range from Goddess to Infertile and everything in between. This page will teach you all the ins and outs about fertility levels and why your lioness is being coy with that cub-making.


Studding services allow you to breed with outside leaders and put your own up for stud. If your ladies aren't enough for your studly leader, or if they're too good for your wrinkly, rolled, elder king, try checking out this page to see how to stud!

Reverse Breeding  

"Lioness seeks cub donor: enquire within."
Reverse breeding allows you to put your lionesses up for breeding with outside leaders! If you have a gal that's popular among the pride lands, this page will inform you on how to set up her services.

Breeding Items  

Breeding can be quite simple, or very nuanced. Over the years, a myriad of Breeding Items have accumulated to make it just a bit easier (or more difficult...?) to achieve your breeding goals! When this page is added in, it will function as an informative resource that details how breeding items function, as well as what items can be combined with each other.


Of course, breeding is risky, just like in real life. During all this breeding, something might happen and you may find yourself in possession of a strange-looking cub... Check out the Mutations page to learn more!