This page contains information regarding a retired event that no longer takes place on this site, hence the
"(Retired)" tag. Please view the content below at your own discretion. The content below is no longer relevant to Lioden and has only been uploaded for archival purposes.

Tigons were the second hybrid mutation introduced to Lioden. They are a cross between a lioness and a male tiger.
You can read more about them on the Tigons page!

This page details the mini-event on Lioden known as Tigon Hype, which lasted since September 14th 2018 till October 31st 2018.

Explore Encounters & News  

Starting on September 14th 2018, each passing week introduced a new explore encounter that featured a mysterious tiger, whose intentions became more obvious as time passed by. Would he settle down in the lands ruled by lions? Would he find a playmate…?

These encounters could be seen in Explore until 2019. It was a good time to be on Lioden!

September 14th, 2018  

News Post

"The Tigon hype train has launched! From now on, every Friday, a new Tiger-related encounter will appear in explore, until we post official news post with a Tigon update and official release! HYYYYPE!
The encounters start slow and slowly get bigger and bigger to build a whole story! Some encounters are just fun text, some can give you something cute! Perhaps the last one, on the day of the launch… could even turn out to be a lucky omen?"

Explore Encounter

Within a small cluster of dead trees, you spot a zebra-like pattern skulking around between the branches. The pattern's colour is a bit unusual, though… what was that?

September 21st, 2018  

News Post

"Some of you may have already seen a rather orange fellow lurking around in Explore. It seems he's getting a bit more frequent and upfront with his encounters… hmm!"

Explore Encounter

You let out an annoyed roar as a giant cat-like creature bumps into you from the side, tumbling you down in a rush. It has orange stripes and looks very nervous, almost like it's running from something. You exchange a look with the creature, but the cat then dashes off as the sound of a helicopter grows louder and louder. Perhaps it's chasing after this exotic animal that ran away from someplace?

September 28th, 2018  

News Post

"That strange, striped feline is getting pretty courageous, showing his face more frequently as time passes. Do you think he'll be friend or foe? "

Explore Encounter

You spot an exotic striped lion-like cat resting on a rock. When you approach the cat, it roars nervously.
Action Result Reward
Assert Dominance You come closer, puffing up your mane and emitting a fierce roar to show the newcomer who's boss around here. The big cat lowers its head and growls back, then immediately runs off. N/A
Attack! Initiates a battle with a Lonely Tiger. Acts as a regular battle, so you can gain SB, Experience, and Impression if battle is won.

+1 Lucky Foot (High Chance)
+1 Leopard Orchid (Very Low Chance

Battle with the Lonely Tiger

October 5th, 2018  

News Post

"Really, now… this is getting ridiculous! If this guy wasn't so handsome and charismatic, his striped butt would be out of Africa in a heartbeat. The audacity of some felines!

But wait… Is that mooing we hear? "

Explore Encounter

A recent zoo-escapee, the Siberian Tiger, appears to have made his new home in nearby lands. He has his own den, and tries to socialise with animals that look similar to him. When you approach him, the tiger doesn't growl. He invites you to eat with him, and shows off his most recent kill.
You found a Buffalo Carcass!

High Chance
You found a Buffalo Scrotum!

Low Chance
You found a GMO Cow!

Very Low Chance
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons. You will get one of three outcomes.

Additionally, on this day, Xylax's king was replaced with a tiger resembling the Lonely Tiger from explore!
Click the image below to visit their page.

"Many moons ago this comrade ran away from a scary prison called zoo. He roams the forests of Africa to find a playmate.He's not for studding! He cannot produce tigons, he's here just as part of lore :) It's basically an NPC"

Ashkarn cannot be studded to, and is the default father of every first generation tigon. He cannot actually breed with any lions, and his appearance is purely cosmetic.

October 12th, 2018  

News Post

"Also, have you noticed this week's Tiger encounter in explore? It has a chance to drop one or two unique items! A Siberian Friend decor and the Tiger Woods background."

Explore Encounter

You meet your buddy, the Siberian Tiger! You both sit down to chat casually about your lives. You describe how these lands treat such a big predator, how to survive, and how to find water while watching out for crocodiles. In exchange, he tells you all about the neverending loneliness of life in a zoo: the suffocatingly-tiny enclosure, humans flocking like hungry ravens at the edge of the walls… No wonder he escaped.
Action Result Reward
Invite to Dinner You decide he deserves a nice gesture. You kindly invite your new friend to your pridelands to show him around and introduce him to your pride. After your cozy dinner, he suggests you take a relaxing bath in a waterhole. What kind of disgraceful cat enjoys sitting in the water?!
+1 Siberian Friend
+1 Tiger Woods
-2% Hunger
NOTE: This encounter had the ability to award one item or both items, though it was a low chance to receive any item. You could get a Siberian Friend and a Tiger Woods, just a Siberian Friend, just a Tiger Woods, or nothing at all.

Below is a preview of a lioness with the Siberian Friend and Tiger Woods items equipped.

October 19th, 2018  

News Post

"What a fabulous lioness! I wonder where she got that gorgeous striped pelt from?"

