If you find NCL markings too boring, but aren't adventurous enough to attempt breeding for special markings, custom ones may be the right choice for you. They aren't too pricey to add onto your pride, and come in some fancy colours and patterns!

All markings on this page are applicable via items in the Oasis, and able to be chosen in the Custom Lioness and King creators.


Algae Back
Algae Blanket
Algae Brindle
Algae Cape
Algae Carving
Algae Coat
Algae Cover
Algae Crust
Algae Dapple
Algae Dilution
Algae Dorsum
Algae Face
Algae Face Carving
Algae Frosting
Algae Mantle
Algae Marozi
Algae Mask
Algae Mist
Algae Paw Carving
Algae Paws
Algae Points
Algae Ripple
Algae Roan
Algae Saddle
Algae Shell
Algae Shepherd
Algae Skull
Algae Smudge
Algae Snout
Algae Tail
Algae Tail Carving
Algae Tail Half
Algae Vesture
Leg Banding Algae
Tail Banding Algae


Almond Blaze
Almond Brindle
Almond Cover
Almond Dapple
Almond Dorsum
Almond Frosting
Almond Points
Almond Roan
Almond Undercover
Almond Unders


Black Back
Black Back Spotting
Black Brindle
Black Cheetah Heavy
Black Cheetah Soft
Black Chest
Black Coat
Black Cover
Black Dapple
Black Dorsum
Black Ear Rims
Black Ear Spots
Black Eyebrows
Black Face Carving
Black Facial Spotting
Black Frontal Spotting
Black Gradient 2
Black Limb Spotting
Black Marozi
Black Mask
Black Paw Carving
Black Paw Spotting
Black Points
Black Puma
Black Quarter Spotting
Black Ripple
Black Sable
Black Saddle
Black Snout
Black Tail Carving
Black Tail Half
Black Tail Spotting
Black Tail
Darken Black
Dorsal Black
Leg Banding Black
Leg Spotting Fading Black
Leg Spotting Strong Black
Tail Banding Black
Black Beard
Black Crest
Black Ends
Black Flow
Black Half
Black Quarter
Black Ringed
Black Sideburn
Black Tips
Black Waves


Blue Back Spotting
Blue Cape
Blue Carving
Blue Coat
Blue Dapple
Blue Dilution
Blue Face Carving
Blue Face
Blue Facial Spotting
Blue Frontal Spotting
Blue Limb Spotting
Blue Paw Carving
Blue Paw Spotting
Blue Paws
Blue Points
Blue Quarter Spotting
Blue Roan
Blue Sable
Blue Skull
Blue Tail Carving
Blue Tail Half
Blue Tail Spotting
Leg Banding Blue
Tail Banding Blue
Blue Back Hair
Blue Beard
Blue Bottom Smooth
Blue Ends
Blue Flow
Blue Half
Blue Low Flow
Blue Quarter
Blue Ringed
Blue Ticked
Blue Top
Blue Top Smooth


Bone Blaze
Bone Ear Spots
Bone Eyebrows
Bone Facial 1
Bone Facial 2
Bone Feline Unders
Bone Gentle Unders
Bone Luster
Bone Marbled Undercoat
Bone Marbled Underglaze
Bone Marbled Unders
Bone Socks
Bone Underbelly
Bone Undercoat
Bone Undercover
Bone Underfur
Bone Underglaze
Bone Unders
Bone Undersides
Bone Undertone


Briar Coat
Briar Cover
Briar Dapple
Briar Dilution
Briar Dorsum
Briar Face
Briar Paws
Briar Points
Briar Ripple
Briar Roan
Briar Sable
Briar Saddle
Briar Shell
Briar Smudge
Briar Wisp
Leg Banding Briar
Leg Spotting Fading Briar
Leg Spotting Strong Briar
Tail Banding Briar


