These markings are quite special due to the way they are released on the site. With raffle markings, they are only introduced through weekly raffle lionesses, but can be applied using Random Marking Applicators or Total Shuffles if you're extremely lucky.
Rosettes, while also able to be found on raffle lionesses and applied with RMAs and Total Shuffles, are the only markings on the site that show up seemingly randomly by breeding.
Hybrid markings only appear on first generation hybrids and their descendants!

This page contains information on Tier 2, Tier 4, and Tier 5 markings.

Raffle Markings  

All raffle markings are considered Tier 2 markings.

As mentioned above, these are markings that are brought in to the site via weekly raffle lionesses, but can also be randomly applied using the Random Marking Applicator and Total Shuffle! All raffle markings have "common" and "rare" slots that they come in, and everything in between. Slots do matter for breeding projects, so if you find out you have a lion with a raffle marking in a very rare slot, you may just be sitting on a huge pile of Gold Beetles!

Curious to see just how rare some raffle markings are? Check out the Raffle Marking Slot Rarity page!


Gold Brindle

Tangor Brindle


Brown Crackle

Dark Brown Crackle

Marigold Crackle

Noctis Crackle

Onyx Crackle

Red Crackle

White Crackle


Lilac Crumbing

Tan Crumbing

Tangor Crumbing


Dim Black

Dim Blue

Dim Brown

Dim Dark Brown

Dim Gold

Dim Lilac

Dim Mahogany

Dim Noctis

Dim Onyx

Dim Red

Dim Silver

Dim White

Dorsal Line  

Dorsal Line



Feline 1 Black

Feline 1 Dark Brown

Feline 1 Ginger

Feline 1 Gold

Feline 1 Noctis

Feline 1 Onyx

Feline 1 Silky

Feline 1 Silver


Feline 2 Black

Feline 2 Dark Brown

Feline 2 Ginger

Feline 2 Gold

Feline 2 Noctis

Feline 2 Onyx

Feline 2 Silky

Feline 2 Silver


Feline 3 Black

Feline 3 Dark Brown

Feline 3 Ginger

Feline 3 Gold

Feline 3 Noctis

Feline 3 Onyx

Feline 3 Silky

Feline 3 Silver


Feline 4 Black

Feline 4 Dark Brown

Feline 4 Ginger

Feline 4 Gold

Feline 4 Noctis

Feline 4 Onyx

Feline 4 Silky

Feline 4 Silver


Feline 5 Black

Feline 5 Dark Brown

Feline 5 Ginger

Feline 5 Gold

Feline 5 Noctis

Feline 5 Onyx

Feline 5 Silky

Feline 5 Silver


Feline 6 Black

Feline 6 Dark Brown

Feline 6 Ginger

Feline 6 Gold

Feline 6 Noctis

Feline 6 Onyx

Feline 6 Silky

Feline 6 Silver


Feline 7 Black

Feline 7 Dark Brown

Feline 7 Ginger

Feline 7 Gold

Feline 7 Noctis

Feline 7 Onyx

Feline 7 Silky

Feline 7 Silver


Feline 8 Black

Feline 8 Dark Brown

Feline 8 Ginger

Feline 8 Gold

Feline 8 Noctis

Feline 8 Onyx

Feline 8 Silky

Feline 8 Silver


Feline 9 Black

Feline 9 Dark Brown

Feline 9 Ginger

Feline 9 Gold

Feline 9 Noctis

Feline 9 Onyx

Feline 9 Silky

Feline 9 Silver


Fulvous Glaze

Inverted Zebra  

Bone Inverted Zebra

Cream Inverted Zebra

Marigold Inverted Zebra

Quartz Inverted Zebra

Royal Inverted Zebra

Shell Inverted Zebra

White Inverted Zebra


Bone Lace

Coral Lace

Cream Lace

Marigold Lace

Quartz Lace

Royal Lace

Saffron Lace

Shell Lace

Silky Lace

White Lace


Chert Margay

Cream Margay

Dark Brown Margay

Ginger Margay

Lilac Margay

Noctis Margay

Onyx Margay

Steele Margay


Black Panther

Chert Panther

Clay Panther

Dark Brown Panther

Gold Panther

Onyx Panther

Red Panther

Scoria Panther

Steele Panther

Tangor Panther


Black Pelage

Brown Pelage

Chert Pelage

Dark Brown Pelage

Fulvous Pelage

Lilac Pelage

Noctis Pelage

Onyx Pelage

Steele Pelage


Lilac Points


Bone Rims

Cream Rims

Marigold Rims

Royal Rims

Shell Rims

Silky Rims

White Rims


Black Rogue

Chert Rogue

Dark Brown Rogue

Fulvous Rogue

Lilac Rogue

Scoria Rogue

Steele Rogue

Tangor Rogue


Fulvous Shine


Lilac Siamese

Soft Unders  

Bone Soft Unders

Coral Soft Unders

Cream Soft Unders

Marigold Soft Unders

Quartz Soft Unders

Royal Soft Unders

Shell Soft Unders

Silky Soft Unders

White Soft Unders


Bone Underfelt

Coral Underfelt

Cream Underfelt

Marigold Underfelt

Quartz Underfelt

Royal Underfelt

Saffron Underfelt

