Novel 3, Chapter 1 begins on January 20th at 02:10am LDT.
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It's a new day, so you come to meet Laharu as usual... and again, he's not here. Thinking you have some time to kill, you sit down to eat a zebra shoulder you've brought with you. You consume it in serene silence. Suddenly, you feel a tap on your rump.


Page 1

"Heeey, calm yourself!" As you turn around, Laharu appears to be standing behind you. He chuckles seeing your expression, then sits down next to you.

"So, have you found anything?" He asks, unable to look at anything else but your zebra leg.

Tell him about hyena packs
Page 2

"Oh, I see," Laharu exclaims after listening to your stories. "That's all though? Just... a lot of hyenas? Hm." He pretends to be thinking, but big drops of saliva dripping from his mouth reveal the only thing on his mind.

Page 3

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Laharu coughs and looks around, as if he isn't paying attention to your meal. He licks his paw and freezes with it lifted to his face - maybe to hide his hungry, sad look? You notice he's still able to peek at the zebra shoulder, though.

Page 4

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With a silent hyena whoop, Laharu leans against you, as if he's fainting from hunger.

Page 5

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You move the rest of the shoulder meat towards the hyena. He snorts excitedly and starts eating, even crunching the bones in the end. You listen to the slurping sounds, which are annoying to most lions.

Page 6

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"Just a minute," Laharu pleads with his mouth full, turning around to finish his meal. You see his shakey tail held up high as he crunches away on the bones. How... considerate.

Page 7

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When the hyena is done, you fight back the urge to nip his leg for all that nasty noise.

"Right! So, spotted hyenas. I think all the clues are starting to come together to a simple reason, really. It looks like all the packs from nearby lands joined together and are acting like locust, cleaning out all surroundings of any prey, and moving onto another clan to get more raiders, more land with more prey, and even more bellies to fill. Scary, and not a very smart move. They probably thought it was genius, but they lacked insight." Laharu cleans himself, as you wonder if he really ate all the bones.

"I don't think they're the reason for the Great Hunger, [NAME]. I think they just made it a bit worse. There's probably many reasons piled up, you know?"

Yeah, probably. What do you want to do?
Page 8

"I think I'll follow you as you explore. We need to find the scattered clans to narrow down the leader's whereabouts. Somewhere, there's a very smelly giant female that made all of this happen. If you defeat her, the clans might scatter." He gets up and stretches, then jumps a few times in place, riling himself up for the trip.

"I'll follow you quietly - you won't even know I'm there, until it's time to fight the clan packs! I will help out. Let's defeat, like, 10!"

"I mean, it's nice to rest a bit, but we really have to hunt down the clan packs! I'm right behind you, just doing my own thing until you meet the big crowds. We've defeated 0/10 so far."

We're Done!
Page 9

In order to proceed, you must complete this quest. You must defeat a total of 10 Large Hyena Clans.

Laharu will help you in battle—each time you hit your opponent, Laharu will do an additional 2 DMG against them. If you miss, Laharu will not hit the opponent.

You can use Lucky Feet to win these battles if the Large Hyena Clans are too difficult for you.

Once you have defeated a total of 10 Large Hyena Clans, return to the storyline page and click the "We're Done!" button.

"Whooooooooop! That's it! We made it! I was listening to their hyena chatter, and I think I know where the leader might be. We should meet again tomorrow and go together!"

You got +400 SB, +10% Impression, +20 LB and +200xLVL EXP!

Page 10

If this is your first time participating in the storyline, you'll earn the "Hyenoden" achievement upon reaching this page.

Laharu isn't here. Or, maybe he is, but he's hiding very well. Either way, you should come back tomorrow.

Page 11

This ends Novel 3, Chapter 1. You must wait until rollover to proceed to Novel 3, Chapter 2.
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