Gold Beetle Sales can be found under the Oasis or Trading Center. If you're interested in learning more about how to buy and sell Gold Beetles straight from other players, read on!

What are Gold Beetles?  

Gold Beetles are the site's premium currency. They can be purchased for real money at the Oasis, bought from other players, or traded in exchange for goods and services. Gold Beetles are much more desirable than Silver Beetles, which are the site's basic free currency. This is because they have a heavy value, as they can be used to buy customisation items, decors, gameplay items, and more! Check out our Currency page to see everything you can do with Gold Beetles.

Buying Gold Beetles  

If you want in on the shining golden action, but you don't have the means to buy them directly from the site, you're in luck! Head over to the Oasis...

... Or the Trading Center...

... And click on the GB Sales tab. Doing so will bring you to the GB Sales page. The top section is for putting your GB up for sale, while the remainder of the page is dedicated to other players selling their GB. This is all about buying, so let's focus on that bottom section! You have a decent chunk of SB amassed. What now? Let's have a look at who is selling today, and for how much.

1214 SB per 1 GB isn't such a bad price! You have more than enough to buy out a few of these sales, so go ahead and click the Purchase button on any of the sales.

You purchased 1 GB for 1,214 SB.

Perfect! Your SB is automatically removed from your account and credited to the seller, while the GB is stored neatly on your account, safe, sound, and shiny.

Selling Gold Beetles  

If you find yourself at an excess of GB, or you'd just like more SB to spend on various things, you'll find the selling mechanic to be pretty handy. Let's review that top section.

In order to sell your GB, all you need to do is enter how many GB you'd like to sell in the How Many? field, then enter how much SB you'd like in exchange for 1 GB in the What Price? field. The Total Price field will automatically change to show you how much you'll earn from the entire transaction.

Neat! Thank you, calculator. Once you're happy with the value, go ahead and click List GB for Sale.

You have listed 5 GB for sale for a total price of 6065 SB.

There's your listing, easily identifiable with the red Cancel button nearby. If you find yourself regretting putting your GB up for sale, you can hit the button to cancel at any time, as long as the sale is still listed. The GB will go right back into your account! It's an overall very simple process: easy to purchase, and easy to sell!

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