January event guide.
This month utilises Leather Beetles and Silver Beetles.

Carrion Shop  

Tier One

Healing Wounds [Maggots]
Hungry Eyes
Dead Lion Cub
Jackal Buzzard
Pale Chanting Goshawk
Zebra Carrion
Abyssinian Tawny Eagle
African Fish Eagle
Bone Chewing Kudu
Dead Lioness
An Unsure Hyena
Egyptian Vulture
Partially Eaten Lion
Starving Hyena
Sneaky Jackal
Hyena Fur Collar [Black]
Hyena Fur Collar [White]
Starving Leopard
Vulture Roost

Tier Two

Vulture Egg
Bloody Feast
Expression: Sadistic
Griffon Vulture
Hunting Common Buzzard
Starving Young Wildebeest
Adolescent's First Kill
Gnawing Golden Wolf
Hyena Mittens
Observant White-Headed Vulture
Fallen Hyena
Hyena Skirt [Spotted]
Hyena Skirt [Striped]
Pitcher Plant Meadow
Eating Bateleur Eagle
Squabbling Scavengers
Striped Hyena Pelt
Laharu's Den

Tier Three

Antelope Leg Chewing Toy
Juicy Spine Toy
Bearded Vulture
Hyena Cubs
Brown Hyena
Hartebeest Carcass Decor
Hyena Fur Collar [Brown]
Hyena Fur Collar [Spotted]
Hyena Fur Collar [Striped]
Rotting Nyala Headwear
Dark Bone Armour
Meaty Bone Armour
Roasted Vulture
Vulture Cliffs
Washed Up Whale
Lion Meat

Tier Four

Applicator: Feline 7 White
Applicator: Lilac Lace
Applicator: Onyx Lace
Applicator: Onyx Vitiligo
Applicator: Red Inverted Zebra
Applicator: White Panther
Applicator: Hyena Unders
Applicator: Mottled Fissures
Mutie On Demand: Overgrown Fur

The Boneyard  

Tier Zero
The following items are always available and are not dependent upon a tier opening.

Digging or Donating Skulls in the Boneyard will reveal a random selection of three of the following items.
Vulture Egg
Broken Drone
Giant Tortoise
Leopard Orchid
Lion Meat
Mutie On Demand: Primal

Tier One
Digging or Donating Skulls in the Boneyard will reveal a random selection of three of the following items.
Gemsbok Skull
Goat Skull Decor
Swarming Flies
Lion Skull Decor
Rotting Carrion
Scar: Mange
Dried Bones
Rat Skull Crown
Scar: Emaciated
Caracal Rib Ornaments
Dead Klipspringer Calf
Dead Kudu Calf
Dead Oryx Calf
Sun-Dried Cow Head
Horse Skull Decor
Great Hunger

Tier One Items Exclusive to Digging
These items will only appear if you dig in the Boneyard.
Impala Skull
Zebra Skull
Vulture Wings [Bottom]
Vulture Wings [Top]
Cannibal Den

Tier One Items Exclusive to Donating Skulls
These items will only appear if you donate skulls to the Boneyard.
Hartebeest Skull
Kob Skull
Jaw Guards
Whale Bones Den

Tier Two
Digging or Donating Skulls in the Boneyard will reveal a random selection of three of the following items.
Warthog Skull Decor
Wildebeest Skull
Elephant Calf Skull
Scar: Cannibal Bites
Antelope Skeleton
Carcass Pile
Pile of Bones
Striped Hyena Pelt
Wall of Bones
Deathly Headwear
Rugged Armour
Goat Skull Mask
Fox Skull & Squirrel Tail Headband

Tier Two Items Exclusive to Digging
These items will only appear if you dig in the Boneyard.
Giraffe Skull
Bone Jewelry Accessories
Bone Jewelry Bodywear
Animal Graveyard Nighttime
Barbary Sheep Facemask

Tier Two Items Exclusive to Donating Skulls
These items will only appear if you donate skulls to the Boneyard.
Buffalo Skull
Cow Skull Decor
Black-Backed Jackal
Animal Graveyard Daytime
Scavenger Cave

Tier Three
Digging or Donating Skulls in the Boneyard will reveal a random selection of three of the following items.
African Wild Dog Skull Decor
Crocodile Skull Decor
Civet Rib Crown
Tail Bone Ornaments
Hyena Teeth Headwear
Hungry Crocodile Waters
The Cannibals
Vulture's Den
Bone Armour
Hippo Skull Decor
Civet Rib Armguard
Civet Rib Rumpguard

Tier Three Items Exclusive to Digging
These items will only appear if you dig in the Boneyard.
Crocodile Skull Decor
Remains of the Unworthy
Skeletal Cave
Dreadful Goat Chest Piece

Tier Three Items Exclusive to Donating Skulls
These items will only appear if you donate skulls to the Boneyard.
Caracal Skull Necklace
Buffalo Skull Headwear
Feasting Vultures


February event guide.
This month utilises Heart Shells.

