All lions feel very amorous and scent of love is in the air.

Try your hand at flirting with other lionesses while also protecting your own lionesses from the advances of other male lions!

Event Information  

This event is highly focused on exploring and community interaction.
The explore encounters exclusive to this month can be found in all biomes.
Your lion's karma and level, as well as the biome you explore in, do not matter for this event.

In February, the community is working to unlock three tiers of two different bars.
The more lionesses are successfully flirted with, the faster the Flirt Shop will unlock.
The more kings are slapped for their flirting attempts, the faster the Slap Shop will unlock.

This month's currency is Heart Shells.
Heart Shells can be gained in Explore, as well as flirting with other players' lionesses and slapping away leaders that attempt to flirt with your own lionesses!

The February event launches on February 1st at 12am Lioden time and will end on February 28th at 11:59pm Lioden time (February 29th at 11:59pm Lioden time on leap years). All unused event currency will be stored on your account until the next year.

Flirting and Slapping  

During February, there is a special area of the site referred to as "Aphrodisia" where you can go to Flirt with other players' lionesses and Slap anyone who tries to get too comfy with your own ladies!

You can try to Flirt with another active online player's lioness once every 15 minutes. You will have 15 minutes to win that flirt, if you're lucky. The player that owns the lioness can Slap you before the timer ends, causing you to lose the flirt.

You flirted with LIONESS who is owned by the mighty lion LEADER NAME (PLAYER NAME). Better hope he doesn't find out! He has 15 minutes to respond to your advances, otherwise you'll be successful in your flirtations!

A successful Flirt will earn you +1 Flirt Point and +1 Heart Shell. If a player tries to slap you away from their lady, but you're just too charming, you will earn between +1 Flirt Point and +1 to 3 Heart Shells.

You were successful in your previous flirtation with a lioness!
You earned +1 Flirt point and +1 Heart Shell!

Some over-protective lion tried to chase you away from flirting with his lioness, but you just have too much charm ;)

You got chased away from your current advances on a lioness! Bah!

Slapping players that make advances on your lionesses has a chance to grant you +1 Slap Point and +1 to 3 Heart Shells if your slap is successful. If your slap fails, you won't earn anything, and the opposing player will earn +1 Flirt Point and +1 to 3 Heart Shells.

Your lioness, LIONESS, has been flirted with by some inappropriate brute! You have 15 minutes to show them who's BOSS!

You successfully slapped the brute who was flirting with your lioness! ROAR!
You earned +1 Slap point and +1 to 3 Heart Shells!

Unfortunately you didn't manage to chase the male off.. darn it!

Any female lioness that is 2 years of age or older is eligible to be flirted with. This includes immortal lionesses, but does not include deceased lionesses stored within your Pride Dynasty. Anyone that you have blocked (or who has blocked you) will not be able to flirt with your lionesses and vice versa.

How many flirts your lionesses receive are determined completely at random and are not based on how many lionesses you own. A player that owns 1 lioness can receive just as many flirts as a player that owns 200 lionesses.

Reptile Roundup  

For participating in a total of 200 flirts during the month of February, you will unlock the Lovegrass level and Bush Viper skin in Reptile Roundup! The flirts do not need to be successful—you only need to attempt to flirt 200 times.

Visit the Reptile Roundup page to see what prizes you can receive from this level.

Explore Encounters  

Hover over the icons in the upper right corner to see whether an encounter is available during daytime, nighttime, wet season, or dry season. If on mobile, you can tap the icons for the same effect.

