It's the season of giving! Right now on Lioden, you can leave gifts or poop for other players. Leaving one gift or one poop will add towards a global total. Once a global total in one bar is reached, a special area is unlocked! Both areas can be unlocked, and everyone can use them once they are unlocked. Work together and give to get these areas!

You will be able to dig up gifts and poop left to you by other players from the 25th December until the event ends.

Looking for the Albino Cub Challenge? Click here!

Event Information  

This event is highly focused on exploring and community interaction.
The explore encounters exclusive to this month can be found in all biomes.
Your lion's karma and level, as well as the biome you explore in, do not matter for this event.

In December, the community is working to unlock three tiers of two different bars.
The more gifts that are given to other players, the faster the Guelta will unlock.
The more poops that are left in other players' dens, the faster the Wallowing Pit will unlock.
As the Guelta and Wallowing Pit progress and open, they will unlock the Mantis Shop!
Then, as the Mantis Shop further unlocks, the lands of Africa will become snowier and snowier—and snuhlions will become available!

This month's currency is Stink Bugs.
Stink Bugs can be gained in Explore and winning battles against certain NPCs. There is also a chance that you can gain Stink Bugs from digging up poop bundles left in your den. The ability to dig up bundles begins on December 25th.

For the entire month of December, there will only be a wet season. You will not see any hint of dry season until December ends.

The December event launches on December 1st at 12am Lioden time and will end on December 31st at 11:59pm Lioden time. All unused event currency will be stored on your account until the next year.

Gifting and Pooping  

During December, when you visit another player's den page, you'll have the option to Gift! or Leave Poop.

Giving.  'Tis the season of giving!  You can leave this user one gift for them to dig up on December 25th.  Your choice of gift, however, is entirely up to you... A link is provided to their wishlist.  There is a checkbox option to remain anonymous when gifting or pooping.  You can choose one item, a bundle of SB, or a bundle of GB.  Or... You could do something a bit naughty.  You could leave some poop for them to dig up.  Not quite the most savoury of gifts, but hey, maybe they'd appreciate it... (Perhaps remaining anonymous for this is a good idea!).

You can gift or poop an individual player twice per week. The cooldowns for gifting and pooping reset every Wednesday and Saturday at rollover (2:05am Lioden time)! You'll find the Take me to a random player's territory! link to be quite handy for your gifting and pooping endeavours. This link can be found at any time via the Event tab on Lioden, and you can even bookmark it for quick access.

The options to gift and poop are available right from the start of the event, but will only last until December 24th 11:59pm Lioden time. Make sure you visit as many players' dens as possible within this given time so that everyone accumulates lots of bundles! Do keep in mind that a player must have logged in within the past 8 days in order to be eligible for a gift or poop.

You are able to freely give any amount of Silver Beetles (10 SB is the minimum amount to gift), Gold Beetles, or one item each time you gift a player. If you take care to track how often you can gift or poop, you can potentially leave 8 bundles per player during December (for the year 2020, anyway)! What these bundles contain is entirely up to you, but you may be interested to know that Gifting gives you +1 karma per gift left, while pooping gives you -1 karma per poop left.

If you tick the checkbox to make your gift or poop anonymous, the player who opens the bundle will not know who it's from! This is great if you want to shower your friends (or your enemies?) in surprise smelly gift bundles.

When you leave a gift in another player's den, you'll receive the following popup.

Success! You have left a gift for this player. You walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

When you leave a poop in another player's den, you'll receive the following popup.

Well... It may not be the most conventional of gifts, but maybe you're just letting the other lion know how you feel about them. Or maybe you're just weird.

If you visit the den page of a player you've already gifted (before the bi-weekly reset), you'll see this.

'Tis the season of giving! You have left this user a gift, buried in their den. How nice of you. They'll be able to dig it up on December 25th.

Don't fear, though! As mentioned previously, cooldowns reset every Wednesday and Saturday, so you'll be able to gift (or poop!) again.

From December 25th 00:00am LDT to December 31st 11:59pm LDT, you will be able to open up your bundles that others have left and see all the goodies (or poops) you got! Don't be upset if lots of people left you poop. Each poop bundle has a chance of giving you +1 Stink Bug!

Festive Gift  

For giving a total of 888 gifts to other players during the month of December, your kindness is awarded with a base applicator: Festive Gift! Poops do not count towards the Festive Gift counter. Only currency and items do.

As soon as you give your 888th gift, a popup will display at the top of your page.

Success! You have left a gift for this player. You walk away feeling all warm and fuzzy inside!

Oh! What's this?

You got 1x Festive Gift!
Festive Gift applicator.

You can earn one Festive Gift per account per year.

Once you receive the popup, the applicator is then placed into your hoard and you can do with it as you please. Visit the Bases section of this page to see what the Festive base looks like!

Gifting Cave  

Due to popular request from players, a special gifting area that allows players to submit gifts for Lioden's moderators was added in December 2023! It is currently unknown at this time if it will return for future years.

This feature is completely voluntary and exists for those who want to show some appreciation towards the site's volunteer staff members. All gifts sent to the Gifting Cave are distributed evenly between the site's moderators. Initially, it was planned to give the gifts automatically on December 25th, but the gifting was postponed to the 27th. As Lioden's site admins are not anonymous and can be gifted directly via their den pages, they are not included in this feature.

The Gifting Cave states that currency is divided in a weighted ratio amongst trainees and longer term moderators, and will be as even as possible. Items are distributed as evenly as possible based on item type. Any currency and items left over will be stored to be gifted the following year, though it is unknown at this time whether the Gifting Cave will return in 2024 or future years.

Taking part in the Gifting Cave does not contribute towards the event bar, but does contribute towards your personal goal for the 888 gifts challenge. You may give one gift at most. You cannot leave poop or custom decors at the Gifting Cave.