Flirt Shop  

Tier One

Dry Palm Leaf
Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Ostrich Fluff
Flamingo Legs
Lovebird Plumage
Fluttering Eyelashes
Tint of Love
European Turtle Dove
Gold Rose Quartz Ornaments
Silver Rose Quartz Ornaments
Bundle of Lovebirds [Black-Cheeked]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Black-Masked]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Blue Opaline]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Peach-Faced]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Rosy-Faced]
Suggestive Garter
Chirping Lovebirds
Courting Kori Bustard
Rock Dove
Elephant Ear Plant
Heart-Leaf Sugarbush Garland
Prancing Cubs [Gray]
Prancing Cubs [Natural]
Flirting Lioness [Black]
Flirting Lioness [Fawny]
Flirting Lioness [Golden]
Flirting Lioness [Maroon]
Flirting Lioness [Panther]
Pregnant Lioness
Snuggling Lioness [Black]
Snuggling Lioness [Fawny]
Snuggling Lioness [Golden]
Snuggling Lioness [Maroon]
Snuggling Lioness [Panther]
Preening Flamingo
Fruits of Passion
Affectionate Male
Exhausted Lover
Flehmen Response Tigon
Smitten Lioness

Tier Two

Delicate Lavender Crown
Dancer Chains [Gold]
Dancer Chains [Silver]
Leopard Orchid
Jewelry: Royal Bedlah
King's Mantle Flower Garland
Treasure Bodywear
Baobab Fruit
Grain of Paradise
A Walk on the Beach
Charming Night
Floating Hearts
Lover's Cave
Magic Hour
Natural Beehive
Romantic Beach
Romantic Waterfall

Tier Three

Yohimbe Bark
Buffalo Scrotum
Ardor Splendor
Maroon Four
Rosy Cheeks
Ardor Floof
Blush Rose Floof
Manakbir Floof
Maroon Floof
Merlot Floof
Date with Manakbir
Kiss from a Rose
Ardor Elegance
Cherry Lips
Taste of Merlot

Title Price
Amorous 1000 Silver Beetles
Eros 1000 Silver Beetles
Fetish 1000 Silver Beetles
Flirty 1000 Silver Beetles
Frivolous 1000 Silver Beetles
Hot Stuff 1000 Silver Beetles
Luscious 1000 Silver Beetles
Sensual 1000 Silver Beetles
Spicy 1000 Silver Beetles
Studmuffin 1000 Silver Beetles

Slap Shop  

Tier One

Camel Toes
Crocodile Eggs
Hippo Fat
Turtle Eggs
Kudu Horn
Longfin Eel
Tint of Solitude
Event Scar: Wounded Eye
Event Scar: Heart
Event Scar: Jealous Wife
Event Scar: Love Bites
Event Scar: Protector
Event Scar: Swiped
Event Scar: Unrequited Love
Leather Garter
Daddy Beard Extension [Bone]
Daddy Beard Extension [Cream]
Daddy Beard Extension [Onyx]
Daddy Beard Extension [Saffron]
Daddy Beard Extension [Salt & Pepper]
Daddy Beard Extension [White]
Bleeding Heart
Badly Blinded Eye [Left]
Badly Blinded Eye [Right]
Event Scar: Ripped Chin
Event Scar: Ripped Fur
Heavy Metal Bodywear
Admiring Adolescent [Female]
Admiring Adolescent [Male]
Bad Boy Challenger [Dark]
Bad Boy Challenger [Dikela]
Bad Boy Challenger [Fuchsia]
Scarred Lioness
Submissive Female
Submissive Male
The Slapper
Scratched Rocks

Tier Two

Event Scar: Mouth
Rump Fluff Extensions [Bone]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Cream]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Onyx]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Saffron]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Salt & Pepper]
Rump Fluff Extensions [White]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Bone]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Cream]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Onyx]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Saffron]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Salt & Pepper]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [White]
Bloody Notched Ear [Left]
Bloody Notched Ear [Right]
Leather Collar
Simple Chest Harness
Blood Lily Garland
Shaggy Lioness
The Solitude
Jewelry: Royal Amethyst Warguard

Tier Three

Event Beetle: Eudicella gralli
Event Beetle: Harmonia axyridis
Lion Scrotum
Applicator: Rugged Back
Applicator: Rugged Face
Applicator: Rugged Rump
Applicator: Rugged Unders

Title Price
Abusive 1000 Silver Beetles
Asshole 1000 Silver Beetles
Brave 1000 Silver Beetles
Brutal 1000 Silver Beetles
Grumpy 1000 Silver Beetles
Naughty 1000 Silver Beetles
Protector 1000 Silver Beetles
Punisher 1000 Silver Beetles
Smug 1000 Silver Beetles
Spanker 1000 Silver Beetles
Warrior 1000 Silver Beetles


March event guide.
This month utilises Rhino Beetles.

Black Market  

Tier One

Dirty Bandages [Front]
Dirty Bandages [Rear]
Fresh Bandages [Front]
Fresh Bandages [Rear]
Leg Hold Trap
Tranquilizer Darts
Event Scar: Poached
Event Scar: Scraped by Bullets
Hunting Arrows
Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrew
Kenilworth Heath
Serpentine Sugarbush
Taita Thrush
Wired Fence
Anti-Poaching Drone
Bannerman's Turaco
Jentink's Duiker
Orphaned Hyena Cub
White Giraffe Memorial
Beira Antelope
Orphaned Zebra Duiker Calf
Anti-Poaching Dog
Kashmir Musk Deer
Orphaned Baby Rhino
Orphaned Ethiopian Wolf Pup
Sinai Wild Rose Bush
White-Bellied Pangolin
Orphaned Giraffe Calf
Pondoland Fig
Bleeding World Wildlife
Burning Poacher Camp
The Chase
The Fence

