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[NAME] runs to you to snuggle in your magnificent fur!
Upon seeing you, [NAME] mreows loudly and furiously rubs her head against your chin.
When you greet each other, [NAME] pushes you on your side to the ground only to cuddle against your manly muscles.
You are happily eating dinner with your pride when [NAME] flops right on you! Apparently she wanted to eat her meal in a warm lion pile.
Swaying her hips gently, [NAME] approaches you with a warm welcome.
You playfully got into a tussle with [NAME], and although you were ber than her, you still felt clumsy and big-footed compared to her light steps and dexterous pivots.
With a graceful lope, [NAME] passes you as you inspect the pride. Her rhythmic pawsteps adding to her feline gracility.
You watch [NAME] run and jump with other pride members. Her fur shines as she dives into a tackle and comes up rolling. Man, you wish you could move like that.
After a morning cuddle, [NAME] gives you a good luck snack, a dead mouse. Awww, how kind of her.
You saw [NAME] leap up to grab a bird yesterday - cool! You ask her how she did it, and she is quite happy to show you and help you practice!
You accidentally stepped on a pride mate's tail, and they seemed angry. You decided to ask [NAME] for advice on how to best apologize - she always knows what to say!
You notice another pride mate was feeling down. Before you could think of what to say, [NAME] came in to comfort them with a pretty little flower gift. You wish you were that thoughtful.
[NAME] sits next to you and watches the horizon for any incoming danger. Bees included.
You tell [NAME] about this standoff you had with three dogs, and she idly wonders why you didn't just kill them all. She states the drooling mongrels fear her deadly claws.
You nearly jump five feet in the air when a huge spider suddenly appears in your sleeping spot! Luckily, [NAME] ran over immediately and threw it out for you. Holy crap.
Roaring loudly, [NAME] walks around practicing her fierce appearance, not really noticing you.
[NAME] sees you, gasps and runs towards you, greeting you with lots of compliments and nose licks.
You greet [NAME] and she starts swaying around you with a humming song full of purrs and snuggles.
When you approach [NAME] sleeping on the ground, she slowly wakes up, turning on her back and wiggling around. She tries to touch your muzzle with her paws.
[NAME] thinks today is a GREAT day and snugs your neck for good luck.
[NAME] asks if you have invented any new, adorable cub names yet.
[NAME] approaches you and starts licking your muzzle, cheek and ear. You obviously should look your best today.
You apparently ate something bad last night, and you just flop on the ground. [NAME] comes up to you and asks if you want anything. She brings you some grass and water, and sits next to you until you feel better.
When you greet her, [NAME] makes sure to remind you to visit everyone else in your pride today.
You see [NAME] strutting around, chest held high. As you walk up, she tells you that this pride is the greatest pride in the lands!
As you walk into her sight, [NAME] proudly gets up to strut in front of you, showing off her sleek fur.
[NAME] seemed to be trying to get your attention. As you approached, you see that she had lined up several meerkat carcasses neatly on the ground. She smiles and awaits your praise.
[NAME] is busy meticulously grooming her paws and claws of any dirt and blood that clings to them. They have to be perfect. She doesn't even notice you.
[NAME] approaches you, voicing her concerns about the prides food stores.
You see [NAME] walking off with a small carcass, it is probably for her personal food store.
[NAME] steps away when you go in for a snuggle, and with concern in her voice asks if you can go somewhere more private.
[NAME] huffs angrily, shaming you for public affection during a morning snuggle. Others might not appreciate it! When you two are alone, she'll give you all the snuggles you want.
[NAME] rests in a very adorable looking pose and lets out a purr-like sound when you approach.
You come back to the den and find your favorite sleeping spot covered with flowers. [NAME] is sitting by, sparkles in her eyes, to see if you like it.
When you come near, resting [NAME] makes a little coo in her throat, then rolls over to show her belly. She blinks slowly at you and coos again when you groom her.
As you come near, [NAME] lies down and shows you her belly, maybe to groom it a bit?
[NAME] rolls on her back in front of your paws, inviting you for a gentle tussle.
[NAME] turns her back towards you, lifting her tail up high and twitching it a bit.
Telling you to stay perfectly still, [NAME] carefully removes the small piece of bone that has been stuck in your teeth for days.
[NAME] greets you as you approach, and prones herself in front of you, nuzzling your paws.


You find [NAME] on an outcropping observing some other lions playing below with a gentle smile.
[NAME] gives a soft purring sound as a greeting, and moves over a little so you can lay down beside her.
You were pacing back and forth, frustrated at losing to a puny hyena earlier. Suddenly [NAME] comes up to you, and softly tells you that no one is thinking badly of you for it. She soothingly kneads your mane.
[NAME] is lying on a nearby rock and gets up from it to greet you.
As you approach, [NAME] starts sniffing you furiously, trying to learn where have you been.
Happy to see you, [NAME] bumps her forehead against yours and tries to sniff you secretly to find out what other lions you have met today.
[NAME] runs to you, asking how your day was and what happened and who you fought with and what animals have you seen today and how are you feeling and how many beetles do you have and and and - she gasps for air, and continues with questions.
[NAME] lies down in front of you with a concerned look on her face, wanting to know what you're thinking about.
As you approach, [NAME] comes up to you asking once again if you really care about her.
[NAME] does not say a word but curls up close to your feet as you sit down near her, seeming to need some affection right now.
[NAME] goes into a tirade about how some other pride member displeased her. You pat her shoulder and let her vent her emotions.
You saunter up to [NAME] and tell her how nice her fur looks today! She suddenly ran off, seeming upset. Did you say something wrong?
[NAME] approaches you with a detailed report on the pride's whereabouts the night before.
[NAME] greets you with a frowned look on her face. Where have you been the whole day? There's so much to do!
When you come to say hello, [NAME] runs to you, making sure you look your best today with a few licks on your cheek.
You find [NAME] carefully watching the ducks in the water. You ask her what she's doing. She tells you that she hunts the best if she knows the behavior of her prey. Smart...but couldn't she take a break? It's been hours!
[NAME] greets you warmly with a soft rumbling noise like a purr. You feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
You were trying to hide that you scratched your paw in the last battle, but [NAME] came up to softly groom it for you. Thanks, sweetheart.
You noticed [NAME] pushing an ostrich chick with her nose to help it get up, and watching it tumble away back to its mom. You sit down, smiling at her. What a cutie.
You watch [NAME] quietly for a while, and she grooms herself cutely, seeming to glow in your presence.
Happy to see you coming, [NAME] offers you her grooming services.
Running towards you, [NAME] greets you from afar and follows you for the next hour to learn from the best.
As you walk up to [NAME], she drops whatever she was doing immediately. She's ready and willing to do whatever you ask!
After a long hard day of exploring, [NAME] offers to knead your shoulders. You happily accept, and you feel great afterwards!
You flop down for a nap, and [NAME] joins you for a good snuggle! Best cuddle buddy ever.
You got stung by a wasp in your last territory patrol, but luckily [NAME] was around to gently lick the wound. You feel better after her gentle tending.
You ran up and greeted [NAME] happily. Oops, you also knocked her over with your gleeful shoulder-nudge. Ah well, she just fell over giggling and flailing.
Ugh, sometimes getting tangles out of your mane is such a hassle! Luckily, [NAME] offers to help. She is magical at mane-detangling, and you are grateful for her aid.
[NAME] playfully chases her own tail before greeting you heartily.
[NAME] greets you cheerfully and abundantly as you pass her on your rounds.
It would have been a boring day in the pride, but [NAME] commented on how everyone deserved a well-earned rest. Can’t argue with that way of looking at it!
You were feeling a bit down after a pride mate teased you about a mane tangle. Then, [NAME] cheerfully asked you what you did differently that morning to look so ruggedly handsome! Awwww, thanks!
[NAME] stands on her back legs, cuddling into your soft mane for a bit as a greeting.
As you approach to bump her forehead, [NAME] grabs your head and starts licking your snout softly.
[NAME] woke you up this morning by flopping onto your side and licking your ear. Hard to be grumpy about that!
[NAME] rubs cheeks with you, then rubs her body against yours. You shiver slightly as her tail tip brushes your back.
Seeing you, [NAME] pins her ears down, watching you carefully, but she gets up to greet you when you smile at her.
[NAME] takes a step back as you approach. After some coaxing from you she carefully comes close enough for you to nuzzle her.
You wanted to take a nice walk with [NAME], but she has the habit of looking over her shoulder every couple of minutes. Ugh, now YOU feel nervous too!
You were fast asleep when suddenly you heard [NAME] roaring! You arrived just in time to chase off an invading lion. You're glad she was paying attention!


