Welcome to "new system of sorting lions in a den" day! Caves allow you to create spaces to house your lions, and sort them accordingly for your needs. This could mean you have all your breeding project lions in one Cave, and the rest of your pride in another!

What are Caves for?  

Caves are used to sort your lions in your Den into separate places, something like a folder or category! You can use caves to sort your best lions, display them according to your own pride's lore, separating adults from cubs and adolescents, displaying your favorite lions in a separate cave or simply for managing between your breeding projects! In this way finding that one specific lion you were looking for is 100% easier, especially with huge prides.

If you need to destroy a cave, simply go to it's page and scroll to the bottom of the page. There you'll find a red button titled "Destroy Cave" - click on it, and your cave will be deleted, and one of your cave slots will be unused again. You will NOT receive your cave building materials back!

Unsorted Cave  

Each player has their own "Unsorted Cave" which serves as a place where all your newly joined lions go to once they join your pride, also including Newly Claimed Lionesses (from Explore), lions purchased from the Trading Center and cubs/adolescents tempted from the Giving Tree. You can navigate to your Unsorted Cave by going to your Den page, then scrolling below your king's panel.


Once you go to your Unsorted Cave, you can mark the check-boxes next to your lions' names, then click on the "Move Checked" button in order to move your lions to a chosen cave. You can also click on the single check-box next to the "Move Checked" button to mark all your unsorted lions for moving out. Alternatively, each lion has an option to move them to a desired cave under the "Update Lion" panel on the bottom of their page. Simple as that!


Building New Caves  

Your first Cave is free from the game in order to give your pride their first home. You can build more Caves later on for a fee so long as you have the slots available.

VnfanAF.png Clicking on a greyed out cave will allow you to create a new one.

Every Cave after your first requires 10 Large Leaves, 10 Large Rocks, and 200 Silver Beetles. These materials must be active in your Hoard and not in your Buried section. Building materials can be found randomly in Explore, or purchased from other players.


Be aware that you still need building materials in order to construct your new Cave after the slot has been purchased!

Once you have built your first cave, it's time to start moving in your pride. Lions not assigned to a Cave, including new arrivals and recently claimed lionesses, will appear in the Unsorted Cave.

Cave Slots  

Purchasing more cave slots will allow you to create additional caves for your pride! These slots are permanent, meaning if you purchase them one, you will not need to purchase them again, even if you destroy the cave that took its slot.

Slot № Price
1—3 Free
4—9 5 GB
10+ 10 GB

Each player starts off the game with three (3) cave slots by default; however, if you would like to purchase more cave slots, you will need to pay some shiny GB. Your first cave is also free to build, which means you do not need to provide any cave materials or currency in order to create it. After you build your first free cave, each cave thereafter will cost you 200 Silver Beetles, 10 Large Leaves, and 10 Large Rocks.

Mass-Moving and Removing Lions  

This is a handy tool that helps many players when managing their lions, especially karma grinders or mass-breeders! You can access it by going to a cave and scrolling to the bottom, then clicking on the "Move and Mass Remove Lions" link. This section can be found in the Cave Settings panel.


You will be greeted with a handy panel that will allow you to choose which lions need to be mass-moved to another cave or entirely removed from your pride. Simply mark the lions you want to move or chase and hit the "Choose" button! Please make sure to double-check which lions you've marked before getting rid of them, this action is irreversible!

You can remove up to 100 lions at once, and you cannot remove lions that are hunting, assigned to a hunting party, broodmothers, secured lions, patrolling or on any trading/chasing cooldown.

Featuring Lions  

As you may have noticed, at the top of your cave's page is a big, empty image of a… well, cave! To make it a little more empty, let's go all the way to the bottom of the page and focus on the bit that says Featured Lion. Select any lion that you see on the dropdown, hit "Save Settings", and…


Ta-da! One of your very own pride members is now the face of your cave!
Note that if you have a posed lion, their pose will show on the cave—but decors and backgrounds will not.
You can feature any lion currently in your pride, whether they're a cub or elder, alive or frozen. However, no lions from your Pride Dynasty can be featured.

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