Tier Two

Beetle Nemesis: Adetomyrma venatrix
Event Beetle: Oryctes nasicornis
Event Scar: Ears
Rhino Horn Decor
Turquoise Dwarf Gecko
Dwarf Ebony Flowers
Pile of Mongoose Babies
Radio Tracking Collar
Tusk Extensions
Event Scar: Eyeless Left
Event Scar: Eyeless Right
Event Scar: Machete Cuts
Oribi Horns
Addax Horns Decor
Western Falanouc
Diana Monkey
Stolen Gun
Skeletal Human Hand Necklace
Buffalo Horns Necklace
Injured Kudu Foal
Injured Oryx Calf
West African Linsang
Anatolian Shepherd
Arabian Tahr
Lost Human Cub
Orphaned Caracal Cub
Orphaned Serval Kitten
Apage Hominum
Mountain Bongo
Western Chimpanzee
Grévy's Zebra
Hartmann's Mountain Zebra
Indochinese Leopard
Burned Evidence
Fugitive Beasts
Helicopter Ruins
Steel Graveyard
Vanishing Giants

Tier Three

Human Liver
Boerboel Puppy
Injured Civet Cub
Orphaned Cheetah Cub
Orphaned Elephant Calf
Orphaned Lion Cub
The Safeguard
Titanic Fluff
Endangered Hipwear [Gorilla]
Endangered Hipwear [Koppie Blue]
Endangered Hipwear [Leopard]
Endangered Hipwear [Painted Dog]
Endangered Hipwear [Short-Leaved Aloe]
Endangered Hipwear [Zebra]
March Personality Changer
Resting Okapi
Big Cat Bodywear: Arabian
Big Cat Bodywear: Arabian
Big Cat Headwear: Indochinese
Big Cat Headwear: Indochinese
Mauled Poacher
Rescued Baby Lowland Gorilla
Chatoyant Carvings
Ivory Carvings
Nacre Carvings
The Bodyguard
Death Necklace
Ferocious Fight
Flawless Victory
Persian Onager Herd
Resting Leopard
The Last of Giants
Wading Buffalo
Chatoyant Enamel
Nacre Lining
One with the Giants
True Titan
The Guardian


April event guide.
This month utilises Easter Eggs and Hare Points.

Bunny Shop  

Tier One

Impala Lily Flowers
Event Beetle: Eupatorus birmanicus
Expression: Delighted
Baby Meerkat
Cape Bugle-Lily
Fairy Iris
Hildeberg Painted Lady
Negev Iris
Wild Centaury
Boschveld Chicken
Bushbaby Companion
Easter Egger Chicken
Potchefstroom Koekoek
Domestic Rabbit [Dutch]
Domestic Rabbit [English Spot]
Domestic Rabbit [Seal Point]
Pussy Willows
African Flower Ornaments [Freesia]
African Flower Ornaments [Plumbago]
African Flower Ornaments [Watsonia]
Faiyumi Chicken
Fairy African Hyacinth
Impala Lily
Stapelia Hirsuta Flower
Violet Garland
Bunyoro Rabbit
Cape Hare
Comfy Riverine Rabbit
Riverine Rabbit
Savannah Hare
Scrub Hare
Boer Goat
Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Ostrich Chicks 1
Ostrich Chicks 2
Fluffball Burrows

Tier Two

Creamy Graphium Butterfly
Forest Leopard Butterfly
Pygmy Emperor
Fortnight Lily
Red Klattia
Body Paint: Easter Swirls
Barn Owl Chick
Leaf Bracelets
Leaf Corsage
Leaf Garland
Leaf Tail Piece
African Flower Ornaments [Baby Violets]
African Flower Ornaments [Herbal]
African Flower Ornaments [Purple Phlox]
African Flower Ornaments [Rainbow]
Venda Chicken
Quiver Tree
Sleeping Fawn
Happy AWD Puppies
Kalanchoe Flowers
Meru Oak
Blue Disa Orchid
Starry Jasmine Branch
Wine Cups
[S] Natal Bottlebrush
Cameroon Sheep Ram
Pedi Sheep Lamb
Tunisian Babarin Lamb
Zulu Sheep
Flowering Umzimbeet
Lily of the Nile
[S] African Tulip Tree
[S] Sugarbush
Powder-Puff Tree

Tier Three

Fairy Bell
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Blue]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Herbal]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Opal]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Pink]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Purple]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Yellow]
Flowering Vine Necklace [True Blue Daisy]
Butterfly Tail Wrap
Egg Yolk
Baby Sun Rose
Springtime Trio
Cape Floral Kingdom
Flowering Fynbos
Flowering Pond
Flowering Vines
Leaf Armour
Leaf Armour - Autumn
[D] Forest Thicket
[D] Namibian Meadows
[D] Ngorongoro
[D] Zambian Bush
South African Meadows

Wenet's Shop  

Bits of Kits
Ethiopian Highland Hare
European Rabbit
Fluffball Teeth
Hewiit's Red Rock Hare
Jameson's Red Rock Hare
Rabbit Corpse
Smith's Red Rock Hare
Dried Chick Necklace
Faux Fluffball Tail
Fluffball Bundle
Lucky Lamb Hoof Necklace
Punk Rabbit Headwrap
Roasted Vulture
Cuddling Rabbits
Primordial Harness
Rabbit Pelt Leg Wraps
Rabbit Pelt Skirt
Fluffball Ear Extensions
Loving Wenet
Wenet Idol
Roasted Lamb
Primordial Spring
Hare Mask
Hen Mask


May event guide.
This month utilises Manticora Beetles and Reputation Points.