A beautiful first generation tigon female is trying to hunt on her own. She isn't that good at pride hunting, like a lioness would be.
Action Result Reward
Advise You approach the lady carefully so as to not startle her, and begin to explain why females hunt in groups, how they use tactics, and how moving herds works out for them. You suggest that if she prefers to hunt alone, choosing smaller and slower prey is the key. You drive this in by showing off on a pair of pangolins waddling nearby. The two of you play with the rolled-up pangolin balls for a bit before you leave. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Happy Thought
Make a move Unamused with your cheap advances, she smacks both of your cheeks with a tiger-like prowess, then runs away growling. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Slap Point
A lion approaches you, their tail swaying slowly in an almost alluring way. Looks confusing, but smells like a lady. It’s a very nice smell, actually.
Action Result Reward
It's a Dude! Initiates a battle with a Shaggy Lioness. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
It's a Babe! You instantly start to flirt, as the extra fluff doesn't bother you at all. She spends some time with you, but you decide that grooming her is a bit of a tongue twister and leave her be. +1 Heart Shell
+5% Energy
+1 Happy Thought
Hey, how are you? You keep a stoic face, but the maned lioness is very friendly and you can't really resist when somebody is admiring your sculpted muscles. +2 Heart Shells
-2% Energy
+1 Happy Thought
A short legged dwarf lion is trying to mount a lioness. What. Why?
Action Result Reward
Please Stop You cough loudly to startle them, as the cringe is real. The lioness sighs with relief and passes you, leaving you a gift of gratitude. The dwarf slowly backs off and waddles away, full of shame. Pam pam pam paparam. +2 Heart Shells
Stare You smile, uplifting a corner of your muzzle, and watch the scene with an odd satisfaction. The lioness eventually crouches low enough for the dwarf to succeed, and they notice you only after the deed is done. You're a creep, you're a weirdo. What the hell are you doing here? +1 Heart Shell
+5% Impression
+1 Awkward Thought
Help Him Out Tsk, tsk. You come closer and grab the startled dwarf by the neck, helping him get higher and do the deed. You stand by, smiling awkwardly at the lioness looking at you from time to time with the most disturbed expression. Grateful, the dwarf gives you something nice after the whole ordeal. +2 Heart Shells
+1 Awkward Thought
A very sensual-looking lioness is looking at you seductively. You smell a faint scent of heat.
Action Result Reward
Stare back You stare back at her in a similar fashion, wondering what will happen. She smiles gently and leaves you a gift, then walks away, uninterested. +1 Heart Shell
Sup. I'm [NAME]. The lioness smiles at you. "Hi. I am Liona Del Rey. We were meant to meet here. Come with me, we'll snuggle in the pouring rain." She speaks softly and lures you into a secluded spot. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Happy Thought
Gasp! An elegant pastel lioness is sitting RIGHT THERE, all alone, watching the horizon! She notices you and smiles shyly, seemingly nervous about what you'll do next. Hmm... What are your best moves? What's the best decision here? Does she have a reason to be alone all the way out here?
Action Result Reward
Confidence! You strut confidently towards her and start boasting about your impressive assets, making sure to throw in a few seductive eyebrow waggles. She listens patiently whilst nonchalantly gazing off to the side. When you ask if she would like to experience these impressive assets for herself, she politely tells you that she's not interested. Ah, well. Rejection hurts, but hey! She left you something for good luck, at least! +1 to 2 Heart Shells
+1 Awkward Thought
Warm invite! You scoot closer and introduce yourself, making sure to include a small compliment about her beautiful fur. You ask her if she's looking for a pride to join. She shakes her head and murmurs that she's simply passing by. You then ask if she'd perhaps like you to escort her to her destination, to which she again refuses, but baps your paw with a small gift to show she appreciates the kind gesture. +1 to 2 Heart Shells
Just say hi You dip your head politely to the lioness, greet her, then walk past her. This is just a border of your land, and she's just observing the beautiful sky. You don't have to bother her. Her smile widens, and she gives you something before you leave. After accepting her gracious gift, you watch her walk off towards the horizon. +1 Heart Shell
+3% Impression
This fella looks like he was just smacked by a lioness he was trying to claim. He needs to learn how to do things.
Action Result Reward
Teach Him a Lesson Initiates a battle with a Rejected Young Male. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
Teach How to Impress You greet him and explain how to properly impress females, by showing your best moves. He seems very impressed and shyly asks if he could spend some time with you for a bit to... learn some more. What a compliment to your ego. +1 Heart Shell
+5% Impression
+1 Frivolous Thought
This female Felis gets very nervous when you approach her. She backs off, not daring to look you in the eyes.
Action Result Reward
Pursue You try to chase the unique-looking lady. You run after her for a while, but her thunder thighs are just too fine to keep up. +1 Heart Shell
+1% Impression
Roll You roll onto your back to show how harmless you are. The female, unsure at first, eventually approaches you and shows you her belly as well. You feel her paw on your chest. She's adorable. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Happy Thought
This guy looks like he just needs a hug.
Action Result Reward
Hug You feel the overwhelming need to express your feelings on this poor male. You snuggle him, rub your head against his mane and lick his cheek. He seems very confused but happy you did not attack him! You two spend some time playing until he has to leave. +13% Energy
+3% Impression
+1 Frivolous Thought
Attack Initiates a battle with a Lonely Lion. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
This lioness is very interested in you, threading her legs, tail up high... Are you interested in a lioness not belonging to your pride? What will your wives say?
Action Result Reward
Claim Initiates the "Claiming a Lioness" interaction. +1 Heart Shell if the lioness is successfully claimed.
Flirt You come near, puffing up your fabulous mane, and the female snuggles against you. Score! +10% Energy
+3% Impression
+1 Happy Thought
You come near, puffing up your fabulous mane, but she roars at you and snarls whenever you come too near. Women. Eh. Maybe next time? +1% Impression
NOTE: You will not receive a notification informing you that +1 Heart Shell has been added to your account if you successfully claim the lioness, but it does immediately count towards your current Heart Shells upon the next page reload.
