Heaven: Chapter 1 begins on October 1st at 12:00am LDT as soon as you enter the portal.
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When you phase into the portal, your body trembles - not from fear of the unknown, and not from the chilly breeze you feel against your fur, but from the sheer astonishment of what has appeared in front of your eyes. A golden sky, painted by the sun's setting rays, rests upon a kingdom constructed from what appear to be clouds, although they look solid.

There are lands surrounding a glowing, near-blinding beacon located within high, regal walls, and they appear to be more earth-like. You can see lush trees and grass, wandering animals, and flying creatures with magnificent wings.

One of them notices you walking through the portal and dives towards you with a greeting!

Page 1

A young lion with feather adornments and beautiful wings flies above you cheerfully, looking you over curiously. That must be a Nepheline. Nirah mentioned they are the offspring of Angels and lions. Just when you start to think about how exactly a breeding like that would work, the creature tackles you and sweeps you off your feet! He seems gigantic despite his young looks. Are Nephelines some Angelic giants?

Page 2

"Hey yourself!" the Nepheline laughs, blowing a ruffled feather off his nose. He looks very graceful and happy. You think that if you started every day feeling how this guy looks, you'd get so much more done than usual.

"My kind is called Nephelines, and we're chosen by the Angels to fight the Holy War against Evil! From what I have heard, in the past they also created Nephilim, a human offspring, but it didn't work out so well.

"Anyway, I am Aiatar! I see you've managed to open a Stargate to our domain. This means you are truly devoted to our cause. There is no way you would come here otherwise!"

He seems excited to see you, so you decide to nod slowly and introduce yourself.

I am [NAME]
Page 3

This page is only visible if your pride leader has -10 Karma or higher.

"Oh! I've heard about you! You are pretty okay for a lion, I mean... you have to murder things to live. It's how you were created to exist in the world's harmony. I understand."

Aiatar smiles at you, content that you strive to be Good over Evil. "Would you like to help save other creatures during these dark times?" he asks, getting up.

Before you can even answer, he waves his tail at you, strutting confidently towards the high walls. "Come with me!"

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This page is only visible if your pride leader has -11 Karma or lower.

"Wow! I've heard about you! You... yyeahhh. You aren't that kind to other animals. Do you seek redemption?" Aiatar tilts his head and his big, blue eyes drill into you. You nod your head again, hoping that even if you do not care for good karma, the Angels will accept a small helper in the form of a humble lion like you.

"Fair enough. I think I know how you can help. Follow me!" The Nepheline waves his tail at you, strutting confidently towards the high walls.

Page 4

Never in your dreams could you have imagined a place so full of light and colour, of majesty and life. Nephelines seem to be the only sentient residents here, and you're not sure if actual Angelic beings reside here or even visit. Aiatar flaps his wings from time to time as you walk, but he seems to be leading you nowhere in particular.

"[NAME], I actually can't trust you fully yet. Angels require loyal warriors on their side. Maybe in a few days, when you gain enough renown in their eyes, they will bless you with Angelic Wings like mine! Then you could help so much more!"

It would be an honor to help!
Page 5

Aiatar stops and looks at you with hope and determination.

"You must find Demonic beings on Earth. Ever since you contacted us, many started appearing due to your changed, blessed eyes. Defeat them and gain Demonic Scales as proof of your might. Do daily deeds for us. Once you gain enough reputation with us, I am sure a true Angel will bless you with its warm, hopeful touch."

You look at him, doubting that the Angels are real. What if Nephelines run the place? What if the Angels stopped caring?

"I see doubt in your eyes, [NAME]. It's okay, the time will come. Come back after October 10th - if you defeat enough fallen beings, I will show you an Angel myself!"

Sure, I'll do that
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This ends Heaven: Chapter 1. If Heaven: Chapter 2 is not yet unlocked, you will be able to access Daily Quests.

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