Champion Shop  

Tier One

Expression: Determination
Expression: Shy Groupie
Expression: Smirk
Mummified Heart
Claw Headpiece
Claw Extensions: Gold
Claw Extensions: Silver
Rear Claw Extensions: Gold
Rear Claw Extensions: Silver
Manticora Beetles
Event Scar: Fallen Champion
Event Scar: Ripped Lip
Event Scar: Blood Drip
Event Scar: Bruised
Event Scar: Smacked
War Paint: Brute
War Paint: Ravage
War Paint: Reaper
War Paint: Sun Warrior
Adoring Lioness Black
Adoring Lioness Fawny
Adoring Lioness Golden
Adoring Lioness Maroon
Adoring Lioness Panther
Cheering Fan
Excited Fan
Feather and Leather Legwraps
Crowded Backstage

Tier Two

Ancestral Battle Mask
Death Battle Mask
Dragon Battle Mask
Emperor Battle Mask
Hollow Battle Mask
Shadow Battle Mask
War Paint: Inspiration
War Paint: Red Bone
War Paint: Red Ribbed
War Paint: Stealth
War Paint: True Fighter
Trophy Tree
Adoring Challenger Black
Adoring Challenger Fawny
Adoring Challenger Golden
Adoring Challenger Maroon
Adoring Challenger Panther
Porcupine Armour
Bones of the Champions
Remains of the Unworthy
May Personality Changer
Training Area
Arena Gorge
Championship Arena
Championships at Night
Mosh Pit
Sunrise Over The Championships
The Passage

Tier Three

Event Beetle: Manticora scabra
Beetle Nemesis: Vespa orientalis
Final Destination Battle Mask
Warmonger Battle Mask
War Mask: Black Panther
War Mask: Black Wildebeest
War Mask: Elephant
War Mask: Wolf
Shy V'Kai
V'Kai Bro
Dedicated Follower
Groupie Domino
Groupie Feline
Groupie Marble
Groupie Vitiligo
The Rival Dim
The Rival Lace
The Rival Luster
The Rival Rosette
Giant Tortoise
Vashkartzen Dude
Red Bull
Flesh of the Black Lion
Flesh of the Unworthy
Rugged Armour
Bloody Pit
Champion's Wall
Eroding Gorge
Gorge of the Champions
Pit of Defeat
Roots of the Warriors
Trophy Cave
Trophy Lair
Victory Road
Ornate Body Frame
Lion Scrotum

Title Price
Champion 300 Manticora Beetles
Epic Fail 300 Manticora Beetles
Lionnister 300 Manticora Beetles
Notorious Loser 300 Manticora Beetles
True King 300 Manticora Beetles
Winner 300 Manticora Beetles


Applicator: Inverted Brawl


Applicator: Brawl
Applicator: Rumble


June event guide.
This month utilises Khepri Beetles.

All Temples  

Egyptian Makeup
Ancient Papyrus
Ankh Scar
Ankh Necklace
Canopic Jars
Simple Leg Jewelry [Golden]
Simple Leg Jewelry [Silver]
Winged Cobra Tailwrap [Golden]
Winged Cobra Tailwrap [Silver]
Duat Shifter - Aani
Duat Shifter - Bennu
Duat Shifter - Khepri
Duat Shifter - Mati
Duat Shifter - Medjed
Duat Shifter - Sagittarius
Duat Shifter - Sailors of the Sun-Bark
Duat Shifter - Serpopard
Souls of Duat - Jackal
Souls of Duat - Rekhyt
Souls of Duat - Snake
Souls of Duat - Tesem
Gilded Feather Crown
Wadjet Bracelets
Wing Bands of Isis
Presence of Am-Heh
Presence of Ammit
Presence of Babi
Presence of Banebdjedet
Presence of Miuty
Presence of Tutu
Lapis Ornaments
Tutu Apparel
Jewelry: Lapis Gem Headpiece
Royal Linen Wrap
White Shendyt
Anubis Mask
Isis Wings [Bottom]
Isis Wings [Top]
Mask of Ammit the Devourer
Altar of Ra
Buried Guardian
Buried Sekhmet
Buried Temple Ruins
Crumbling Temple
Egyptian Pyramids
Nubian Pyramids
Palace of the Pharaohs
Swirling Dust
Temple of Edfu
White Desert
Canopic Jellyfish

Temple of Anubis  

The following items are exclusive to the Temple when you have sided with Anubis.

Scarab Necklace [Anubis]
Wing Bands of Anubis
Cloak of Darkness
Cloak of Night
Royal Gem Bodywear [Anubis]
Face of Anubis
Vessel of Anubis
Night Vapour
Idol of Thoth
Wings of Death [Bottom]
Wings of Death [Top]
Wings of Night [Bottom]
Wings of Night [Top]
Temple of Anubis
Favour of Anubis
Royal Coat of Anubis

Temple of Bast  

The following items are exclusive to the Temple when you have sided with Bast.

