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Your territory is the home of you and your pride! It's important to make sure you have enough room for everyone so they can have plenty of space to grow. This page explains how to expand your territory, how to manage it, and how lions fit into territory slots.

How Territory Slots Work  

You, your main lion, are not counted towards territory space.

You find how many slots your territory is by scrolling down to "Male Lion", the first box on your den profile, and looking at Territory. It should be the third option down. A territory slot is how many grown lionesses (2+ years of age) you can have. 1 territory slot = 1 lioness. For example, a territory of 5 means you can house 5 lionesses. Cubs and adolescents do not count towards territory slots until they reach the age of 2. Sub males have their own slots, which are discussed here, and also do not count towards territory space. Frozen lions also will not count towards territory space.


In order to breed your lionesses, you will need to have one open territory slot to ensure that you will be able to care for your cubs. If you have 5 lionesses, you will need 6 territory slots to breed them. You do not need an extra territory slot per lioness to breed them; one spare slot is sufficient to breed all your lionesses.

If you need extra territory, you can either expand it or chase lionesses away. Chasing away cubs, adols, or sub males will not free up a slot. It must be a grown lioness in order to free up a space.

If your lionesses do run away, from low mood, hunger, or lack of space, you have seven real life days to reclaim them from the bottom of your den page.

Expanding Your Territory  

In order to expand your pride, you will need to expand your territory. There are two ways to do this: fighting and paying. You are given 2 free territory slots to start off with and you can get up to 40 before they start costing GB to buy.

Fighting: You can do this by fighting other lions via PVP (Player vs. Player). It will appear as an option along with skill and experience. If a player cannot be fought for territory, this means someone else has challenged them and won today and you will have to find another player to attack. Please note that you will not be able to attack someone who is more than 2 levels lower than yourself.

You will never lose territory if you lose a fight, nor will you lose territory if another player wins by attacking you.

Paying:You can buy territory slots 3-20 for SB. Slots 21-40 must be fought for. The table below shows how much each territory slot costs. To expand a territory slot via paying, click the little "+" next to Territory on your profile.


Slot Number Price Slot Number Price
1 and 2 FREE 12 550 SB or PvP
3 100 SB or PvP 13 600 SB or PvP
4 150 SB or PvP 14 650 SB or PvP
5 200 SB or PvP 15 700 SB or PvP
6 250 SB or PvP 16 750 SB or PvP
7 300 SB or PvP 17 800 SB or PvP
8 350 SB or PvP 18 850 SB or PvP
9 400 SB or PvP 19 900 SB or PvP
10 450 SB or PvP 20 950 SB or PvP
11 500 SB or PvP 21 to 40 PvP Only

Once you hit 40 territory, the only way to buy it is with GB. The pricing is as follows:

Slot Number Price
41 - 101 2 GB each
102-151 3 GB each
152 - 201 4 GB each
202 - 251 5 GB each
252+ 10 GB each

Each increase of 50 slots adds on another GB to the price, until you hit 252 territory and beyond—from there, each slot costs 10GB.

The amount of Broodmothers you can have in a pride hinges on your territory number. You can have 1 broodmother for every 10 slots, and the game rounds up to the nearest 10. For example:

Territory Total Broodmother Total
5 1
10 1
11 2
21 3
31 4
41 5

And so on, and so forth.

Be careful obtaining lots of lionesses; it can be very hard to keep a large pride happy!

Sub Male Slots  

In order to keep a male lion over the age of 2 years in your pride, you must purchase a sub male slot. Sub males do not take regular territory, they will only occupy their slot.

To purchase a slot go to your 'Den' page and scroll down to your pride information. Go to "Male Slots: 0/0 (+)". Clicking the (+) will prompt you to pay 500 silver beetles for your first slot. As you purchase more slots this cost will increase.
Besides buying, there is no other way of obtaining these slots.


Slot Number Price
1 500 SB
2 500 SB
3 4 GB
4 8 GB
5+ 15 GB

You can have an unlimited amount of subordinate male slots. After the fifth slot, all slots purchased afterwards will cost 15 GB.
Any male under the age of 2 years (24 months) will not need a slot, but upon aging up he will run away if there is no place for him in the pride. If there is a slot for him, then he will automatically take that slot; no need to manually place him!

Frozen Slots  

Frozen slots are used to hold any lions that you might make immortal with a jellyfish. There are three kinds of jellyfish, the Jellyfish, the Turritopsis Jellyfish, and the Translucent Jellyfish. Lions in a trade, hunting, pregnant or on nursing cooldown cannot be frozen.

Jellyfish Turritopsis Jellyfish Translucent Jellyfish
jellyfish.png jellyfish2.png translucentjelly.png

The Jellyfish is used to freeze cubs of 11 months or younger. It is only obtainable as a Slots Jackpot prize or by buying it from other players, and is usually used to freeze lethal mutations.

The Turritopsis Jellyfish is used to freeze adolescents and adult lions. It’s found in the Oasis for 5GB.

The Translucent Jellyfish acts like a décor item, and turns your lion invisible so that only the décor around it can be seen. This item doesn’t work on main males, and can be removed and re-equipped. It’s found in the Oasis for 2GB, and has 10 uses.

Frozen lions are able to be decorated and customised, and will lose gender, personality, and stats. They will never age, get hungry, or lose mood.
You CAN trade and transfer frozen lions, regardless of age or mutation status. Note that recently-frozen lions will not have the option to unfreeze them when they are moved to their new den.

Once you have frozen your lion, you have one hour from the time of freezing, or until rollover to unfreeze them if you made a mistake. If you do, the jellyfish will be returned to your hoard, and the lion unfrozen. If you do not unfreeze your lion in the 1 hour time frame then you will not be able to unfreeze them at all. They will remain frozen forever.


If after a few months you are tired of looking at your frozen lion, you can retire them to your dynasty for 10SB, or you can kill them or send them to the Nature Reserve. If you kill or reserve them, you will not be able to get them back.

You can have an unlimited amount of frozen slots. The first one is free, and the rest go up by 5GB each slot. Other than buying them, there is no other way to get the slots.


Slot Number Price Slot Number Price
1 Free 6 25 GB
2 5 GB 7 30 GB
3 10 GB 8 35 GB
4 15 GB 9 40 GB
5 20 GB 10 45 GB

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