Brown Back Spotting
Brown Brindle
Brown Carving
Brown Cheetah Heavy
Brown Cheetah Soft
Brown Crust
Brown Ear Spots
Brown Eyebrows
Brown Face Carving
Brown Facial Spotting
Brown Frontal Spotting
Brown Gradient 2
Brown Limb Spotting
Brown Marozi
Brown Paw Carving
Brown Paw Spotting
Brown Paws
Brown Points
Brown Puma
Brown Quarter Spotting
Brown Saddle
Brown Snout
Brown Tail Carving
Brown Tail Half
Brown Tail Spotting
Dorsal Brown
Leg Banding Brown
Leg Spotting Fading Brown
Leg Spotting Strong Brown
Tail Banding Brown
Brown Bottom Smooth
Brown Crest
Brown Hair Band
Brown Half
Brown Ringed
Brown Side Band
Brown Sideburn
Brown Ticked
Brown Top
Brown Top Smooth
Brown Waves


Chert Blanket
Chert Coat
Chert Dorsum
Chert Points
Chert Sable
Chert Shimmer
Chert Smudge
Chert Snout
Chert Tail Half
Chert Unders


Chocolate Back
Chocolate Back Spotting
Chocolate Blanket
Chocolate Brindle
Chocolate Cape
Chocolate Carving
Chocolate Cover
Chocolate Dapple
Chocolate Dilution
Chocolate Dorsum
Chocolate Face Carving
Chocolate Facial Spotting
Chocolate Frontal Spotting
Chocolate Limb Spotting
Chocolate Marozi
Chocolate Paw Carving
Chocolate Paw Spotting
Chocolate Points
Chocolate Puma
Chocolate Quarter Spotting
Chocolate Sable
Chocolate Saddle
Chocolate Smudge
Chocolate Snout
Chocolate Tail Carving
Chocolate Tail Spotting
Chocolate Wavelet
Chocolate Wisp
Chocolate Backhair
Chocolate Half
Chocolate Low Flow
Chocolate Ringed
Chocolate Sideburn
Chocolate Tips
Chocolate Top


Cimmerian Back
Cimmerian Blanket
Cimmerian Blaze
Cimmerian Brindle
Cimmerian Cape
Cimmerian Carving
Cimmerian Coat
Cimmerian Cover
Cimmerian Dapple
Cimmerian Dilution
Cimmerian Dorsum
Cimmerian Face
Cimmerian Face Carving
Cimmerian Grit
Cimmerian Mantle
Cimmerian Mask
Cimmerian Paw Carving
Cimmerian Paws
Cimmerian Points
Cimmerian Ripple
Cimmerian Roan
Cimmerian Sable
Cimmerian Saddle
Cimmerian Shell
Cimmerian Shepherd
Cimmerian Smudge
Cimmerian Snout
Cimmerian Tail Carving
Cimmerian Tail Half
Cimmerian Trotters
Cimmerian Undersides
Cimmerian Wavelet
Cimmerian Wisp
Darken Cimmerian
Leg Banding Cimmerian
Leg Spotting Fading Cimmerian
Leg Spotting Strong Cimmerian
Tail Banding Cimmerian


Clay Back Hair
Clay Beard
Clay Crest
Clay Ends
Clay Flow
Clay Hair Band
Clay Half
Clay Low Flow
Clay Quarter
Clay Waves


Copal Back Hair
Copal Bottom Smooth
Copal Ends
Copal Hair Band
Copal Top
Copal Top Smooth


Coral Blaze
Coral Cockled Unders
Coral Dilution
Coral Dorsum
Coral Face
Coral Facial 1
Coral Facial 2
Coral Gentle Unders
Coral Luster
Coral Marbled Unders
Coral Points
Coral Shimmer
Coral Socks
Coral Underbelly
Coral Undercoat
Coral Undercover
Coral Underfur
Coral Underglaze
Coral Unders
Coral Undersides
Coral Undertone
Leg Banding Coral
Tail Banding Coral
Coral Crest
Coral Half
Coral Sideburn
Coral Strokes
Coral Tips