Scarab Necklace [Bast]
Wing Bands of Bast
Royal Cloak
Royal Gem Bodywear [Bast]
Face of Bast
Winged Sandals
Crown of Isis
Vessel of Bast
Claws of Bast [Gold]
Claws of Bast [Jeweled]
Idol of Bastet
Crown of Light
Wings of Light [Bottom]
Wings of Light [Top]
Temple of Bast
Favour of Bast
Royal Coat of Bast

Temple of Seth  

The following items are exclusive to the Temple when you have sided with Seth.

Scarab Necklace [Seth]
Wing Bands of Seth
Decaying Cloak
Royal Gem Bodywear [Seth]
Face of Seth
Desert Warrior
Veil of Isfet
Vessel of Seth
Idol of Seth
Wings of Desert [Bottom]
Wings of Desert [Top]
Wings of War [Bottom]
Wings of War [Top]
Temple of Seth
Favour of Seth
Royal Coat of Seth


July event guide.
This month utilises Fireflies and Meteorite Shards.

Firefly Shop  

Tier One

Blood Acraea
Clear-Spotted Acraea
Gold Banded Forester
Acacia Rat
Celestial Wings [Bottom]
Celestial Wings [Top]
Gorgeous Bushshrike
Forest Green Butterfly
Impala Calf
Black-Backed Jackal
Hairy Slit-Faced Bat
Greater Kestrel
Yellow Canary
Zimbabwe Aloe
Bat-Eared Fox
Aurora Australis
Falling Stars
Meteor Shower
Perseid Storm
Reflection Pool

Tier Two

Montane Charaxes
Event Beetle: Luciola lusitanica
Greater Cane Rat
Blue Crane
Celestial Wings - Skyward [Bottom]
Celestial Wings - Skyward [Top]
Hadada Ibis
Meteor Shards Necklace
White-Backed Duck
Brilliant Gem
Little Bee-Eater
Red Forest Duiker
Selous' Mongoose
Steelblue Widowfinch
Nyala Calf
Sitatunga Female
Sun Glare
Fruit Bats
Candelabra Tree
Cape Fox
Abaddon Skies
Acacia Forest
Acacia Forest at Night
Cloud Forest

Tier Three

Celestial Wings - Nebula [Bottom]
Celestial Wings - Nebula [Top]
Meller's Mongoose
Flying Pennant-Winged Nightjar
Flame Lily
Southern Carmine Bee-Eater
Apollyon's Grace
Pied Crow
Cape Giraffe Calf
African Wildcat
Long-Crested Eagle
Pompom Tree
Martial Eagle
Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Chimanimani Mountains
Lake Chivero
Mana Pools
Nyanga Mountains
Victoria Falls

Tefnut's Temple  

Tefnut's Memory
Celestial Wing Bands
Interstellar Wing Bands
Skyward Wing Bands
Sunset Wing Bands
Celestial Wings - Sunset [Bottom]
Celestial Wings - Sunset [Top]
Meteor Shard Growth [Blue]
Meteor Shard Growth [Red]
Celestial Horn Crown
Shard Growth
Veil of Sunset
The Demiurge
Celestials: Aldebaran and Pleiades
Celestials: Aquarius Lammergeier
Celestials: Aries Ibex
Celestials: Betelgeuse
Celestials: Cancer
Celestials: Canopus
Celestials: Capricorn
Celestials: Gemini Eland
Celestials: King of the North Star
Celestials: Leo
Celestials: Libra
Celestials: Mouse
Celestials: Orion
Celestials: Peacock Star (Steenbok)
Celestials: Pisces
Celestials: Sagittarius
Celestials: Scorpio
Celestials: Southern Cross - Tree
Celestials: Taurus Hartebeest
Celestials: Virgo Warthog
Celestial Blessing
Sidereal Blessing
Skyward Blessing
Sunrise Markings
Sunset Markings
Curse of Divine
Heavenly Serenity
Touch of Demiurge


August event guide.
This month utilises Carrion Beetles and Dry Bones.

The Destroyers  

Beetle Nemesis: Parabuthus transvaalicus
Expression: Doubt [Black Eyelids]
Expression: Doubt [Brown Eyelids]
Expression: Doubt [Cream Eyelids]
Expression: Doubt [Dark Brown Eyelids]
Expression: Doubt [Onyx Eyelids]
Expression: Doubt [White Eyelids]
Lesser Mouse-Tailed Bats
Charred Branches
Charred Rocks
Scorpion Earrings [Black]
Scorpion Earrings [Yellow]
Camel Spider
Dead Klipspringer Calf
Dead Kudu Calf
Dead Oryx Calf
False Cobra
Horned Desert Viper
Pallid Harrier
Petrified Pigeon
Desert Dust
Petrified Hyena Cub
Scorpion Tail Necklace
Antelope Skeleton
Burnt Lion Cub
Palm Nut Vulture
Cinereous Vulture
Black Harrier, the Fire Carrier
Maneater Mane [Brown]
Maneater Mane [Chilled]
Maneater Mane [Classic]
Maneater Mane [Dark]
Maneater Mane [Forsaken]
Maneater Mane [Golden]
Maneater Mane [Rust]
Maneater Mane [Soft]
Rugged Mane [Auburn]
Rugged Mane [Cloudburst]
Rugged Mane [Golden]
Rugged Mane [Onyx]
Rugged Mane [Ruffian]
Rugged Mane [Scoundrel]
Rugged Mane [Ukame]
Emperor Scorpion
Fattail Scorpion
Red Devil Scorpion
Human Skull
Petrified Critters
Petrified Hyena
Human Remains
Ash-Covered Scorched Forest
Charred Tree
Petrified Tree
Hyena on Fire
Flaming Mane
Flaming Tail
Deathly Headwear
Event Scar: Burnt Fur
Event Scar: Burnt Paws
Event Scar: Emaciated
Event Scar: Face Swipe
Event Scar: Freshly Bleeding Cut
Event Scar: Outcast
Event Scar: Scorched Back
Event Scar: Turbulent
Event Scar: Worn Eyes
Hanging Human Skeleton
Dead Tree
Burning Sahel
Charred Lands
Dead Forest
Pillaged Camp
Sibera Fire
Smoke on the Water

