What are storylines?
Storylines are interactive tales that tie into an ongoing event. They introduce NPCs involved in the event's lore in some way and provide ways to immerse yourself and your pride leader into that lore, as well as including quests for you to take and earn some great rewards in the process! Some storylines branch out into multiple endings, whereas others are linear and only provide one path and one ending. Storylines tend to have multiple chapters that open either on predetermined dates or once a certain tier of an event has been unlocked.

Do I have to participate in a storyline?
No. While there is no button to hide or disable a storyline, you can opt out of them by ignoring the banner that links to the respective storyline for an event within the Event page. A storyline can only be started if you actively choose to select it.

January, "The Lone Wanderer"  

January's storyline, the fifth on the site, was first introduced in 2018. Within this storyline, you meet Laharu, a smelly striped hyena. He has a crazy conspiracy theory surrounding the "Great Hunger" that might not be so ludicrous after all. This storyline provides two different endings.

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April, "Mysterious Wenet"  

April's storyline was the first to be introduced on the site, and it began in 2017. Your lion meets Wenet, a quirky, adorable lioness, who is murderously obsessed with fluffballs. This storyline is linear and only provides one ending. At the end of the storyline, however, you're given the option to court Wenet, or one of her cousins, and bring them into your pride.

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May, "Brotherhood of Zeal"  

May's storyline, the second on the site, began in 2017. Unlike its predecessor, "Mysterious Wenet", the "Brotherhood of Zeal" offers two different paths you can take. Will you side with V'Kai, a cocky, rambunctious piebald adolescent, or Vashkartzen, his older, stronger, brooding brother?

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June, "Rise of the Serpent"  

June's storyline is the sixth on the site and rose up in 2018 after the "June Flood" event was retired. During the month of May, you notice tremors and slight earthquakes occurring whilst your lion is exploring. In June, it's discovered that these tremors are caused by Apophis, the Serpent of Chaos. Your lion meets Shai, a celestial vision of the concept of fate, who explains the ongoing crisis and introduces you to three Egyptian deities: Anubis, Bast, and Seth. Regardless of the deity you side with, the storyline ends the same, though the rewards you receive will differ.

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July, "Civil War"  

July's storyline was the third to be implemented on the site and was introduced in 2017. It was previously retired in 2021, but brought back in 2022 with slight dialogue adjustments. It is, so far, the most complex storyline out of all others. Your lion will meet four NPCs: Apedemak, a power-hungry king with a god complex; his daughter Menhit, a strong, otherworldly beauty, destined for greatness; her boyfriend Apollyon, who carries a fiery personality and a chin that's larger than life; and Menhit's mother Tefnut, who we all can agree deserved better.

You can choose to side with either Apedemak, Menhit, or Apollyon. The decision is yours, but choose carefully, as the storyline has five different endings you can receive.

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September, "The Harbinger"  

September's storyline is the seventh and most recent to be added to the site, implemented in late 2018. There is an impending apocalypse, made clear by the locust plagues and other... strange entities your lion will encounter. One of these entities, the Harbinger, will guide you through the linear storyline and help shed light on why this is all happening. September's storyline is intended to foreshadow the events of October.

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October, "Heaven and Hell"  

October's storyline, the fourth to be added, was introduced in 2017. Angels and demons are set against each other, and it's up to you to decide which side you want to assist during this epic battle. You'll meet Aiatar, the leader of the Heaven faction, an unnamed demon, the leader of the Hell faction, and Nirah, a flirtatious and alluring manticore. There are only two true branches to this storyline, despite being able to side with one of three NPCs.

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