The real brains behind the operation—you didn't really think the King ruled all did you?

Obtaining a Lioness  



If you're looking for a new lioness to add to your growing pride — but don't necessarily want to charm the paws off of her — look no further than the trading center! The trading center allows users to sell/buy lionesses from one another, allowing users to find that PERFECT lioness they've been hunting for! Wanting a different marking in your pride? Looking to add more stats? Or perhaps you had your eye on that adorable blind girl from across the way — the TC has it all!

For your trading pleasure, the TC allows you to specify stats, bases, and markings you may be looking for. Mail-order lionesses have never been so easy!



Are you constantly being rejected by the lioness you come across in explore? Not feeling the vibe with any of the ladies up in the TC? No worries, the Oasis is here for you! Here at the Oasis you can customize the lioness of your King's dream. Don't expect the Oasis to give you every marking though, some markings cannot be applied via the Oasis! Any lady you create here will start off with stats that are low as well, so no high statted mottled ladies for you!


While you're exploring the vast wilderness of the LD lands, your king will often stumble upon a lone lioness. These lionesses can be yours for the taking! But first, you have to work your magic on them.


Each lioness you encounter will have a different personality type: Good, Kind, Neutral, Snarky, and Evil. Each of these ladies will be impressed by different options you choose to do whilst attempting to claim their affection. Warning: Don't expect these ladies to swoon at your feet, you need to work for it!

Depending on what impression level you are, you have a higher chance of finding some gorgeous ladies!


As you can see the impression levels matter for getting specific looks, but there's more perks!
Any lion who is Impressive or better might get a lioness in a heat - however Dreamboats are guaranteed always.
Any lion who is Impressive or better might get a lioness with a matching POSE, however it is very rare.
Any Dreamboat has a tiny chance of obtaining a lioness that suffered a miscarriage before she met you! Being a Dreamboat is very cool, and should be easier to claim lionesses than a Barely Noticeable lion, obviously.
Event Exclusive markings can be found by any Impression level.

Now for stats - stats will match the impression levels as well - the least impressive lions won't get a lioness better than ye olde NCL's - 25-40 stats max. the better your impression, the better the total stats are, though! AND, the lioness age matters here too. If you find an older lioness, she will have better stats than younger one.

Now for the type explanation:
Basic is typical wild NCL with 0-3 markings, common bases etc.
Chased obviously is any lioness chased by another player, including the usual NCL's - so even the Golden markingless lioness could be in that pool.
Exclusive are NCLs generated with markings exclusive to NCLs.


In order to win over the lioness, you'll need to make sure that the hearts fill up faster than the flames! If you flame out, the lioness will leave you in a huff—leaving you a lonely lion. Manage to fill up those hearts, however, and she's yours for as long as you'll have her!

Failure IS an option:
Success is hard work!:

Looking for an easy way to gain the lionesses love? Don't worry, we have an orchid for that! With just a use of the leopard orchid, the lady will be yours! Don't worry if you don't have one, if you have 2GB to spare you can also auto-claim her that way.


Now that you've found yourself in care of a new lady, lets check out her page!

Lioness Page  

Daily Care  

Now that you've claimed your beauty, you need to make sure she doesn't take off on you! You can ensure this doesn't happen by: Playing with her, interacting with her daily, and making sure she is fed! And don't forget to interact with her as well, no one likes to be ignored!


Click here for more info about feeding your lions and click here to learn more about playing with them!

Updating Your Lioness  

Do you have too many lionesses and are having a hard time properly identifying them? Did you want to specify what type of lioness she is? No fears, with the handy dandy footnote you can do just that! You can also rename your lioness and update her role assignment here.

To access this section, go to your lioness's page, scroll to the bottom of the page to expand the "Update Lion" section:


Upon expanding this section, it will reveal your lioness's details, like Name, Cave she lives in, Footnotes, Role, Securing and Biography.


The "Change Name" section allows you to name or rename your lioness anytime you wish! Pretty neat, huh?

The "Change Cave" section allows you to choose the Cave your lioness resides in. To learn more about Caves, go to this page: Link

The "Change Footnote" section lets you change the footnote of your lioness.
Using the footnote, you can tell yourself and others anything you want! Is she a breeder? A huntress? Or perhaps she's a super special mute! Whatever you choose to put in the footnote is up to you. If you are a seller, I would highly recommend you take advantage of footnotes in order to give yourself a little hint of what markings your girl has without going to her page!

Once you've added a footnote to your lioness, it will show up in the overview for your convenience!


To learn more about the "Role" section, please scroll down below to find out more about the role of a broodmother and hunters!