You move towards [NAME] to greet her affectionately, but she head-butted you in greeting too hard. Ouch, that smarts a bit.
[NAME] rolls in front of you to play, but then she realizes there is a blood stain on her belly. She looks embarrassed and leaves in a hurry!
[NAME] enthusiastically brought you a wildebeest liver as a treat! Too bad it's your least-favorite food. Ah well, she doesn't have to know that.
You say hello to [NAME] and ask how she is doing. She says she is fine, and both of you sit in silence for a minute before just sort of...going to do...something else. Ahem.


[NAME] watches you approach and sighs a little. She licks her paw and pretends to ignore you.
You woke up and found a little bird snack waiting in front of your nose. [NAME] is resting nearby, with a little smile on her face.
[NAME] is standing quietly and watching the clouds move over the lands. For some reason this makes your heart skip a beat.
You approached [NAME] to groom her, but she just sort of stared at you. She then shuffled awkwardly a bit before going to lay down in her usual spot.
When you approach, [NAME] walks towards you to graze her side against yours, before starting to pounce on grasshoppers.
[NAME] lets out a hearty roar of greeting when you arrive. She listens attentively as you tell her how things went.
You were feeling a little distressed at an argument that broke out earlier. Thankfully, [NAME] came up to you to nuzzle you and tell you it wasn't your fault. She's right - and you feel better.
Sleeping with her belly up, [NAME] blinks at you when you approach. Boring day.
When you approach to say hello today, [NAME] steps back and snarls, but she continues to be nice afterwards.
You wonder where [NAME] found that really cool bug she is playing with. When you ask her, though, she just invites you to play. Alrighty then.
You went up to [NAME] to ask how hunting practice went today. She instead told you all about a cool bird she saw on the way. You guess she doesn't really want to talk about it. Ah well.
As you two greet each other, [NAME] moves away when you get too close. You try to approach her again, and she begrudgingly accepts the friendly nuzzle you offer her. She looks a bit bothered about it, though.
[NAME] sits with another lioness, carefully cleaning dirt out of her fur.
[NAME] approaches you, gives you a small nuzzle and asks about your day.
You find [NAME] just as she made a great hunting pounce. You praise her and she positively glows. Warm fuzzies all around!
You approach a group of lions sitting in a semicircle. In front of them you see [NAME] telling a story with great enthusiasm. You sit down and listen for a while before moving on.
While you are greeting each other, [NAME] licks your tongue by accident. Awkwarrrd.
Chuckling, [NAME] runs towards you and rubs her head under your chin, then runs away to prance around.
You try and sit to have a quiet meal with [NAME], but this was a mistake. She mentioned something about itchy testicles and you snorted wildebeest up your nose.
You approach your pride mates to wake them up for the day - and notice all of them have red mud smeared on their faces. You immediately look at [NAME] - yup, she's totally pretending to be asleep. Hah.
[NAME] approaches you during a nap and starts kneading your shoulders. Aahhhh. Awesome day.
[NAME] is relaxing near the back of the den, lazily pawing at you in greeting as you pass. She offers you to join her for a while and chill.
You lie out under the stars, paws in the air. [NAME] came by to join you. You both have fun watching the lights and chatting about nothing in particular.
You came back from a territorial dispute feeling stressed. [NAME] bumped shoulders with you and offered to hang out and share a meal by the pond. You relaxed as she told you a funny story of that day.
You notice a fountain of dirt. Getting closer, you see [NAME] head first in a large dirt hole digging for bugs.
You watch a bit disturbingly as [NAME] rolls around, gnawing on a smooth piece of rock and slobbering all over.
[NAME] snuggles up to you with a loud purring noise as you near her, raking her body against yours. You are now covered in dirt.
With a warm greeting, [NAME] approaches you. She shakes herself off in front of you, propelling little particles of dirt and grass into your mane!
When you approach her, [NAME] greets you and sniffs your muzzle.
You ask [NAME] if she wants to join in the play tussling, but she politely shakes her head no, for she is quite content just watching.
You were cheerfully telling [NAME] about her day, but she seemed to get an itch. She excuses herself to groom the itch away in private.
You greet [NAME] eagerly, and she nuzzles you demurely in return. She doesn't want to take away from your valuable time, but you assure her that her feelings are important too!
Upon your approach, [NAME] pauses licking her paw and boops your nose, giggling.
[NAME] flops on her back when you approach and tries to playfully bite you when you try to groom her.
As you come near, [NAME] wakes up and yawns, then tries to sit on your back and go back to sleep, making you her pillow..
You were having a nice conversation with [NAME] when she suddenly suggests heading to the jungle to look at the cool fungi! Wait, right now? Really?