Reptile Roundup  

For giving a combined total of 666 gifts or 666 poops (or any combination that totals to 666) during the month of December, you will unlock the Snuhlands level in Reptile Roundup! You will also unlock the Albino Snake skin for giving 666 gifts and the Mole Snake skin for giving 666 poops.

Visit the Reptile Roundup page to see what prizes you can receive from this level.

Explore Encounters  

Some encounters this month will only appear once it's snowy enough in Africa! This means that when tiers unlock, more encounters will display.

Hover over the icons in the upper right corner to see whether an encounter is available during daytime, nighttime, wet season, or dry season. If on mobile, you can tap the icons for the same effect.

A beautiful perlino horse is rolling around in the snuh. It almost looks like it's painting the ground white!
Action Result Reward
Roll over! You join the horse, rolling happily in the snuh! Unfortunately, you end up bruising your back a bit after dislodging some nasty rocks hidden under the white powder. +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Pet Rock
+1 Small Rock
Pounce! You let your instincts take over and quickly kill the beast, taking advantage of its exposed throat! -2 to -3 Karma
+1 Stink Bug
+1 Abyssinian Horse Carcass
A goose with a knife is taunting you!
Action Result Reward
! Honk! The goose nips your tail tuft and waddles away. Unlocks the Untitled title
Unlocks the Peace Was Never an Option achievement
? Honk! The goose plaps away on its funny flat feet and never turns back. Unlocks the Confused title
A large, albino rhinoceros is taking a sip from melting 'snuh'.
Action Result Reward
Sip it You crouch down and try to sip the "snuh" as well. It tastes like watery mud. You crunch on something only to find frozen beetles inside! +5 Silver Beetles
Dip it You decide that the rhino is more interesting and dig your claws into its back. The rhino fights back by rolling on the ground! Ouch. -5% Energy
+1 Random scar from the Scar Bundle (Low Chance)
You decide that the rhino is more interesting and pounce on it’s back. You survive the bull-fight and dig your claws deep enough to win! -5% Energy
+150 Experience
A scary-looking black wildebeest is dragging a bag of gifts. As you ask what exactly it's doing, the beast is looking at you menacingly. "I am... Krampus! I am stealing.. err, taking away gifts from naughty lions. Yes."
Action Result Reward
I am a lion, I eat wildebeest! The beast seems a little disheartened. It takes a minute to think, after which it huffs and nudges something from the bag towards you. "Not today, perhaps?" +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Random amusement item
A strange zebra! You can see a faint pattern on it though, maybe it expired and is no longer tasty?
Action Result Reward
Prowl! You duck to the ground, trying to sneak around the zebra, but it kicks you and runs away! Ouch! +1 Random scar from the Scar Bundle (Low Chance)
Roar! You roar suddenly at the zebra! As it stands up to kick your head, you jump at its belly and rip it apart! -1 to -2 Karma
+1 Zebra Carcass
Tilt Head! You tilt your head curiously, watching washed out stripes running away from you. After few moments, you notice few beetles piling up on the dung the zebra left. +1 to 2 Karma
+10 Silver Beetles
A very unusual albino gazelle stands out where the white fluff is gone.
Action Result Reward
Chase! You hunt down the gazelle but the agile creature is way faster than you. All you're left with is a chilly wind. +30 Experience
Mlem You approach peacefully. You try to lick the gazelle, wondering if it tastes like "snuh". It does not. It tastes like a gazelle. Also poop. N/A
A very weird crow lands in front of you.
Action Result Reward
Pounce! You pounce at the crow, landing with your mighty paw on its chest. Quick kill, nothing to eat, but at least it had pretty feathers. -2 to -3 Karma
+1 Albino Feather
Scare Away! Gathering as much air in lungs as possible, you let out a mighty roar and scare the bird away. How impressive! +2% Impression
Play! With a playful roll, you duck to the ground and paw at the hopping crow and play with it for a while. When it flies away, it leaves you a small gift. +2 to 3 Karma
+1 Albino Feather
After a nap, you wake up to the grass looking very white on the tips.
+5% Energy
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
All of the mighty hills are covered in snuh so thick, it definitely won't be melting in this chilly weather. It's pretty dangerous to walk here.
Action Result Reward
Explore carefully You make an effort to tread cautiously. A few falling rocks give you a scare, but they also uncover something nice! +3 Stink Bugs
+8 Silver Beetles
-4% Energy
Travel through the valley You pick a safe path and enjoy your leisurely stroll. +2 Stink Bugs
An elder albino lion stands his ground in front of you.
Action Result Reward
Challenge! Initiates a battle with an Albino Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Bow Down! You bow down to the elder lion and he looks at you with respect, before continuing on his journey. +1 to 2 Karma
+1% Impression
Snarl! You show your teeth and a low growl rumbles from your throat. The elder lion quickly turns and leaves your territory. -1 to -2 Karma
+1% Impression
As you do your daily routine walk down this path, you stumble upon a lion being followed by a mass of cubs. The lion seems to be yelling "Cheap Cubs!". Outrageous! ...They seem underpriced.
Aww, what a heartwarming moment! The Gorillas from the Enclave decided to take some cubs out for a stroll to see the falling snuh.
Awww, it's V'Kai and Vashkartzen building a snuhlion together. You haven't seen them for a while now! You join in to pee all over and you end up having a snuhball fight. V'Kai is not sure who won.
Action Result Reward
Bitch, I won HELL YEAH YOU WON! BADASS! +3 Stink Bugs
They won WEAK, BRO! LEARN 2 FITE! Spend this on some aloe to heal your burns! +3 Stink Bugs
Everyone is a winner! Whaaat, are you a lion or a soccer mom? Take this, join a class, and learn to compete, sucker! +3 Stink Bugs
Every sunrise you wake up to this. Why is the ground getting cold and white?
Exhausted from prancing around in snuh all day, you settle down to take a nap. As you're drifting off, a beautiful black wolf passes you by, smiling mysteriously. "Would you like to live deliciously?" asks the wolf.
Action Result Reward
Yes, please! The wolf wags his tail gently. "Follow me to my... wolf den," he says. When you try to get up and move, you find yourself waking up from a nap in the snuh. Huh... maybe you shouldn't have eaten all that yellow snuh. N/A
Falling "snuh" is clumping in small, white, fluffy mounds. Sometimes you push it around and it makes funny shapes.
In the middle of the night, you stumble across Nirah, who is moving slowly over the surface of a body of water without walking. Confused, you move in for a closer look, only to see that the Manticore is spending his leisure time skating on a frozen lake!
Action Result Reward
Join in You eagerly run towards the lake, using your inertia to propel yourself across its surface. You end up crashing into Nirah, and you laugh about how lion claws aren't too great at braking on ice. The two of you skate together, showing off cool tricks and poses. Nirah leaves you with a holiday gift, hoping for a mistletoe kiss from you in future. +1 to 2 Karma
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Cow Carcass
Break the ice You cackle and sneakily tip toe towards the lake. Using your mighty paws, you stomp at the ice, causing a loud crack to stop Nirah mid-way. He tries to yell at you, but it's quickly drowned in a splash of water as the ice breaks and falls apart instantly!

