Scrying Stone  

Have you ever wondered what kind of cubs your king and another lioness might produce? Or perhaps you're just nosey and are wanting to see what kind of genetics another king is rocking out! The Scrying Stone is the place for your curiosity!


The Scrying Stone is a stone that will allow you to see what kind of potential cubs a lion and a lioness might produce! In order to make this magic work, you're going to need to input the ID of both of them into the stone!


Remember that this procedure isn't free! But even if you didn't remember, the Scrying Stone has got your back. It'll ask you if you're positively sure you're willing to part with your 3SB.


Once you've made your deposit, sit back and watch the magic unfold!


Congratulations! This is just one outcome of a potential cub your pairing might produce! Don't expect the scrying stone to be 100% exact with it's predictions though, your results WILL vary.

Glimpse of the Alternate  

Have you ever looked at your King and thought, "Man you would look gorgeous as a lioness!"? Well, if you have then this might be the tool of your dreams.


By depositing just a mere 3SB, you have the opportunity to view a lion or lioness as the opposite sex—-all without that pesky sex changer upcharge!

Let's look at an example, shall we? Let's take the handsome King, Eklios!


Hm…I bet he would make a stunning female.


Voila! As simple as that!

The Lion Wardrobe  


What is a Lion without his Wardrobe? The Lion Wardrobe allows you to customise your lion in a variety of different bases, markings, backgrounds and decors—think of this as window shopping; you'll seeing what you like before you buy!

First you can start off by choosing the basics of your lion:


You have the ability to choose any base, eye colour, mane type, gender, mutation and age that you want. Once you've finished perfectly the basics, you'll move onto the choice of background.


Once you've decided on a background, it's time to knock out those markings!


Have you perfected your lion to your exact wants and needs but are afraid you'll lose your masterpiece? No worries! The Lion Wardrobe allows you to save your creation!


Please note that if you want to share you creation with the rest of the world, you'll have to use something to shorten the URL such as TinyURL because the full wardrobe links do not work in chat. You can also save the link and it will automatically shorted it for you so that you are able to share it!

These lovely codes will stay with you for a total of 30 days, and you're free to have 25 saved at a time.


Done with your code before the 30 days is up? Feel free to delete it!

Falcon's Eye  


Did you recently have a cub born that you're a little…suspicious about whether or not they're healthy? If you make your way over to the Falcon's Eye, this dapper fellow will check your cubs for you!


For 60SB per cub, we will gladly scan your cubs to ensure their health—or to give you the news that something may not be…quite right.

If your cub is perfectly healthy you will receive this message:


If your cub happens to be showing signs of a possible mutation, you'll receive this message:


Make sure you're only checking for mutations that aren't already present! Otherwise you may be on the receiving end of this message:


Once you've figured out if your cub has a mutation or not, you'll find that their page changes if they do have a mutation!


Ultrasound Bat  

If you're wanting to find out how many cubs your lioness is having then I recommend you make your way over to the Ultrasound Bat found under the Scrying Stone, in the Falcon's Eye. For just 15sb the little bat will tell you exactly how many cubs, but be warned the amount of cubs won't show up on her page so keep track if you've already ultrasounded your lioness! It will however keep track on the nesting page.


Note: The number of cubs won't show up on her page

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