[NAME] grumbles a hello from between her paws, very busy sunbathing laid back with her legs wide open.
You ask [NAME] if she wants to join in the play tussling, but she politely shakes her head no, for she is quite content just watching.
You were cheerfully telling [NAME] about her day, but she seemed to get an itch. She excuses herself to groom the itch away in private.
[NAME] sighs when you call her. She slowly sits up and forces a happy greeting, then goes back to sleep when you're no longer paying much attention.
You found yourself face-to-face with a very angry badger! Then, [NAME] charged forth and let out her mightiest roar. The badger shrugged and went back into its burrow. Nice save!
You hear some caterwauling. You stumble upon [NAME] singing at the top of her lungs while your other pride mates laughed. Did she chew on fermented fruit again?
You pounce on [NAME] in greeting, and her laughter echoed across the pride lands. You bet even the hyenas heard that... ah well.
You wanted to say hi to [NAME] but she keeps roaring at a noisy bird way up high in some branches. You sit down and wait it out.
Roaring your name, [NAME] approaches you asking why didn't you come earlier, she's been waiting the whole morning!
You cheerfully greet [NAME] and she huffs a bit. She wants to know where you were yesterday. Apparently she looked everywhere!
Upon your arrival, [NAME] scurries to you and pushes her back and behind against your chin to make you notice her more. There seem to be hopeful sparkles in her eyes.
[NAME] greeted you happily as you approached. Then, she idly said she had this neat story from yesterday, but maybe you don't care enough to hear about it. Because you didn't want to listen to her yesterday. Because you were busy with other pride mates. No, it's okay, she understands. She's not as important as them. She's sitting very close now. Uh.
[NAME] slunk up to you, commenting wryly that she totes saw you stumble all over yourself in that last play fight. What a fantastic show that was! She could watch it all day.
You greet [NAME] and ask her how she is. She informs you that she is FANTASMIC, and she is ABSOLUTELY fine with not getting a share of the last meal. Really.
[NAME] watches you amusedly, and states dryly that she did not know broken feathers were in fashion nowadays. You hastily remove the offending debris from your mane.
You and [NAME] got in some trouble with a vicious warthog. After escaping, she suggested you ought to invite the hog for a visit the next time you have guests, for it could liven up any party. You share a chuckle.
On a morning stroll, you and [NAME] notice a bird nest, full of baby birds. She asks if she's the best chick around, and you better not say no.
[NAME] pushes away another lioness trying to greet you, demanding you greet her first. Right now. After all, the fun does not start until she's around.
You go up to take a nap with [NAME]. She jokes that if you start snoring, you may find some maggots in your nose. You lie awake next to her and wonder if she really meant that.
Tired from a long day of exploring, you flop next to [NAME]. She starts telling you an embarrassing story from a pride mate's cubhood. You're soon laughing too hard to be tired.
[NAME] bites your ear as you greet her, then nips at your tail. Some lions have interesting ways of showing affection.
[NAME] nudged you affectionately and told you that your battling looked far better than yesterday. Was...that a compliment?
You hung out with [NAME] over dinner. She sometimes says stuff that seems so mean and feel as if you've never laughed harder in your life.
You made the mistake of asking [NAME] how your mane looked today. She just grinned and remarked that it looked great compared to your face. Ouch. Put some snuh on that burn.
As you walk up to her, [NAME] stares at you intently. She awaits a greeting, and does not return one until you have given exactly 6 nuzzles and a lick to ply her with..
[NAME] is lying in your favorite sunny spot, fast asleep. You tried to nudge her off. Nope. A nip? Nope. You bodily flop on her. Nope, she is STILL not moving! Dang.
[NAME] waves her tail in greeting as you near her, but seems too absorbed in trying to coax a lizard from its burrow to pay attention to you afterwards. She's probably been at this for a while.
You find [NAME] practicing a hunting pounce that she was bad at. You tell her she COULD take a break, but no...she won't stop until she gets it just right!
You greet [NAME] perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. She just squeaked and ran off. Oops.
As you walk up to [NAME], she hunkers down a little, whispering back a greeting as she stares at you in awe.
Happy but intimidated by your attention, [NAME] greets you shyly, then backs away to give you some space.
You were napping, but some movement caught your attention. [NAME] was coming towards you with a gerbil snack, but then she stopped. Walked away. Came back. Now she looks like she wanted to bolt. You closed your eyes and pretended to be asleep still, and she finally delivered her gift to you.
You grin at [NAME] and asked if she found out where the wildebeests were moving to, like you asked her to yesterday. Her greeting faltered and she looked guilty. Oh, she forgot. Again.
[NAME] is too absorbed in scratching at the ground to notice your presence.
When you approach [NAME], she does not stop cleaning herself in her private area and the licking sound gets even louder.
[NAME]'s ears perk slightly, but she does not acknowledge you as you approach, as she is snoozing.
[NAME] closes her eyes with nose up high when you praise her last bunny pouncing session. It was obviously amazing.
You greeted [NAME] in passing, but she seemed embarrassed to say hi. She seemed to be desperately hiding some brambles caught in her fur from you.
Licking her private parts, [NAME] turns around just a bit to show you exactly what she's cleaning.
You settle down to groom [NAME], and she seems very pleased. At least she did. You accidentally slobbered a bit too much and she stalked off with a disgusted noise. Crap.


