Someone once told me the kings of the past look down from the stars. Maybe your kings will join them?

Your dynasties are found at the bottom of your den page, next to your Achievements and Showcase.

Kings Dynasty  


All your kings go here when they die, whether you've force-retired them early, or they lived to the ripe old age of 16 years old. Stat replaced kings also show up here. Recent kings are at the top, while your first king will be right at the very bottom. Their name, age and level are shown, and if you click on their name, you'll get to see their profile!

Xt8aSQm.png Z3Da8j0.png

You can also see their bred cubs from their profile, providing they haven't been chased or killed. If you don't wish to have your king's records there, then you can delete them, but be aware. It is permanent.

Pride Dynasty  


This is where you can see your dead lionesses and sub males! When a lioness or sub male dies, you'll receive a message like this one:


Heading down to your dynasty (or by clicking the link in the message), you'll find your recently passed lion down at the bottom of the page. Please Note: You only have 7 real life days to store the records, after that they will be gone forever.



Yay you've stored them! Now you can go back and look at them any time you want. Their bios are still editable, however you cannot change their appearance. If there was decor on them when they died, then it will stay on them unless you remove it. If they aren't saved in the dynasty, or their records are destroyed, then the decor will go back to your hoard - provided that there are uses left. If you find that you no longer want those records, then you can delete them at any time.


If you find that the special lion you've frozen is no longer worthy of being immortal, then you can retire them into the dynasty to free up the slot, while still keeping them around. Just like any other lionesses from the age of 14, it will cost 10SB to do this.


Bringing Them Back to Life!  

In the June 2019 Event Update, the Canopic Jellyfish was introduced that lets you bring back your dead lions that have been stored in your dynasty! This can be purchased with event currency during the June event.

To use this item, select it in your hoard and choose which lion you want to use it on in the dropdown. Only lions that are stored in your dynasty are eligible and they will be frozen upon resurrection.

Keep in mind that you must have a frozen slot available in order to use this item, and the lion will take up the slot once the item is used.

Tip: These are great for lethals! Don't have a normal Jellyfish to freeze your beloved lethal before it dies? Never fear! Just store them in your dynasty and you can revive them later on at any time!

Dynasty Slots  

King dynasty slots are unlimited, as your kings are automatically saved. For your pride, you start off with 10 dynasty slots, and there is no limit to how many slots you want to buy.

Slot Number Price Slot Number Price Slot Number Price Slot Number Price Slot Number Price
1 FREE 11 225 SB 21 475 SB 31 725 SB 41 975 SB
2 FREE 12 250 SB 22 500 SB 32 750 SB 42 1000 SB
3 FREE 13 275 SB 23 525 SB 33 775 SB 43 1025 SB
4 FREE 14 300 SB 24 550 SB 34 800 SB 44 1050 SB
5 FREE 15 325 SB 25 575 SB 35 825 SB 45 1075 SB
6 FREE 16 350 SB 26 600 SB 36 850 SB 46 1100 SB
7 FREE 17 375 SB 27 625 SB 37 875 SB 47 1125 SB
8 FREE 18 400 SB 28 650 SB 38 900 SB 48 1150 SB
9 FREE 19 425 SB 29 675 SB 39 925 SB 49 1175 SB
10 FREE 20 450 SB 30 700 SB 40 950 SB 50 1200 SB
Slot Number Price
51+ 1GB

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