Chapter 2 of the Shrine Passage begins on June 6th at 02:05am Lioden time.
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You walk into the shrine carefully. It's lit up properly, showing the refreshed vessel in full form.

Seth approaches Khnum proudly and they begin to talk. Sometimes they talk in their language and sometimes they switch back so that you can be included when they discuss things pertaining to you and your pride.

It feels nice.

Hail to you, Khnum. You look great
Page 1

"Thank you, [NAME]. Your body looks magnificent as well. Exquisite artwork."

You smile despite being thoroughly confused by their words, and nod. Seth sits next to you, grabbing your back like an old pal.

"I will gladly take Khnum out to enjoy the sun, maybe even take him to the river so he can sculpt something like in the old days."

The thought of a god making a statue by the river... what an honor!

"You're welcome to visit anytime, mortal. I will help Seth prepare for the battle. Do what you must to help him." Khnum speaks with a deep, sheepish tremble.

Of course, Great One
Page 2

Seth excitedly nudges you.

"[NAME], Khnum spoke with the air and the earth. They are vessels of the Ancient gods Geb and Nut-still very much alive, of course-and they had news. Apparently some lions have started worshiping the Serpent!" he exclaims, furrowing his brows in anger.

Can I do anything about that?
Page 3

"You will have to. The snakes are corrupting the beings living on this broken land. From now on, whenever possible, you will have to intervene. Stop the Cult of the Snake. The Serpent does not deserve prayers."

Khnum speaks with no room to argue, and you know Seth will obey. Looks like there will be no rest until the Serpent has been defeated.

We will smite the enemies
Page 4

"There is no sin that could weigh down your good deeds. Thank you, [NAME]."

Khnum nods and continues his discussion with Seth. Looks like you should go back and prepare for what's next.

Go back to the main Temple
Page 5

This ends Chapter 2 of the Shrine Passage if you are aligned with Seth. For the remainder of the month, you will be able to access an expanded Daily Quest pool with Seth, as well as access the Shrine of Khnum to purchase items.
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