The Peddler  

Monitor Lizard Carcass
Rat Guide
Bohor Reedbuck Carcass
Camel Carcass
Vulture Egg
Broken Drone
Lucky Foot
Elephant Carcass
Grain of Paradise
Buffalo Scrotum

The Preservers  

Event Beetle: Stenocara gracilipes
Moorish Gecko
Expression: Panting [Cream Chin]
Expression: Panting [Saffron Chin]
Expression: Panting [White Chin]
Sinai Agama
Elephant Ear Umbrella
Saharan Spiny-Tailed Lizard
Western Sandveld Lizard
Helmeted Gecko
Syrian Hamster
Lesser Egyptian Jerboa
Sand Gerbil
Javelin Sand Boa
Sahara Mastigure
African Spurred Tortoise
Cute Ethiopian Wolf Pup
Cute Sudan Cheetah Cub
Desert Tawny Owl
Greater Kudu Calf
Klipspringer Calf
Oryx Calf
Fluffy Cheeks [Black]
Fluffy Cheeks [Brown]
Fluffy Cheeks [Cream]
Fluffy Cheeks [Dark Brown]
Fluffy Cheeks [Onyx]
Fluffy Cheeks [White]
Stolen Masai Dagger
Stolen Masai Shield
Camel Calf
North African Boar
Black-Bellied Bustard
Maned Elbows [Black]
Maned Elbows [Brown]
Maned Elbows [Cream]
Maned Elbows [Dark Brown]
Maned Elbows [Onyx]
Maned Elbows [White]
Sand Cat
Zebra Foal
Glorious Mane [Dark]
Glorious Mane [Forest]
Glorious Mane [Forsaken Shade]
Glorious Mane [Light]
Glorious Mane [Red Desert]
Glorious Mane [Red Streaks]
Glorious Mane [Steppe]
Fennec Fox
Pale Fox Cub
Rhim Gazelle
African Wild Ass Foal
Golden Jackal
Pale Fox
Gay Acacia
Saharan Cypress
Giraffe Legs
Ear Tufts [Black]
Ear Tufts [Brown]
Ear Tufts [Cream]
Ear Tufts [Dark Brown]
Ear Tufts [Onyx]
Ear Tufts [White]
Dried Bones
Acacus Mountains
Amazon Fire
Drying Water
Endless Heatwave
Muddy Dry Wasteland
Red Lake Natron
Salt Lake Natron
Sudan Drought
[D] Ol Doinyo Lengai


September event guide.
This month utilises Eldritch Tokens and Jewel Beetles.

Prophet Shop  

Tier One

Beetle Nemesis: Locusta migratoria
Event Beetle: Jewel Beetle
Jumping Frog
Locust-Ridden Grass
Devoured Branches
Least Weasel
Egyptian Spiny-Tailed Lizard
Zoutpansberg Girdled Lizard
Hunting Bats
Yellow-Winged Bat
Pririt Batis
Southern Pied Babbler
Taita Fiscal
Horse Skull Decor
Banded Mongoose
Dik Dik vs Locust
Great Spotted Cuckoo
Malbrouck Monkey
Blandford's Fox
Rueppell's Fox
Arabian Horse Foal
African Locust Bean Tree
Scared Leopard Cub
Forest Swarm

Tier Two

Asian Garden Dormouse
Egyptian Slit-Faced Bat
Diederick Cuckoo
Levaillant's Cuckoo
Scissor-Tailed Kite
Jewel Beetle Bodywear
Jewel Beetle Headwear
Thick-Billed Cuckoo
Golden Oriole Nest
Arabian Bustard
Blue Korhaan
Great Blue Heron
Little Brown Bustard
Little Bustard
Nubian Bustard
Fan-Tailed Raven
Grivet Monkey
Lilac-Breasted Rollers
Striped Polecat
Malagasy Civet
Yellow Baboon
Red Bull
Sleepy Foal
Equine Fields
Ochre Gnawrock

Tier Three

Abyssinian Genet
Hunting Haussa Genet
Locust Wing Bands
Playing Polecats
Locust Swarm
Vlaamperd Foal
Annoying Cub
Confused Cub
King Cheetah Cub
Playful Black Panther Cub
Namib Desert Horse
Vlaamperd Horse
Playing Fennec Foxes
Tuareg Saddle [Colourful]
Tuareg Saddle [Monochrome]
Tuareg Tribal Bridle [Colourful]
Tuareg Tribal Bridle [Monochrome]
Western Horse Halter [Dark]
Western Horse Halter [Light]
Devoured Crops
Kingfisher Grove
Ochre Saltlick