You trot towards [NAME] to say hello, but you get smacked fiercely on your cheek. You stand in shock as she keeps giving you smacks, one after another, until you let out a growl, to which she replies with a roar. Women. You like them rough, don't you?
You were having some trouble getting into a carcass with a tough hide, so you invited [NAME] to share with you. Sure enough, she proudly tore the decaying beast to shreds. You wonder if her claws are permanently bloodstained.
You charged [NAME] as soon as you saw her this morning. She snarled in ferocity and tackled you to the floor. You didn't miss the grin behind her snarl, though!
You greet [NAME]. She roars at you. She clearly likes you a lot.
[NAME] looks at you in silence, whacking her tail on the ground repetitively.
You were going to ask [NAME] to join you for a meal, but her icy stare stopped you in your tracks. How lovely.
Lying on the ground with a displeased grimace, [NAME] notices you and turns her head, watching the horizon now.
[NAME] glares at you as you approach, but she does not swat you as you groom her head. Instead, she perches elegantly, making it clear that you can only do this because she is allowing it.
You offered a snack to [NAME], and she took it after sniffing it for a while. Then you see her giving a chunk of it to a different pride mate later before eating the rest herself. Oooh, so that's how it is?
[NAME] was watching you intently as you told her your plans for watching the border tomorrow. She seems unconvinced you can pull it off, however. Sigh.
You sit next to [NAME] to see how she's doing. She leans in to whisper her suspicions about another pride mate. Perhaps it bears watching?
[NAME] greets you quietly, flinching every time you make a sudden move.
[NAME] snorts a greeting as you pass, then returns to grumbling over some tweeting birds nearby.
You gleefully lead your pride to a fresh zebra carcass to feed. [NAME] huffs at you. Zebra...again? Ugh.
You wanted to tussle with [NAME], but she refused. She had a headache and just wanted to sleep. Ah well, maybe next time.
You were sharing a chuckle with your pride mates when [NAME] mumbled at all of you to shut up. Seems she thought it was funny, too.
[NAME] comments on your lack of skill in sparring with other lions as you approach. Sheesh.
[NAME] shoots you a pointed stare as you near, snorting at you disapprovingly for some reason or another.
You want to tell a pride mate that they need to correct their behavior, but you couldn't find the words and you felt bad. So, you approach [NAME] and ask her to do it for you. She laughs at your ineptitude, but agrees. You can trust her to say what needs to be said.
As you walk by, [NAME] refuses to look at you! She must be angry about something you did before..
You couldn't help but wonder why everyone seemed to be snickering at you today. Is there something on your face? [NAME] looks a little too innocent.
You went up to munch more on a carcass you started eating yesterday. As you bite in, a spider suddenly scurried out of a hole in it! You heard [NAME] cackle nearby. Thanks for the heart attack.
As you pass by after typical greeting, [NAME] watches your butt carefully only to bite it and run away! Oww.
You walk by the sleeping [NAME] unsuspectingly, when she sticks out one paw in front of yours. You trip and fall on your snout. Yikes!
When you greet her, [NAME] smacks you with her tail as she turns around to take care of her own damn business.
You ask [NAME] if she wants a tip on her hunting technique, and she tells you she'd rather learn from a log. Ugh, brat.
You come up to [NAME] and hear her talking about escape plans to another pride mate. As you approach, she suddenly gets quiet and looks a bit guilty. Perhaps some extra patrolling is in order tonight.
[NAME] huffs a greeting when you approach, but as soon as you're too close she smacks your cheek. Ow!
When you come to greet her, [NAME] quickly gets up, shuffling her paws on the ground to hide something she drew with her claw.
Looking for a while, you find [NAME] sitting between large rocks, away from the rest of the pride. She greets you warmly, though.
When you approach, [NAME] gives you the most intent look, but you cannot figure out why.
[NAME] runs to you first, says hello and runs off somewhere. Huh?
[NAME] catches your attention - she has an idea! She knows of a secret path into the hyena lands...if everyone uses it to sneak in and destroy everything, perhaps your pride could triumph over them once and for all!
You pass by [NAME] lurking in the shadows. She narrows her eyes as she watches you walk by. You are unsure if she is showing contentment or contempt, but it unsettles you.
As you pass by, [NAME] glares at you intently until you are fully out of her sight. You still feel uneasy a while afterwards.
You pass by [NAME] and nod a greeting. She is smiling calmly, and returns your greeting. That... can't be a good thing.
[NAME] seems to hide something under her paw as you greet her, apparently not intending to share whatever tidbit she is holding.
After greeting each other, [NAME] feels offended you did not give her enough attention and doesn't seem to be interested in you for the rest of the day.
[NAME] stops eating her morning snack, a lizard, and snarls at you when you try to greet her, hiding the reptile between her paws.
You see [NAME] hurriedly push a pile of leaves over a hole, but you get a glimpse of a huge pile of feathers hidden away.



You heard last night that [NAME] cleared some fallen branches and brush from a path near the den. Now the lionesses can drag prey back easier! Nice!
You were feeling a little bit of anxiety over the rumor that the hyenas would attack soon. [NAME] sat next to you, however, and told you that he would proudly stand by your side no matter what happens.
You were about to settle in to munch your breakfast, but [NAME] stopped you. He pointed out that some of the meat had gone bad. Thanks for the save, bro.
You see [NAME] taking a small prey item to an injured lioness. So gallant!
While sharing a meal with the pride, some pride mates begin joking about [NAME]'s silly cub shenanigans. He laughs alongside everyone, and shares even more embarrassing stories!
When approaching to greet everyone today, you managed to step on [NAME]'s paw. He decided to treat it as a tussle invitation which turned into a partial cuddle.
You watch [NAME] quietly deal with some quarreling pride mates. One of them bites him on the paw in a burst of rage, but he just pats them gently on the shoulder and licks his wounds without complaint.
You sit down with [NAME] and apologize for snarling at him last night, you were just so stressed and tired. He sits next to you and shrugs while saying he didn't even notice.
You greet [NAME] regally and he greets you back with a bowed head, licking your chin in reverence.
[NAME] seems to have a very manly scar on his tail, which you point out. He sways it side to side with a smile and claims only a cool lion would think such a weak spot is something positive.
[NAME] plops next to you and tells how he's proud to work under your leadership. You wonder if he ever wants to be a king, but he nuzzles you and says no - he'd be a poor replacement for you!
You attempt to praise [NAME] for a great job in that last play-tussle, but he shook his head and tells you it's all because of your great training.


[NAME] welcomes you with an open greeting, rubbing his side against yours.
As you approach, [NAME] runs up to greet you, licking your face and flicking his tail against your shoulder in a playful way.
[NAME] bumped your forehead when you came to say hello and asked how you were doing.
When you approached him, [NAME] licked your ear to welcome you today.
[NAME] struts up to you and you greet each other as equals. You later puff up a bit at his nerve.
You see [NAME] puff up and strut in front of the lionesses, confident of his dashing looks. You feel slightly annoyed.
You bump chests with [NAME]. He's your bro!
You hear from another pride mate that [NAME] was telling them that he could beat you in a fight. Oh really? You'd like to see him try.
A flock of tiny birds are playing and pouncing all over [NAME]. He is just remaining where he is, humming softly and letting them go at it.
You were feeling a bit annoyed about being beaten in a fight, but [NAME] cheerfully assured you that you will always have the chance to try again!
You come upon [NAME] gently snoozing despite a few intrepid young monkeys trying to get a rise out of him by chattering and throwing twigs.
You go to get a drink of water and find [NAME] holding still, using his shadow to attract fish for easy catching. Nice.


[NAME] perks up when you approach and shows you his latest scar on the side. Cool, cool.
[NAME] invites you for a friendly wrestling session. You win, but he is a good sport about it.
When you greet each other, [NAME] exchanges with you a few interesting stories about his last trip to the waterhole.
You were having trouble deciding what carcass to haul over for dinner tonight, so you recruit [NAME] to come help you. He makes some great suggestions.
You have some trouble finding [NAME] to ask him to watch a cub for a few minutes. No seriously, is he off staring at the stars again?
[NAME] is spread out in a dark corner, brooding intently. Your lionesses are looking at him, tittering and giggling. You have the sudden urge to swat him.
[NAME] is sitting in the rain, staring intently at his paws. The lightning flashes and he looks somehow dashing despite being soaked. How does he do that?
You greet [NAME] with a head bump. He smiles a little, as if grateful for the attention, before returning to his usual dark corner.
[NAME] seems to be collecting rocks. Hmmm... maybe you should bring him back a pretty one if you see any?
You come out of your den to find weird markings drawn all over in the dirt. What is [NAME] up to? Is this modern art?
You look for [NAME] to greet him, and finally find him near the borders of your territory, growling rhythmically into the wind.
You were having trouble sleeping, so you left the den, and ran into [NAME]. He sits with you and tells you all about the shapes he can see in the stars.


