Pride month encounters are a new addition to Lioden. In June's development update in 2022, four encounters were implemented to celebrate pride month. These encounters are limited and will only show up in all explore biomes from June 1st to June 30th.


You come across another lion lazing about on your territory. You notice they don't have a territory scent of their own, nor do they smell like any nearby territories. After checking them out, you realise the lion doesn't seem like they're a king, or a queen.
Action Result Reward
Ask about their mane You ask about the stranger's interesting mane style. They perk up once they realise you're interested! They explain how they keep their fur exactly how they like it, down to every last detail. After about half an hour, you politely excuse yourself, as you need to continue checking on the rest of your territory. Before you leave, the lion offers you a gift to try putting in your own mane. How sweet! +2% Impression
+1 Red Squirrel Tail
Where do you live? You inquire about the lion's home. They are mildly evasive at first, but after asking again, they admit that they live with another trio of lions just south of your territory. They apologise for resting on your lands, but it was just so comfy! You can't deny it, yourself—you've taken many naps out here, after all. After a few more exchanged words, you part ways, but not before the lion gives you a gift for being accommodating. +1 Coconut
+1 Serval Tail
Challenge! Sleeping on your turf isn't free game for anyone, so you decide to challenge the stranger to a little game! Tree scratching was always something you were great at. You hacked off the most bark and won the prize which you both agreed upon. The loser can stay here for one more evening as a consolation prize. +50 Experience
+2% Impression
+1 Tree Agama
Sleeping on your turf isn't free game for anyone, so you decide to challenge the stranger to a little game!

Aww, you didn't do so well at the whack-a-meerkat competition. The winner gets to hang out here whenever they want, which is nice—maybe you can play and chat again another day!
+1% Impression
You find yourself nearly stumbling into a lone lioness. She looks shocked for just a moment, before informing you that she believes she startled you more than you did her—she now seems amused!
Action Result Reward
Where are you from? Feeling curious, you ask where she comes from. She happily informs you that she's from a nearby pride, however, she's also quick to explain that her pride is a group of lions that she has befriended; even the king—who she is quick to describe as a close friend, but not her mate. Huh. As you part ways, she explains to you that she enjoyed your company, and that she's happy she made a new friend! +1% Impression
+1 Brown Eagle Feather
What is so funny? Feeling a bit annoyed with her teasing, you ask her what's so funny. She explains that your expression was priceless before apologising for startling you. As you part ways, she wishes you luck with the future ladies—just not with her, though. Not because of your face, she reassures you, but because she is not interested in that kind of relationship with anyone. +50 Experience
+1 Bream
You stop in your tracks, shocked to see a strawberry-coloured leopardess! She nervously crosses your path, but is brave enough to explain to a big, scary lion that she's only searching for her girlfriend. Not-so-subtly, she hints that maybe you could help to find her...?
Action Result Reward
Search the trees You fluff up and jump onto some trees, shaking them and searching through the thick foliage. There she is! She was sleeping so deeply, her snoring caught your attention right away. The strawberry leopardess is very impressed, thankful, and happy to reunite with her mate. +1% Impression
Search the bushes You wander into the thicket, trying to find any trace of a large feline. Suddenly, you step onto something hard, and let out a gasp when you see what's beneath your paw—a fresh leopard skull. A soft whimper escapes you as you frantically wonder what to tell the strawberry leopardess. Before you can speak, you hear a distant call. It's her! She's letting you know that she's found her mate. OH, GOOD. You whisper a little thank you to Bastet as instant relief washes over you. +1 Leopard Skull
Search the river You decide to search the river bank, checking out the reeds and hanging roots. You find a big, tasty fish, but notice a distinct lack of leopards. As you walk back to your original route, you spot two leopards sitting in a distant tree, snuggling. Good for them. Such a scene warms your heart. +1 Tigerfish
You've wandered outside your territory to check out the nearest waterhole. Up ahead, you spot a trio of lions bathing together and being rather adorably affectionate with each other. They seem to treat each other as partners and are snuggling comfortably. When you approach, they ask if you need help with anything.
Action Result Reward
Ask about local prey After a short interrogation, you learn about the drinking schedules of the local herds, and decide to wait for the next opportunity to arrive. You end up catching TWO rare snacks, which you share with the lions—one for them, one for you. What a nice group. +1 Damp Log
+1 Puku Carcass
Ask about their relationship Your curiosity is piqued, and you can't help but ask if they're all romantically involved. Sensing your genuine interest, one patient member of the trio speaks up and happily explains their shared affection for each other, that it's not so different from your typical pairing—there's just more fluff and fur to love in their triad. One enthralling and educational conversation later, you decide to head off and let the lions carry on with their grooming session. As you begin to leave, they give you a small gift to say farewell. +1% Impression
+2 Rainbow Stones

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