The Gorilla Enclave is a special place where your lions can exchange cubs for a currency called Monkey Teeth . These cubs must fit certain criteria, and the requirements list will change with the difficulty you choose.

Where do your cubs go once they're exchanged? Well, it's not called the "Gorilla Enclave" for no reason. This area houses a family of gorillas, who heard tales about one of their own befriending a feline for companionship. Worry not! Your cubs are in safe hands with these gorillas. Don't feel bad about exchanging them over—you weren't going to keep them anyway, were you?

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Every 24 hours, you can take a quest with the gorillas. This is not based on rollovers—the 24 hour timer starts counting down from when you take the quest, not when you complete it. If you take a quest and then complete it 22 hours later, you will be able to take a new quest 2 hours from then.

There are three difficulty categories to choose from, but four in total: Easy, Medium, Difficult, and Difficult+. Difficult+ has a low chance of spawning when taking a Difficult quest. The difficulties will determine how specific the requirements are for the cubs you need to find. Once you finish a quest, there will be a timer that will display the exact time you have left until you can take another quest, shown in HH:MM:SS (hours/minutes/seconds).

Note that any cubs you turn in MUST be 11 months old or younger.
Lions that are 12 months of age or older are ineligible for quests, as they are adolescents, and are too old for the gorillas to train.
You CAN turn in newborn cubs if you have ones that fit the criteria.
If they are nursing or under the care of a broodmother, neither the mother nor broodmother will lose mood for their cub being given to the gorillas. You can also give cubs that are on trading cooldown to the gorillas.

Any cubs that you turn in to the gorillas WILL permanently disappear, and cannot be retrieved.

If you decide that a quest is too difficult to continue, or the requirements combination yields an impossible-to-find cub, you can skip your quest as many times as you like per day for a fee of 100 SB per skip.


  • Base Colour (only NCL/custom)
  • Eye Colour
  • Mane Length
  • Mane Colour
  • Minimum Stats
  • Mutation (any; only for Difficult+)
  • Nose Colour
  • Sex
  • Specific Marking (only NCL/custom)

Easy quests will have one of the requirements listed above.
Medium quests will have two requirements: fixed sex, and any other requirement listed above.
Difficult quests will have three requirements: fixed sex, and any other two requirements listed above.
Difficult+ quests will have one requirement: a cub with any mutation.

Along with determining how many requirements your quests will have, the difficulty levels also affect the payout you receive on rewards.


For completing a quest within the allotted time, you'll receive a set amount of Monkey Teeth, along with your choice of bonus rewards! Each quest will give you one bonus reward of either Experience, Impression, or Energy, and you'll have to pick a bonus reward in order to complete your quest. Don't worry—picking a bonus quest will not affect the amount of Monkey Teeth you receive.

Easy: 2 Monkey Teeth, LVL x30 EXP (ex. 300 EXP if level 10), 2% IMP, 20% Energy
Medium: 5 Monkey Teeth, LVL x60 EXP (ex. 600 EXP if level 10), 4% IMP, 40% Energy
Difficult: 7 Monkey Teeth, LVL x90 EXP (ex. 900 EXP if level 10), 6% IMP, 60% Energy
Difficult+: 10 Monkey Teeth, LVL x150 EXP (ex. 1500 EXP if level 10), 10% IMP, 100% Energy


The shop in the Gorilla Enclave only takes Monkey Teeth in exchange for its items.

