"Come, and sit down, little one... Old Grandpaw will tell you a story..." Oh no, not again...

Who are Grandpaws?  

Grandpaws, in short, are retired kings that no longer rule their prides, but instead, enjoy the rest of their lifetime bonding with the rest of the lions within your pride. Their favorite activities consist of eating, chattering with cubs, watching cubs train to become mighty beasts, and probably the best of them all... snoring all day. All Grandpaws once used to be pride kings, though, so you better treat them with respect!

Grandpaws can surprise you with flavor texts once visiting their page. Rarely, you will also be able to receiving a stat point for your current pride leader due to mentoring when interacting with your Grandpaw!

Unfortunately, Grandpaws cannot be retired into. That means they cannot be re-used as kings once they have turned into Grandpaws already. In addition to this, they will appear in your Dynasty as alive until you retire them early or they are over 17 years old and die automatically.

Grandpaws CANNOT be traded, frozen, transferred, raffled, patrolled or sparred with. They CAN be sacrificed to the Celestial Stone during July Event.

Keep in mind that sacrificing Grandpaws to the Celestial Stone can potentially mess up your Dynasty page and permanently delete any decorations or backgrounds equipped to your Grandpaw.

Grandpaws cannot be moved between caves. They will always appear as under your "Unsorted Cave" and will not be eligible for moving at all. Sturdy, old lions!

Grandpaw Slots  

Grandpaws take up their own, unique slot known as a "Grandpaw Slot". Each player starts with only one Grandpaw Slot, and you cannot buy more of them, which means you can only own up to ONE Grandpaw at time. You DO NOT need a sub-male slot to have a Grandpaw, as they use up their own, separate slots.

All Grandpaws can also run away, like any normal lion, due to being neglected. They can't be reclaimed if you already have a Grandpaw slot filled, oldies do not fight each other, duh!

Please note that if you won't reclaim your Grandpaw within 7 real life days you won't be able to view him anymore. Their records will be stored in your King Dynasty but after clicking their name it will lead you to an error message "This lion does not exist!".

Grandpaw Flavor Texts  

Grandpaws can interact with your lions in three ways. One of them is Pep Talk (to cubs that fail training), the second is Cub Interaction (upon visiting Cub's page) and the last one is Storytelling (upon visiting Grandpaw's page).

Interaction When It Happens Chance to Get
Cub Interaction Cub Interaction can occur when visiting a cub's page, and having a Grandpaw in your pride. Common
Storytelling Storytelling can occur when visiting the Grandpaw's page. Uncommon
Pep Talk Pep Talk can occur when a cub fails their training session. Rare

The flavour texts are affected by your Grandpaw's personality spectrum, meaning a Grandpaw with Evil personality type will have different interactions than a Grandpaw with a Good personality type.

Once a Grandpaw is interacted with, there is a small chance of earning a stat point due to mentoring!

You can preview all available Grandpaw flavor texts on the Grandpaw Flavor Texts page!

Life Span  

Once you retire your current pride leader, he will become a Grandpaw and his age will be changed automatically to 16 years. They will progress to age, like any regular lion by each passing rollover... However, once they reach 17 years, they will die right after the next rollover (at the age of 17 years and 1 month) and they shall be stored in your King Dynasty page.

When you retire your pride leader early and the previous Grandpaw is still in your pride, he will be replaced by the new Grandpaw and immediately appear in your Dynasty.

Additionally, upon your Grandpaw's death, you will always receive a Lion Skull toy. Additionally, there is also a rare chance to receive a Lion Spirit decoration upon your Grandpaw's departure.

Lion Skull

Lion Spirit (Rare)