When you come to greet [NAME], he gives you the most contemptuous snarl.
You approach [NAME] and he actually acknowledges you! He proceeds to tell you a story that you should be quite honored to hear. You wonder what you did to become worthy of his time.
You were busy checking the borders of your lands. After making sure everything was safe, you heard from your other pride mates that [NAME] said he could check twice as fast! Riiiiiiiggghhht.
[NAME] does not seem to be interested in grooming your fur today, but he did ask how you were. Yay.
You sit there, trying to wake up from your nap, and suddenly [NAME] challenged you to a duel! Seriously dude...can't it wait a bit?
[NAME] walks up to you and suddenly rips a huge fart. He runs away laughing madly...WTF.
You were quietly stalking a lizard for fun... when suddenly, [NAME] charged in and tore up everything trying to catch it! Well, that was still entertaining, at least.
[NAME] runs up to tussle with you for a bit before running off again, always looking for adventure.
[NAME] is pacing back and forth. You suggest he ought to go practice his climbing, and he gleefully leaves to go do just that. Thank Apedemak, the pacing was driving you mad.
You watch bemusedly as [NAME] runs in circles in front of you. Where does that lad get his energy?
[NAME] seems to be gnawing on a skull, the same one he’s been gnawing for past few days. It is now scarred in teeth marks. You greet him, thinking it’s time to get a new toy for him.
[NAME] suddenly decided to rocket out of the den. Goodbye. Oh, he just rocketed back in and tackled a feather. Hello. Enjoy furiously destroying that toy. Oop, he just ran off again. Goodbye.


When seeking [NAME] to say hello, you noticed him playing with a dead warthog piglet.
You greet [NAME] and he just smirks at you, licking some blood from his latest kill off his paw.
You were wondering what a weird squealing sound was coming from, and you investigate to find [NAME] batting around a young meerkat. It's still alive.
Your heart almost skips a beat when you see [NAME] drag a tiny, dead lion cub in front of your feet. He dryly informs you it was a trespassing rogue.
You approach [NAME] as he cleans his private parts with leg up high. He does not stop when he sees you and you feel awkward when he says your name with his tongue on THAT place.
When you come to say hi, [NAME] asks how his whiskers are looking today, they're so curly lately!
You thought [NAME] was dutifully trying to catch fish for the pride, but it turned out he was just admiring his reflection. What a buttmunch.
You stumble upon [NAME] alone in a secluded bushy area. He seemed to be in the middle of practicing cool poses. You stare at each other for a bit before you just... leave him to it.
As you survey your pride lands before you, [NAME] comes to stand next to you. You smell blood on the wind.
You notice [NAME] focused on a small, still moving bird under his paw. He keeps pulling away feather by feather. You stop in your tracks, deciding to not bother him right now.
You see [NAME] has a dozen fresh scratches on his face and blood dripping down his chin. You decide not to ask what he has been up to.
Your paws get weak as you approach [NAME] to say hi. He perks up, ready to repeat your last marathon of dozen spars in a row. Uhhhhhhh.