Cream Back Spotting
Cream Blanket
Cream Brindle
Cream Cape
Cream Cheetah Heavy
Cream Cheetah Soft
Cream Chin
Cream Cloud
Cream Coat
Cream Cockled Unders
Cream Collar
Cream Ear Spots
Cream Eyebrows
Cream Face Carving
Cream Facial 1
Cream Facial 2
Cream Facial Spotting
Cream Feline Unders
Cream Frontal Spotting
Cream Frosting
Cream Genteel
Cream Gentle Unders
Cream Grit
Cream Inverted Cheetah
Cream Limb Spotting
Cream Luster
Cream Marbled Undercoat
Cream Marbled Underglaze
Cream Marbled Unders
Cream Marozi
Cream Mist
Cream Paw Carving
Cream Paw Spotting
Cream Points
Cream Quarter Spotting
Cream Roan
Cream Sable
Cream Saddle
Cream Shell
Cream Skull
Cream Snout
Cream Socks
Cream Tail Carving
Cream Tail Half
Cream Tail Spotting
Cream Trotters
Cream Underbelly
Cream Undercoat
Cream Undercover
Cream Underfur
Cream Underglaze
Cream Unders
Cream Undersides
Cream Undertone
Cream Veil
Cream Wisp
Cream Back Hair
Cream Beard
Cream Flow
Cream Ringed
Cream Side Band
Cream Sideburn

Dark Brown  

Dark Brown Back
Dark Brown Back Spotting
Dark Brown Brindle
Dark Brown Carving
Dark Brown Cheetah Heavy
Dark Brown Cheetah Soft
Dark Brown Chest
Dark Brown Coat
Dark Brown Cover
Dark Brown Dapple
Dark Brown Dorsum
Dark Brown Face Carving
Dark Brown Facial Spotting
Dark Brown Frontal Spotting
Dark Brown Grit
Dark Brown Limb Spotting
Dark Brown Mantle
Dark Brown Marozi
Dark Brown Mask
Dark Brown Paw Carving
Dark Brown Paw Spotting
Dark Brown Points
Dark Brown Puma
Dark Brown Quarter Spotting
Dark Brown Saddle
Dark Brown Shell
Dark Brown Smudge
Dark Brown Snout
Dark Brown Tail Carving
Dark Brown Tail Spotting
Dark Brown Tail
Dark Brown Wisp
Leg Banding Dark Brown
Leg Spotting Fading Dark Brown
Leg Spotting Strong Dark Brown
Tail Banding Dark Brown
Dark Brown Crest
Dark Brown Ends
Dark Brown Flow
Dark Brown Ringed
Dark Brown Sideburn
Dark Brown Waves


Fallow Blanket
Fallow Cloud
Fallow Dilution
Fallow Grit
Fallow Marozi
Fallow Ripple
Fallow Undercoat


Gold Back Spotting
Gold Carving
Gold Cheetah Heavy
Gold Cheetah Soft
Gold Dilution
Gold Ear Spots
Gold Eyebrows
Gold Face Carving
Gold Facial Spotting
Gold Frontal Spotting
Gold Inverted Cheetah
Gold Limb Spotting
Gold Paw Carving
Gold Paw Spotting
Gold Quarter Spotting
Gold Saddle
Gold Tail Carving
Gold Tail Spotting
Gold Underbelly
Gold Undercoat
Gold Undersides
Gold Undertone
Golden Coat
Golden Cockled Unders
Golden Crust
Golden Luster
Golden Mantle
Golden Marozi
Golden Sable
Golden Underfur
Golden Wisp
Leg Banding Gold
Leg Spotting Fading Gold
Leg Spotting Strong Gold
Tail Banding Gold
Gold Hair Band
Golden Ends
Golden Flow
Golden Ringed
Golden Side Band
Golden Sideburn
Golden Ticked
Golden Tips
Golden Waves