Beetle Nemesis: Gasteracantha veriscolor
Beetle Nemesis: Gryllotalpa africana
Beetle Nemesis: Scorpio maurus
Beetle Nemesis: Sphodromantis viridis
[GE - Andalusia] Andalusian Horse
[GE - Andalusia] Iberian Eagle-Owl
[GE - Andalusia] Iberian Lynx
[GE - Andalusia] Iberian Wolf
[GE - Andalusia] Mediterranean Monk Seal Cub
[GE - Andalusia] Mouflon
[GE - Balkans] Bosnian Kurjak
[GE - Balkans] Bosnian Lily
[GE - Balkans] Marbled Polecat
[GE - Balkans] Roe Deer
[GE - Balkans] Serbian Tricolor
[GE - Balkans] Syrian Woodpecker
[GE - Cambodia] Banteng
[GE - Cambodia] Greater Mouse-Deer
[GE - Cambodia] Hog Badger
[GE - Cambodia] Indochinese Tiger
[GE - Cambodia] Painted Stork
[GE - Cambodia] Rumdul Flower
[GE - Greece] Cretan Badger
[GE - Greece] Cretan Hound
[GE - Greece] Kri-Kri Kid
[GE - Greece] Mute Swan
[GE - Greece] Olive Tree
[GE - Greece] Red Fox
[GE - Himalaya] Himalayan Black Bear
[GE - Himalaya] Himalayan Tahr
[GE - Himalaya] Sacred Lotus
[GE - Himalaya] Snow Leopard
[GE - Himalaya] Temminck's Tragopan
[GE - Himalaya] Tibetan Fox
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Bengal Tiger
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Chital
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Four-Horned Antelope
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Gaur Calf
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Palash Flower
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Yellow-Throated Marten
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Eld's Deer
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Gharial
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Indian Python
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Leopard Cat
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Nilgai
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Pride of India
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Blackbuck
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Indian Peafowl
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Indian Wild Ass
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Khejri Tree
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Marwari Horse
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] White-Footed Fox
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Indian Hog Deer
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Queen Sago
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Rusty-Spotted Cat
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Sloth Bear
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Sri Lankan Junglefowl
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Stripe-Necked Mongoose
[GE - Italy] Asinara Donkey
[GE - Italy] Greater Spotted Eagle
[GE - Italy] Lipizzan Horse
[GE - Italy] Maritime Pine
[GE - Italy] Marsican Brown Bear
[GE - Italy] Pyrenean Chamois
[GE - Java] Chameleon Forest Dragon
[GE - Java] Javan Leopard
[GE - Java] Javan Rhinoceros
[GE - Java] Javan Slow Loris
[GE - Java] Spinach Orchid
[GE - Java] Sunda Leopard Cat
[GE - Malaysia] Bunga Raya
[GE - Malaysia] Malayan Colugo
[GE - Malaysia] Malayan Peacock-Pheasant
[GE - Malaysia] Malayan Tapir
[GE - Malaysia] Malayan Tiger
[GE - Malaysia] Rhinoceros Hornbill
[GE - Middle East] Arabian Red Fox
[GE - Middle East] Bezoar Ibex
[GE - Middle East] Bottle Tree
[GE - Middle East] Persian Leopard
[GE - Middle East] Swamp Cat
[GE - Middle East] Syrian Brown Bear
[GE - Myanmar] Black Giant Squirrel
[GE - Myanmar] Dhole
[GE - Myanmar] Lady Amherst's Pheasant
[GE - Myanmar] Royal Purple Plant
[GE - Myanmar] Small Indian Civet
[GE - Myanmar] Sun Bear
[GE - Philippines] Askal
[GE - Philippines] Calamian Deer
[GE - Philippines] Cloud Rat
[GE - Philippines] Philippine Deer
[GE - Philippines] Sambac Jasmine
[GE - Philippines] Visayan Spotted Deer
[GE - Sumatra] Banded Palm Civet
[GE - Sumatra] Sumatran Orangutan
[GE - Sumatra] Sumatran Rhinoceros
[GE - Sumatra] Sumatran Serow
[GE - Sumatra] Sunda Clouded Leopard
[GE - Sumatra] Titan Arum
[GE - Thailand] Binturong
[GE - Thailand] Burmese Ferret-Badger
[GE - Thailand] Malayan Banded Pitta
[GE - Thailand] Marbled Cat
[GE - Thailand] Tropical Pitcher Plant
[GE - Thailand] Yellow-Bellied Weasel
[GE - Vietnam] Buddha's Belly Bamboo
[GE - Vietnam] Giant Muntjac
[GE - Vietnam] Nicobar Pigeons
[GE - Vietnam] Saola
[GE - Vietnam] Siamese Jackal
[GE - Vietnam] Silver-Backed Chevrotain
Apophis, the Serpent of Chaos
[GE - Andalusia] Hills of Andalusia
[GE - Balkans] Balkan Mountains
[GE - Cambodia] Angkor Wat
[GE - Greece] Greek Islands
[GE - Himalaya] The Himalayas
[GE - India - Deccan Forest] Deccan Forest
[GE - India - Ganges Delta] Sundarbans
[GE - India - Great Indian Desert] Thar Desert
[GE - India - Sri Lanka] Sri Lanka
[GE - Italy] Erupting Etna
[GE - Java] Mount Bromo
[GE - Malaysia] Mount Pinnacles
[GE - Middle East] Socotra Island
[GE - Myanmar] Bagan
[GE - Philippines] Chocolate Hills
[GE - Sumatra] Ngarai Sianok
[GE - Thailand] Cheow Lan Lake
[GE - Vietnam] Rice Terraces
Herb Grove at Night
Crescent Moon
Dove Feast
Giant Tortoise
Human Liver
Roasted Vulture
Shamanic Stew
Black Stallion
Eye Applicator: Midnight
Eye Applicator: Nebula
Eye Applicator: Peacock
Eye Applicator: Richat
Eye Applicator: Zoisite
Pose: Evil [F]
Pose: Good [F]
Pose: Jolly [F]
Pose: Kind [F]
Pose: Neutral [F]
Pose: Snarky [F]
Random Marking Applicator
March Personality Changer
May Personality Changer
[Raffle] Ankasa Forest Reserve
[Raffle] Bioko
[Raffle] Blue Nile Falls
[Raffle] Cave Waterfall
[Raffle] Climbing Tree
[Raffle] Coast
[Raffle] Coffee Bay
[Raffle] Dindefelo Falls
[Raffle] Dzanga-Sangha Reserve
[Raffle] Fourteen Falls
[Raffle] Great Rift Valley
[Raffle] Harenna Forest
[Raffle] Himba Village
[Raffle] Hottentots Mountains
[Raffle] Knysna Lagoon
[Raffle] Kyambura Gorge
[Raffle] Lake Malawi
[Raffle] Lake Nakuru
[Raffle] Lake Tanganyika
[Raffle] Lake Victoria
[Raffle] Lush Oasis
[Raffle] Mayombe Forest
[Raffle] Moroccan Dunes
[Raffle] Mount Kilimanjaro
[Raffle] Night Vegetation
[Raffle] Rainforest
[Raffle] Rwenzori
[Raffle] Shores of Burundi
[Raffle] Simien Mountains
[Raffle] Sunset Over Entabeni
[Raffle] Sunset Over The Serengeti
[Raffle] The Drakensberg
[Raffle] The Serengeti
[Raffle] Wild Forest
[Raffle] Wilge River
[Raffle] Woodlands of Zanzibar
Yohimbe Bark
Applicator: Auburn Markings
Applicator: Doubloon Markings
Applicator: Kimanjano Markings
Applicator: Ochre Markings
Applicator: Pulsar Markings
Applicator: Sepia Markings
Feline Applicator: Auburn
Feline Applicator: Ebony
Feline Applicator: Elysian
Feline Applicator: Maroon
Feline Applicator: Orchid
Lion Meat