Need a way to earn some quick stats? Come to Baoball, where you can kick a ball up to two times a day for a chance to win 4 stats. You are guaranteed to get 2 stats per day!

You approach a green field where a lot of young African Wild Dogs spend their afternoons chasing a ball made of baobab fruit. When they notice you, they hide in the bushes, but one of them, a goalie, stays and looks at you with a sparkle in his eyes..

"Hello, King Lion! I have heard you are quite skilled. So am I! At least, that's what my mum says. I would like to challenge you to a Baoball game, so that I might test my reflexes against a great king of beasts. Perhaps a little exercise against me will benefit you as well, eh? Now... kick the ball!"

You can kick the ball 2 times today.

Kick Left!
Kick Middle!
Kick Right!

Whichever direction you decide to choose, you have a chance to win or to lose! Winning will give you +2 stats in a random category, while losing will only give you +1 stat in a random cateogry.

If you're lucky and you manage to win, there's also a small chance that a goalie will come along and join your pride!

Baoball Goalie

Setting up across from the goalie, you give the baobab fruit a mighty kick! Quick as a flash, the goalie pounces on it, pinning it beneath his paw, and leaving you stunned.

You gain +1 [STAT] anyway, though.

Setting up across from the goalie, you give the baobab fruit a mighty kick! It flies by the goalie's head and into the net, leaving him looking around in confusion. Congratulations!

You gain +2 [STAT]!

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