You were playing a game of hide and seek with [NAME]. He/She were hiding in the tall grass. Yeah. "Hiding".
The sun glistened off of [NAME]'s fur, and you told them how attractive they looked today. If they blushed, you couldn't see it.
You noticed some pinkness on the top of [NAME]'s ears and nose. Sunburnt again?
While curled up and asleep at night, [NAME] looks like a mirror of the moon.
[NAME] played a practical joke on the cubs, stalking up while making weird noises and pretending to be a spirit! It was funny until the cubs refused to sleep that night.
Other lions in your pride used to tease [NAME] about their weird appearance, until they started a rumor that they were favored by the spirits. Nobody wanted to mess with that.
At noon, you saw [NAME] sleeping in the shade of a tree, out of the sun. You realized that the midday sun is harsh on his/her pale eyes..
Blind and Eyeless
[NAME] twitched his/her ears as he/she heard you approach, and leapt to his/her feet, sniffing you out and rubbing against you.
You brushed up against [NAME], ensuring that he/she wouldn't fall as he/she rose to his/her feet.
[NAME] commented on the distant hyena yipping coming from the South. You couldn't hear anything, but figured you ought to send a patrol down there anyways.
You asked how [NAME] always manages to find you in the Den. They answered that you smell bly of you. Was that... a compliment?
You would have thought that [NAME] would struggle with walking or finding his/her way around the den, but they stalked around with confidence no problem.
[NAME] was having trouble making his/her way past a branch someone had put in his/her regular path. You approached him/her and gently guided him/her around it.
[NAME] may not be able to hear you approach, but he/she always seems to know when you're near. When you question him/her about it, you were told your smell gave you away! Maybe it’s time for a trip to the waterhole?
You tried to tell [NAME] a funny story about something that happened when you were exploring, but he/she didn't appear amused. Seems like your story fell upon deaf ears.
You were startled awake by [NAME] rearranging some rocks within your den. It seems he/she hadn't realised how loud he/she was being!
If Female: [NAME] seemed upset that she couldn’t go hunting with the others. You began to explain that it was only to protect her from any threatening predators, but stopped when you realised it was a futile effort. Instead, you chose to sit close to her and nuzzle her comfortingly.
Double Uterus
[NAME] is sulking after another pride member called her a rude name. You reassure her that she's just got cub-bearing hips.
If Pregnant: [NAME] asks you if you're ready for the loving sound of the pitter-patter of your cubs' paws. She doesn't seem so amused when you joke about it being a stampede of paws instead.
If Pregnant: [NAME] invites you to feel her cubs as they kick around. You gently place a paw on her belly, instantly feeling several limbs fighting back against you. How many cubs are even IN there?!
[NAME] waddled over to you when he/she saw you, his/her little legs moving as quickly as they could.
[NAME] leaned against your side, pouting about the fact that the other lions kept outrunning them.
[NAME] tried to jump up on a rock but failed miserably, his/her short legs flailing desperately in thin air.
You sat up from a nap and wondered out loud where [NAME] went. His/Her answering voice right behind you scared the crap out of you!
You smiled while watching [NAME] wrestle with the cubs. He/She was practically outmatched immediately! So cute.
If Female: You watched [NAME] walk through the tall grass almost completely hidden and wondered how they would do on a hunt.
Folded Ears
As [NAME] shook his/her fur, you heard the sound of his/her ears flopping against his/her head.
[NAME] walked up to you and blundered right into your butt. It seemed his/her floppy ears were covering his/her eyes as he/she looked down.
You were going on about how you had totally owned that hyena earlier, when you realize [NAME] wasn't even listening. Or... maybe he/she couldn't hear you?
[NAME] whined about how his/her ears were itching on the inside. Perhaps it is time for another dust bath.
Whenever [NAME] ran towards you, flappy ears everywhere and happy to see you, you couldn't help but break out in a big smile as well.
[NAME] looked slightly annoyed while a pridemate amused itself by flicking his/her ears.
[NAME] plopped down next to you, asking about his/her dad. Not this discussion again...
You rubbed against [NAME], ensuring him/her that it doesn't matter who his/her dad is, that you will appreciate them just the same.
You rolled your eyes once again as [NAME] asked you about going to the forest. No, they can not become one with the leopards.
You sighed and stared up at a yummy meal you found stashed in a tree... Then suddenly [NAME] climbed right up and knocked it down for you! Awesome!
You were surprised to find [NAME] sopping wet when you went to say hello. He/She had apparently heard leopards were decent at fishing, and he/she wanted to try it out.
You were startled at the sight of a feline too small to be a lion stalking around on the outskirts of your pride. You were about to chase off this intruder, then you realized it was just [NAME] practicing his/her pouncing.
Mane Feathery, Mane Frizzy, and Mane Shaggy
You walked up to give [NAME] a bro hug, but upon closer inspection you realized that [LIONESS] is, indeed, not a bro.
[NAME] got a little flower stuck on the back of her mane. It’s actually really adorable so you didn’t tell her about it.
[NAME] practically took the entire dust bath with her when she was finished with it.
In the high grass, it seemed like a bush was moving and stalking. It took you a bit to realize it was [NAME].
Sprawled out in the shade next to [NAME], you complained how all this fur is just SO HOT. She agreed, sprawling out next to you. Finally, someone in the pride who understands your pain!
After crossing a river, you started laughing at how [NAME] looked like a sodden mat of grass. She laughed as well... so did you! You both spent some time on the bank cackling like morons together.
You tackled [NAME] to have some fun wrestling, and she pulled at a clump of sensitive fur near your ear! How did she know that would work...oh!
Showing off her fabulous mane, [NAME] makes all the pride males jealous.
Frustrated at a recent battle loss while exploring, you meandered over to [NAME] and buried your face in her fur. It surrounded your entire face and felt comforting.
You noticed that [NAME]’s fur looked sleek and well-groomed today, and some decorations lined her head. It seemed that the other pride mates had some fun with her fluff earlier, and she looked quite proud.
Mane Fluffy, Mane Fuzzy, Mane Ruffled, and Mane Scruffy
[NAME] kept complaining about having to clean her fur every five minutes. You started to make a joke, but [NAME] then demanded you help her groom.
[NAME] came out of a thicket with her fur all full of sticks and leaves. You offered to help them get her out and spent the rest of the morning doing just that.
After a moment of eager nuzzling, you noticed [NAME]’s long fur standing up and poofing out. She rolled her eyes when you started laughing.
You playfully stuck a feather into the fur on [NAME]’s head. She laughed and asked how she looked. Quite elegant, really.
Mane Silky, and Overgrown Fur
[NAME] kept complaining about having to clean her fur every five minutes. You started to make a joke, but [NAME] then demanded you help her groom.
You saw [NAME] sitting in the shade, trying to keep cool. It must be hot under that layer of heavy fur!
[NAME] shook him/herself after a sudden rainfall, showering everyone nearby in droplets soaked up by all that fur.
You asked [NAME] if she ever stores food in her toe fur for later. She snorted and then swatted at you.
You leaned down to sip at some water and then suddenly the bush nearby pounced on you! [NAME] fell over laughing while you recovered from your miniature heart-attack.
You ran up to [NAME] and rubbed your body against hers in a display of affection. As you pulled away from her you noticed all of that poofy fur standing on end because of static. Oops.
Mane Villous
You walk up to [NAME], eager to share your newest joke with her. "What do you get when you cross [NAME] with a rabbit? ...Curly hare!" She stares blankly at you, clearly unamused.
[NAME] grunted in frustration as another pride member was grooming her. Her fur just wouldn't sit the way she wanted it to, and twigs kept getting caught in all the curls!
While surveying your pride, your eyes catch on a particularly interesting bird's nest that you swear wasn't there before. Upon closer examination, you realise it's actually [NAME], peacefully snoozing with a bad case of bed-fur. Whoops.
You noticed that [NAME] looked sad. You asked him what was wrong, and he told you that the other lions keep calling him a girl.
You approached [NAME], brushing up against him affectionately, before realizing that you mistook him for someone else. Oops.
[NAME] tried to shake his mane in a manly manner and you couldn't stop laughing at the sight.
You tried to sprawl out in the shade to keep cool, and [NAME] came up to grin and tell you that you looked ridiculous. Ugh, it's not your fault that you have floof everywhere and he doesn't!
You were loitering around and you saw [NAME] stretching and grooming himself. He have to admit.
A hyena wandered onto your territory and tried to steal some food but [LIONESS] was quick enough to run up and scare it off. It ran away, but not without cackling at the guy for his lack of a mane. Poor dude...
One of the pride cubs was practicing stalking on some nearby pride members' tails. They looked extremely confused when they pounced on [NAME]’s tail and did not find the tail tuft they expected.
You were walking through the shadows when suddenly [NAME] jumped out and tackled you! Damn, where'd they come from?
[NAME] wanted to play hide and seek. When you tried to find him/her you didn't notice him/her hiding in a dark hole and accidentally stepped on them. Oops!
You accidentally tripped over [NAME]! You couldn't see him/her there lying in the shadows.
You found [NAME] lying in the shade, panting. Their fur seeming to radiate with heat in the sun.
Pacing behind the lionesses, [NAME] seemed like one of their shadows. Except that this shadow turned to grin at you. Creepy, but cool.
[NAME] struggled to be in any way sneaky during the day today. He/She knew, however, that once night fell...
[NAME] was on guard duty all night, so he/she barely twitched and kept on snoring when you wandered over to greet him/her.
Overgrown Claws
[NAME] approached you, batting you playfully, but accidentally gave you a nasty cut. Ouch, thanks, [NAME].
[NAME] yawned and itched his/her ear, however he/she clawed his/her own cheek pretty good. They gave you an embarrassed look and scurried away.
[NAME] stretched and made long grooves in the dirt with their claws.
[NAME] spent some time stretching and clawing at a favorite scratching tree. The tree only barely survived the process.
When trying to tussle with the other lionesses, [NAME] would always scratch them up pretty good. Oops!
A strange lion refused to back down from your threats. [NAME] appeared and flexed their paws menacingly... Well that was quite effective.
[NAME] spent a little more time than most lions on stretching and scratching some rocks. Their lengthy claws look razor sharp now.
Overgrown Teeth
As you approached, [NAME] yawned and batted at you sleepily. Man, those teeth are impressive even when they're lazy!
You heard [NAME] huff angrily, complaining about the fact that he/she keeps getting food stuck between his/her teeth.
[NAME] tried to smile gently to a younger lion, but only ended up scaring them away instead.
A group of hyenas harassing the pride at the border fled in fear at the sight of [NAME]'s feral snarl! You both feel quite proud.
You learned long ago to not headbutt [NAME] too over-enthusiastically. You still have a tiny scar under your mane from last time.
If Female: [NAME] bounded towards you to greet you with head nuzzles. You had to calm yourself for a moment after you automatically thought that grin was a snarl.
As you approached [NAME], his/her butt started wiggling, and he/she ended up slapping you in the face with his/her tails from excitement.
[NAME] ran through the grass gleefully, whacking the vegetation with his/her tails.
You accidentally stepped on one of [NAME]'s tails, and while trying to get off of it you stepped on the other one as well. Awkward...
While stalking blowing leaves with [NAME], you started when you thought you saw a snake! In truth, it was just [NAME]'s second tail twitching in the grass. Whew.
[NAME] twitched his/her tails in annoyance when you wandered over to bother him/her during a nap. Man, with two tails, he/she looked doubly annoyed!
[NAME] was practicing his/her climbing skills, when he/she lost his/her grip. He/She tried to balance him/herself with his/her tail. Oh wait...
[NAME] stumbled and with a lot of wild maneuvering with his/her butt he/she finally regained his/her balance.
You noticed that [NAME] twitches his/her butt when annoyed. You decided not to comment on it, however, as hilarious as it was.
[NAME] seems to have trouble turning quickly while running, but it also seems that he/she is great at leaping. You tell him/her that, and he/she looks thoughtful...
[NAME] noticed your mane was looking a bit dirty and tangled, so he/she offered to groom it for you. You quickly declined, saying you'll take care of it later on your own. You still had a bald spot from the last time [NAME] cleaned you with their barbed tongue.
[NAME] seemed down today. When you asked him/her what was wrong, he/she looked up at you with sadness in his/her eyes and asked why everyone treats him/her so differently.
While you were trying to enjoy a nap, [NAME] bounced around excitedly, asking you to take him/her on an adventure. You growled at him/her to let you sleep for a couple more hours, to which [NAME] huffed and mumbled something about how lazy lions are. You would have batted at him/her, if you weren't so tired.
While all the other members of your pride seemed to avoid the river near your lands, [NAME] enjoyed swimming playfully for hours each day, always returning with sopping wet fur. You had to admit, it was pretty impressive to watch him/her dive under the water, and you could always admire a nice pair of strong muscles at work.
You find [NAME] splayed out near some water, panting heavily and looking generally miserable. He/She started to complain about how hot it was today, and how he/she wanted to go play in the snuh. You give him/her a weird look - it feels great today, and snuh is way too cold to do anything in!
If Female: After instructing your lionesses to go out on a hunt, [NAME] walked up to you and looked offended at your inability to hunt your own meal. You explained that the females of the pride are the ones who kill prey and provide for the pride. [NAME] turns up her nose and struts away, muttering under her breath about "useless males" and "outdated societal norms". What?
If First Generation: [NAME] looks at you with a puzzled expression and asks what a "zoo" is. You scoff, telling him/her to go ask him/her real father instead.