You roll on the shore, laughing heartily as the wet Manticore climbs out on the other side of the lake. Through your guffaws, you hear him yelling profanities such as "You charming asshole!" and "If you weren't so pretty, I'd punch your face". Hilarious.
-1 to -2 Karma
+2 Stink Bugs
+2 Rib Bone
It looks like some fresh snuh hasn't melted yet. A cold, subtle white dust covers the reddish sand.
Action Result Reward
Slide You decide to slide down the slope covered in the most snow. It turns out to be too sandy, and the torque against your rump causes you to roll down, fall on your head, and land against something hard! Ouch... It was fun, though! The object you hit is a rock, and underneath it you find some beetles. +2 Stink Bugs
+3% Energy
You run excitedly and slide down like a total boss, using your paw pads for traction. Wheee! +10% Energy
It's so cold, even the river stopped! It's partially transparent, and you can see some things hiding within. Trickles of gently-flowing water can be seen among the icicles. You wonder if you should crack some of the ice away—not too much, of course, you don't want to get hit by any falling chunks!
Action Result Reward
Pound the ice! You found something…! +1 Bat-Eared Fox Tail
+1 Bream
+1 Vulture Egg
+1 UAV - Search and Rescue
+1 Medlar Fruit
+1 Fermented Marula Fruit
+2 Stink Bugs
+4 Stink Bugs
+6 Stink Bugs
+1 Big Frozen Waterfall
Lightning crosses the sky, causing a loud crack to ring out. You immediately stop in your tracks. The light does not disappear; instead, a large rift in the sky appears, and a passage to the Celestial Kingdom of Leo opens! The celestial lionesses heard tales about snuh piling up in the lion lands. They really wanted to check it out!
Action Result Reward
Celebrate You run towards them, excitedly asking about their holidays and offering to show them around. You spend the day together, chatting about future events, exchanging gifts, and laughing about silly neighbours.

