Some markings, while available on NCLs in Explore, can only be found during certain months.
They tend to be much more unique and valuable than regular NCL markings, so during these few months, make sure to keep an eye out in Explore!

This page also covers the July "Celestial Raffle" lioness markings and the August "Savage Males" stud markings.


These markings are randomly generated on NCLs once their respective tier has been unlocked during February's event.


Blue Ardeida
Brown Ardeida
Cherry Ardeida
Cream Ardeida
Dark Brown Ardeida
Heather Ardeida
Henna Ardeida
Merlot Ardeida
Noctis Ardeida
Red Ardeida
Saffron Ardeida
Tan Ardeida
White Ardeida


Blue Cozy
Fallow Cozy
Noctis Cozy
Onyx Cozy
Red Cozy
Tan Cozy


Black Glaze
Brown Glaze
Cherry Glaze
Dark Brown Glaze
Heather Glaze
Henna Glaze
Quartz Glaze
Scoria Glaze
Tan Glaze
Tangor Glaze
White Glaze

Inverted Cover  

Cherry Inverted Cover


Blue Nuzzle
Cherry Nuzzle
Merlot Nuzzle
Noctis Nuzzle
Red Nuzzle
White Nuzzle

Pelt Heavy  

Blue Pelt Heavy
Brown Pelt Heavy
Cherry Pelt Heavy
Henna Pelt Heavy
Merlot Pelt Heavy
Noctis Pelt Heavy
Onyx Pelt Heavy

Reverse Vitiligo Mash  

Blue Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Cherry Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Noctis Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Onyx Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Red Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Saffron Reverse Vitiligo Mash
Steele Reverse Vitiligo Mash
White Reverse Vitiligo Mash


Blue Ridge
Dark Brown Ridge
Onyx Ridge
Red Ridge
Tan Ridge


Shaded Black
Shaded Brown
Shaded Dark Brown
Shaded Henna
Shaded Noctis
Shaded Onyx


Black Shoulders
Brown Shoulders
Dark Brown Shoulders
Henna Shoulders
Onyx Shoulders


Blue Snuggle
Brown Snuggle
Cherry Snuggle
Merlot Snuggle
Noctis Snuggle
Tan Snuggle

Tip Toe  

White Tip Toe


Bone Undershine
Cherry Undershine
Cream Undershine
Quartz Undershine
Saffron Undershine
White Undershine


Blue Upendezi
Cherry Upendezi
Noctis Upendezi
Onyx Upendezi
Red Upendezi
Rose Upendezi
Steele Upendezi
Tan Upendezi


Bone Venter
Cherry Venter
Cream Venter
Quartz Venter
White Venter


These markings are randomly generated on NCLs once their respective tier has been unlocked during April's event.


Golden Belly


Bone Bottom
Cream Bottom
Steele Bottom
White Bottom


Black Cloak
Chocolate Cloak
Clay Cloak
Copal Cloak
Henna Cloak
Noctis Cloak
Onyx Cloak
Red Cloak
Scoria Cloak
Steele Cloak
Tangor Cloak

Ear Backs  

Black Ear Backs
Noctis Ear Backs
Onyx Ear Backs

English Spots  

Chocolate English Spots
Clay English Spots
Cream English Spots
Henna English Spots
Noctis English Spots
Onyx English Spots
Scoria English Spots
White English Spots


Blue Freckles 1
Blue Freckles 2
Blue Freckles 3
Chocolate Freckles 1
Chocolate Freckles 2
Chocolate Freckles 3
Cream Freckles 1
Cream Freckles 2
Cream Freckles 3
Gold Freckles 1
Gold Freckles 2
Gold Freckles 3
Noctis Freckles 1
Noctis Freckles 2
Noctis Freckles 3
Red Freckles 1
Red Freckles 2
Red Freckles 3
White Freckles 1
White Freckles 2
White Freckles 3

Inverted Brindle  

Cream Inverted Brindle
Noctis Inverted Brindle
Tangor Inverted Brindle
White Inverted Brindle

Lahore Plumage  

Black Lahore Plumage
Chocolate Lahore Plumage
Clay Lahore Plumage
Copal Lahore Plumage
Henna Lahore Plumage
Noctis Lahore Plumage
Onyx Lahore Plumage
Red Lahore Plumage
Scoria Lahore Plumage

Limb Patch  

Copal Limb Patch
Noctis Limb Patch
Onyx Limb Patch
Red Limb Patch
White Limb Patch


Black Marble
Brown Marble
Copal Marble
Dark Brown Marble
Golden Marble
Henna Marble
Steele Marble
Tangor Marble

Nose Tip  

Black Nose Tip
Dark Brown Nose Tip
Henna Nose Tip
Noctis Nose Tip
Onyx Nose Tip


Copal Patch
Noctis Patch
Onyx Patch
Red Patch
White Patch


White Puma

Quail Flecks  

Auburn Quail Flecks
Brown Quail Flecks
Dark Brown Quail Flecks
Fiery Quail Flecks
Henna Quail Flecks
Noctis Quail Flecks
Onyx Quail Flecks
Red Quail Flecks
Scoria Quail Flecks
Steele Quail Flecks


