Have you ever felt that urge to just… hit that darn quest snake in the face? Well, now you can at Whack a Snake!

How to Play  

The objective of Whack a Snake is to hit that intolerable little hiss—and the mandrill, too, for all those crappy sale prices. All you have to do is whack them with your paw as many times as you want or can. To hit them, you have to click or tap on them. Be careful, though! If you miss too many times and you lose all your lives, it's game over, man. Since you're a feline, you have nine total lives at your disposal, which equals to eight times you're able to miss before you have to end your session.

Be wary of falling and flying items, such as birds, branches, butterflies, and leaves. These will block your hits! When you're finished letting out your aggression on the two biggest jerks on Lioden, you can submit your score and receive a prize if you've scored enough points!

There are scores at the bottom of the game's page. They are listed as "All Time Scores" and "Highest Daily Scores". These scores update every hour, so be sure to keep checking and see if you made the board!

Using a drawing tablet, mobile device, or mouse while playing Whack a Snake will give you the best odds of hitting the snake and mandrill.

In case your eyes are getting tired mid-play, your hand starts to cramp up, or you just need a break from all the hissing and swatting, you can pause the game by tapping the spacebar on your keyboard. If you don't want to hear the sounds of the game, or you'd like to play your own music in the background, you can mute the game's sounds by tapping on the music symbol located at the bottom right corner of the game's screen. Simple as that!


Prizes for Whack a Snake are awarded randomly. You will only get one prize from the tier that your score falls within when you send it. Remember, you can only send a score once per rollover!

0 to 99  

You win nothing. :(

100 to 199  

10 SB

Ostrich Egg

Random Toy

200 to 299  

25 SB

Bone Marrow


Food Bundle

300 to 399  

2 x Coconut

Kudu Horn

Lucky Foot

Snake Skull

400 to 499  


Egg Yolk

Random Decor

Snake Scent

500 to 999  

Catnip and Random Decor

Coconut and Random Decor

Giant Tortoise

Snake Scent and Random Decor


[D] Mozambique Mountains

[D] The Jungle

Budongo Forest

Congo Basin

Densu River Forest

Ekom Nkam Waterfall

Tropical Night Life

Tropical Undergrowth

Random Decor Pool  

[S] Lekkerbreek

[S] Sausage Tree

African Bush Viper

African Corkwood Tree

African Grey Parrot

Angola Colobus

Black Crested Mangabey

Black Lemurs

Blooming Vine


Cape Cobra

Cape Grape

Carmine Bee-Eater

Collared Mangabey

Common Smilax

Congo Toad

Copper-Stem Corkwood Tree

Emerald Snake

Fallen Mossy Log

Falling Water

Fez Aloe

Fire Skink

Fischer's Turaco

Flaming Glorybower


Gaboon Viper

Green Mamba


Jacket Plum

King Fern

Knysna Turaco

Ladder Brake

Leucistic Ball Python

Long-Tailed Paradise Whydah

Madagascar Tomato Frog

Mossy Arch

Mossy Branch Mushroom Colony

Mossy Hanging Branches

Narrow-Striped Mongoose

Pousargues's Mongoose

Prince Demidoff's Bushbaby

Rainbow Agama

Rainforest Shrubs [Left]

Rainforest Shrubs [Right]

Rat's Ear

Red Ruffed Lemur

Red-Tailed Monkey

Ribbon Dracaena

Ribbon Fern


Sclater's Guenon

Snake Plant


Swan's Neck


Tropical Cliff


Von Der Decken's Hornbill - Female

Von Der Decken's Hornbill - Male

Voyaging Glider

Waterfall Mist

White-Crested Hornbill

Wire-Tailed Swallows

Wolf's Mona Monkey


There are two achievements that can be earned from Whack a Snake.

How to Get
Earn a score of 500 or more points in one game of Whack a Snake.
How to Get
To increase your odds of getting a higher score, use a drawing tablet, a mobile device, or a mouse, and practice, practice, practice!
The Mad Whacker
Earn a score of 1,000 or more points in one game of Whack a Snake.
How to Get
To increase your odds of getting a higher score, use a drawing tablet, a mobile device, or a mouse, and practice, practice, practice!

Achievement Method  

The method to earning these achievements is to practice, practice, and practice some more. Playing on a drawing tablet might make the game much easier, and even zoning out to some zen music while you're playing could help!