Unfortunately, it's not the time for a celestial raffle to take place, and they were unimpressed by your offering of glowing worms. There's so much snuh around to play with instead!
+2 Stink Bugs
+2 Meteorite Shards
Looks like this fella wasn't so lucky when dealing with some elephant bullies.
Action Result Reward
Shove Back In! You rudely push the lion back into the dung, seeing only a flash of his startled - but disappointed - look. There's some fun stuff around the dung pile which you take for yourself. -1 to -2 Karma
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Muddy Feather
+1 Muddy Rat Carcass
Whack! Initiates a battle with a Smelly Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Menhit and Apollyon are on vacation from their homeland. They wanted to come by and play in the snuh! Menhit is chasing the poor freezing fellow and shoving his chin into snuhpiles.
Action Result Reward
Throw a snuhball! You use your paws to make a snuhball and, with the grace of a true cat, you kick it towards Menhit. The snuh shatters on her butt! Ha! After a moment of initial surprise and outrage, she starts chasing you! +3 Stink Bugs
+1% Impression
Never in your dreams have you expected to meet a bodybuilder lion swallowing tons of egg yolks. Do you even lift? Maybe you should start?
Action Result Reward
Demand Yolks! Initiates a battle with a Bodybuilder Lion. +2 Stink Bugs and +1 Egg Yolk (Very Low Chance) if the battle is won.
Not the kind of Bear Cavalry you were hoping for.
Action Result Reward
Race! You decide to race the weirdo and the... stallion. Even though you seem to be losing, Apedemak gracefully falls on his face, hitting the ground. He grants you with a reward and leaves with a serious case of sniffles. +1 to 2 Karma
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Slender Mongoose Carcass
Attack! Initiates a battle with an Apedemak Cavalry. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Oh no! This poor Leopon looks broken! He’s missing his markings and they're not updated yet! On the other hand, how DARE he wander in your lands, when he's not even able to give you any Leopon cubs?
Action Result Reward
Punish the artist You roar into the sky, angry at the creators of this universe. How is this fair for the Leopon to wander through the world half-naked? Horrible! Horrible I say! +2 Stink Bugs
Punish the Leopon Initiates a battle with a Broken Leopon. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Oh, no! It looks like the falling snuh has disturbed the Harbinger's peaceful slumber beneath the ground. The poor thing is shivering, not used to cold temperatures, and its usual dark and wet fur is now all frosted and fluffed up. Thankfully the sky is cloudy, so the Harbinger can safely find some refuge.
Action Result Reward
Offer warmth! You offer your pride's feline companionship, knowing how well they can cuddle up into a purring pile and warm up anyone and anything. The Harbinger declines, appreciative of your offer, and states it has decided to descend deeper into some nearby caverns to rest in dark solitude... or have some "me time". It's not your business anyway. The Harbinger graciously bestows upon you a consolation gift before skulking off to continue its search for solace. +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Coal
Oookay... Moving on.
Suddenly the earth starts to shake and birds fly away screeching as this scary looking lion crosses your path. Accompanied by a lioness, he looks at you like he's about to eat your flesh.
Action Result Reward
Run, lion, run! Letting out a quiet yelp, you turn around and run like the wind, eventually smashing your muzzle against a large tree. With a bleeding nose, you sit down to realise you just met the most evil lion there ever was. And he gave you a nosejob. N/A
Challenge! Initiates a battle with Evil Lion & Co. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
The 'snuhflakes' fall on your mane creating a glittering aura.
The clouds in the sky are very heavy and dark lately.
The nights are getting cold lately.
The sight of the creature up ahead causes you to take a quick step back. It's a local cryptid, Mngwa! It seems confused by all the snuh!
Action Result Reward
Casual chat You approach the creature and try to calm it down by explaining that the snuh is just very, very cold rain. The Mngwa seems relieved, so much so that it shares its dinner with you. Aww! +2 Karma
+1 Stink Bug
+1% Impression
+1 Okapi Carcass
Begone! You growl before letting out a fierce roar, scaring off the Mngwa. Begone, foul creature! Its behaviour is too unknown and unpredictable for you to feel comfortable having it around your pride. What if it eats cubs?! -2 Karma
+3 Stink Bugs
+3% Impression -4% Energy
The white fluff from the sky is strangely wet and chilly.
The wind blows with an unusually low temperature.
This albino gorilla is hiding under a dead, lonely tree. It seems to be hugging a tiny, black kitten. You come closer to admire the warmth of how the ape seems to be caring for the cat, and leave them be.
This floppy looking lion seems permanently worried.
Action Result Reward
Smack Those Ears! Initiates a battle with a Folded Ears Lion. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Ask About The Ears! You're a lion and tact is something you're unaware of. You inquire about the floppy ears, and the lion seems greatly offended. With an unkind growl, he stuffs your muzzle with a few smelly Stink Bugs and leaves. +2 to 4 Stink Bugs
Upon a snowy hill, you spot Wenet the Wise building a snuhfluffball sculpture! You watch her progress intently. The bunny begins to look creepier and creepier over time, until Wenet starts to.. eat it. The whole thing. Wow. That girl is not right in the head.
What a FABULOUS mantis!
Action Result Reward
Admire You let out a slightly exaggerated gasp, admiring the show off. The mantis is very pleased with you and gives you a token of appreciation. +2 Stink Bugs
What is that white thing falling from the sky..? Ash or snow..?
What is this horrible creature?!
Action Result Reward
Growl! Initiates a battle with an Albino Hyena. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
Thrash! You thrash around the hyena, showing off your power, fury and rage. The ugly thing runs away yelping. Yeah... It better not come back! -1 to -2 Karma
+2% Impression
Stalk! You drop to the ground, stalking the ugly hyena until it leaves your territory. You're getting good at being invisible! +1 to 2 Karma
+50 Experience
While walking, you notice a little snake huddled for warmth beneath some shrubs and rocks.
Action Result Reward
Kill the snake You mercilessly eat the snake. Tastes like noodles! N/A
Help the snake You lay down with the snake, warming it with your body heat. +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Albino Ball Python
Whoa, it looks like some lions are fighting here! They're being cheered on by fans and spectators around them, but when you inquire as to what's going on, everyone tells you to shush. Nobody talks about the fight club.
Action Result Reward
Join the fights! What a rush! You manage to defeat a few opponents before you finally lose a match. +3 Stink Bugs
+5 Silver Beetles
+3% Impression
+50 EXP
Aw, you only won one match before getting beaten up mercilessly. That Primal guy packs quite a punch with those big paws! +1 Stink Bug
+1% Impression
-2% Energy
Observe You sit down and observe the brutal scenes. It's no wonder they don't want to talk about it, this is pretty rough! Although... you do have to admit that the winner definitely deserved first place. After a while, the group disperses and everyone goes their separate ways. When you're finally alone, you scrounge around and pick up whatever they scattered on the ground. +1 Stink Bug
Whoa! A monkey is using a crocodile as a sled to slide down this frozen hill! It looks like fun to both of them!
Action Result Reward
Join in! You help them climb back up, then sit on the crocodile while the monkey hops on your head. The reptile doesn't seem bothered by your weight, and as you slide down, all three of you scream in joy! Wheee! +3 Stink Bugs
Whoa! You spot two fluffy boys running around! Laharu seems to greatly desire what Anubis is having for dinner. It almost looks like Anubis is teasing the poor chubby hyena.
Action Result Reward
Steal food You roar at the boys, which causes Anubis to drop the food in surprise and Laharu to turn into a stressed fluffball. He's too nervous to dare challenging a lion to get back that juicy meat! They both run away, biting at each other's ankles, blaming each other for losing the meal. +2 Stink Bugs
+1% Impression
+1 Medium Meat Chunk
Offer food You roar at Laharu, offering him some food to end this grueling torture. He runs at you, tackles you to the ground, then steals whatever supplies you happened to be carrying for your explorations. Anubis drops a few Stink Bugs to repay you somewhat for your... "gift". +3 Stink Bugs
-10% Hunger
With each day, there are more clouds than you've ever seen.
Wow, the snuh was really heavy today! It coated all of the evergreen palms in a thick, white blanket. You feel cold between your toes as you walk on what's supposed to be grass.
Action Result Reward
Make a snuhlion You decide to gather up all of the snuh and build a snuhlion abomination. The result came out... okay, you suppose. It reminds you a bit of your friend when he ate a little too much fermented marula fruit one time at a gathering. +2 Stink Bugs
+3% Energy
Dig around Enjoying your time playing with the white fluff, you spend a short while digging around. The ground is hard and frozen, but you find a nice treasure amid some grass clumps! +3 Stink Bugs
+1 White Eagle Feather
You find a group of Primal lions. They're building a very big snuh statue of a strange-looking lion. ...Sus.
You find a secluded frozen valley! The snuh must have been very heavy last night.
Action Result Reward
Slide down! Weeeee! You had so much fun that you decide you have to take a minute to remember this place forever! +1 Frozen Valley (Very Low Chance)
Weeeee! You slide down on your rump, eventually tumbling onto your side at the very bottom of the valley. That was fun! N/A
You find a strange-looking zebra. When asked about the horn on its head, the creature responds, "I am a unicorn, of course!"
Action Result Reward
Of course. You agree with the zebra and watch it prance away proudly. Why does it have to be rainbow? Black and white would match so much better. +1 The Real Unicorn (Very Low Chance)
You're Fake News! Initiates a battle with a Unicorn Zebra. +1 Stink Bug if the battle is won.
You find a stray snuhlion, built out in the middle of nowhere! It looks like someone peed all over it, and there are rocks arranged in a strange pattern, but... you're not sure what it means. You're a lion, you can't read. Oh, hey! Stink bugs!
+3 Stink Bugs
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
You find two lions nervously gathering piles of human-made items.
Action Result Reward
Approach You come closer and ask the lions what those soft, rolling objects are. The male lion growls anxiously that toilet paper is the most important currency in the world right now, as he's planning on pooping in a lot of dens. You can have his useless Stink Bugs instead. +3 Stink Bugs
Judge You circle around and judge the lions from afar, distancing yourself from their paranoia. This is so dumb! Lions don't even use toilet paper! You spend your time gathering items that are way more useful for your den instead. +1 Stink Bug
+1% Impression
+2 Large Leaves
+5 Stick
You halt in your tracks, noticing tall, white animals walking among the snuh-covered ground. What a majestic pair - a mother and her child, passing through the bush and walking over boulders like ghosts.
Action Result Reward
Follow You follow the giraffes for a short while, and eventually you can't quite keep up. A rainbow appears over your head, and you realise you've lost sight of them. You wonder if they were just a whispering echo. +2 Stink Bugs
+2 Rainbow Stones
You must be hallucinating from all that snuh reflecting the sun into your eyes. There's a bunch of odd creatures walking around!
Action Result Reward
Approach You cautiously approach the critters to check them out. You ask them if they're the aliens that humans mention so often, but they laugh at you in response. "We're lions, silly! From another dimension, of course!" ... You aren't sure if that confirms your suspicions.