Black Siamese
Brown Siamese
Chocolate Siamese
Dark Brown Siamese
Henna Siamese
Noctis Siamese
Onyx Siamese
Scoria Siamese
Steele Siamese


Blue Ticking
Cream Ticking
Gold Ticking
Noctis Ticking
Onyx Ticking
Red Ticking
White Ticking


White Torso


Coral Trim
Cream Trim
Marigold Trim
Royal Trim
Shell Trim
Steele Trim
White Trim


Gold Undercover
Tangor Undercover


These markings are randomly generated on NCLs once their respective tier has been unlocked during September's event.


Black Blotches
Brown Blotches
Dark Brown Blotches
Gold Blotches
Noctis Blotches
Onyx Blotches
White Blotches


Gold Cobweb
Noctis Cobweb
Onyx Cobweb
Red Cobweb
Tangor Cobweb
White Cobweb


Black Debris
Blue Debris
Brown Debris
Cream Debris
Dark Brown Debris
Fallow Debris
Noctis Debris
Onyx Debris
Red Debris
Resin Debris
Scoria Debris


Black Domino
Brown Domino
Dark Brown Domino
Fallow Domino
Gold Domino
Henna Domino
Noctis Domino
Onyx Domino
Resin Domino
Scoria Domino
Tangor Domino


Brown Dust
Cream Dust
Fallow Dust
Golden Dust
Noctis Dust
Onyx Dust


Black Flux
Cimmerian Flux
Dark Brown Flux
Fallow Flux
Noctis Flux
Scoria Flux
Steele Flux
White Flux


Bone Foreshadow
Cream Foreshadow
Noctis Foreshadow
Onyx Foreshadow
Silky Foreshadow
White Foreshadow

Frosty Roan  

Bone Frosty Roan
Briar Frosty Roan
Coral Frosty Roan
Cream Frosty Roan
Golden Frosty Roan
Marigold Frosty Roan
Pistachio Frosty Roan
Quartz Frosty Roan
Royal Frosty Roan
Shell Frosty Roan
Silky Frosty Roan
White Frosty Roan


Blue Hindquarters
Brown Hindquarters
Cream Hindquarters
Dark Brown Hindquarters
Gold Hindquarters
Noctis Hindquarters
Onyx Hindquarters
Red Hindquarters
White Hindquarters


Brown Mirage
Cream Mirage
Golden Mirage
Heather Mirage
Henna Mirage
Noctis Mirage
Onyx Mirage
Red Mirage
White Mirage


Black Smoke
Brown Smoke
Fallow Smoke
Noctis Smoke
Onyx Smoke
White Smoke


Bone Taper
Cream Taper
Fallow Taper
Golden Taper
Noctis Taper
Onyx Taper
Silver Taper
White Taper


Cream Tuxedo
Noctis Tuxedo
Onyx Tuxedo
Royal Tuxedo
Shell Tuxedo
Silky Tuxedo
Silver Tuxedo
White Tuxedo


Blue Vitiligo 3
Blue Vitiligo 6
Red Vitiligo 3
Red Vitiligo 6


Gold Web
Noctis Web
Onyx Web
Red Web
Tangor Web
White Web

July Celestial Raffle Markings  

These markings are originally released on July's Celestial Raffle lionesses.


Celestial Agouti
Celestial Cover
Celestial Shine
Celestial Speckles


Dawn Dapple
Dawn Lace
Dawn Margay
Dawn Shine


Jellyfish Ardeida
Jellyfish Inverted Maracaja
Jellyfish Maracaja
Jellyfish Quail Flecks


Leonid Coat
Leonid Feline
Leonid Smoke
Leonid Undershine


Prismatic Feline
Prismatic Glaze
Prismatic Smoke
Prismatic Undercover


Sidereal Cover
Sidereal Glaze
Sidereal Points
Sidereal Shine


Skyward Cover
Skyward Crumbing
Skyward Shine
Skyward Undercover


Stratosphere Feline
Stratosphere Lycaon
Stratosphere Undertone
Stratosphere Vitiligo

August Savage Male Markings  

These markings are originally released on August's Savage Male studs.


Bandit Cloud
Bandit Feline
Bandit Mirage
Bandit Unders


Outlaw Cheetah
Outlaw Feline
Outlaw Mottled Fissures
Outlaw Rogue


Ruffian Feline
Ruffian Panther
Ruffian Siamese
Ruffian Soft Unders


Scoundrel Feline
Scoundrel Inverted Brawl
Scoundrel Pelage
Scoundrel Undersides


Ukame Feralis
Ukame Marble
Ukame Rugged Unders
Ukame Undercover


Vagabond Mirage
Vagabond Mottled Fissures
Vagabond Nuzzle
Vagabond Reverse Indri