Random Cub Interactions
You approach your cub and say a hello, but your cub suddenly squeaked and dashed off. Oops, you scared the little bugger!
You were enjoying a nice sunbeam when something began clawing your tail. Ah, it’s your cub. Ouchie, please leave some fur on there, little one.
You playfully bat your cub over in greeting as you approached, and your cub squeals in glee. You keep tussling with your paws for a while.
Your cub is sitting in the grass looking bummed. You pick them up by the scruff of the neck and carry them to your sleeping spot, where you groom them until they feel better.
You sneak up on your cub, purposefully badly. The little one finds your crappy stalking hilarious, and is giggling while trying to pretend you’ve got them!
Your cub found a pretty rock. You carry it to water and rinse it off for them, and they are delighted at how it now sparkles in the sun!
Your cub was struggling to drag a mongoose carcass over to where you lay. You watched them in amusement before walking over to accept their gift.
Your cub appears to be in complete zoomie-mode. You chew on a bone and have fun watching them randomly run from one bush to another, their eyes huge.
You say hello to your cub, but then suddenly they pounce on your face. Ooof!
Your cub wants to show off how tough they are. You hide your laughter as they practice their best roars and snarls. It’s so cute, you can’t handle it.
You bring a grasshopper to your cub, and they are delighted. You relax and watch them pounce after it, until they finally manage to catch it and munch it. Good cub!
Your cub suddenly runs up to you, bops you on the paw, and shouts “TAG! You’re it”! You enjoy the game until you’re tired.
You attempt to teach your cub how to grab fish, but they get distracted just rolling in the water. Ah well. You join them and eventually you both come home with muddy paws.
Your cub wants to hear your mightiest roar! You gladly demonstrate! When you’re done, though, you find that they are gone. Whoops....too much?
You laughingly greet your lioness and start gently pretending to eat them. They shriek and laugh and tell you your teeth tickle.
Your cub doesn’t want a bath. Well too bad. They can cry and moan all they want, but they smell like butt. You catch them between your paws and give them a good licking.
You find your cub sniffling sadly. It turns out, they got pushed away from the carcass by the others and now they’re hungry. Poor little one! You scrounge up some leftover scraps for them, and they are delighted.
Your cub got in trouble today for biting too hard. You feel bad, but you relegate them to the time out bush. They have to learn to play nice.
You’re chilling in the sun, and suddenly your cub runs by screaming and laughing. What on earth...? Are all cubs tiny nutbars?
Your cub doesn’t want a nap. Doesn’t NEED a nap. Which is what they are telling you. Crying. At the top of their lungs. Yeah. Sure. You carry the little bugger to bed.
It’s funny how long your cub can remain amused by a stick. It’s not even a proper toy! But there they are, dragging it around in circles. Wait...are they drawing something?
You are lying in the dirt and your cub flops on you in greeting. You roll over and squish them a little, and they laugh.
Your cub is trying to squish your toes. It tickles, and they think it’s hilarious how much it makes you twitch.
Your cub just woke you up from sleeping. Again. For more water. And they have to pee. But it’s dark. Ugh.
It’s a quiet day. Or, it was. Now your cub is bouncing on your belly. Yes, we know you’re bored. We get it. You don’t have to say it over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again....
Your cub wants a story before bedtime. Alright, fair enough. You settle next to them and tell them about that one time Apedemak came up to you while exploring and you got in a fight over stars or fireflies...
Every time you get comfortable for a nap, your cub keeps trying to eat your feet. Maybe you ought to swat the little bugger. Just a little. They’d get a kick out of it anyways...
You settle down to munch a nice, fat, gerbil. Or....not. Your cub nyoomed over, grabbed it, and nyoomed away. Awwww...
Your cub wants to play king of the hill. Er, king of your shoulders. Versus your tail. Is your tail winning? Yah, totally winning. Your tail is awesome.
Your cub really, really wants that meerkat snack. Like, so badly. The screeching is getting old, fast. You eat it to show them that life doesn’t always get them what they want.
Your cub wanted to go swimming with you. Really. Though, now you are waiting for them in the water and they’re sitting on the shore, too terrified to move. Hah.
You are annoyed at that damn green snake. So demanding. Your cub suggests that they could go boop their snoot. That sounds like a great idea, actually. Let’s go boop the snoot.
Your cub came up and curled into your side. Just as you both were about to fall asleep, they sneeze. Or at least you think that’s what that sound was. Your brain was too busy melting from the cute to know for sure.
You were listening to your pride mate’s hunting plans when your cub flopped on your face. Ah, great, cub butt everywhere. So much cub butt.
You were enjoying the soft sound of birds. Then, your cub proudly sauntered up, farted, and then died laughing. They think it’s far funnier than you do. Cubs.
You get into an argument with your cub over who would win in a fight - Apedemak or the Sangoma Leader. The cub says Apedemak, because he’s a lion...but you’ve seen what that human does with the weather...
You are enjoying a walk with your cub, when they suddenly dive forward shouting NUTRIENTS! Oh no. No! Don’t eat those nutrients! SPIT IT OUT!
Your cub is telling you about a weird dream they had last night. Apparently you battled a walking feathered lizard thing, and then a flying metal thing shot light at you, and then dead, decaying hyenas chased you, and then you were talking to ghosts...are they sure that wasn’t a nightmare?
You were just chillaxing when your cub came over with a mouthful of flowers. Awwww, cute. You don’t mind how mashed up they got while the cub was walking.
Your cub asks you why you wrestle with lionesses so much. You tell them it’s...good exercise...yeah. That.
Your cub is trying to wake you up before dawn. No. You don’t wanna. Ugh. Before dawn, they’re your pride mate’s cub. You ignore them as best you can.
You tackle-hug cub, happy to see them. Except apparently you did it a little too hard. They wander off crying to their protector. Awwwww crap. You feel awful. Bad lion.
You majestically stand on the biggest hill in your territory, surveying your lands. You notice your cub standing next to you, copying your glorious stance. Awww yeah. We’re the best.
Your cub is rolling all over you and chewing on your fur. You kind of want to murder something, but you hold it in. This cub is great. This is your cub. Happy cub is good. Yup.