Heather Back Spotting
Heather Blaze
Heather Coat
Heather Cover
Heather Dapple
Heather Dilution
Heather Dorsum
Heather Face
Heather Facial Spotting
Heather Frontal Spotting
Heather Limb Spotting
Heather Paw Spotting
Heather Paws
Heather Quarter Spotting
Heather Sable
Heather Shell
Heather Smudge
Heather Tail Spotting
Leg Spotting Fading Heather
Leg Spotting Strong Heather
Heather Back Hair
Heather Beard
Heather Ends
Heather Flow
Heather Half
Heather Low Flow


Henna Blanket
Henna Brindle
Henna Cape
Henna Cheetah Heavy
Henna Cheetah Soft
Henna Coat
Henna Dilution
Henna Dorsum
Henna Face Carving
Henna Marozi
Henna Paw Carving
Henna Puma
Henna Sable
Henna Saddle
Henna Shell
Henna Shepherd
Henna Tail Carving
Henna Tail Half
Henna Vesture
Henna Wavelet
Henna Beard
Henna Ends
Henna Flow
Henna Ticked
Henna Top


Leg Banding Mahogany
Mahogany Cloud
Mahogany Coat
Mahogany Crust
Mahogany Grit
Mahogany Paws
Mahogany Points
Mahogany Sable
Mahogany Skull
Tail Banding Mahogany


Marigold Back Hair
Marigold Ends
Marigold Flow
Marigold Hair Band
Marigold Half
Marigold Low Flow
Marigold Ringed
Marigold Sideburn
Marigold Tips


Mocha Points
Mocha Sable
Mocha Shell
Mocha Smudge
Mocha Bottom Smooth
Mocha Flow
Mocha Half
Mocha Low Flow
Mocha Top Smooth


Leg Banding Noctis
Leg Spotting Fading Noctis
Leg Spotting Strong Noctis
Noctis Back
Noctis Back Spotting
Noctis Blanket
Noctis Blaze
Noctis Brindle
Noctis Cape
Noctis Cheetah Heavy
Noctis Cheetah Soft
Noctis Coat
Noctis Cover
Noctis Dapple
Noctis Dorsum
Noctis Face Carving
Noctis Facial Spotting
Noctis Frontal Spotting
Noctis Limb Spotting
Noctis Mantle
Noctis Mask
Noctis Paw Carving
Noctis Paw Spotting
Noctis Paws
Noctis Points
Noctis Quarter Spotting
Noctis Ripple
Noctis Roan
Noctis Sable
Noctis Saddle
Noctis Shell
Noctis Shepherd
Noctis Smudge
Noctis Snout
Noctis Tail Carving
Noctis Tail Half
Noctis Tail Spotting
Noctis Undersides
Tail Banding Noctis


Darken Onyx
Leg Banding Onyx
Leg Spotting Fading Onyx
Leg Spotting Strong Onyx
Onyx Back
Onyx Back Spotting
Onyx Blanket
Onyx Blaze
Onyx Brindle
Onyx Cape
Onyx Carving
Onyx Cheetah Heavy
Onyx Cheetah Soft
Onyx Coat
Onyx Cover
Onyx Dapple
Onyx Dilution
Onyx Dorsum
Onyx Ear Rims
Onyx Ear Spots
Onyx Eyebrows
Onyx Face Carving
Onyx Face
Onyx Facial Spotting
Onyx Frontal Spotting
Onyx Gradient 1
Onyx Gradient 2
Onyx Grit
Onyx Limb Spotting
Onyx Mantle
Onyx Marozi
Onyx Mask
Onyx Paw Carving
Onyx Paw Spotting
Onyx Paws
Onyx Points
Onyx Puma
Onyx Quarter Spotting
Onyx Ripple
Onyx Roan
Onyx Sable
Onyx Saddle
Onyx Shell
Onyx Shepherd
Onyx Skull
Onyx Smudge
Onyx Snout
Onyx Tail Carving
Onyx Tail Half
Onyx Tail Spotting
Onyx Trotters
Onyx Wavelet
Onyx Wisp
Tail Banding Onyx
Onyx Back Hair
Onyx Beard
Onyx Crest
Onyx Ends
Onyx Flow
Onyx Hair Band
Onyx Half
Onyx Low Flow
Onyx Quarter
Onyx Ringed
Onyx Side Band
Onyx Sideburn
Onyx Ticked
Onyx Tips
Onyx Waves


