NCL markings, also referred to as wild markings, are found on a variety of lionesses in explore.

This page contains information on Tier 0 and Tier 3 markings.

Common Markings  

All common ("wild" or "NCL") markings are considered Tier 0 markings. These markings can be found on rolled main males and game-generated wild lionesses. All of these markings are customisable and able to be applied via Oasis applicators.


Black Gradient 1

Black Vesture

Black Back Hair

Black Low Flow


Bone Belly


Brown Back

Brown Chest

Brown Cover

Brown Crumbing

Brown Face

Brown Gradient 1

Brown Mask

Brown Shroud

Brown Tail

Brown Vesture

Darken Brown

Brown Back Hair

Brown Low Flow


Chert Back

Chert Cover


Coral Belly

Coral Cover

Classic Coral Front

Classic Half Coral


Cream Belly

Cream Blaze

Cream Shimmer

Under Cream 1

Under Cream 2

Under Cream 3

Under Cream 4

Under Cream 5

Under Cream 6

Under Cream 7

Under Cream 8

Classic Cream Front

Classic Half Front

Cream Half

Cream Low Flow

Cream Strokes

Dark Brown  

Dark Brown Crumbing

Dark Brown Shroud

Dark Brown Vesture

Dark Brown Back Hair

Dark Brown Half

Dark Brown Low Flow


Fallow Shimmer

Fallow Shroud

Fallow Vesture


Gold Back

Gold Chest

Gold Shroud

Golden Crumbing

Golden Tail

Under Golden 1

Under Golden 2

Under Golden 3

Under Golden 4

Under Golden 5

Under Golden 6

Under Golden 7

Under Golden 8

Golden Back Hair

Golden Half

Golden Low Flow


Henna Cloud

Henna Cover

Henna Tail

Henna Back Hair

Henna Half

Henna Low Flow


Mocha Cover

Mocha Face

Mocha Paws

Mocha Back Hair


Onyx Vesture


Quartz Belly

Quartz Strokes


Royal Belly

Classic Half Royal

Classic Royal Front


Darken Scoria

Scoria Cover

Scoria Paws

Scoria Shroud

Scoria Tail


Shell Cover

Shell Luster


Under Silky 1

Under Silky 2

Under Silky 3

Under Silky 4

Under Silky 5

Under Silky 6

Under Silky 7

Under Silky 8


Silver Vesture


Steele Back

Steele Shroud


Under White 1

Under White 2

Under White 3

Under White 4

Under White 5

Under White 6

Under White 7

Under White 8

White Belly

White Blaze

White Cover

White Shimmer


Leg Stripes

Spotting Light

Exclusive NCL Markings  

All exclusive NCL markings are considered Tier 3 markings. These markings can only be found on game-generated wild lionesses. In order to find lionesses with these attributes, your pride leader's impression level must be Impressive at the absolute minimum. Very Impressive, Extremely Impressive, and Dreamboat impression kings can also find lionesses with exclusive NCL markings.


Cinnabar Belly

Cinnabar Coat

Cinnabar Face

Cinnabar Inverted Brindle

Cinnabar Luster

Cinnabar Marozi

Cinnabar Points

Cinnabar Sable

Cinnabar Smudge

Cinnabar Snout

Cinnabar Socks

Cinnabar Underbelly

Cinnabar Undercoat

Cinnabar Unders

Cinnabar Undersides

Cinnabar Undertone

Cinnabar Vesture

Leg Banding Cinnabar

Tail Banding Cinnabar


Clay Back

Clay Brindle

Clay Face

Clay Mask

Clay Paws

Clay Points

Clay Sable

Clay Shell

Clay Shepherd

Clay Smudge

Clay Snout

Leg Banding Clay

Tail Banding Clay


Copal Back

Copal Brindle

Copal Coat

Copal Face

Copal Marozi

Copal Mask

Copal Points

Copal Sable

Copal Smudge

Copal Snout

Leg Banding Copal

Tail Banding Copal


Leg Banding Marigold

Marigold Belly

Marigold Face

Marigold Inverted Brindle

Marigold Luster

Marigold Points

Marigold Sable

Marigold Smudge

Marigold Socks

Marigold Underbelly

Marigold Undercoat

Marigold Unders

Marigold Undersides

Marigold Undertone

Marigold Vesture

Tail Banding Marigold