Shell Underfelt

Silky Underfelt

White Underfelt


Vitiligo 1

Vitiligo 2

Vitiligo 3

Vitiligo 4

Vitiligo 5

Vitiligo 6

Vitiligo 7

Vitiligo 8

Vitiligo 9


All Rosettes (barring Mottled Rosette) are considered Tier 4 markings.

Rosettes seem to be the most popular marking on Lioden currently, due to the mysterious nature of how they're passed on, and the fact that they appear to randomly pop up in any breeding; however, they are confirmed to have special breeding criteria. What that criteria is, exactly, is up to the players to figure out!
There are tons of theories and conspiracies floating around regarding how Rosettes work, but nobody truly knows—the code has yet to be cracked.

They are the most unique marking for one particular reason: you can breed two lions lacking Rosette markings together, and end up with a Rosette-marked cub. How? Well, that's what everyone's trying to figure out!

Rosettes CAN be passed down like other markings, but they have a lower pass rate than other markings do on the site. If you're working towards a nice design that includes a Rosette, your best bet would be to use an Ochre Gnawrock to secure a 100% pass rate for that marking onto your lion's offspring.

Note that all Rosettes BUT Mottled Rosette can be found on raffle lionesses as well. They get their own section due to their behaviour, as well as their tier.

Auburn Heavy Rosette

Auburn Soft Rosette

Brown Rosette

Cream Rosette

Dark Brown Heavy Rosette

Dark Brown Rosette

Dark Brown Soft Rosette

Doubloon Heavy Rosette

Doubloon Soft Rosette

Ebony Heavy Rosette

Ebony Soft Rosette

Ginger Heavy Rosette

Ginger Rosette

Ginger Soft Rosette

Gold Rosette

Inverted Heavy Rosette Bone

Inverted Heavy Rosette Cream

Inverted Heavy Rosette Gold

Inverted Heavy Rosette Saffron

Inverted Heavy Rosette Silky

Inverted Heavy Rosette White

Inverted Rosette Cream

Inverted Rosette Fallow

Inverted Rosette Gold

Inverted Rosette Saffron

Inverted Rosette Silky

Inverted Rosette White

Inverted Soft Rosette Bone

Inverted Soft Rosette Cream

Inverted Soft Rosette Gold

Inverted Soft Rosette Saffron

Inverted Soft Rosette Silky

Inverted Soft Rosette White

Noctis Heavy Rosette

Noctis Rosette

Noctis Soft Rosette

Onyx Heavy Rosette

Onyx Rosette

Onyx Soft Rosette

Red Heavy Rosette

Red Soft Rosette

Hybrid Markings  

All hybrid markings are considered Tier 5 markings.

Now, the following markings are completely unique, even for a unique marking already!

Mottled Rosette

Mottled Stripes

Mottled Rosette only appears on first generation Leopons, and can only be passed down by Leopons and their offspring.
If you have a lion with Mottled Rosette, there is a 100% chance that, at some point, it descended from a first generation Leopon. Even if you stumble upon a chased lioness with Mottled Rosette, or you find a heritageless king with Mottled Rosette, the original lion was sourced from a Leopon in some way!
There is no other way to get Mottled Rosette on a lion without Leopon heritage, even with a Random Marking Applicator or Total Shuffle. Mottled Rosette is blocked from being applied with those two applicators.

Mottled Stripes only appears on first generation Tigons, and can only be passed down by Tigons and their offspring.
If you have a lion with Mottled Stripes, there is a 100% chance that, at some point, it descended from a first generation Tigon. Even if you stumble upon a chased lioness with Mottled Stripes, or you find a heritageless king with Mottled Stripes, the original lion was sourced from a Tigon in some way!
There is no other way to get Mottled Stripes on a lion without Tigon heritage, even with a Random Marking Applicator or Total Shuffle. Mottled Stripes is blocked from being applied with those two applicators.

To keep these hybrid markings rare, you will never see them on a weekly raffle lioness. Thankfully, they do tend to be pretty easily passed down by respective hybrids of any generation. Their lion offspring have a more difficult time of passing down the markings naturally, but it can and does happen!