Getting Started  

If you are on this page, you probably want to know some more about creating or buying Custom Decors on Lioden! The part about creating them requires a bit more explaining to do, so we will start with this, and then touch upon the subject of purchasing and selling Custom Decors later.

Before we can delve further into the world of Custom Decors, it's worth having a look at some of the admin created guides regarding them, such as the Custom Decor & Beetle Skin Item Rules, the What Is Tracing, Eyeballing, Referencing and the ART STYLE TUTORIALS, .PSD's and TIPS threads. After you've done that, you can go ahead and get to drawing your Custom Decor!

An easy way to host your images online (including files for your Custom Decors) is to use sites such as Imgur which will let you get direct links to your images for free. Remember that after uploading your files, you need to get the direct image link, ending with the format of your image, such as .png or .jpeg. Once you have links to your files, go ahead and skip to the next section of the guide!

Submitting Custom Decors  

Once you're settled, and your files are ready for submission, you may want to purchase a Custom Decor Creation item that can be obtained from the Oasis for 10 GB .

Once you've bought the item, go to your Hoard, then search for the name of the item, and click on it. You will be redirected to the following sub-page of your Hoard:

If you are ready, hit the "Create Custom Decor" button, and let's go further!

You will now be redirected to another page, on which you may find more information about Custom Decor Creation, such as, but not limited to, the Types of Custom Decors available and The Rules. Below you can find the text copied over from the Custom Decor Creation's page, in case you'd like to learn more but don't have the item to use yet!

Create a Custom Decor!

"You can create a custom decor here! Creating a custom decor will use up the item and the decor will go into an approval queue, where it will remain pending until it is approved or rejected. If approved, you will receive 3 copies of your decor. If rejected, you will receive a replacement custom decor item.

You can create decors for whatever ages and genders you want. If you want to create a decor just for females (both adolescents and adults), you could select it as an "Age Specific Decoration" and just input the URLs for the female adult and female adolescent. If your decor is universal and doesn't need to be restricted to different ages/genders (for example, a bird flying in the sky), you can just set the decor as a "Universal Decoration". You will be able to add additional versions (for different genders) afterwards, but not if the decor is a Universal Decoration, and you may not upload extra mane versions if the decor is not set to be an "Age & Mane Specific Decoration".

Types of Decorations

Universal Decorations
These decorations only require one image, which can be applied universally to each base. You just fill out the "cub" image version and can leave the rest blank.

Age Specific Decorations
These decorations require one image per age and gender, not including different manes on adult males. For adult males, only fill out the "male normal" image version, and leave the rest of the manes blank.

Age & Mane Specific Decorations
The same as above, except with different mane images."

Phew! That's a lot to digest, is it not? Now we can get to actually submitting our decor! How exciting.

Besides the obvious things listed on the page, you will need to prepare a 100 x 100 pixels file that will be a preview of your decor.

Layering can be chosen from two available options: Above Lion and Below Lion. Above Lion will display your decor on top of lion's lines and colors, meaning it can be used for decors such as accessories, foreground foliage, animals that accompany your lion etc. The Below Lion option is great for things such as animals bigger than your lion, background foliage and similar, as anything that is submitted will appear as it was behind your lion's image. Pretty simple!

After carefully pasting the image links, following the instructions and filling it all out, you will be ready to submit your Custom Decor! After you click on the "Create!" button, your submission will generate a ticket that can be viewed in the Modbox. Your ticket may take some time to be reviewed, as each decor has to be checked for mistakes and potential rule-breaks before it can be added to the game. The administrator will give you a response and either reject your decor or accept it - you will get a notification about this too!

If your Custom Decor has been approved, you will receive 3 copies of your newly created Custom Decor!
If it was rejected, you will receive your Custom Decor Creation item back to your Hoard, as well as an explanation for rejection of your decor.

Managing Custom Decors  

In order to manage your Custom Decors, go to the Crossroads, then to the Branch Sales page. Once you're there, just click on the "View Your Custom Decors" link.

After doing so, you will be redirect to the My Custom Decorations page. From there, you can manage all your Custom Decors, one-by-one!

If you'd like to Generate a Copy of your Custom Decor, you will need to click on the "Buy Copy?" button. Buying a copy of your own Custom Decor costs 3 GB per copy.

Selling Your Decors  

In order to set a price for your Custom Decor and start selling additional copies to other players, go to the My Custom Decorations page, then simply set a price. Keep in mind that there is always an additional 3 GB fee for selling a copy to another player, which goes to the game, not to your account. If you want to receive 5 GB per copy, you should set it to 5 GB , and the game will ask the buyer to pay a total of 8 GB for the copy. The 3 GB fee still applies to any SB fees set. Setting both a SB and GB price will give players an option to buy your decor for either currency, not both at the same time.

Updating Your Decors  

In case there are some mistakes in one of your versions of the decor, or if you'd like to retouch it a little bit, you can also choose to "Upload Version". Doing so will redirect you to your files management for the chosen decor, from which you will be able to update an additional version of your decor or replace an older version with a new one! Each change has to be approved by an administrator, and thus, it will generate a request ticket which will take some time to be reviewed.

Buying Custom Decors  

Ever wanted to check how many of those lovely user-made Custom Decors are out there? Or maybe you were just looking to buy one? To do this, go to the Crossroads, then to the Branch Sales page. Once you're there, just click on the "View Your Custom Decor List" link. Once there, you will be able to search via various criteria to match the decor to your preferences!

Once you've spotted the decor you love, simply click on it's preview image, then you can preview it on your lions, view the stats of the decor, as well as buy it if it's been listed for sale by the creator!

Purchased Custom Decors can be found under your Hoard, in the "Custom Decoration" tab. Now you're ready to go and explore the world of Custom Decors!

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