When they finish building a snuh fort that you helped them with, they drop off some items they used to maintain their form in this dimension. Aliens are real, man! The truth is right here in your paws!
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Mist (Very Low Chance)
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Snow (Very Low Chance)
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 Snow Flurries (Very Low Chance)
+2 Stink Bugs
+1 White Lion Pelt
You notice a ball of white fluff floating in the air, the fluff making a buzzing noise. How odd.
+2 Stink Bugs +1 Albino Bee [1]
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons. You will get one of two outcomes.
You notice a bunch of Grivet Monkeys dancing Ook Ook Ookkan Grivet Style.
Action Result Reward
Join You decide to join in and show off your dance moves. The monkeys jump on top of you, ruffle your hair and the party goes strong until they all pass out from eating fermented fruits. You gather some leftover trash and move on. +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Dry Palm Leaf
+1 Fermented Marula Fruit
Stare You sit down and stare at them, unsure what's going on. Some monkeys scream at each other, some do weird moves, but eventually they scatter, leaving some trash around. +2 Stink Bugs
+1 Fermented Marula Fruit
+1 Juicy Lizard
You notice a creature that reminds you of a leopard, but it's... plumper. And has a different pattern. It looks very nervous.
Action Result Reward
What are you? The animal looks around nervously. "I am a jaguar and I think I got lost while being shipped to a zoo in Johannesburg. I... I guess I will find a lone lioness for protection or something, this place is really scary." He murmurs and runs away before you can catch him. Dang! Awarded the first time you select this action:
+1 Big Cat Bodywear: Jaguar
+1 Big Cat Headwear: Jaguar
Unlocks the Aztec Knight title
Unlocks the 'Murican Tourist achievement
Attack! Initiates a battle with a Nervous Jaguar. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if the battle is won. No Stink Bugs are awarded for this battle.
NOTE: You will only receive items, a title, and an achievement for the first time you select the "What are you?" action. After you receive these rewards, you will never receive anything from selecting this action other than the standard text.
You notice a few Stink Bugs on a branch and catch the slowest ones before they run away.
+3 Stink Bugs
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
You notice a green cub... wait, what?
Action Result Reward
Snatch! "Un"-fortunately there are no green lions on Lioden. Not today, pal! +3 Stink Bugs
You notice a lion dragging a shark carcass… what? You... you want it. You needsss it. Preciousss.
Action Result Reward
Mine You huff and you puff and blow the other lion away. +1 Shark Carcass
Mine You start asking the lion why is his nose so big and his eyes so big, and his fangs so sharp. He eventually gets bored of your questions and leaves. +1 Shark Carcass
Mine "Okay!" Said the lion and gave you his shark. And everyone lived happily ever after. +1 Shark Carcass
You notice a very disturbing scene. These elephants seem to be burying their calf in a dung pile...
Action Result Reward
Gasp You let out a gasp, witnessing this elephant mob activity. They turn towards you, startled by the noise you made. RUN! You dash into some dried barbs, since delicate elephant skin won't go near them. A little scratched, you come out a bit later with a souvenir. +2 to 3 Karma
+2 to 4 Stink Bugs
Approach You approach the elephants, suggesting your discovery can be made public unless they give you something to keep quiet. They grumble, but give you currency in exchange to keep their secret hidden. -2 to -3 Karma
+2 to 4 Stink Bugs
Hide You decide to hide, and not let the Elephant mafia notice you. In the shadowy bush, you notice some bugs crawling around. +2 to 4 Stink Bugs
You roll in the falling "snuh"!
You spot a great celestial being playing with sparkly cubs along a river bank. It's the Demiurge! He looks at you and smiles, clearly a little troubled and overwhelmed by the energy of the cubs. "Oh, hello! We just stopped by for a short while. I wanted these cubs to learn about their home. They're learning so much about the outer worlds, so it's very important for them to remember the one they were born in, too."
Action Result Reward
Play with them! You offer to take some of the burden off of the Demiurge's shoulders by playing with the cubs. They seem to have mostly forgotten about their time on Earth, and they do not appear to recognise you as a lion of any significance, but you end up having many laughs and a bitten tail anyway! The group leaves you with a gift for your time before you continue to get on your way. +3 Stink Bugs
+1 Gem: Celestite
NOTE: This encounter has a chance of appearing only if you have fully completed the Journey to Vredefort Crater questline.
You spot a group of adolescent lions behaving oddly. They appear to be dancing, talking to a tiny box, and being excited about a "tick tock" or something like that. The younger generation really baffles you sometimes.
Action Result Reward
Join the dancing You leave your worries behind and join in! You learn some new dances from the very social, extroverted youngsters, who encourage you to express yourself the whole time. They're so positive and warm towards everyone, you can't help but be filled with lots of hope for the future to come. They seem impressed that you've embraced their way of life without putting them down. +2 to 3 Karma
+1 Stink Bug
+2% Impression
Watch in confusion You're a little out of touch when it comes to what the youngins are doing with their free time nowadays. They danced, they commented on some issues, and they invented intense challenges. It was all quite interesting, up until the box they were playing with fell from the rock holding it and broke, forcing them to get bored and leave. You get up, stretch a bit, and investigate the empty playground. +2 Stink Bugs
+2% Energy
+1 Broken Camera
You start calling the white falling things "snuh".
You stick your tongue out and some "snuh" falls on it - teehee!
You stumble upon Laharu, the friendly and ever-so-hungry striped hyena! You can see he has something in his mouth, and he's trying to run away from you. Does he think you'll steal it? Is he ashamed? Is... is that a cub?! Is that a HYENA cub?! Is that his SON? What if it's not?! Is he running away to EAT it?! LAHARU!!! IT'S NOT FOOD!!! Oh, geez... he's too far away to hear you now.
You wander through these jolly lands,
before your eyes a Felis stands.
With his thick leg held up high,
the Felis roars, "I feel just fine!"
Your breath forms a small, cold icicle on your nose. It tickles.
"What's up, Greg? Guess what?" A loud voice catches your attention. You turn around to find a charming young lion looking intensely at you, like he fully believes you're the Greg he's looking for. Perhaps he's mistaking you for someone else?
Action Result Reward
I am not Greg "What? Of course you are," the lion laughs nervously. "But just in case you aren't, you will be. Anyway, um, have you seen that lion who only eats HUMAN LIVER? You should check it out!" he exclaims excitedly, before taking you on a short journey filled with amazing commentary. +1 Stink Bug
+10% Energy
+1 Human Liver
What? "There's this lion who only eats HUMAN LIVER. He looks RIPPED. We should try doing that for a week, but, uh... you know what? I don't think it'd be healthy for me. But YOU? Oh, yeah. You look like you have a good base. You look great. Amazing. You try it, okay? Let me know how it goes!" +2 Human Liver