Cub Accident  

Accident Blurbs
Your cub has wandered away from your den and has gotten itself trapped in a deep trench. After a few hours of climbing it finally managed to crawl out, bruised and miserable.
Your cub has gone on quite a journey after chasing a curious little bug from the den! It was lost in the heat for quite a few hours and stumbled back to the den dirtied and dehydrated.
Your cub managed to climb up a tree and couldn’t get down. Eventually it fell on its wee bum, hurting itself a little.
In an attempt to catch a snack, your cub visited a nearby carcass. Fortunately for the cub, it was already too big for the vulture to carry off. It returned to your den rather scruffy and frightened.
Your cub wandered out a little too far, and got chased by a small group of wandering hyenas. It managed to escape, but not before getting roughed up a little in the scuffle.
In trying to investigate that dark, shadowy area, your cub accidentally ran into migrating buffalo! It was found by a lioness during a hunting run and brought back bruised, bloodied, but otherwise alive to your den.
Your cub decided to follow your sub-male on patrol! Unfortunately, the poor cub wasn’t able to keep up and got lost in a thorn thicket along the way. It returned, but got scratched up.
Your cub decided to visit the nearby watering hole and underestimated the shore. It fell in but managed to drag itself out though thoroughly drenched. It managed to return home, chilled to the bone.
Your cub was pretending to hunt when it accidentally ran right into a herd of zebra. The angry equines chased your poor little cub quite a long way. It returned to your den exhausted and bruised.
Your cub twisted its paw while trying to climb some tall rocks.
Your cub managed to escape your lionesses’ attention and got stuck in a swamp. Luckily your lionesses found it before it drowned, but it was brought back to the den exhausted and cold.
Your cub was innocently chasing a butterfly - right into a honey badger den. Not caring, the honey badger chased it back toward your territory, leaving it scratched and bruised.
Your cub wandered off to the local dirt road. It did not realise the cars were moving towards it. Thankfully, although limping, it came back home alive.
Your cub was discovered by a rogue male wandering your territory. Your lionesses managed to chase off the rogue, but your cub sustained some small injuries in the fight.
Your cub stumbled upon some tiny cheetah cubs. Their mother was not happy about its discovery, and your cub only barely managed to get away, bleeding from several injuries.
Your cub wandered around the pridelands for the day, not knowing it was close to hyena territory. The resident hyenas saw the cub as a tasty meal and pursued it. The cub got away but sprained a leg in the process, leaving it limping.

Cub Death  

Death Blurbs
Your cub has died by trampling when trying to learn more about water buffalo.
Your cub has died from trying to find a new playmate! It seems the leopard cub’s mother wasn’t as happy about your cub as her offspring was.
Your cub wandered off from the den to get a drink at a nearby river, but didn’t see the resident crocodile in time.
Your cub wandered too far from the den and got snatched by an opportunistic hyena.
Your cub wandered out of the high grass and was found and carried off by a martial eagle.
Your cub was discovered by a rogue male on your territory and was killed.
Your cub went on a little adventure. Sadly for the cub, said adventure led right into the jaws of a hungry jackal.
Your cub wandered off and got lost. Unfortunately, your lionesses were unable to find any trace of it, probably eaten by a predator.
Your cub decided to investigate the big, grey log at the watering hole! The hippo wasn’t exactly thrilled to be climbed on.
Your cub got too far from the den and died trying to play with a black mamba.
Your cub was found dead in the bush last night, partially eaten by hyenas.
Your cub died last night due to infection caused by an earlier injury.
Body of your cub was found on top of an anthill, partially devoured by insects.
Your pride found your cub impaled on a dried tree branch.
Your cub choked on a leftover bone and died from suffocation.
Your cub slipped into the nearby watering hole. It was unable to gain traction on the muddy shore and unfortunately drowned.
Your cub climbed a tall tree and fell out. Sadly, it died of its injuries not long afterward.
Your cub was found dead of internal injuries this morning. Judging from the tracks, it angered a young bull elephant.
Your cub climbed a big rock but then was too scared to climb down. Unattended, its cries fell on deaf ears and it died of heat stroke atop the rock.
Your cub was found dead in a poacher’s snare this morning.
Your cub was caught and killed by a local villager for harassing their chickens.
Your cub wandered into a nearby swamp and sadly drowned before your lionesses could find it.
Your cub was found dead by your lionesses this morning. There were no signs of predators, so apparently it ate something toxic.
Your cub was tussling with cubs in a neighboring pride until the reigning lion discovered and killed it.
Your cub spent the evening chasing rabbits but got lost. Your lionesses tried to find it but were unable to.
Your cub found some meat left out by a villager. Little did it know, the meat was tainted and it died after consuming the meat.
Your cub was found dead on a nearby roadside, apparently lethally hit by a human vehicle.
Your cub was found dead in a tree, taken by a leopard.

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