Inbox Overview  

Your message Inbox holds all private messages that you have received from other players, provided that they weren't previously deleted by you. Here you can navigate between your private messages, search for all messages sent to your from individual players, check how many unread messages you currently own, and manage your messages.

Your Inbox is limited to keep up to 200 private messages. Once you reach this limit, you will need to delete some messages to make up space for any new ones. Until then, other players will be told that you have too many messages in your Inbox, and thus they won't be able to message you.

If you're looking for a particular private message, you can use the "Search" tool located on the top right corner of your inbox. Providing the ID number of the addressor, you will be able to sort your messages through the provided ID, which reveal only PMs send to you from that one player. Pretty handy, eh?

If you're looking to see your sent messages, head over to the "Sent Messages" tab in your Inbox. Please keep in mind that in case the message receiver will delete your message from their Inbox, it will automatically disappear from your "Sent Messages" tab.

The "Game Notifications" tab will hold all of your game notifications in one place. Soon you may find out that you're heading out there pretty often, as Lioden notifies you about lots of things, including your sale notifications, rollover summaries, etc. There is currently no limit to how many game notifications you can keep in your Inbox.

The "Moderator Messages" tab will reveal all of your moderator notifications.

Saving Messages  

If you ever feel like there's not enough space for your messages or simply would like to save some epic messages for later, there is a wonderful feature that will allow you to save additional messages in a separate Inbox space!

You will need to spend 5 Gold Beetles in order to buy additional Saved Messages space for your inbox. Once you spend your beetles, a brand new Inbox space will open for you to store your messages in! You can hold up to 50 additional messages in your Saved Messages Inbox.

Saved Messages have their own unique 50 additional message slots, which means that saving a message from your main Inbox's page will move it to the Saved Messages section, leaving more space for you to use in your main Inbox!

Blocking Messages  

In case you don't wish to receive private messages from other players and would love to close your inbox for that, you can turn off your message inbox by going to your Den page and accessing the "Account Options" panel located on the bottom of your page, then clicking "Block Private Messages" toggle and turning it green.

This will prevent other players from messaging you through your Inbox. In order to reverse this, click on the toggle again and your inbox shall open for messages once again! Simple as that!