Securing your lioness will remove the option to retire her early or kill/chase/nature preserve the lioness unless you remove the protection from her under the same panel. It prevents you from accidental killing of your favorite ladies!

Biography will not display unless you fill it in! You can put anything you want here - a backstory of your lioness, your notes about her, previous owners, her cubs, images, anything! HTML works for biographies.


Every lioness has her history, and yours is no different! If you're wanting to find out the heritage of your lioness it's as easy as a click! Make your way over to the "Breeding Info" box located on your lionesses page:


There you'll see a button that says "View Full Heritage", click that and you'll get an overview of what your lioness's family history is!



As your lioness ages, you'll start to notice some differences in her. At the age of 13 she starts to look a little on the elder side, and this continues to change in the 14th and 15th year of her life.


With age also comes a change in fertility! When she becomes middle-aged at 8 years old, your lioness will start to notice a decrease in her fertility. Her fertility will drop 5% per year of the remainder of her life, but don't worry about her going infertile! The lowest her fertility will drop is down to 1%!

Along with a drop in fertility, your lioness will eventually be unable to breed. Once she passes the age of 14, her window of cub lovin' is gone so take advantage of her fertile years while you can!


Once your lioness hits age 14, you'll be given the option to "Retire" her (Please note that this will not appear if your lioness is secured - you will need to remove the protection from her in order to retire her early). If you do choose to retire her, you will be sending her off into the great beyond! However, should you choose to forego that retirement button your lioness will continue to live her life until she succumbs to old age. Once your lioness reaches 15 years of age, every rollover triggers a chance that she might die. However, she can live up to 16 years of age, at which point if she's still alive she WILL pass on.



Ah breeding, a favoured past time of many! Lionesses can start to partake in this past time once they've hit the ripe age of 2! At this point your lioness can start her first heat any time within the next several days—if she hasn't already started it!

Are you in a hurry and don't want to wait for your lioness to go into heat naturally? For just 2GB at the Oasis you can purchase a Zebra Heart! This magical item will instantly put your lioness into a heat—granted that she's not on a breeding cool down.


For more info on breeding, click here!


Do you find yourself overrun with cubs and are at your wits end with trying to protect them? Fret not! Instead, turn to a broodmother! A broodmother is a lioness assigned to watch over 5 cubs at a time (6 if they happen to have a nurturing personality), ensuring that the cubs in question will survive! In order to assign a broodmother, simply access the "Update your Lion" section under your lioness's page and assign her as a Broodmother:


Once your lioness is set as a Broodmother, a small section will appear on the bottom of their page:


From there you can assign what cubs she'll protect.


The chosen cubs will display on her page like so:


You CAN remove protection from a cub, but be warned that could hurt their survival chances!


With an expanding pride, you've probably caught yourself wondering, "How in the world am I going to feed them all?"

The answer lies within your pride! Send your ladies out on a hunt! Hunting is a great way to gather food resources, as well as have something productive for your lionesses to do. You might also find hunting useful for training up those adolescent girls, who will gladly accompany your lionesses on their hunts!

In order to start out hunting adventure, you'll have to assign a few lionesses as "Hunters" in order for them to show up on our handy dandy list. To do that, you should go to the page of chosen lioness, then scroll down the the very bottom of their page- there should be a small toggle above their description, name etc. To make her a huntress, switch the role from "None" to "Hunter". And voila! Your lioness should appear on the hunting list now!


There is also a button at the bottom of hunting page that will allow you to turn all your lionesses to Hunters:


All lions that have the "Hunter" role assigned to them will display a foothunt.png icon next to their status.

Now that you've assigned them, sending them on a hunt is simple! Just make your way over to "Hunting" on the explore page. There you'll encounter a marvelous page that looks like this:


You have encountered the hunting page! You will now be able to select up to 5 tiles in which to send your lionesses out to hunt!

You can choose to send your lionesses out individually:


or you can create a hunting group!


Creating a hunting group is simple, all you'll need is the lionesses you wish to group and a kick ass girl group name!


Once you've chosen individual or group hunt, it's time to start!


You can send lionesses out on a hunt every 30 minutes, up to ten times each! If you find ten times per lionesses isn't enough, you're free to purchase extra hunts!

Tick tick tock goes your clock and 30 minutes later your ladies are ready to rock!


Lets see what they've brought back for us!


What goodies your ladies brings back will vary by hunt, size, and square choices. You may find yourself lucky, like I did, and get two carcasses or your ladies might come back empty handed! No matter the outcome, hunting is the way to go for your food needs!

And…wait a minute, is that some stats I see being gained? Don't worry, you're not going crazy on your quest for stats. Your ladies have a chance to gain 1-2 stats per hunt!

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