This male looks very surprised you found his stash of Heart Shells.
Action Result Reward
Demand Shells Initiates a battle with a Hoarding Lion. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
This small group of gossiping and giggling lionesses is passing by to a nearby waterhole.
Action Result Reward
Strut Your Stuff! You shake your mane in a slow motion, as you walk by their side for a while. They whisper about you, obviously impressed. As they walk away, they brush their tails against you and leave a gift. +1 Heart Shell
+5% Impression
Growl Initiates a battle with a Lioness Pack. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
Trotting along the patch of dirt, you find mating lions in a bush. Awkward!
Action Result Reward
Watch Maybe you're weird, or maybe you just like to watch, you sit down and observe nature in action. After few attempts the male leaves frustrated. The lioness notices you. Did she just smile? Is that a yes? +1 Happy Thought
+5% Energy
+3% Impression
+1 Awkward Thought
Unlocks the Pervert title
Whimper You let out a shaky whimper, disturbed by catching them in such a private moment. They notice you, the male roars, you quickly get your butt out of there and run into convenient bones you can hide between. +1 Elephant Skull
+1 Awkward Thought
Unlocks the Impeccable title
Attack Initiates a battle with Mating Lions. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
What is this?! A melanistic lion mating with an achromatic female!
Action Result Reward
Cheer them on Wondering what cubs might come out of such a combination, you cheer them on as they do their business, asking to see the cubs in a few months. They throw things at you to make you go away. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Awkward Thought
Hide and wait You decide to wait behind a ridge to give them some privacy. You're not really in the mood for a stressful situation... actually, you're in the mood for some naps. +12% Energy
While strolling along during your daily travels, you encounter two sleeping males, an older king and his heir, peacefully at rest beneath the cool shade of a tree. It looks like a long, strenuous day of teaching his young successor how to be an impressive king must have exhausted the poor guys.
Action Result Reward
Warn You approach the two resting males, giving off a nasty warning growl. You're quick to earn a steady glare from the older king who lies still, hardly moving a muscle. The younger male swats his tail nervously, but you can tell he trusts his king more than he fears you. Well, fine then! It's safer to leave them be than battle against two adult males. +1 to 2 Heart Shells
+3% Impression
Join in Suddenly feeling just as exhausted as the two males seem, you let out a huffy grunt, hoping to gain the other king's attention. Upon doing so, you softly tread over with your head lowered to show you're friendly, then settle with the two males beneath the shady foliage to take a nice nap. With the relaxing subtle prickle of the other king's tongue grazing your fur methodically, you feel your worries melt away as you succumb to a much-needed snooze. +1 Heart Shell
+10% Energy
+1 Frivolous Thought
Spar You huff and grin, pawing at the ground in excitement. You haven't met a worthy wrestling partner in a while, and you ask if either one of them would be up for a spar! The younger guy yawns, stretches, then slowly trots towards you. Your spar is over quickly, as the younger male let you win with the laziest moves you've ever seen. He just flopped over you lifelessly! As you roll away, he leans against you and starts yawning exaggeratedly again, infecting you with his sleepy, cozy mood. You feel his paws kneading your fur gently. Your eyelids start to get heavy, and you just want to doze off... but hey, you won the spar, though, yeah? The younger male nods and lazily pushes a reward towards you. Yaaay... Zzz. +2 Heart Shells
+2% Impression
+1 Frivolous Thought
While taking a less-popular route this time, you stumble upon a big, muscly smilus. Is he trying to sneak into your territory?!
Action Result Reward
Roar You let out a deep warning roar. He looks at you and lets out a hearty laugh, which is... a little disheartening, not gonna lie. Suddenly, he pounces at you, and you've resigned yourself to believing you're going to battle to the death. Until the shower of remarks regarding your not-so-impressive height begin. Turns out he just wants to wrestle. +1 to 2 Heart Shells
+3% Impression
Slowly back off Initiates a battle with a Male Smilus. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
You come across a sad lion mumbling to himself. "Ugh! I'm so nice, why won't any lioness give me a chance?! They only go for the strong, rude lions who won't treat them right... they're so stupid, all lionesses are the same!"
Action Result Reward
Comfort You pat the poor guy on the back. He seems pacified for a moment, and gratefully passes a heart shell your way, before he begins another rant about how all lionesses he's ever met have kept him in the friendzone. You decide it's time to high-tail it outta here. +2 Karma
+1 Heart Shell
Unlocks the Nice Guy title
Snicker You can't help but snicker a bit. The lion stares at you, and angrily stammers. "Y-yeah, I'm talking about Chads like y-you!" He sobs a bit, then stumbles off in frustration. You find a heart shell where he had been sitting. -2 Karma
+1 Heart Shell
Unlocks the Total Chad title
Punish Initiates a battle with a Nice Guy. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
You come across two lionesses who are spending their free time grooming each other.
Action Result Reward
Flirt You decide that this would be a good opportunity to impress two ladies at once. You instantly begin flirting, showing off your best moves, but neither of the lionesses seem to be interested in your display - they don't even look up from grooming one another. They offer to give you a heart shell if you leave them alone, perhaps out of pity or pure bribery. Who would complain, though? +1 Heart Shell
+1 Awkward Thought
Converse You pad over to the pair and strike up a friendly conversation. They were a little confused and wary at first, being unsure as to your intentions. Upon realizing that you wouldn't try anything, they relax and chat away while nibbling at each other's ears. It looks kinda cute. You share stories for a while with the pair before excusing yourself. +1 Heart Shell
+1% Impression
You come across two submales from a neighbouring pride, who appear to be in the midst of... patrolling? Are they really so distracted that they didn't realise they've encroached upon your territory? You huff loudly at them in an attempt to snap them out of their daze. Surprised and flustered after finally noticing you, one of them sheepishly speaks up. "Please don't tell our king that we come here to bum around. He thinks we're just really passionate about territory safety."
Action Result Reward
Demand a bribe You agree to keep the king's lazy subjects a secret... for a price. The males grumble and begrudgingly paw over some valuables to buy your silence. -2 Karma