"We've heard word about everyone's favourite Siberian friend. It seems like he's looking to start a pride of his own! Maybe you can help him out in Explore? "

Explore Encounter

Your recent buddy, the Siberian Tiger, came by to ask for some advice on how to meet someone who would join his den. He's still lonely, but he slowly warms up to the company of lions on a daily basis. You think this is a good thing, considering he might stay here forever, and Africa isn't known for its large population of tigers.
Action Result Reward
Show how to claim a lady Initiates the Claiming a Lioness page. N/A
Practice on your lioness You dress up one of your ladies in some stripes that the tiger may consider to be cute. You spend the next hour in a hilarious disaster of an attempt to flirt. Thankfully, you feel as though he got a little more confidence after seeing how fun your ladies are. Your lioness walks back home, still giggling a little. How adorable. +1 Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger

+1 Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger
NOTE: This encounter had the ability to award one item or both items, though it was a low chance to receive any item. You could get a Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger and a Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger, just a Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger, just a Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger, or nothing at all.

Below is a preview of a lioness with the Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger and Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger items equipped.


October 26th, 2018  

News Post

"Where's Our Tiger?!

Our Siberian pal has decided to keep to himself a bit this week - no new encounter is being released, but we hope you all enjoy the new Halloween feature! If you're as hyped about tigons as we are, make sure to check out the Tigon Hype page on the official Lioden Wiki!

"Psst… you all may also want to keep your eyes peeled in the next few days for an upcoming independent news post… "

No new explore encounter was released this week… WAS THAT A SIGN!!!????

October 31st, 2018  

Check out the official news post regarding the tigon release!

News Post

How to Breed

Tigons will crop up in a similar fashion to Leopons. They can be bred very rarely as a First Generation Hybrid where your lioness has wandered off and had an encounter with a tiger. The use of Cotton Root Bark to induce a miscarriage, as well as giving your lioness a GMO Cow before attempting to breed, will increase the chances of breeding a mutation - which now includes Tigons.

They can be bred from any possible pairings between your lioness and a stud.

All First Generation Tigons will be bred with the same appearance as above. White Undersides is a custom marking available to apply in the Oasis, while Mottled Stripes is the Tigon-exclusive hybrid marking! It functions exactly the same as Mottled Rosette, thus it cannot appear in RMAs, and has a low chance of passing down to offspring. Mottled Stripes will only be available in slot 8.

Flirtatious Felines

A new explore encounter has been added which has a dynamic option attached to it. Most of the time, you will only be able to [Observe] the encounter, but sometimes a green button will show up allowing you to [Arrange a Date (!)].

Arranging a date between your lioness and the tiger will enable a boost on your account.

The encounter boost works in the following way:

Normal item and mutation chances roll as they should, and then at the end the encounter boost rolls a further check to give one last chance (1 in 150) of rolling a Tigon. If another mutation was rolled instead of Tigon, and the encounter boost succeeds, it will overwrite the other mutation.

  • This boost ONLY applies to your NEXT breeding to one of your own pride members - you cannot stud out the boost.
  • Once the boost has been used, you can go back to explore and assuming you find the green button again, you can have the boost re-applied.
  • A banner appears on your den page right at the top to show that you have the boost applied.
  • There is a small chance on your next breeding within your pride that your lioness will go on a date with the tiger instead…

    This boost will only be available until 30th November 2018, after which time the button will be removed and the encounter will remain until the end of the year along with the other tiger encounters.

    Explore Encounter

    You spot a tiger wandering around your territory. It seems to be chatting up one of your females. Holy shit.
    Action Result Reward
    Observe You observe them from afar. They seem to have become friends quite recently, and are playing together with a pangolin for a while. They bump their foreheads before the tiger leaves. N/A
    Arrange a date (!) You quickly run towards them, cheerfully suggesting that they should spend a day together, because you're SOOOO busy today, and the tiger is your best buddy, and she should totally meet him. They look at you in confusion, but the tiger seems to be quite happy about the idea. Applies the tigon breeding boost to your account.
    NOTE: This encounter had a rare chance to show the "Arrange a date (!)" option. When the option occurred, choosing the "Arrange a date (!)" option would apply the tigon breeding boost to your account. This encounter (and the tigon boost) could be received countless times while the Tigon Hype event was active.

    The Tigon Breeding Boost

    1. It could not be studded out.
    2. It could only be used on lionesses within your pride.
    3. It boosted your chances of receiving a first generation tigon to 1 in 150 if the chance for a tigon did not already roll in the breeding.

    The boost stayed upon rollover and through retiring kings. It was a permanent effect until the player successfully bred with a lioness. Failed breedings did not remove the effect—only a successful one. Players could get the boost as many times as they had the option to. It was not limited as to how many times one person could come across the encounter.
    The boost stopped being awarded on November 30th, 2018.

    Unique Content  

    Several new items were added when our tiger friend was roaming Lioden. As the encounters have disappeared from Explore, the rewarded items listed below are planned to be reintroduced in future community raffles.

    Unique Content

    Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger

    Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger

    Siberian Friend

    Tiger Woods

    Other Valuable Content

    Buffalo Scrotum

    GMO Cow

    Leopard Orchid

    Lucky Foot

    Below is a preview of a lioness with the Big Cat Bodywear: Siberian Tiger, Big Cat Headwear: Siberian Tiger, Siberian Friend, and Tiger Woods items equipped.

    Tigon Appearance  

    Click on the images to view them at full size.

    Cub Newborn

    Cub Young


    Adolescent [Male & Female]

    Adult Female

    Adult Male


    Concept Art  

    These sketches were shared with the community by Xylax (#4) when Tigons were confirmed.
    Click on the images to view them at full size.

    R1IUKpr.jpg j3jwAQU.jpg JPRD7Wq.jpg

    b5uftww.jpg qHsuOVK.jpg BVVvjgj.jpg