Hell: Chapter 2 begins on October 10th at 12:00am LDT, provided you have at least 10 Hell Reputation.
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You approach a glowing circle where Demons seem to be engaging in various celebratory activities; some are quite normal, and some quite disturbing. The Demon which introduced you to this world puts its wretched hand on your shoulder and leans into your ear.

"The legions are truly impressed, [NAME]. The time has come, and the Demons are willing to grant you the Demonic Whip! You cannot become a Demon without a very complex ritual and giving up everything you have, but this is the next best thing for now. We need you to still be you and to do what you do up there. This whip will give you power and control over other beings, and I truly see that desire for power in you."

The Demon bows its head and invites you to go with it.

Follow the demon
Page 1

You are being led by the Great Demon and its smaller bound-slaves and subordinates. It almost resembles your pride, actually, where cubs excitedly follow you and their mothers around with just as much energy as these... dark things. It is quite odd that they feel like family just now.

The Demon shows you where to sit in the middle of a giant, burning sigil that you can't really understand. There's circles, triangles, straight lines, and even wiggly ones. When you sit down, the Demons start drawing more of these sigils on you, while chanting, blowing embers in the air, cackling, and climbing on your back.

Await your fate
Page 2

When you close your eyes, the Demons that are gathered around you begin to sing with their gravelly, hoarse, screeching voices. As minutes pass, this chaotic cacophony actually starts sounding beautiful in your mind. The choirs get louder, the ground shakes, and a feeling of something greater than your purpose in life is filling your heart. A vibrating force lets itself into you through the sigils and fills you with a new confidence. A low, whispering voice echoes in your head. Can this be the Devil?

"[NAME], your dedication is noticed. Accept this infernal tool to create your own legions and expand our Army of Darkness. Will you act in the name of Condemnation?"

Page 3

You feel a jolt of pain shoot through your body. It causes your insides to twist horribly and makes you gag, choking on the air as a burning sensation fills your throat. Your legs shake as you start to vomit, and it's like nothing you have ever experienced before. Your mouth fills with fire, and you swear that something is moving in your throat - the pain is almost unbearable. A long, slithering snake makes its way out of your growling mouth, and forms into a burning whip once it drips out of your throat for good. This whole experience was... not pleasant, but you could not expect anything less from the depths of Hell.

"Fear not, [NAME]. You can channel your curse to take it out during your travels on Earth. This whip will let you enslave creatures instead of battling them, and you will be granted various rewards for this choice. Your daily chores should remain the same. Keep proving yourself to be worthy of joining our army."

Receive Demonic Whip
Page 4

You now have access to the Demonic Whip in explore! You can turn it on and off on the Hell page.

You grab the whip, wondering how to use it. Like a snake, it crawls onto your paw and embeds itself, making you feel like hot claws have sunken inside your skin. As you smack your paw in the air, the whip elongates and snaps with a loud sound, instantly reverting back to its shape in your paw. It does seem to be a feral version of a weapon, suited just right for lions like yourself. The Demons howl with joy, dancing, thrashing, and pouncing around. The big one that always helped you the most stands still, looking at you with an eerie smile, but it won't speak any longer. It awaits results.

Go back home!
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This ends Hell: Chapter 2. You now have access to a special tool that can be used in Explore in order to gain further rewards. To find out more about this tool, view the storyline encounters for Hell. You are now able to complete Daily Quests until the event ends.

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