+1 Heart Shell
Be a pal You nod your head knowingly and agree that you won't tell anyone. After all, this is a pretty cool spot. They gratefully reward you for your secrecy. +2 Karma
+1 Heart Shell
You find two lions chillin' in a watering hole zero feet apart because you're pretty sure they're gay. Or are they your NEW AUDIENCE?!
Action Result Reward
Brag about females You approach them with a smug expression and start bragging about your endeavours. All the amazing flirts you've scored this season with the ladies, winning all the heart shells, all the time...! Because you're just so popular with the gals. They chuckle and boo at you, throwing some heart shells your way in hopes that you'll shoo. Pff... if the ladies did that to you, too, you'd be rich. Er. Not that they boo at you that much. +1 to 3 Heart Shells
+1 Happy Thought
Inquire about males You step hesitantly into the pool with one paw, holding back a squirm. Eww, water. The males chuckle and invite you to the warmer area, making room for a new buddy while still being mostly preoccupied with grooming each other. You ask if they hang out like this often with other dudes, which they confirm before discussing various mane shapes, mane thicknesses, and what they like most about some fur styles. You're feeling a little self-conscious. When you start to anxiously check out your own mane, one of them grins, gives you some heart shells, then grooms you a little. He confirms that, indeed, your fur is just perfect the way it is, and you should love yourself just as much as your friends do. +1 to 3 Heart Shells
+1 Frivolous Thought
You notice a Speckled Pigeon and quickly jump at the branch to catch it!
Aww, the pigeon flew away before you reached it. +1 Speckled Pigeon
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons. You will get one of two outcomes.
You notice Nirah! He came out at night to admire the stars.
Action Result Reward
Join You decide to lie down with him and look up at the stars in silence. Nirah starts nudging you with his butt to irk you, so he can engage in a friendly, overly-physical wrestle. +2 Heart Shells
+1 Frivolous Thought
Smack You run to Nirah and smack his rump. He huffs at you, saying your flirting methods are a bit rough. For that, you smack him again. He wraps you into a muffling cocoon with his wings until you calm down. +1 Heart Shell
+5% Energy
+1 Awkward Thought
You spot a Primal Lion surrounded by adoring females. That smug face, man. Are his teeth the only overly long things he has?
Action Result Reward
Adore You join in and admire the rare, brutal look of the Primal Lion. Flattered, he takes the whole group to hang out and have fun in a nearby mudpit. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Frivolous Thought
Snarl You snarl at the Primal Lion, but he laughs at you. It's not a humiliating laugh; he seems genuinely impressed you even dared to be aggressive! He gives you a Heart Shell and leaves with the ladies. +1 Heart Shell
+1% Impression
You spot a sad, lonely Leopon male. It appears nobody is interested in him, because he just isn't able to produce leopon cubs during this amorous time.
Action Result Reward
Sit next to him You approach him and hang out with him. It's not fair when a lion (or a Leopon) is only valued for his… fruitfulness. He leans against you, grateful for your shared time. +1 Heart Shell
+1 Frivolous Thought
Ambush Initiates a battle with a Lonely Leopon. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
You spot a tiger and leopard hanging out together in odd solidarity, discussing the best way to pick up lionesses. Pfft, amateurs... they should leave it to the pros. Like you.
Action Result Reward
Give advice You decide you've heard enough of their discussion - it's time to show these other cats how things work! You join in and demonstrate the best claiming moves, much to their amusement. Maybe they aren't so bad after all! Grinning suspiciously, they each leave you with a heart shell. +2 Heart Shells
+1% Impression
+1 Frivolous Thought
Beat up Initiates a battle with Stud Bros. +1 to 4 Heart Shells if the battle is won.
You spot a very nice-looking feline... it's a cheetah! That royal mane made her look quite hot in lion terms.
Action Result Reward
Admire You snort gently to get her attention and puff up your chest a bit. With a vigorous stride, you approach her and praise her soft, amazing fur. She brushes the ruff of her mane against your chin and asks if you want to take a jog together. Time to lose some chub! +1 Heart Shell
+1 Flirt Point
+1 Happy Thought
Growl Initiates a battle with a Female Cheetah. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
You stumble upon a lion pair with cubs crawling all over them! Seems like they're taking a family trip.
Action Result Reward
Awww! The couple hears your noise of admiration and greets you. You chat with them for a while, entertaining their precious cubs with your tail, until the little ones become tired. The couple gives you a heart shell as a parting gift. +1 Heart Shell
You stumble upon mating hyenas... how awkward.
Action Result Reward
Stare Being a tactless scamp you are, you just stare at them with wide eyes. They notice you after a while and slowly freeze in panic, after which they decide to get the hell out of here. +1% Impression
+1 Awkward Thought
Unlocks the Pervert title
Charge Initiates a battle with Mating Hyenas. +1 Heart Shell if the battle is won.
Awkwwwaaaaaarrrddddd You take a deep breath, trying to avert your eyes from this profane act. You turn around, walking away on stiff, stressed legs, hearing hyenas chuckle at you from the distance. +100 Experience
+1 Awkward Thought
Unlocks the Impeccable title
You walk along some eroding cliffs that are dripping with water. Under the shadow of a nearby rocky arch, sprinkled by droplets of a narrow waterfall, lie two lions who have caught your eye. The young adolescents are quietly giggling and being secretive. You infer that they're on a forbidden date of sorts. Sunlight glistens within the wet fur of the female, creating radiant glitters and sparkles, while the male is showing off by tapping rocks with his claws to create flaming sparks.
Action Result Reward
Approach You try to approach them when water suddenly splashes into your face! After you shake off, you notice that the teens are gone. Did they run away, startled by the thought of being discovered? Were they a mirage, or were they really there? +1 Heart Shell
+1 Flirt Point
You're padding along when you catch the scent of a lioness in heat... with a hint of... something else? Once you're able to get a closer look, you see a smug leopard male mounting a lioness. It looks like he was successful in courting her this time. Maybe they'll have some leopon cubs together!
Action Result Reward
Yay, leopons! You couldn't hold your joyous thoughts in anymore and yelped cheerfully out loud. They heard it. Whoops. +1 Awkward Thought
Roar You let out a deep roar in warning, and the two scatter in a panic. +1% Impression