Mantis Shop  

Pst. Hey. Do you have yummy Stink Bugs? I, uh. I need them, man. I need them Stink Bugs. Here, take what you want, but give me Stink Bugs. Mmm. Stink Bugs.

The Mantis Shop is where you go to spend your Stink Bugs.
This shop is opened by the combined efforts of unlocking the Guelta and Wallowing Pit.

Tier One

Frosty Mist
Heavy Snow
Hanging Mistletoe
Mistletoe Earrings
Cold Breath
Expression: Cheerful [Black]
Expression: Cheerful [Brown]
Expression: Cheerful [Cream]
Expression: Cheerful [Dark Brown]
Expression: Cheerful [Onyx]
Expression: Cheerful [White]
Icicle Fangs
Icicle Bracelets
Christmas Berry
Christmas Rose
Hanging Icicles
Pinecone Earrings [Frosted]
Pinecone Earrings [Gilded]
Pinecone Earrings [Stone]
African Wintersweet
Albino Pygmy Owl
Axanthic Ball Python
Big Cat Bodywear: Albino
Big Cat Headwear: Albino
Christmas Butterfly
European Robin
Frosted Whiskers
Garland Tailwrap [Festive]
Garland Tailwrap [Green]
White Dove
Fluffy Snowball
Jolly Holly
Icicle Crown
Piles of Snuh
Ice Mohawk
Albino Hedgehog
Albino Peafowl
Albino Warthog
White Fluffy Bunnies
White Goat Kid
Dancing Penguin Chicks
Small Yule Cat
Melanistic Barn Owl
Melanistic Serval Cub
Coal Bag and the Birch Rod
Gourd Baubles Headwear
Holiday Lights
Jon Snuh
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [Black]
Pearl and Flower Ornaments [White]
Walrus Tusks
Yule Goat
Albino Giraffe Calf
Zvončari Mask
Snowy Den
Caroling Animals
Frozen Cave Entrance
Frozen in Fight
Frozen Smilus
High Atlas
Icy Glacier
Snowy Rwenzori
Snowy Savanna
Albino Hyena Pelt