Pistachio Belly
Pistachio Blaze
Pistachio Coat
Pistachio Cockled Unders
Pistachio Cover
Pistachio Dapple
Pistachio Dilution
Pistachio Feline Unders
Pistachio Frosting
Pistachio Gentle Unders
Pistachio Inverted Cheetah
Pistachio Luster
Pistachio Marbled Undercoat
Pistachio Marbled Underglaze
Pistachio Mist
Pistachio Points
Pistachio Ripple
Pistachio Roan
Pistachio Sable
Pistachio Shell
Pistachio Shimmer
Pistachio Socks
Pistachio Trotters
Pistachio Underbelly
Pistachio Undercoat
Pistachio Undercover
Pistachio Underfur
Pistachio Underglaze
Pistachio Unders
Pistachio Undersides
Pistachio Undertone
Pistachio Vesture


Quartz Blaze
Quartz Cockled Unders
Quartz Cover
Quartz Facial 1
Quartz Facial 2
Quartz Feline Unders
Quartz Gentle Unders
Quartz Marbled Undercoat
Quartz Marbled Underglaze
Quartz Shimmer
Quartz Socks
Quartz Underbelly
Quartz Undercoat
Quartz Undercover
Quartz Underglaze
Quartz Unders
Quartz Undersides
Quartz Undertone
Quartz Bottom Smooth
Quartz Half
Quartz Ringed
Quartz Ticked
Quartz Tips
Quartz Top Smooth


Leg Banding Red
Red Back Spotting
Red Blanket
Red Cape
Red Carving
Red Cheetah Heavy
Red Cheetah Soft
Red Cover
Red Dapple
Red Dilution
Red Dorsum
Red Ear Spots
Red Eyebrows
Red Face Carving
Red Face
Red Facial Spotting
Red Frontal Spotting
Red Limb Spotting
Red Marozi
Red Mask
Red Paw Carving
Red Paw Spotting
Red Paws
Red Points
Red Puma
Red Quarter Spotting
Red Roan
Red Sable
Red Saddle
Red Shell
Red Skull
Red Smudge
Red Snout
Red Tail Carving
Red Tail Half
Red Tail Spotting
Red Trotters
Red Vesture
Red Wavelet
Tail Banding Red
Red Back Hair
Red Beard
Red Bottom Smooth
Red Ends
Red Flow
Red Hair Band
Red Half
Red Low Flow
Red Ringed
Red Side Band
Red Sideburn
Red Ticked
Red Tips
Red Top
Red Top Smooth
Red Waves


Royal Blaze
Royal Brindle
Royal Cockled Unders
Royal Face Carving
Royal Facial 1
Royal Facial 2
Royal Feline Unders
Royal Frosting
Royal Gentle Unders
Royal Inverted Cheetah
Royal Luster
Royal Marbled Undercoat
Royal Marbled Underglaze
Royal Marbled Unders
Royal Paw Carving
Royal Paws
Royal Shimmer
Royal Socks
Royal Tail Carving
Royal Underbelly
Royal Undercoat
Royal Underfur
Royal Underglaze
Royal Unders
Royal Undersides
Royal Undertone
Royal Back Hair
Royal Half
Royal Ringed
Royal Sideburn
Royal Strokes
Royal Tips


Saffron Back Spotting
Saffron Belly
Saffron Blaze
Saffron Brindle
Saffron Coat
Saffron Cover
Saffron Dapple
Saffron Facial 1
Saffron Facial 2
Saffron Facial Spotting
Saffron Feline Unders
Saffron Frontal Spotting
Saffron Gentle Unders
Saffron Inverted Cheetah
Saffron Limb Spotting
Saffron Paw Spotting
Saffron Points
Saffron Quarter Spotting
Saffron Roan
Saffron Tail Spotting
Saffron Undercoat
Saffron Undercover
Saffron Underglaze
Saffron Vesture


