What Is a Rollover?  

In short, clicking the "Rollover!" button progresses you to yet another month on Lioden, aging your lions and battle beetles by a month, making your food rot, and so on.

Rollover happens each day at 2:05am Lioden time. You can proceed to rollover anytime between the rollover time to another day's rollover time. If it's only 30 minutes before the next rollover and you are about to roll over your account for the day that is already ending, you will receive a special notification on your rollover screen that rolling-over your account might be risky, as you might not make it in time to feed and play with your lions before the next rollover happens on your account, so make sure to pay attention to the time on Lioden!

Warning: Daily rollover resets at 2:05am server time. This notice means it is less than 30 minutes until that time. Please make sure you have time to care for lions in this time if you rollover now.

Clicking the "Let's Go!" button will initiate your rollover. Please make sure not to refresh the page, or click it more than once, as doing so may result in errors. If such would be the case, you should contact the Modbox about your issue.

Once you have had a successful rollover, then you'll receive the following banner notification on your page:

You have had your rollover! Have a great day! You got ____ for rolling over ___ days in a row!

You're free to go now! Who knows what adventures await you today?

What Does Rollover Do?  

Rollover is what makes the site advance by one day. It occurs each day at 2:05am Lioden time. As each player presses the "Rollover" button, it starts processing their rollovers in the order that they come in, thus queueing each payer's rollovers. When there are many players attempting to rollover at once, their rollovers may process more slowly as they are completing in order.

Rollover causes the daily aging of your lions and advances hunger, mood and pregnancies. It also advances trade expiries if you have any open trades, and will remove trade cooldowns on lions traded before the rollover. Food expiring also advances on rollover.

Reclaiming lost lions counts down by REAL LIFE days, NOT rollover.

Missing Rollovers  

One of the common questions about Lioden's gameplay is: "What happens if I don't roll over my account for a few days?". If you won't roll over your account, your lions, food, battle beetles and pregnancies will remain intact until you choose to roll over again. This means that your account is basically frozen in time until you choose to roll over your account again.

However, you cannot play the game if you do not roll over your account. The only exception to that is the Modbox.

Rollover Rewards  

You can also earn rewards for Rolling-over! Each day that you roll over in a row, you'll get the corresponding reward. If you break the chain, then you will be reset back to Day 1. Once you reach Day 29 and receive the Random Marking Applicator, your next rollover will bring you back to Day 1 again.

20 SB
40 SB
60 SB
Random Toy
Vulture Egg
Nesting Material
Lucky Foot
20 SB
40 SB
60 SB
Random Toy
Vulture Egg
Nesting Material
Lucky Foot
20 SB
40 SB
60 SB
Random Toy
Vulture Egg
Nesting Material
Lucky Foot
20 SB
40 SB
60 SB
Random Toy
Vulture Egg
Nesting Material
Lucky Foot
Random Marking Applicator

Random Toys Pool  

Random Toys awarded for consecutive rollovers are drawn from the following toy pool:

Aardwolf Tail

Abandoned Nest

Albino Feather

Archer's Buzzard Feather

Barn Owl Feather

Broken Camera

Bushbuck Horns

Cape Eagle Owl Feather

Caracal Skull

Cheetah Skin

Cheetah Skull

Civet Skull


Cow Skull

Cracked Egg

Crane Feather

Dried Ferns

Egyptian Goose Feather

Elephant Skull

Fennec Skull

Flamingo Feather

Glossy Ibis Feather

Grass Owl Feather

Grey Crowned Crane Feather

Guilt Trip

Hippo Skull

Hoopoe Feather

Hornbill Feather

Hornbill Skull

Hyrax Fur

Hyrax Skull

Jacana Leg

Kingfisher Feather

Lion Skull

Little Owl Feather

Long Eared Owl Feather

Malachite Sunbird Feathers

Marsh Owl Feather

Meerkat Skull

Nightjar Feather

Ostrich Feather

Otter Skull

Pel's Fishing Owl Feather

Pet Rock

Rat Skull

Red Eagle Feather

Red Squirrel Tail

Rhino Skull

Rib Bone

Rugged Tire

Sable Horns

Sacred Ibis Feather

Scimitarbill Feathers

Secretary Bird Feather

Senegal Feather

Serval Skin

Shining Drongo Feather

Shoebill Feather

Shrike Feather

Snake Skin - Dark

Southern White-Faced Owl Feather

Spoonbill Feather

Spotted Hyena Skull

Stork Feather

Striped Eagle Feather

Striped Hyena Skull

Vulture Feather

Vulturine Guineafowl Feather


Weasel Pelt