Tier Two

Beetle Nemesis: Basicryptus costalis
Krampus Tongue
Christmas Spider
Reindeer Ear Muffs [Black]
Reindeer Ear Muffs [Blue]
Reindeer Ear Muffs [Gray]
Reindeer Ear Muffs [Natural]
Reindeer Ear Muffs [Pink]
Snowy Rocks
Jingle Bells Ear Wrap
Krampus Horns
Krampus Tail
Snow-Covered Log
Christmas Rose Garland
Fir Leaf Skirt [Festive]
Fir Leaf Skirt [Green]
Garland Collar
Garland Collar [Festive]
Merry Ornaments [Ear]
Merry Ornaments [Legs]
Merry Ornaments [Rump]
Albino Feline Wings [Bottom]
Albino Feline Wings [Top]
Festive Branch
Festive Garland Frame
Playful Ragdoll Cat
Ragdoll Kittens
Ragdoll Queen
African Flower Ornaments [Black]
African Flower Ornaments [White]
Winter Achromia Cub
Winter Melanistic Cub
Christmas Bells Cape
African Flower Ornaments
Algerian Fir
Atlas Cedar Tree
Madeira Winter Cherry
Spanish Fir
Willowmore Cedar
Jingle Bell Harness
White Tigon Cub
Melanistic Aardwolf
Bozić’s Deer Companion
Carolling Cubs - La Vijanera [Zarramacos & Trapajones]
Giant Yule Cat
Jack Frost
Snow Maiden
Georgian Red Fox
Leucistic Fox
Reindeer Antlers
Pale Rabbit Cloak
Albino Wolf
Grandpaw Frost
Cub-Made Snuh Lions
Flipped Iceberg
Frozen River at Night
Frozen Waterfall
Glacier Cave
Ice Cave
Majestic Snuhlion
Snowy Desert
Snowy Mountain Top

Tier Three

Beetle Nemesis: Empusa fasciata
Achromia Cub
Albino Crocodile Decor
Albino Dik Dik Decor
Albino Gazelle
Albino Porcupine
Albino Raven
Albino Serval
Albino Snake Decor
Albino Wolf Puppy
Canary Island Pine
Cape Snow Bush
Chilly Wind
Greater Striped Swallow Decor
Heavy Clouds
Merry AWD Decor
Rudolph the Lost Reindeer
Snow Flurries
Snowy Forest
Snowy Lesotho
Snowy Morning
[S] Haworthia Decor
[S] Snowball Plant Decor
Pose: Jolly [F]
Pseudomelanistic Zebra
Ice Ram Horns [Icicle]
Ice Ram Horns [Smooth]
Icicle Antlers
Arctic Crevasse
Aufeis Layers
Blue Poinsettia Patterns
Dicey Ice
Frostbitten Paws
Glacial Special
Ragdoll Scratch Marks
Reindeer Markings
Marking Applicator [Firn]
Marking Applicator [Icefall]
Arctic Frost
Aufeis Overflow
Blue Poinsettia Fluff
Frostbite Protection
Icy Spice
Ragdoll Fluff
Reindeer Mane
Arctic Circle
Aufeis Sheet
Blue Poinsettia Scent
Chonky Ragdoll
Frostbitten Skin
Glacial Facial
Reindeer Base
Spicy Ice


Welcome to the Guelta.. This area is a special place where you may drink and receive energy. The current energy boost given is +# per hour. This will increase if you unlock this area at the next level!

The Guelta is unlocked by progressing through the gifting bar.
At the Guelta, you can restore some of your energy by clicking the Oh Yes... Drink Up! button.

You crouch down by the Guelta and drink... You feel so refreshed! (+# energy)

Tier One of the Guelta grants +5% energy per hour.
Tier Two of the Guelta grants +10% energy per hour.
Tier Three of the Guelta grants +15% energy per hour.

Wallowing Pit  

Yeeesh! This place stinks. But it seems to be a popular area for elephants and hippos to wade around in.. And with herbivores means there's always the chance of finding something they left behind. So what are you waiting for? Get digging and find some items!

With each unlock, more rare items will be available to be found in the Wallowing Pit.

The Wallowing Pit is unlocked by progressing through the pooping bar.
At the Wallowing Pit, you can dig up junk and treasures galore by clicking the Let's Get Dirty... Dig Away! button.

You dig around in the wallowing pit for a while... And pull out a(n) ITEM NAME!

Tier One

Antelope Hoof


Broken Tusk

Elephant Skull

Impala Horn

Kolbroek Piglets

Muddy Bone

Muddy Feather

Muddy Live Rat

Muddy Rat Carcass

Muddy Skull

Muddy Slopes

Muddy Tree

Mukota Piglets

Old Sandal

Rotting Log

Small Rock


Tail Hair

Ticks [Body]

Ticks [Face]

Wallowing Pit

Tier Two

Dirty Fur

Dirty Pig [Windsnyer]

Kolbroek Pig

Large Bone

Messy Den

Messy Mane 1

Messy Mane 2


Muddy Pebbles

Muddy Rocks

Muddy Roots

Mukota Pig

Okavango Swamp

Wallow Clutter


Tier Three


Clay Rocks

Den Clutter

Dirty Crocodile

Event Beetle: Lamprima aurata

Fen Wetland

Hot Mud Springs

Mud River

Mud Road

Muddy Sable Antelope Carcass

Murky Basin

Rhino Carcass

Rhino Skull

Rotting Rhino

Warthog Piglets


Tier two of the Guelta and the Wallowing Pit unlock the ability to build snuhlions in other players' dens!

Snuhlions are lovely snuh sculptures (actually some are pretty creepy) that can only be made by the lions of Lioden! They will show up on your den page at the top to scare the crap out of you—that's so you can then poop on everyone else's dens, right?

You do not have to build snuhlions. They're just fun little additional features to add to December's wacky vibes!

To make a snuhlion, just visit another active player's den page. At the very top, you'll find a button. Click that button, and a snuhlion to be proud of (or... not) will be built! You cannot make a snuhlion in your own den.

There is enough Snuh in this lion's den to make a Snuhlion!

Ho Ho Ho! Be Creative!
You get to work, pushing snuh into a big pile and smacking it, pawing and licking to get a nice shape! After some time you proudly take a step back, cringe at this horrible art and run away before anyone notices you. Unfortunately you left your scent all around so they'll know anyway.

Made by A Disturbed Laharu. What a horrible travesty.

Wow. That's, erm... that's something, alright.

If you come across a den page that says the player has enough snuh, but you don't see the button to build a snuhlion, it means that you are on a snuhlion-building cooldown. You can build a snuhlion once every hour.