Title Price
Apocalyptic 100 Jewel Beetles
Augur 100 Jewel Beetles
Badland Strider 100 Jewel Beetles
Harbinger 100 Jewel Beetles
Horse Whisperer 100 Jewel Beetles
Locust Devourer 100 Jewel Beetles
Pestilent 100 Jewel Beetles
Prophet 100 Jewel Beetles
Wanderer 100 Jewel Beetles
Wastelander 100 Jewel Beetles

The Harbinger's Shop  

Sigil Amulet: Death
Sigil Amulet: Famine
Sigil Amulet: Pestilence
Sigil Amulet: War
Essence of Death
Essence of Famine
Essence of Pestilence
Essence of War
Horse Hair Body Ornament
Omen: Cervid
Omen: Hyena
Omen: Soothsayer
Petrified Lion
Soothsayer Outfit
Glowing Sigil of Death
Glowing Sigil of Famine
Glowing Sigil of Pestilence
Glowing Sigil of War
Black Rabbit Cloak
Black Horse of Famine
Human Liver
Pale Horse of Death
Red Horse of War
The Harbinger
White Horse of Pestilence
Apocalyptic Sandstorm
Black Stallion
River of Blood
Swarming Tornadoes
Augur Fur
Eldritch Immolation
Augur Prophecy
Seer Divination


October event guide.
This month utilises Blood Beetles, Demonic Scales, and Nepheline Feathers.

Blood Beetle Shack  

Tier Zero

Devil's Claw

Tier One

Baggy Eyes
Event Scar: Glasgow Smile
Hollow Eyes
Rakshasa Teeth
Shadow Feline Friend
Creeping Rat Decor
Infected Wound
Lich Eyes
Black Cat Familiar
Event Scar: Demonic Sigil
Event Scar: Pentagram
Flaming Essence
Griffin Cub
Lich Cub
Lich Essence
Undead Hyena Decor
Expression: Fear
Nightmare Zebra Foal Decor
Zombie Gazelle Fawn Decor
Zombie Body Decor
Zombie Face Decor
Zombie Legs Decor
Arachnid Demon
Lion Skeleton
Undead Baboon
Three-Eyed Raven
Shadow Demon
Unholy Ground

Tier Two

Hellfire Eyes
Pentacle Wristband
Event Scar: The Goddess
Expression: Anger
Angel Idol
Bone Spikes
Baphomet Idol
Bone Wings [Bottom]
Bone Wings [Top]
Embedded Chain
Body Paint: Bone
Nightmare Shadows
Vulture Feather and Skull Necklace
Shadow Creature
Bone Horns
Crown of Horns [Black]
Crown of Horns [Red]
Wildebeest Horns
Demon Horns
Spirit of Goetia: Amdusias
Spirit of Goetia: Amon
Spirit of Goetia: Glasya-Labolas
Spirit of Goetia: Ipos
Spirit of Goetia: Malphas
Spirit of Goetia: Naberius
Spirit of Goetia: Valefar
Baphomet Mask
Infernal Lands
Lair of the Lich
Spider Lair

Tier Three

Grace of the Lich
Spirit of Nav
Blazing Corpse
Blazing Sigils
Bloodbourne Infection
Bloodbourne Stains
Cthulhu Depths
Infernal Blood
Infernal Stigma
Unholy Body
Unholy Curse
Witches' Sabbath
Hellfire Decor
Lich Fire
Nightmare Embers
Wraith Decor
Angelic Imprints
Blazing Fur
Demonic Imprints
Infernal Mane
Unholy Mane
Angelic Core
Demonic Core

Title Price
Lich 100 Blood Beetles
Monster 100 Blood Beetles
Necromancer 100 Blood Beetles
Nightmare 100 Blood Beetles
Undead 100 Blood Beetles

Heaven Shop  

Heavenly Dust
Angelic Feathers
Winged Bracers
Horns of Valor
Unbroken Oath
Head Wings [Black]
Head Wings [White]
Guardian Spirit
Angelic Growth [Back]
Angelic Growth [Front]
Aura of Heavenly Wings
Angel Wings
Black Wings
Seraphim Veil
Nepheline Wings [Bottom]
Nepheline Wings [Top]
Angelic Blessing
Seraphim Watcher
Angelic Mane

Hell Shop  

Creepy Teeth
Demonic Dust
Demonic Whip
Horns of Legion
Twisted Horns
Ördög Tail Extension
Demonic Bull Horns
Aura of Sulphuric Wings
Dark Demon Wings [Bottom]
Dark Demon Wings [Top]
Demonic Mask
Shadow of Death
Demonic Fur Extensions
Demonic Body Scales
Demonic Burning Scales
Demonic Depths
Plains of Perdition
Demonic Mane

Manticore Shop  

Fermented Marula Fruit
Medlar Fruit
Vulture Egg
Goatee [Brown]
Goatee [Cream]
Goatee [Dark Brown]
Goatee [Onyx]
Goatee [Rust]
Goatee [White]
Sideburns [Brown]
Sideburns [Cream]
Sideburns [Dark Brown]
Sideburns [Forsaken]
Sideburns [Onyx]
Sideburns [White]
Manticore Spikes
Manticore Cub
Bone Growth [Head]
Bone Growth [Rump]
Bone Growth [Shoulders]
Dove Feast
Demon Wings [Bottom]
Demon Wings [Top]
Hooves for Hind Legs
Manticore Horns
Manticore Tail
Lair of the Manticore
Bloodbourne Mane
Random Marking Applicator
Crunchy Worm


November event guide.
This month utilises Scarab Beetles.

