Still bored? Try out the special Match-3 type game that we have: Serengeti Shuffle!

How to Play  

Serengeti Shuffle is just like most Match-3 games. Get three or more in a row and score big points. Get enough points, and you'll win a prize!

You can swipe vertically or horizontally to match groups of three or five tiles together.
You have three lives to start off with and 120 seconds to play. There is no way to extend your playtime, so you have to try and make as many matches as you can before the time runs out!

The only way that you can lose a life is if there are no current matches to be made on the board. If that happens, the board will reshuffle and one of your three lives will be lost. Although rare, it is possible that your board will need to be reshuffled three times, thus causing your game to end due to lives lost before the timer runs out! It is also possible for the timer to run out before your lives are lost - the game ends automatically after 120 seconds, or once you lose all three lives, whichever comes first.


Serengeti Shuffle has some pretty decent prizes you can earn for a mere two minutes of gameplay. Let's check them out.

Below 2000  


2000 to 2499  

20 to 50 SB

African Wild Dog Skull

Bone Marrow

Broken Drone

Cheetah Skull


Decayed Giraffe Hide

Dry Palm Leaf

Serval Tail

2500 to 2999  

100 SB

Aging Pebble

Lucky Foot

Nesting Material

Snake Skull

Vulture Egg

3000 to 3499  

200 SB

Elephant Carcass

Food Bundle

Giraffe Carcass


Toy Bundle

3500 to 4443  

400 SB

Black Stallion


Dove Feast

Giant Tortoise


Snake Scent



400 SB

Black Stallion


Dove Feast

Giant Tortoise


Snake Scent




Betsiboka River

Crashing Wave

Elephant Ear Lake

Ile Sante Marie Beach


Madagascar Shore

Mangoky River

Otter Beach


Angonoka Tortoise

Banded Kestrel

Beautiful Mantella

Black-Eared Mantella

Blue Coua

Blue Vanga

Brachycorythis congoensis

Brown Mesite

Bundle of Lovebirds [Grey-Headed]

Coquerel's Coua

Crested Coua

Crested Drongo

Crowned Sifaka

Cuckoo Roller

Curious Fanaloka

Curious Ring-Tailed Lemur

Devil's Backbone

Flowering Crown of Thorns


Frances' Sparrowhawk Female

Frances' Sparrowhawk Male

Giant Coua

Giant Mouse Lemur

Grandidier's Tufted-tailed Rat

Greater Hedgehog Tenrec

Greater Vasa Parrot

Helmet Vanga

Humblot's Heron

Madagascan Blue Iguana

Madagascan Blue Pigeon

Madagascan Crested Ibis

Madagascan Fish Eagle

Madagascan Flufftail

Madagascan Pygmy Kingfisher

Madagascan Rail

Madagascar Day Gecko

Madagascar Giant Swallowtail

Madagascar Green Pigeon

Malagasy Sacred Ibis

Malagasy Scops Owl

Masuku Tree

Namaqua Dove

Ocelot Gecko

Peracca's Madagascar Frog

Pied Kingfisher

Playful Fanaloka

Polka Dot Plant

Pussy Ears

Rainbow Burrowing Frog

Ring-Tailed Mongoose

Rockhopper Penguins

Satanic Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Short-Horned Chameleon

Sitting Fossa

Sitting Ring-Tailed Lemur

Subantarctic Fur Seal

Tambourine Dove

Traveler's Palm

Two-Banded Chameleon

Umbrella Papyrus

Van Dam's Vanga

Vernonia karaguensis

Violet Tree

Wandering Ring-Tailed Lemur

Yellow-Headed Day Gecko


There is one achievement that can be earned from Serengeti Shuffle.

How to Get
Do The Shuffle
Earn a score of 5,000 or more points in one game of Serengeti Shuffle.
How to Get
Serengeti Shuffle is your typical Match-3 type game, like Bejeweled. Play fast and try to get as many matches as possible within the time limit to get this score.

Achievement Method  

The method to earning this achievement is to practice! Serengeti Shuffle is easy to play on a mobile touchscreen device, so if you have one at your disposal, it's advised to try getting the achievement by playing the game on your touchscreen device versus attempting to play it on a laptop or desktop.