Flirt Shop  

Hi, there, big boy! Ohhhh you're so manly and.. fluffy!

Are you interested in some spicy stuff? I mean, the items I have for sale, of course..!

The Flirt Shop is one of two places where you can spend your Heart Shells.
This shop is opened by the combined efforts of flirting with other players' lionesses.

Tier One

Dry Palm Leaf
Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Ostrich Fluff
Flamingo Legs
Lovebird Plumage
Fluttering Eyelashes
Tint of Love
European Turtle Dove
Gold Rose Quartz Ornaments
Silver Rose Quartz Ornaments
Bundle of Lovebirds [Black-Cheeked]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Black-Masked]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Blue Opaline]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Peach-Faced]
Bundle of Lovebirds [Rosy-Faced]
Suggestive Garter
Chirping Lovebirds
Courting Kori Bustard
Rock Dove
Elephant Ear Plant
Heart-Leaf Sugarbush Garland
Prancing Cubs [Gray]
Prancing Cubs [Natural]
Flirting Lioness [Black]
Flirting Lioness [Fawny]
Flirting Lioness [Golden]
Flirting Lioness [Maroon]
Flirting Lioness [Panther]
Pregnant Lioness
Snuggling Lioness [Black]
Snuggling Lioness [Fawny]
Snuggling Lioness [Golden]
Snuggling Lioness [Maroon]
Snuggling Lioness [Panther]
Preening Flamingo
Fruits of Passion
Affectionate Male
Exhausted Lover
Flehmen Response Tigon
Smitten Lioness

Tier Two

Delicate Lavender Crown
Dancer Chains [Gold]
Dancer Chains [Silver]
Leopard Orchid
Jewelry: Royal Bedlah
King's Mantle Flower Garland
Treasure Bodywear
Baobab Fruit
Grain of Paradise
A Walk on the Beach
Charming Night
Floating Hearts
Lover's Cave
Magic Hour
Natural Beehive
Romantic Beach
Romantic Waterfall

Tier Three

Yohimbe Bark
Buffalo Scrotum
Ardor Splendor
Maroon Four
Rosy Cheeks
Ardor Floof
Blush Rose Floof
Manakbir Floof
Maroon Floof
Merlot Floof
Date with Manakbir
Kiss from a Rose
Ardor Elegance
Cherry Lips
Taste of Merlot


Tier three of the Flirt Shop unlocks flirt-themed titles for you to purchase and equip to your leader.