Shaman Shop  

Tier Zero

Chain [Gold]
Chain [Silver]
Antler Tip Necklace
Shamanic Tarot: The Star
Shamanic Tarot: The Magician
Shamanic Tarot: The Hermit
Herb Pouch
Leg Wraps
Shell Bands
Jewelry: Amber Gem Headpiece
Animal Graveyard Daytime
Animal Graveyard Nighttime

Tier One

Dinosaur Egg Nest
Honeybush Flowers
Shell Beads
Aker's Tail Feather Band
Mysterious Stranger's Tail Bands
Buried Allosaurus Skull
Ahihia Bodypaint
Ahihia Tail Ornaments
Body Paint: Ribbed
Body Paint: Shamanic
Body Paint: Swirls
Mane Braids [Brown]
Mane Braids [Cream]
Mane Braids [Golden]
Mane Braids [Onyx]
Mane Braids [White]
Shamanic Tarot: Death
Tusks Headwrap
Shamanic Tarot: The Fool
Body Paint: Ethereal Touch
Body Paint: Ethereal Vision
Little Whisper
Shamanic Tarot: The Empress Body Paint
Shamanic Tarot: The Empress Bodywear
Elephant Tusks Headwrap
Shamanic Tarot: The Devil
Dreamwalker Realm
Lost in Visions
Vision of Ancestors

Tier Two

Nose Ring Tusks
Dry Grass Legbands
Shamanic Tarot: The Fool Body Paint
Buffalo Skull Headwear
Shamanic Tarot: The Empress
Shamanic Tarot: The Moon
Shamanic Tarot: The Priestess
Shamanic Tarot: The World
Punk Hair [Astral]
Punk Hair [Devotee]
Punk Hair [Salted]
Fur and Feather Bodywear
Fur and Feather Headwear
Ornate Buffalo Skull Headwear
Chained Feathers [Black]
Chained Feathers [Red]
Chained Feathers [White]
Shamanic Stew
Ancient Trail
Herb Grove
Prehistoric Boneyard
Roaring Giant
Tribal Pyres
Vision of Titans

Tier Three

Claw and Teeth Necklace
Big Cat Bodywear: Leopard
Big Cat Bodywear: Panther
Big Cat Bodywear: Strawberry Leopard
Big Cat Headwear: Leopard
Big Cat Headwear: Panther
Big Cat Headwear: Strawberry Leopard
Withered Crown
Withered Crown - Coral
Withered Sun Crown
Withered Sun Crown - Coral
Shaman Headband
Shaman Shawl
Feather Crown
Giant Tortoise
Bone Crown
Reptile Skin Bodywear
Tropical Feather Headdress
Hyena Pelt
Mammoth Cave
Ethereal Body
Parhelion Body
Penumbra Body
Sacred Body
Supernal Body
Spectre Body


December event guide.
This month utilises Stink Bugs.

Mantis Shop  

Tier One

Cold Breath
Expression: Cheerful [Black]
Expression: Cheerful [Brown]
Expression: Cheerful [Cream]
Expression: Cheerful [Dark Brown]
Expression: Cheerful [Onyx]
Expression: Cheerful [White]
Hanging Icicles
Albino Pygmy Owl
Axanthic Ball Python
Big Cat Bodywear: Albino
Big Cat Headwear: Albino
Christmas Butterfly
European Robin
Frosted Whiskers
White Dove
Fluffy Snowball
Jolly Holly
Albino Hedgehog
Albino Peafowl
White Fluffy Bunnies
White Goat Kid
Melanistic Barn Owl
Melanistic Serval Cub
Gourd Baubles Headwear
Holiday Lights
Jon Snuh
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Black]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [White]
Albino Giraffe Calf
Snowy Den
Frozen in Fight
Frozen Smilus
Icy Glacier
Albino Hyena Pelt

Tier Two

Beetle Nemesis: Basicryptus costalis
Krampus Tongue
Snowy Rocks
Krampus Horns
Krampus Tail
Garland Collar
Garland Collar [Festive]
Albino Feline Wings [Bottom]
Albino Feline Wings [Top]
Festive Garland Frame
African Flower Ornaments [Black]
African Flower Ornaments [White]
Winter Achromia Cub
Winter Melanistic Cub
African Flower Ornaments
Atlas Cedar Tree
Spanish Fir
Jingle Bell Harness
White Tigon Cub
Melanistic Aardwolf
Georgian Red Fox
Reindeer Antlers
Pale Rabbit Cloak
Albino Wolf
Flipped Iceberg
Frozen Waterfall
Glacier Cave
Ice Cave
Majestic Snuhlion
Snowy Mountain Top

Tier Three

Pose: Jolly [F]
Arctic Crevasse
Aufeis Layers
Dicey Ice
Glacial Special
Frostbitten Paws
Arctic Frost
Aufeis Overflow
Icy Spice
Frostbite Protection
Arctic Circle
Aufeis Sheet
Glacial Facial
Spicy Ice
Frostbitten Skin