Scoria Brindle
Scoria Crust
Scoria Dapple
Scoria Mantle
Scoria Mask
Scoria Puma
Scoria Roan
Scoria Shepherd
Scoria Tail Half


Darken Seal
Seal Blanket
Seal Coat
Seal Dapple
Seal Mantle
Seal Points
Seal Roan


Shell Belly
Shell Blaze
Shell Cockled Unders
Shell Facial 1
Shell Facial 2
Shell Feline Unders
Shell Gentle Unders
Shell Inverted Cheetah
Shell Paws
Shell Shimmer
Shell Snout
Shell Socks
Shell Trotters
Shell Underbelly
Shell Undercoat
Shell Underfur
Shell Underglaze
Shell Unders
Shell Undersides
Shell Undertone


Silky Belly
Silky Cover
Silky Facial 1
Silky Facial 2
Silky Frosting
Silky Genteel
Silky Gentle Unders
Silky Luster
Silky Marozi
Silky Sable
Silky Shimmer
Silky Socks
Silky Underbelly
Silky Undercoat
Silky Undercover
Silky Underfur
Silky Underglaze
Silky Unders
Silky Undersides
Silky Undertone
Silky Back Hair
Silky Ends
Silky Flow
Silky Half
Silky Low Flow


Leg Banding Silver
Silver Back Spotting
Silver Belly
Silver Blaze
Silver Brindle
Silver Coat
Silver Dapple
Silver Dilution
Silver Facial Spotting
Silver Feline Unders
Silver Frontal Spotting
Silver Frosting
Silver Gentle Unders
Silver Inverted Cheetah
Silver Limb Spotting
Silver Paw Spotting
Silver Points
Silver Quarter Spotting
Silver Ripple
Silver Roan
Silver Sable
Silver Shell
Silver Shimmer
Silver Tail Half
Silver Tail Spotting
Silver Trotters
Silver Undercoat
Silver Undercover
Silver Underfur
Silver Underglaze
Silver Wavelet
Tail Banding Silver


Spice Blanket
Spice Cape
Spice Dapple
Spice Mantle
Spice Points
Spice Roan
Spice Veil
Spice Vesture


Steele Blanket
Steele Blaze
Steele Coat
Steele Feline Unders
Steele Marbled Unders
Steele Sable
Steele Shell
Steele Smudge
Steele Underbelly
Steele Undertone


Tangor Back Spotting
Tangor Carving
Tangor Coat
Tangor Dapple
Tangor Facial Spotting
Tangor Frontal Spotting
Tangor Limb Spotting
Tangor Mantle
Tangor Mask
Tangor Paw Spotting
Tangor Quarter Spotting
Tangor Shell
Tangor Tail Spotting
Tangor Underbelly
Tangor Undercoat
Tangor Underfur
Tangor Undersides
Tangor Undertone


Leg Banding White
Tail Banding White
White Back Spotting
White Brindle
White Carving
White Chin
White Cockled Unders
White Collar
White Dapple
White Dilution
White Dorsum
White Ear Spots
White Eyebrows
White Face Carving
White Facial 1
White Facial 2
White Facial Spotting
White Feline Unders
White Frontal Spotting
White Frosting
White Genteel
White Gentle Unders
White Inverted Cheetah
White Limb Spotting
White Luster
White Marbled Undercoat
White Marbled Underglaze
White Marbled Unders
White Marozi
White Mist
White Paw Carving
White Paw Spotting
White Quarter Spotting
White Roan
White Saddle
White Skull
White Socks
White Tail Carving
White Tail Half
White Tail Spotting
White Trotters
White Underbelly
White Undercoat
White Undercover
White Underfur
White Underglaze
White Unders
White Undersides
White Undertone
White Veil
White Wavelet
White Back Hair
White Beard
White Crest
White Ends
White Flow
White Hair Band
White Half
White Low Flow
White Ringed
White Side Band
White Sideburn
White Streak
White Strokes
White Ticked
White Tips
White Waves


Spotting Heavy