Title Price
Amorous 1000 Silver Beetles
Eros 1000 Silver Beetles
Fetish 1000 Silver Beetles
Flirty 1000 Silver Beetles
Frivolous 1000 Silver Beetles
Hot Stuff 1000 Silver Beetles
Luscious 1000 Silver Beetles
Sensual 1000 Silver Beetles
Spicy 1000 Silver Beetles
Studmuffin 1000 Silver Beetles

Tier three of the Flirt Shop also releases event-exclusive NCLs into Explore. Scroll down to the Event NCLs section to see the eyes and markings released.

Slap Shop  

Hrng. Yeah, some fathead slapped me hard for flirting with his pride, I lost my shells. Whatever.

Give me your shells, I give you my stuff, and you go away, hrng.

The Slap Shop is one of two places where you can spend your Heart Shells.
This shop is opened by the combined efforts of stopping other leaders from flirting with your lionesses.

Tier One

Camel Toes
Crocodile Eggs
Hippo Fat
Turtle Eggs
Kudu Horn
Longfin Eel
Tint of Solitude
Event Scar: Wounded Eye
Event Scar: Heart
Event Scar: Jealous Wife
Event Scar: Love Bites
Event Scar: Protector
Event Scar: Swiped
Event Scar: Unrequited Love
Leather Garter
Daddy Beard Extension [Bone]
Daddy Beard Extension [Cream]
Daddy Beard Extension [Onyx]
Daddy Beard Extension [Saffron]
Daddy Beard Extension [Salt & Pepper]
Daddy Beard Extension [White]
Bleeding Heart
Badly Blinded Eye [Left]
Badly Blinded Eye [Right]
Event Scar: Ripped Chin
Event Scar: Ripped Fur
Heavy Metal Bodywear
Admiring Adolescent [Female]
Admiring Adolescent [Male]
Bad Boy Challenger [Dark]
Bad Boy Challenger [Dikela]
Bad Boy Challenger [Fuchsia]
Scarred Lioness
Submissive Female
Submissive Male
The Slapper
Scratched Rocks

Tier Two

Event Scar: Mouth
Rump Fluff Extensions [Bone]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Cream]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Onyx]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Saffron]
Rump Fluff Extensions [Salt & Pepper]
Rump Fluff Extensions [White]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Bone]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Cream]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Onyx]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Saffron]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [Salt & Pepper]
Underbelly Fluff Extensions [White]
Bloody Notched Ear [Left]
Bloody Notched Ear [Right]
Leather Collar
Simple Chest Harness
Blood Lily Garland
Shaggy Lioness
The Solitude
Jewelry: Royal Amethyst Warguard

Tier Three

Event Beetle: Eudicella gralli
Event Beetle: Harmonia axyridis
Lion Scrotum
Applicator: Rugged Back
Applicator: Rugged Face
Applicator: Rugged Rump
Applicator: Rugged Unders


Tier three of the Slap Shop unlocks slap-themed titles for you to purchase and equip to your leader.

Title Price
Abusive 1000 Silver Beetles
Asshole 1000 Silver Beetles
Brave 1000 Silver Beetles
Brutal 1000 Silver Beetles
Grumpy 1000 Silver Beetles
Naughty 1000 Silver Beetles
Protector 1000 Silver Beetles
Punisher 1000 Silver Beetles
Smug 1000 Silver Beetles
Spanker 1000 Silver Beetles
Warrior 1000 Silver Beetles

PVP for SB  

An option to PVP for SB is available as soon as the Slap Shop can be accessed. This nifty feature allows you to attack other players' leading lions for some spare Silver Beetles.

PVP for Silver Beetles. You can now buy the option to have a day of PVP battling for SB! This will enable you to fight other players for SB. Each purchase unlocks the feature for one day. You currently have 0 day(s) left. Buy for 20 HS.

Once you have purchased at least one day of PVP for SB, you can then go to the bottom of any player's den page (as long as they haven't been attacked recently, or you're not on a PVP cooldown). You will come across this screen.

Attack This Lion.  It will cost 20 energy to attack this lion.  Attack for Skill, Experience, Territory, or Silver Beetles.

If you're victorious, you'll earn some Experience and SB. The amount of SB you'll win is equal to the level of the pride leader you're attacking times 10. This means that if you attack a level 5 leader for SB and you are successful, you'll win 50 Silver Beetles. If you attack a level 30 leader for SB and you are successful, you'll win 300 Silver Beetles.

If you lose, you'll earn a small amount of Experience.


Monkey Business Crafting  

These recipes are only able to be crafted during the month of February once Tier Three of both the Flirt Shop and the Slap Shop are unlocked. They can be crafted within Monkey Business's Crafting area! The majority of their components (all Gems) can be found year-round. During February, the drop rates for the Gems listed below become slightly higher. Speckled Pigeons are also only dropped during February.


