Getting Started  

We know, it's a lot to take in! Don't worry, us senior lions will show you the, vines?

Your Lion  

Your Leader has arrived! They are big and strong, and they have enough love to share with everyone. Will they be good or evil? Flashy or natural? Whatever they become is up to you to decide.


Your territory is your power, mighty lion! Choose which territory you will reign over. Will you be a Prince of the Savannah? Or perhaps King of the Jungle?


Lions, lions, and more lions! Maybe even a hybrid or two? The more lions you have under your command, the cooler the hyenas think you are. Not that they'll admit to thinking a smelly lion is cool, but we lions know the truth.


Don't be fooled, he's not a lion. We tried to tell Kuende that he's a lemur, but he seems to like the company of lions best. That's a good thing for you, since he's offered to show you around!


This seems like human stuff, but it also has important things for lions like you to know. Check it out!