If you do not want to keep a snuhlion that someone has built in your den, then you have the option to Destroy it.

The horrible.. thing left in your den has been destroyed. Huzzah!
This Den is pretty warm and clean right now.

When you see the above message, it means that your den (or the player whose den you are visiting) is on a two-hour cooldown from having a snuhlion built in their den.

You do not have to worry about snuhlions affecting karma. Making one does not give you karma, and destroying one does not lower your karma, either! Make snuhlions to your heart's content without worrying about your Deathlord status from all that pooping!

Snuhlion Designs  

There are many different snuhlions you can build! Which one creeps you out the least?

Advent Calendar  

The Advent Calendar is an annual occurrence that begins each year on December 22nd 12am LDT and ends on December 30th 11:59pm LDT.

Each day beginning from December 22nd, a numbered slot is "unlocked" and becomes available for you to click on, all the way until you have collected the eighth and last reward. In order to collect your rewards, you must click on the numbered slots in order from 1 to 8. The final reward is unlocked on December 29th; however, the Advent Calendar remains open until the very last minute of December 30th to allow everyone to collect their gifts!

There have been four total sets of Advent Calendar gifts, which are only available during certain years. The gifts are listed below in order of release date.

Set One: 2013 and 2015 [RETIRED]

Albino Raven

Albino Gazelle


Achromia Cub


Snow Flurries

Heavy Clouds

Snowy Morning

Set Two: 2014 and 2016 [RETIRED]

Merry AWD Decor

Albino Snake Decor

Albino Crocodile Decor

[S] Snowball Plant Decor

Albino Dik Dik Decor

Greater Striped Swallow Decor

[S] Haworthia Decor

Snowy Lesotho

Set Three: 2017 and 2019 [RETIRED]

Albino Serval

Rudolph the Lost Reindeer

Albino Porcupine

Albino Wolf Puppy

Cape Snow Bush

Chilly Wind

Canary Island Pine

Snowy Forest

Set Four: 2018 and 2020 [RETIRED]

Melanistic Caracal

Merry Gray Wolf


Frozen Branches

Frozen Tree

Poinsettia Flowers

Albino Hyena

Frozen River

Set Five: 2021 and 2023

Speckled Magpie

Platinum Fox

Silver Fox


Kalahari Christmas Tree

Albino Barbary Stag

Piebald Foal

Snow-Covered Hut

Set Six: 2022 and 2024

Dreamsicle Ball Python

Piebald Camel Calf

Amber Fox

Snow Storm

Aging Cremello Horse

Taurus Fir

Frozen Sparkling Waterfall

Maritime Pine



Arctic Base
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Arctic Circle.
Arctic Circle is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Arctic Circle applicator.

Aufeis Base
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Aufeis Sheet.
Aufeis Sheet is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Aufeis Sheet applicator.

Blue Poinsettia Base
Base Genetics: Black Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Blue Poinsettia Scent.
Blue Poinsettia Scent is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Blue Poinsettia Scent applicator.

Festive Base
Base Genetics: Golden Light Solid Special
Applied with Festive Gift (base).
Festive Gift is awarded for giving a total of 888 gifts in one year of the December event.

Festive Gift applicator.

Frostbitten Base
Base Genetics: Black Medium Solid Special
Applied with Frostbitten Skin.
Frostbitten Skin is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Frostbitten Skin applicator.

Glacial Base
Base Genetics: Black Light Countershaded Special
Applied with Glacial Facial.
Glacial Facial is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Glacial Facial applicator.

Ice Base
Base Genetics: Black Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Spicy Ice.
Spicy Ice is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Spicy Ice applicator.

Ragdoll Base
Base Genetics: Cream Medium Countershaded Special
Applied with Chonky Ragdoll.
Chonky Ragdoll is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Chonky Ragdoll applicator.

Reindeer Base
Base Genetics: Cream Dark Countershaded Special
Applied with Reindeer Base.
Reindeer Base is purchased from the Mantis Shop.

Reindeer Base applicator.


Blue Poinsettia


Arctic Crevasse
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Arctic Crevasse applicator.

Arctic Carving
Arctic Feline Unders
Arctic Rogue
Arctic Smoke

Aufeis Layers
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Aufeis Layers applicator.

Aufeis Coat
Aufeis Inverted Zebra
Aufeis Maofelis
Aufeis Rogue

Blue Poinsettia Patterns
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Blue Poinsettia Patterns applicator.

Blue Poinsettia Fawn
Blue Poinsettia Indri
Blue Poinsettia Proteles Heavy
Blue Poinsettia Snuggle

Dicey Ice
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Dicey Ice applicator.

Ice Cover
Ice Crackle
Ice Glaze
Ice Undershine

Frostbitten Paws
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Frostbitten Paws applicator.

Frostbitten Coat
Frostbitten Dapple
Frostbitten Inverted Quagga
Frostbitten Lace

Glacial Special
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Glacial Special applicator.

Glacial Frosting
Glacial Glaze
Glacial Lace
Glacial Points

Marking Applicator [Firn]
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Marking Applicator [Firn] applicator.

Arctic Firn
Aufeis Firn
Blue Poinsettia Firn
Frostbitten Firn
Glacial Firn
Ice Firn
Ragdoll Firn
Reindeer Firn

Marking Applicator [Icefall]
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Marking Applicator [Icefall] applicator.

Arctic Icefall
Aufeis Icefall
Blue Poinsettia Icefall
Frostbitten Icefall
Glacial Icefall
Ice Icefall
Ragdoll Icefall
Reindeer Icefall

Ragdoll Scratch Marks
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Ragdoll Scratch Marks applicator.

Ragdoll English Spots
Ragdoll Indri
Ragdoll Quagga
Ragdoll Siamese

Reindeer Markings
Purchased from the Mantis Shop.
Reindeer Markings applicator.

Reindeer Crackle
Reindeer Ghost Feralis
Reindeer Marbled Underglaze
Reindeer Upendezi