Gem: Amethyst

Gem: Dioptase

Gem: Garnet

Gem: Hematite

Gem: Rhodonite

Gem: Rough Ruby

Speckled Pigeon


Amethyst Cave
  • 30 x Gem: Amethyst
Dove Feast
  • 10 x Speckled Pigeon
Dust: Amethyst
  • 50 x Gem: Amethyst
Dust: Dioptase
  • 50 x Gem: Dioptase
Dust: Garnet
  • 50 x Gem: Garnet
Dust: Hematite
  • 50 x Gem: Hematite
Dust: Rhodonite
  • 50 x Gem: Rhodonite
Dust: Rough Ruby
  • 50 x Gem: Rough Ruby
Garnet Cave
  • 30 x Gem: Garnet
Jewelry: Amethyst Chains
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Amethyst Pendant
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Garnet Chains
  • 15 x Gem: Garnet
Jewelry: Garnet Gem Headpiece
  • 15 x Gem: Garnet
Jewelry: Garnet Pendant
  • 15 x Gem: Garnet
Jewelry: Hematite Bodywear
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Hematite Chains
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Hematite Gem Headpiece
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Hematite Pendant
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Hematite Shard Necklace
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Kanga [Amethyst]
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Kanga [Dioptase]
  • 15 x Gem: Dioptase
Jewelry: Kanga [Hematite]
  • 15 x Gem: Hematite
Jewelry: Kanga [Rhodonite]
  • 15 x Gem: Rhodonite
Jewelry: Loop Scarf [Amethyst]
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Loop Scarf [Dioptase]
  • 15 x Gem: Dioptase
Jewelry: Purple Sarong
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Rhodonite Chains
  • 15 x Gem: Rhodonite
Jewelry: Rhodonite Pendant
  • 15 x Gem: Rhodonite
Jewelry: Rhodonite Sarong
  • 15 x Gem: Rhodonite
Jewelry: Rhodonite Veiled Circlet
  • 15 x Gem: Rhodonite
Jewelry: Rose Gold Amethyst Warguard
  • 15 x Gem: Amethyst
Jewelry: Rough Ruby Shard Necklace
  • 15 x Gem: Rough Ruby
Rhodonite Cave
  • 30 x Gem: Rhodonite
Shards: Hematite
  • 30 x Gem: Hematite
Shards: Rhodonite
  • 30 x Gem: Rhodonite
Shards: Rough Ruby
  • 30 x Gem: Rough Ruby

Bases, Manes, and Eyes  

Ardor Base and Ardor Mane Colour
Base Genetics: Red Light Solid Special
Applied with Ardor Elegance (base) and Ardor Floof (mane colour).
Ardor Elegance and Ardor Floof are purchased from the Flirt Shop.

Ardor Elegance applicator. Ardor Floof applicator.

Blush Rose Base and Blush Rose Mane Colour
Base Genetics: Red Medium Solid Special
Applied with Kiss from a Rose (base) and Blush Rose Floof (mane colour).
Kiss from a Rose and Blush Rose Floof are purchased from the Flirt Shop.

Kiss from a Rose applicator. Blush Rose Floof applicator.

Cherry Blossom Base and Maroon Mane Colour
Base Genetics: Cream Light Countershaded Special
Applied with Cherry Lips (base) and Maroon Floof (mane colour).
Cherry Lips and Maroon Floof are purchased from the Flirt Shop.

Cherry Lips applicator. Maroon Floof applicator.

Hematite Base, Hematite Mane Colour, and Amethyst Eyes
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Dust: Hematite (base), Shards: Hematite (mane colour), and Dust: Amethyst (eyes).
Dust: Hematite, Shards: Hematite, and Dust: Amethyst are crafted in Monkey Business.

Dust: Hematite applicator. Shards: Hematite applicator. Dust: Amethyst applicator.

Manakbir Base and Manakbir Mane Colour
Base Genetics: Red Dark Solid Special
Applied with Date with Manakbir (base) and Manakbir Floof (mane colour).
Date with Manakbir and Manakbir Floof are purchased from the Flirt Shop.

Date with Manakbir applicator. Manakbir Floof applicator.

Merlot Base, Merlot Mane Colour, and Amethyst Eyes
Base Genetics: Red Dark Solid Special
Applied with Taste of Merlot (base) and Merlot Floof (mane colour).
Taste of Merlot and Merlot Floof are purchased from the Flirt Shop.
Maroon eyes can be found on event-exclusive NCLs during the month of February.

Taste of Merlot applicator. Merlot Floof applicator.

