Once your cubs reach adolescent years you'll find they no longer rely on their mother! Oh, how they grow up so fast!


Adolescent Female
Adolescent Male

The only worries you should have when your lion has reached the Adolescent stage is continuing their training, as well as ensuring that they will not run away upon aging up to an Adult.

Note: If you do not have enough territory or subordinate male slots for your adolescents when they reach adulthood, they WILL run away. Be sure to expand your slots accordingly by the time your teen lions reach 1 year 11 months of age!

Adolescent Training  

Once your crazy little cub grows into their paws and becomes a too-cool-for-school teen, it's time to get them training!

There are two different ways to train: tagging along on a hunt for females, and going on patrol for males.

Let's start out with the ladies! When you go to your hunting page, you will see an area to select eligible adolescents to send out on a hunt with your females:

You can choose up to two female adolescents to head out on the hunt to gain that critical training. They will earn 1% or 2% of training per hunt they go on. Make sure your female adolescents are set to the hunter role or they will not show up on the list to send out on a hunt. Check out the lionesses page to learn how to set the hunter role! For ease, you can also click the set all lionesses to hunter button on the hunting page. If you're interested in finding out more about hunting, head over to our hunting page and you'll learn all you need to know!

When your hunting party comes back, you'll see the training percentage each young female received in your hunting results message:

Now, we can't leave the boys out! Unlike females, males do not need to have a role set in order to go on patrol. Any eligible male adolescents will show up on the dropdown when you head over to the patrolling page:

Just select the male you want to patrol, and select the adolescent you want to go with him. Only one male adolescent may be chosen to go on patrol. When your little adult-wannabe comes back, he will have earned either 2% or 3% towards his training bar. You'll see what percentage he gained when they return and you get the patrol results message:

If you find that your adolescent isn't progressing fast enough for your liking, you can feed them a Medlar Fruit to boost them by 5%! The fruit works on both males and females. This is a helpful item to help you get that last bit of the bar to 100%. Remember, using a Medlar fruit on an adolescent that has not been cub trained is a waste since most stats are gained from cub training.

Some things to note:

  • Sex changing will not affect the adolescents training whatsoever. Training also does not prevent adolescents from being sex changed.

  • If your adolescent runs upon turning 2, as long as they had 75%+ training they will gain their stat boost. You will have to check your user log to see it.

  • Be aware! If your heir is fully trained and you're expecting a stat boost, do not king him until he reaches adulthood! If you do not wait until the rollover he turns 2 before kinging him, he will not get a stat boost.

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