Chapter 2 begins on June 3rd at 02:05am Lioden time.
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You approach the temple to check on Bast's vessel, but this time the entrance does not seem so quiet and dark. You see flames flickering inside, as if someone started tending to the temple! The sight gives you a tiny feeling of butterflies in your stomach. Is the goddess awake?

Go inside
Page 1

You rush inside, seeing ancient braziers lit with fire. Everything looks alive this time! You walk into the main chamber and see the godly vessel sitting on a gilded throne, relaxed, and very much alive. You can see she's a lioness, but she's much more slender and fluffy - almost like a female felis, but she reminds you of a serval, as well. Around her, dozens of small, confusing servants are scattered, preparing important tasks of cleaning the temple and adorning the god with her polished armour. They seem to be made of stone. How are they moving? You realise it's probably not for you to know. You look back at Bast.

I am thrilled to see you!
Page 2

Bast looks at you and smiles. You smile back, embracing the moment to peer at her closely, because you don't suspect that many mortals had the chance to meet a god in person. She smells very nice, like fresh perfume. Her coat is alabaster in colour, so pure and light that it reminds you of clouds in the early morning. Small particles of dust surround her, shining in the dim light. She's very beautiful. She's also a big, strong lion, but you're not sure if two mere lions can take down an ancient demon who tore the ground apart. You think about the possible size of this evil Serpent, as Bast seems to be quietly and patiently letting the little servants dress her.

Are you happy with your vessel?
Page 3

"Very. I missed being a lioness. It feels like I am home again. When the kingdoms were young, I was the embodiment of war, of great hunts and killing blows. Later on, though... the feminine appeal seems to have shifted my people's preferences toward smaller felines. I became a home protector, a graceful, albeit tiny, cat. I wouldn't be much of a useful warrior. Thankfully, this temple is quite old. I am grateful you chose me, [NAME]. You have chosen me for a reason, though." She steps down toward you, her tail held up high, ready for whatever challenge is lying ahead.

I will show you what happened, my queen
Page 4

"I appreciate your respect. We will become a good team, I believe." She nods at you, then walks out into the main corridor of the temple. You watch her move. She's very graceful, with her powerful, armoured front paws making gentle metallic tinkling noises with each step. Her long tail has a crested tuft: white and fluffy, so much unlike the black, dry mummy she was just days ago. The ancient magic is incredible. You raise your eyes when you notice she's stopped moving, and is now glancing at you over her shoulder. You hope she's patient of your ogling. After all, it's such a special occasion when a goddess walks among mortals. "Maybe you should lead, [NAME]?"

Yes, of course
Page 5

You cough nervously and move to the front, leading Bast out of the temple towards where the obelisk fell, so that you two can have a good view of the landscape. As you pause to let the freshly-revived vessel catch up, you notice her looking around in disbelief. So many temples are devastated. She must realise that those gods, her old friends and foes, lost important vessels and places of worship. She may never see them again. It must be horrible... she probably feels very isolated. You don't really know her, though. She climbs toward you, standing proudly next to you. The two of you contemplate the view in silence. "I am glad the Temple of Anubis is okay. I miss him," she smiles gently, then looks at you again. "The Serpent tore a great wound in these lands. Imagine what it would do when it isn't so weak anymore."

What should we do now?
Page 6

Bast peers at you carefully, eyeing you from bottom to top. You don't really think she's checking you out. Perhaps she's measuring your might, as you were destined to kill the Serpent, after all. Your eyes meet, and her golden eyes narrow in a very feline manner. "I had hoped you'd be bigger. Back in our times, many... how do you call these, lions? Primal-like lions were our guardians, but we called ours 'the Sekhem'. The powerful ones. You... are so much smaller. You need to get stronger." She furrows her brow, much like a worried mother. Well, great. She just called you a weakling.

Am I not good enough to kill the Serpent?
Page 7

She chuckles gently, but it sounds a bit sad. "The Serpent can never die. One of his many names is the Undying, after all. It cannot be killed - only temporarily defeated. He is an eternal chaos, a representation of the void of the universe and the death of the sun. But, it is what we do. It is what we have always done, over and over. Every time the darkness came, we have defeated it to keep the cycle of life and death going. I had little faith in saving this world over and over again, especially now that we're forgotten, but you have chosen me. I can return the favour by making you stronger. Together we will prevail." She nudges you to get up, eager to help you train.

Woah, hey, what about you?
Page 8

Bast clinks her golden claws together and looks at them, then peers at you. "Oh, darling, don't worry. I will protect you," she smiles, and you huff at her, not so pleased with this remark. She shakes her head. "No, I truly will protect you. We can fight together and train together, but that is my power. I will make sure you are not damaged by slithering beasts in battle, so that you may get the most out of every challenge." You give it some thought. Being able to withstand a charging rhino sounds pretty great. Maybe you can practice clawing its back a little longer this way, even learn some new moves?

Page 9

Bast joins you at your side as you walk down from the risen ridge and back to your lands. "Hey, [NAME]. How about we take a little challenge every day? We both could use the training and I could repay you for the effort. I will ask my Ushabti to trade some of my artifacts with you. Would that be fine with you?". You recall the many interesting artifacts you saw in the temple. That does sound pretty neat... and with a protective lioness at your side, exploring might not be so boring.

Sounds like a good plan, my queen
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This ends Chapter 2. From here, you can complete Daily Quests each rollover until Chapter 3 unlocks on June 20th at 02:05am Lioden time.
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