Rhodonite Base, Rhodonite Mane Colour, and Garnet Eyes
Base Genetics: Red Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Dust: Rhodonite (base), Shards: Rhodonite (mane colour), and Dust: Garnet (eyes).
Dust: Rhodonite, Shards: Rhodonite, and Dust: Garnet are crafted in Monkey Business.

Dust: Rhodonite applicator. Shards: Rhodonite applicator. Dust: Garnet applicator.

Rough Ruby Base, Rough Ruby Mane Colour, and Dioptase Eyes
Base Genetics: Red Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Dust: Rough Ruby (base), Shards: Rough Ruby (mane colour), and Dust: Dioptase (eyes).
Dust: Rough Ruby, Shards: Rough Ruby, and Dust: Dioptase are crafted in Monkey Business.

Dust: Rough Ruby applicator. Shards: Rough Ruby applicator. Dust: Dioptase applicator.


Applicator: Rugged Back
Purchased from the Slap Shop.
Applicator: Rugged Back applicator.

Auburn Rugged Back

Ebony Rugged Back

Onyx Rugged Back

Prune Rugged Back

Applicator: Rugged Face
Purchased from the Slap Shop.
Applicator: Rugged Face applicator.

Auburn Rugged Face

Ebony Rugged Face

Onyx Rugged Face

Prune Rugged Face

Applicator: Rugged Rump
Purchased from the Slap Shop.
Applicator: Rugged Rump applicator.

Auburn Rugged Rump

Ebony Rugged Rump

Onyx Rugged Rump

Prune Rugged Rump

Applicator: Rugged Unders
Purchased from the Slap Shop.
Applicator: Rugged Unders applicator.

Auburn Rugged Unders

Cherry Rugged Unders

Fiery Rugged Unders

White Rugged Unders

Ardor Splendor
Purchased from the Flirt Shop.
Ardor Splendor applicator.

Ardor Feline

Ardor Feline Unders

Ardor Inverted Brindle

Ardor Shepherd

Maroon Four
Purchased from the Flirt Shop.
Maroon Four applicator.

Maroon Coat

Maroon Pelage

Maroon Sable

Maroon Shell

Rosy Cheeks
Purchased from the Flirt Shop.
Rosy Cheeks applicator.

Rose Cover

Rose Crust

Rose Glaze

Rose Pelage

Event NCLs  

Tier three of the Flirt Shop unlocks event-exclusive NCL eyes and markings (also referred to as "February NCL eyes/markings"). These eyes and markings can be found on randomly-generated lionesses in Explore. A list of the eyes and markings and what they look like are provided below!

(NCL exclusive markings released)
2014: Glaze, Shaded, Shoulders, Tip Toe, Undershine, Venter
2015: Previous + Dark Brown Ridge, Onyx Ridge, Tan Ridge
2016: Previous + Henna Glaze, Henna Shoulders, Saffron Undershine, Shaded Henna, Tan Glaze, White Glaze
2017: Previous + Blue Cozy, Fallow Cozy, Heather Glaze, Onyx Cozy, Quartz Glaze, Quartz Undershine, Red Cozy, Red Ridge, Tan Cozy
2018: Previous + Bone Undershine, Bone Venter, Cherry Glaze, Cherry Undershine, Scoria Glaze, Tangor Glaze
2019: Previous + Blue Reverse Vitiligo Mash, Cherry Reverse Vitiligo Mash, Cherry Venter, Onyx Reverse Vitiligo Mash, Red Reverse Vitiligo Mash, White Reverse Vitiligo Mash
2020: Previous + Maroon Eyes, Cherry Upendezi, Noctis Upendezi, Onyx Upendezi, Red Upendezi, Rose Upendezi, Tan Upendezi






Blue Cozy

Fallow Cozy

Onyx Cozy

Red Cozy

Tan Cozy


Black Glaze

Brown Glaze

Cherry Glaze

Dark Brown Glaze

Heather Glaze

Henna Glaze

Quartz Glaze

Scoria Glaze

Tan Glaze

Tangor Glaze

White Glaze

Reverse Vitiligo Mash  

Blue Reverse Vitiligo Mash

Cherry Reverse Vitiligo Mash

Onyx Reverse Vitiligo Mash

Red Reverse Vitiligo Mash

White Reverse Vitiligo Mash


Dark Brown Ridge

Onyx Ridge

Red Ridge

Tan Ridge


Shaded Black

Shaded Brown

Shaded Dark Brown

Shaded Henna

Shaded Onyx


Black Shoulders

Brown Shoulders

Dark Brown Shoulders

Henna Shoulders

Onyx Shoulders

Tip Toe  

White Tip Toe


Bone Undershine

Cherry Undershine

Cream Undershine

Quartz Undershine

Saffron Undershine

White Undershine


Cherry Upendezi

Noctis Upendezi

Onyx Upendezi

Red Upendezi

Rose Upendezi

Tan Upendezi


Bone Venter

Cherry Venter

Cream Venter

White Venter